Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1554

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1554

Chapter 1554 

Mackenzie glanced at Emmanuel when he didn’t respond, speaking on his behalf. 

Hattie was a nationally renowned talent, and if she said this, it meant she definitely 

knew Emmanuel’s alias. 


“Of course, that night when your family was busy saving Beatrix, suddenly a fighter with 

a physique similar to Emmanuel’s appeared. Blake has sparred with Emmanuel before, 

so he recognized the moves!” Hattie bluntly revealed. 

Before Emmanuel and Mackenzie could give her a thumbs-up, she continued, “A 

Chapman family’s Luna Moone is your alias, too, right? You guys are really some 


Mackenzie quickly shot Emmanuel a glare. Emmanuel rolled his eyes helplessly, 

knowing there would be a day when he would be teased like this. 


13:21/ Tue, May 14 G 

Chapter 1554 Unforeseen Circumstances 

“Alright, let’s get back on track. Emmanuel, do you have any plans?” After her teasing, 

Hattie asked again. 

“Me? I don’t actually have any…” Emmanuel suddenly sighed. “Yosef, he might not be 

able to participate anymore.” 

He had just talked to Ashton over the phone last night, and Yosef had been arrested by 

the police for accidentally killing Ryder. He was currently awaiting trial. Although the 

Tanner family of Onza had been trying to use their connections to get him out, the 

incident from the day before had caused a huge public outcry both online and offline. 

Now, everybody in Nuthana knew of the Tanner family’s heinous acts. The Tanners 

were in trouble themselves now, let alone trying to get Yosef out to participate in th 

Grand Martial Showdown. It was probably unlikely! 

Meanwhile, Yosef was still waiting to be released on bail in a cell in Onza, as promised 

by the Tanners. However, even until lunchtime, there was still no movement. It wasn’t 

until Ashton arrived outside the cell. 


13:21 Tue, May 14 GO 

Chapter 1554 Unforeseen Circumstances 

Looking at this man with long hair, Ashton actually felt quite emotional. All the other 

prisoners were unkempt, but he was spotless from head to toe, and the cell was 

immaculate. Such a man was actually very appealing to women, but unfortunately, he 

had eccentricities and had killed Emmanuel’s cousin, which made Ashton feel 

somewhat regretful. 

“You don’t need to wait anymore,” Ashton only spoke up when Yosef’s gaze met hers. 

“You won’t be able to participate in the Grand Martial Showdown!” 

Yosef didn’t react but instead asked her, “Are the Quillens done for?” 

Ashton sneered, “What are you thinking? The Quillen family is fine. It’s the Tanner fa 

of Onza that’s probably doomed! Public opinion is fermenting in Nuthana and is ever 

causing a national uproar. They used to do all kinds of evil deeds, and now it looks like 

they’ll all be held accountable together!” 

“I see…” There was little change in Yosef’s expression. As far as he was concerned, the 


Tue, May 14 

Chapter 1554 Unforeseen Circumstances 

Tanners meant nothing. His only regret now was that he couldn’t leave here, so he 

couldn’t defeat Emmanuel in front of everyone and avenge Queenie. 

“Someone’s here to see you. Come out!” Ashton suddenly instructed the guards to 

open the lock and let Yosef out. 


Yosef was a little surprised, but he quickly figured it out. If the Quillens were fine, she 

must still be alive. 

“Mr. Yosef!” 

In the visiting room, Ellie was already sitting there. The once lively and healthy girl ha 

become thin-haired and pale, but it was evident that she had received treatment and 

was recovering. 

“Hey.” Yosef sat down, separated from Ellie by the window, showing some happiness. 

He knew how the Tanners treated the Quillens and that Ellie had voluntarily helped the 


13:21/ Tue, May 14 G ti 

Chapter 1554 Unforeseen Circumstances 


Tanners deal with the Quillens. Now that Ellie was alive, it was a consolation prize for 

the failed attempt to deal with the Quillens. 

“Mr. Yosef, I’m sorry! I couldn’t help you deal with Emmanuel and the Quillen family… 

they… they might be good people…” 

Yosef, who was in a good mood, immediately turned grim. The next moment, he held 

his head tightly. 

“Mr. Yosef, what’s wrong? Mr. Yosef?” Ellie was frightened. She couldn’t help feeling 

that Yosef felt different now after being detained for a while. 

What she didn’t know was that Yosef had been practicing the Eclipse Yin-Yang 

since he entered prison to defeat Emmanuel. In fact, it wasn’t a sudden impulse, 

wanted to practice the martial arts of the Harper family for a long time, but he had 

always been by the old godfather’s side. The old godfather had always advised him, 

even prevented him, from doing so, which made him give up practicing. 


13:21 Tue, May 14 G ti 

Chapter 1554 Unforeseen Circumstances 


The old godfather had actually known early on that this technique was Pandora’s Box 

for Yosef, with too much temptation for him. Yosef would eventually open it one day. 


Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

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Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel

    Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel



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