Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1547

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1547

Chapter 1547 The Siege 

Chapter 1547 

Could I have been wrong all this while? 

Just then, the Terence Group’s branch building was already surrounded by crowds. 

“Terence Group, return our loved ones’ lives!” 

“Unscrupulous profiteers, harming civilians for wealth, get out of Onza!” 

“Mackenzie Quillen, you villainous wench! Come out and face judgment!” 

Nearly a thousand people chanted slogans, attracting more and more bystanders and 

crowding the surrounding area to the point of congestion. Unaware of the truth, the 

public thought a demonstration was gathering here. 

The employees of the Terence Group dared not come out of the company, with some 

even leaving resignation letters and fleeing through the back door. If this continued, the 

09:00 Mon, May 13 

Chapter 1547 The Siege 

Terence Group’s branch would be completely paralyzed. 

Someone in the crowd transmitted the scene to Bobby and his son. Both father and 

son smiled smugly. 

“The momentum is set. The outcome is assured!” 

“This time, the Quillens are doomed!” 

Soon, a Maserati stopped at the rear of the crowd. Emmanuel, Mackenzie, and Lexi got 

out of the car. Emmanuel even grabbed an umbrella, as the sun was scorching that day, 

and his pregnant wife couldn’t afford to be exposed to the sun. 

Seeing the scene before her, even Lexi couldn’t help but tremble. This was undoubtedly 

the biggest riot in Onza’s history. There were only a few forces capable of causing such 

a situation. The other party was doing everything possible to destroy the Quillen family. 

It seemed that Mackenzie and Emmanuel were sure to face a brutal battle that day. 


09:00 Mon, May 13 

Chapter 1547 The Siege 

“Who’s looking for me? I’m here!” Mackenzie instinctively felt her belly and shouted 

from behind the crowd. Although her voice wasn’t loud, it instantly changed the 

situation on the scene. 

“Mackenzie Quillen! It’s Mackenzie Quillen!” 

“The mastermind is here!” 

As someone shouted, a large circle of people instantly surrounded Mackenzie and her 

two companions. One circle after another. 

Although Lexi had seen even the biggest elephants, she was still frightened by the 

sight, trembling uncontrollably. Mackenzie was much calmer than her, but the 

nervousness in her beautiful eyes was hard to conceal. She was now a mother, no 

longer fighting alone. The weight on her shoulders inevitably doubled. 

“Stay back, or I won’t play nice!” Emmanuel suddenly roared and stomped forcefully on 


09:00 Mon, May 13 

Chapter 1547 The Siege 

the ground, facing the increasingly crowded encirclement. 

Then, something terrifying happened. The floor cracked and spread like a spider’s web, 

even splitting open. 

With his black hair flying, clothes billowing, and a terrifying aura surrounding him, 

everyone seemingly saw the god of death descending, and for a moment, no one dared 

to take another step forward. 

“Ms. Mackenzie!” 

“Ms. Quillen!” 

Taking advantage of this gap, Logan led some loyal employees of the Terence Group to 

quickly push through the crowd and come to Mackenzie’s side for protection. Although 

they numbered twenty or thirty, they seemed insignificant within the encirclement of 



09:00 Mon, May 13 G. 

Chapter 1547 The Siege 

As for the other Terence Group employees, besides those who had secretly fled the 

scene, some stood on the side of the encirclement. They had obviously been 

brainwashed, thinking that the Terence Group had committed unforgivable deeds and 

were preparing to draw a clear line, even turning against their own in the name of 


“Ms. Quillen, you’ve arrived just in time. We’ve received news that the Hadley factory’s 

radiation production has caused the deaths of 23 people. How do you intend to handle 

this matter?” A man in a white shirt, holding a microphone, spoke loudly. 

Emmanuel glanced at him. He looked like a reporter on the surface, but his steps were 

steady, and his muscles were strong. He was definitely someone who trained. 

Obviously, he was sent by a big shot to set the tone. Otherwise, an ordinary person 

wouldn’t be able to stand out in such a large-scale event. 

“What’s your name? And where did you hear this news?” Mackenzie questioned 


09:00 Mon, May 13 

Chapter 1547 The Siege 

In this large-scale event, unlike the small-scale hospital ward setting, with thousands of 

people here, they couldn’t rely on force to suppress the situation; they could only use 

wisdom to resolve the crisis. However, many people on the scene were shills, and more 

and more unknowing bystanders were being swayed. This battle was definitely not 

going to be easy. 

“I’m Seth Haversham, a reporter from the Onza Daily. This is my work ID!” The lead 

journalist differed from those at the hospital. If he didn’t assert his identity, he wouldn’t. 

be able to hold his ground. 


Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

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Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel

    Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel



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