Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1552

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1552

Chapter 1552 The Grand Martial Showdown 

Chapter 1552 

The next day, the much anticipated Grand Martial Showdown finals were about to 

begin in Nuthana’s upper stratum. 

Early in the morning, Emmanuel and Mackenzie sat in a Bentley driven by Wally, 

heading to the coast of the eastern district of Onza. 

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Apart from their car, the Quillens rode in two other cars, one taken by Samantha and 

the other Quillen ladies, except for Hannah. The other was taken by Beatrix, Frederick, 

and the ever-present Shane, who clung to Beatrix like a piece of gum. 

Arriving at the coastal building, Mackenzie and Emmanuel led the way off the car, 

following the staff’s instructions to a ferry terminal, where they waited to board. 

The final location was an offshore island along the coast of Onza. The island was under 

the jurisdiction of the Nuthana Martial Arts Association, and except for specific 

individuals, no one had the right to land, not even the police. As for how the Martial Arts 

13:20 Tue, May 14 G ti 

Chapter 1552 The Grand Martial Showdown 

Association acquired such authority, Emmanuel and the others were unaware. 

“Manny, you’re finally here!” 


Roselynn and Julian were already eagerly waiting at the beach ferry terminal. As soon 

as they spotted Emmanuel and the others, the two warmly welcomed them. Behind 

them, Althea walked with Zaiden, looking somewhat embarrassed. 

“You scared me for good yesterday. Why didn’t you tell me about it? Thank goodness 

Mackenzie’s family is safe!” Roselynn still felt lingering fear when she mentioned the 

events from the day before. 

However, Emmanuel and Mackenzie hadn’t had time to talk to Roselynn yet wh 

terminal staff approached. Leading them was a charming lady in charge, followed 

steady-footed martial artists. 

“Excuse me, are you from the Quillen family of Yeringham?” The lady smiled warmly, 


13:20 Tue, May 14 GO 

Chapter 1552 The Grand Martial Showdown 

showing utmost respect. 

“Yes.” Mackenzie nodded slightly and presented the credentials awarded by the 




“Thank you for your patience, Ms. Quillen, Mr. Lowe! Please lead your family members 

into the ship.” The lady bowed respectfully. 

Mackenzie nodded, looking at Roselynn. She didn’t say anything, but the implication 

was evident. Zaiden and Althea’s countenances became even more awkward. They 

knew the rules here. Even though they were currently vice-chairmen of the Chamber o 

Commerce, they were not among the families competing in the Grand Martial 

Showdown. Therefore, they were treated like ordinary spectators. Despite arriving 

and waiting to board, they still didn’t get their turn. 

“Roselynn, let’s board together!” Emmanuel extended a warm invitation. But Julian and 

Roselynn still refused because the Summertons had also brought a large group of 

13:20 Tue, May 14 G 

Chapter 1552 The Grand Martial Showdown 

people, and with the Quillen family members, they were over capacity. 


Unable to do anything about it, Emmanuel and Mackenzie could only board with the 

Quillens first. The Summertons had to stay behind. 

“Oh, when did the Summerton family fall so low?” 

Just then, a disdainful voice came from behind the Summertons. It was someone from 

the Zigler family of Gratz. With them was Linda and her mother. 

The Ziglers had obtained a ticket to the final this year and had already allied with the 

Beckers. It was only a matter of time before they dominated Gratz. However, their 

ambitions were also great. They wanted to perform well in the Grand Martial 

Showdown, enter the Nuthana Chamber of Commerce, and become the dominant. 

force in Nuthana. 

A month ago, they might still have needed to look up to the Summertons, but times had 


13:20 Tue, May 14 G ti 

Chapter 1552 The Grand Martial Showdown 

approached them, his eyes filled with animosity. 



Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

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Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel

    Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel



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