Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1555

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1555

Chapter 1555 The Escape 

Chapter 1555 

The moment Yosef left the village, the old godfather knew he would practice this 

technique, so he specially left the village with Santiago to warn Emmanuel. Sure 

enough, the old godfather was extraordinarily wise, and his predictions rarely went 


At this moment, upon hearing Ellie’s words, Yosef suddenly raised his eyes, and his 

gaze turned pitch black. 

Ashton beside him was startled. Even Ellie trembled all over, stuttering, “Mr. Yosef, 

what’s wrong? Are you feeling unwell?” 


Yosef suddenly slammed his hands heavily against the glass window, causing the 

entire reception room to tremble slightly, and cracks appeared in the bulletproof glass 

Ashton quickly put her hand on her gun at her waist, guarding against any unexpected 

actions from Yosef. After all, he was recognized as an S-rank or above fighter in the 

13:21/ Tue, May 14 G 

Chapter 1555 The Escape 


Nuthana Grand Martial Showdown, and even monsters like Blake were nothing to him. 

“They’re good people, you say? What am I then?!” Yosef’s eyes seemed like two 

bottomless abysses, as if they wanted to suck Ellie in. He considered Ellie a friend, but 

little did he think that his only friend would betray him and speak up for Emmanuel. 

Ellie was terrified. But she still leaned against the glass window, crying and saying, “Mr. 

Yosef, you are also a good person. Perhaps there were just some misunderstandings. 

between you before. You just need to clear things up-” 

“Misunderstandings? Queenie died at Emmanuel’s hands. How was that a 

misunderstanding?!” Yosef’s mindset seemed a bit abnormal, looking like a madm 

“Ellie, get away!” Ashton had already pulled out her gun, pointing it diagonally 

downward, instructing Ellie. She could see that Yosef was triggered and not mentally 

stable at the moment. 

Tue, May 14 G 

Chapter 1555 The Escape 

“No! Don’t hurt Mr. Yosef!” Ellie was still trying to encourage Yosef. “Mr. Yosef, pull 

yourself together! Mr. Yosef, cooperate with the investigation! You’ll be out soon!” 


Ashton also signaled the inside guards to take Yosef back. However, they didn’t expect 

that as soon as they touched Yosef, they felt his body burning hot. 

Yosef suddenly turned around and stared at them intently. 

“Fall back!” The two guards raised their batons, giving fierce orders. 

Seeing their appearance, Yosef directly regarded them as enemies, extending his hands 

and piercing through the bodies of the two guards. The crimson blood made him even 

more frenzied, and he suddenly let out a long howl. 

“Darn it! This guy is going crazy!” Ashton didn’t have time to think, quickly intending to 

move around to shoot Yosef. But before she could act, Yosef unexpectedly punched 

through the bulletproof glass, jumping out. 


Tue, May 

Chapter 1555 The Escape 

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“H-How is this possible?!” Even the formidable Ashton was intimidated by the terrifying 

aura emanating from the currently possessed Yosef, unable to move her fingers. It was 

because of this that she managed to retain her life. Seeing her not moving, Yosef didn’t 

instinctively kill her but tried to escape. 

“Mr. Yosef!” Ellie quickly hugged him from behind, tears soaking up his clothes. “Take 

me with you! No matter where you go, I’m willing to accompany you!” 

She knew full well that Yosef was trying to escape, making him a fugitive. But she also 

knew that Yosef was now helpless. Even if he didn’t escape, he would spend the rest of 

his life in prison. 

Yosef felt her warm tears, and his eyes gradually regained some clarity. He ger 

stroked Ellie’s pale cheek and thought of Queenie again. But the next moment, a 

of policemen rushed in, shouting loudly, “Quick! Subdue them!” 

Yosef’s demonic nature resurfaced as he sensed the malice, and his eyes turned 


13:21/ Tue, May 14 G ti 

Chapter 1555 The Escape 

bloodshot again. “It was Emmanuel’s fault I was imprisoned! It was him and the 

Quillens who wanted to ruin me! I want to live to avenge Queenie!” Yosef had lost his 

normal sanity. 


In his normal state, he was still thinking straight, and even if he hated Emmanuel and 

the Quillens, he wouldn’t think that they intentionally wanted to harm him. But now, he 

was delusional and had developed paranoia. 

“Don’t stop him. Let him go!” Ashton shouted to her companions, but it was still too 

late. The loyal prison guards didn’t think twice and rushed up with their batons. The 

outcome was predictable, with their bodies torn apart by Yosef in an instant. The smell 

of blood made Yosef even more unable to suppress his inner desire to kill. 


Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

The Enigmatic Return (Nancy’s And Roxanne )
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Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel

    Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel



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