Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1546

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1546

Chapter 1546 The Clash 

Chapter 1546 | 

Gasp! Everyone gasped in shock, finding the Quillens rather ruthless. 

Other journalists who wanted to continue filming and interviewing were also quickly 

restrained. Eve led a group of people who had been lying in wait at the hospital and 

charged in, delivering a relentless beating to these guys. No mercy. They didn’t give 

them any chance to perform. 

Seeing these arrogant b*stards lying on the ground crying for mercy in an instant, 

Shane whooped in satisfaction. Frederick was also dumbfounded. He didn’t expect 

Emmanuel to be so fierce and well-prepared. Beatrix was excitedly applauding. She 

knew her sister and brother-in-law had been planning behind the scenes all along, and 

she had been looking forward to this climax. 

Emmanuel didn’t care about the others, holding Mackenzie’s hand tightly. “Mackenzie, 

some people can’t be reasoned with. For your safety, I had to do this!” 


Chapter 1546 The Clash 

Mackenzie didn’t blame him, nodding with a smile. The couple hadn’t even discussed 

what to do next when Lexi hurriedly approached them, looking a bit flustered. “Ms. 

Quillen, we’re in trouble! A large number of media and protesters have surrounded our 

Onza branch, chanting slogans, demanding blood!” 

Emmanuel and Mackenzie exchanged a look upon hearing this. 

“So that’s the real battlefield!” 

Mackenzie sighed softly. “I knew this wouldn’t be so easily resolved. The hospital ward 

lacks mindless mobs; these twenty or thirty people won’t cause much trouble. But our 

company is surrounded by a bustling urban area. Once public sentiment becomes 

volatile, or even if there’s trouble within the company, with employees turning against 

us, rallying together, the consequences will be unimaginable!” Her analysis was 


This tactic was commonly used by some Westeria politicians, hiring agitators with 


Chapter 1546 The Clash 

money, brainwashing the mindless masses, turning them into the main force and 

cannon fodder, and forming a terrifying force. If they won, they would reap hefty profits; 

if they lost, they would only lose a bit of money. 

“Don’t worry, Mackenzie! I’ll deal with the situation there. The puppeteers behind the 

scenes won’t have it easy with this!” Emmanuel appeared even calmer about this 

matter than Mackenzie. After all, he had experienced countless large-scale 

life-and-death battles in the Northern Region. He wasn’t afraid of this kind of large-scale, 

confrontation; he was afraid the enemy would keep hiding and exhausting them. 

“I’ll go with you!” Mackenzie said, linking her arm with his. 

“I want to go too, Mackenzie! I want to fight by your 


“Take us too! Those b*stards want to make a big deal of this, huh? My blood is boiling 

now! If I catch that mastermind, I’ll definitely pound them into a pulp!” 


Chapter 1546 The Clash 

Beatrix, Frederick, and Shane volunteered one after another, all enthusiastic and ready 

to fight. 

“No, Beatrix, you guys stay here.” Mackenzie assigned them tasks. “Someone from 

Terence Group needs to stay here, and you also need to use their equipment to 

promptly clarify and deal with some online black hats.” 


Although Beatrix really wanted to go to the main battlefield, she had to obey her sister’s 

orders. She promised to stay, and her two “lickspittles” naturally stayed to protect her. 

As for Emmanuel, before leaving the hospital, he approached Ellie again. 

Ellie was trembling violently, her nerves on edge after the events of the past day and 

night. She was acutely aware that people like her had caused this major event. As she 

watched Emmanuel and Mackenzie’s actions she began to waver, unsure which side 

was truly just and which was evil. 

“Hey, Townsend!” Emmanuel smirked, not caring what she was thinking. “Sorry, but ! 


Mon, May 

Chapter 1546 The Clash 

don’t have time to continue telling you stories right now! If you want to hear more, stay 

alive and wait for my return. I can even take you back to Hero’s Village to hear Old 

Godfather tell you Yosef’s story. He knows Yosef best!” 

“I…” Ellie’s heart was once again touched, but she couldn’t articulate a complete 

sentence, only helplessly watching as Emmanuel walked away. 

The man’s gaze was sincere, and she thought he didn’t seem evil at all. 


Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

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Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel

    Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel



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