Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1548

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1548

Chapter 1548 Legal Maneuvers 

Chapter 1548 

He knew better how to use the law to crush the Quillen family and the Terence Group. 

Mackenzie and Emmanuel both glanced at his work ID. In truth, it didn’t matter much. 

With the power behind him so formidable, personnel in such positions could easily turn 

fake into real, making it impossible to distinguish truth from falsehood. 

“The source of the information is absolutely reliable. I have the patients’ diagnosis 

reports and death reports from Tanzon Medical Center. I’ve already uploaded them 

online. Everyone can visit the Onza Daily official website and find all the relevant official 

documents under the hot topics section!” Seth repeated. He had already announced 

the news earlier, and almost everyone present had seen those reports! 

Mackenzie suddenly chuckled. “Let’s put the authenticity of the diagnosis reports aside 

for now. Are you saying there are even death certificates?” 

“Yes, 23 patients exposed to radiation from the Hadley factory all died last night!” Seth 


Chapter 1548 Legal Maneuvers 

said decisively. 

The next second, someone in the crowd charged forward agitatedly. Some people even 

held something in their hands, angrily shouting, “Mackenzie Quillen, you treacherous 

wench! Give us back our loved ones!” 

“Yes! Give me back my mother!” a man exclaimed angrily, splashing the dog’s blood in 

the basin toward Mackenzie. 

Lexi was horrified. Who knows what dirty things are in the dog’s blood? Ms. Quillen is 

pregnant; she can’t be tainted with such things! 

Mackenzie also broke out in a cold sweat. Fortunately, her husband was right beside 

her. Emmanuel had brought an umbrella when he left the car, intending to shield his 

wife from the sun. The umbrella came in handy now. With a flick, he rebounded all the 

blood back. 

Emmanuel then used his internal strength to shake off all the remaining liquid on the 


Chapter 1548 Legal Maneuvers 

umbrella, leaving it intact as if it hadn’t been used at all. Emmanuel then opened the 

umbrella to shade his wife. The people around were all stunned by his actions. Not only 

was the parasol practical, but it also looked impressive. Amazing! 

Just then, a bold laughter came from the crowd. With several experts clearing the way, 

Xavier finally appeared. “Hahaha, Emmanuel, no matter how well you can fight, it’s 

useless! There, I said it!” 

Walking up to Emmanuel and Mackenzie, Xavier smirked, “Onza is a city governed by 

law. Thousands of eyes are watching you; everyone knows what you’ve done! Terence 

Group tramples on lives, and as people in charge, you’re not getting away with it! If you 

insist on using force to bully people, my family will ensure justice for everyone!” With a 

righteous tone, he placed himself on the side of justice. 

Seeing him still behaving lively, Emmanuel couldn’t help but smirk secretly. That day, all 

the scenes were going according to his original plan. It seemed that Finnian’s 

information had indeed been intercepted, and Xavier was truly unaware of what had 

Chapter 1548 Legal Maneuvers 

happened at Tanzon Medical Center. Now, seeing Xavier, Emmanuel felt relieved. He 

was afraid that they would only be dealing with small fry that day, wasting so much. 

effort with Mackenzie. 

“Alright, you said your mother died. What’s her name?” Mackenzie asked the young man 

who had splashed dog blood on her. He was probably sixteen or seventeen, looking 

older than his age, but now that Emmanuel had counterattacked, he found that the 

situation was different from what he had imagined, and he was in a panic. 

Seeing this, Xavier immediately stared at him coldly, “Tell Ms. Quillen in front of 

everyone. Everyone here today will seek justice for you!” 

The young man immediately shouted loudly, “My mom’s name is Agnes Laramie. She 

was a janitor at Hadley factory. Due to exposure to the factory’s radiation, she passed 

away yesterday!” 

The surrounding crowd was struck with revelation. They had all seen Agnes’ death 

Chapter 1548 Legal Maneuvers 

report online, so it couldn’t be fake. 


Xavier’s smirk became even more sinister. Let’s see how the Terence Group will 

rerespond now. With thousands of people on the scene, if she arouses public anger, she 

will definitely be doomed! 

MMackenzie remained calm, nodding slightly. “So, you’re Agnes’ son. She told me about 

yoyou last night, saying she would stay strong and continue to take care of you, guiding 

yoyou onto the right path.” 

“What?! The young man trembled all over at the revelation, subconsciously staring at 

XXavieh his eyes clearly telling a complicated story. 


Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 9/18/2023 Native Language: English
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Read Online Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

“I know, Mom. I'm in front of the café. Call you later!” Emmanuel Lowe hung up on his mother impatiently. The twenty-eight-year-old man had never been in a relationship. After spending seven years in the army, he retired from the military and worked at a hospital in Yeringham for three years. He was a gynecologist at the hospital and made eighty thousand a year. Worried he would end up old and alone, Emmanuel's mother urged him to settle down. Since he had no idea where to begin when it came to dating, his mother took matters into her own hands and set him up on multiple blind dates. Thanks to her efforts, he had gone on seventeen blind dates so far. Alas, wedding bells were clearly not on the horizon for Emmanuel. It was frustrating. He knew he was just going through the motions at that point. “Help! Someone help me!” Right before Emmanuel entered the café, he heard someone calling out weakly for help. The cries came from an old man who had fallen on the roadside. Many pedestrians walked past him, but no one dared to stop and help him to his feet... Read More The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming   Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

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Emmanuel Lowe discovered his accidental blind date was the wealthiest woman in Yeringham. She'd hidden her wealth to test his love. Despite the shock, he admired her for the ruse and chose to stand by her side. Together, they became a formidable force, using their combined resources for philanthropy. Love, trust, and mutual support were their secret to happiness and success.


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