Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1551

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1551

Chapter 1551 Revelations and Reckoning 

Chapter 1551 

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“Only in this 


will you know, between Emmanuel and Yosef, who is right and wrong. 

You’re still young, and you have a bright future ahead. Your life shouldn’t end like this!” 

Ellie had cried her heart out listening to Beatrix’s words, lying on the bed, staring at the 

bleak ceiling. 

“Was I really wrong? Mr. Yosef, I’m sorry! I can’t avenge you. They all think Emmanuel is 

a good person… Mr. Yosef, you must also be a good person… There must be some 

misunderstanding between you!” 

At the Terence Group branch, Ashton commanded, “Take Xavier Tanner and all the 

media reporters back to the police station for interrogation!” 

Originally, she had received a report from the Tanner family to arrest the Quillen family, 


13:20 Tue, May 14 ti 

Chapter 1551 Revelations and Reckoning 


but now, the targets were changed. Xavier’s skilled bodyguards wanted to protect their 

young sir, and Emmanuel was also prepared to help Ashton. Unexpectedly, Ashton took 

action herself and quickly subdued those attempting to resist arrest. Although they had 

guns and the upper hand, Ashton’s martial arts had improved dramatically in a short 


Seeing Emmanuel’s gaze, Ashton felt immensely proud. Passing by him, she pretended 

to be aloof and said, “Tomorrow is the Grand Martial Showdown finals. Preserve your 

energy and shine brightly in the competition. Don’t let me down, or I’ll ridicule you!” 

Emmanuel chuckled. This woman still hasn’t added gentleness into her dictionary, as 

fiery as ever. 

“Emmanuel, shall we go back?” Mackenzie didn’t want to stay at the scene any longer. 

That day, she didn’t want to be a workaholic. From now on, her focus must be on her 

unborn child. 

Tue, May 14 

Chapter 1551 Revelations and Reckoning 

“Okay!” Emmanuel held Mackenzie’s hand and entered the car, leaving the scene. 


He was unequivocal that the other party intentionally caused such grave trouble lately 

not only to destroy the Quillen family but also to kill him. However, according to the 

other party’s plan, they probably wanted him to spend that day at the police station, 

completely without any rest time, maximizing his energy consumption. Now, having a 

little time to rest was a blessing in disguise for him. As for further repairing his 

meridians and temporarily enhancing his strength, it was probably wishful thinking. 

On the other side, at the Onza Tanner’s villa, several of Steven’s phones were constantly 

bombarded with various messages and calls. On the internet, posts exposing various 

shady events of the Tanner family in Onza emerged one after another, with insults 

flooding like a tidal wave, threatening to engulf the family! What was worse, the victi 

who had been oppressed by the Tanners had never dared to speak out before, but now 

that they had become the target of public criticism, they had all moved various 

scandals and evidence onto the internet, even pointing directly at their backers. 


13:20 Tue, May 14 G ti 


Chapter 1551 Revelations and Reckoning 

“This is outrageous! Absolutely outrageous!” Steven finally collapsed, furious, smashing 

all his phones and computers to pieces. 

How could this happen? Clearly, our alliance with the Silverbane and Finch families is 

intended to crush the Quillens thoroughly! 

He had used such methods many times before, always successful, and enemies 

repeatedly fell before him. Because of this, he became one of the most valued lackeys 

of the chairman of the Chamber of Commerce. But now, they had suffered a crushing 


“It’s over! Steven, you must take responsibility for everything yourself. We can’t let 

people continue investigating further!” 

Just then, a strange man barged into the villa 

“Envoy Azure?” Steven looked at the visitor with horror. He was one of the four envoys 


13:20 Tue, May 14 G 

Chapter 1551 Revelations and Reckoning 


beside the chairman of the Chamber of Commerce, with a distinguished status. He had 

never expected the envoy to come personally this time. 

Envoy Azure, wearing gloves, pulled out a gun from his cloak and handed it to Steven. 

Trembling all over, Steven knelt on the ground, pleading, “Envoy Azure! I beg you. Let 

the chairman of the Chamber of Commerce give me another chance. I’ve done so many 

things for him. Even if I haven’t done anything meritorious, I’ve suffered—” 


Envoy Azure shot him through the forehead. Blood splattered, and Steven’s eyes 

widened as he fell to the ground. 

“Someone will kill Emmanuel and the Quillens and avenge you. Rest in peace!” Envoy 

Azure closed Steven’s eyelids and then placed the gun in his hand, creating an illusion 


and Reckoning 

of self-termination. 

13:20 Tue, May 14 G. 

Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

The Enigmatic Return (Nancy’s And Roxanne )
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Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel

    Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel



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