Love from My Dominant Boss Chapter 66

“Yes, I’m reproaching you! What has my relationship with Yuval got to do with you? You had no right to investigate him!” I again castigated Michael loudly while shooting daggers at him.

Admittedly, I have feelings for him. However, it doesn’t mean that he has free reign to interfere in my life! I had already decided to date Yuval, so I was naturally enraged that Michael investigated him.

“Don’t challenge me time and again, Anna. There is a limit to my patience!”

Michael’s face was grim, and his gaze glinted with anger as he stared at me.

“Stop the car. I’m getting out!”

To me, his current attitude was rather unreasonable; I had no idea what exactly he wanted. We agreed on an amicable parting, but everything he had been doing recently truly made my blood boil.

His handsome countenance was terrifyingly chilly, and he acted as though he didn’t hear me. Not only didn’t he stop the car, but he even accelerated.

At that moment, I noticed that he seemed to be heading to his house.

“Where are you taking me, Michael? I said I want to get out!”

I kept banging against the car door but to no avail. Right that very moment, I was seized by the urge to curse him out.

Argh! He’s really backing me into a corner here. I truly regret agreeing to his stipulation for the sake of two hundred thousand. My life would certainly be peaceful if I hadn’t agreed back then. But then again, he only gave me the money because of that stipulation. If I hadn’t agreed, he probably wouldn’t have given it to me.

“Anna, you’re the first woman to be in such a hurry to sever ties with me. And I guarantee you that you’ll also be the last!”

Michael’s low and terse voice rang out. He turned to look at me with a dangerous gleam hidden in his eyes.

My heart lurched, and I couldn’t quite grasp the meaning of his words. Truly, he had been acting vastly out of character lately.

I didn’t want to argue with him, so I kept urging myself to calm down. Since he saved Dad by giving me two hundred thousand back then, I must keep my temper in check.

“What exactly do you want, Michael?” I inquired mildly, doing my best to sound calm as I gazed at his profile.

“Listen here, Anna. You’re my woman, and I’m the only one who can propose ending our relationship from now on,” Michael asserted domineeringly.

While doing so, he didn’t even deign to spare me a glance. Instead, he continued speeding on the road.

I was already suppressing my anger, so I almost blew my top upon hearing that.

“So, am I supposed to be friends with benefits with you for the rest of my life if you don’t break off our relationship forever?” I demanded anxiously, staring at his profile while stifling my mounting panic.

“Half a year, then. I’ll end our relationship after half a year. Besides, I’ll compensate you when we break up.”

Michael slowed the car, and his voice was no longer as indifferent as before.

Hearing that he would compensate me when we broke up, my brows furrowed. Honestly, I felt insulted.

Indeed, I deliberately seduced him for two hundred thousand back then, but I had no other choice because of my father’s illness.

But now, he seemed to have cemented me in the ranks of a gold-digger. I might be unbothered if it were anyone else, but for some inexplicable reason, I was perturbed when such words came from him.

“I don’t need your money. I only asked you for two hundred thousand because my father needed it for his treatment back then. But not now.”

I regarded his profile with a frigid expression, my voice tinged with a hint of anger.

“That’s your choice. But as I said, our relationship is to continue for another half a year.”

With his face devoid of expression, Michael glanced at me and again repeated the stipulation he proposed earlier.

Well, half a year is indeed not a long time, but I’ve already decided to date Yuval now. What should I do about Yuval if I were to agree to his stipulation? I’ve finally found a suitable man whom I don’t mind marrying. So, if I don’t contact him for half a year, he might have long since gotten married!

“What should I do about Yuval, then? What if he has gotten married half a year later?”

I looked at him conflictedly. I didn’t want to agree to his stipulation, but for some reason, I didn’t want to decline it either.

“That’s your problem. Anyway, let me tell you this, Anna. My woman must be chaste!”

Michael was a very possessive man. In the past, he had warned me more than once that his woman must be chaste. And now, he was reminding me of that again.

Hah! He must be worried that I’ll sleep with Yuval. But even if he didn’t say that, I wasn’t planning on doing so, at least not before getting married.

“What if I say no?” I retorted, eyeing him in annoyance.

“Anna, you know I must have a way to ensure that you say yes. Do you want to try me?”

Surprisingly, my demurral didn’t antagonize Michael. Instead, his lips curved into a sneer. At his confident expression, panic struck me.

As I stared at his face, I was inexplicably unnerved. From my understanding of him thus far, he was an extremely crafty man. Since he said that, he definitely had a way to ensure that I complied.

I wanted to counter his threat imperiously, but it was glaringly obvious that I hadn’t the guts to do so.

At my silence, Michael’s lips curved into a smug smile. Turning to me, he looked at me with triumph in his gaze. “You have no room to refuse, Anna.”

Fury blazed within me, but I could merely glare at him since I couldn’t object.

Nonetheless, Michael wasn’t the slightest bit bothered. He continued driving, and in no time, the car came to a stop in front of his mansion.

Trailing behind him, I entered the mansion. I had been here once, so I was familiar with the place. But… why did he bring me to his house in the middle of the day?

“Why did you bring me to your house, Michael?” I couldn’t help asking as I stared at his back.

“Why do you think I brought you to my house? Of course, it’s to have some fun between the sheets! Anna, don’t tell me you’ve forgotten our deal just after a few days?”

When we had gone into the living room, Michael blatantly looked me up and down, his gaze blazing with intense desire.

His words reminded me of how he almost forced himself on me the previous time, causing a sliver of aversion to well within me.

“It’s broad daylight now. Are you really that desperate that you want to do it right now?”

It’s the middle of the day now, and we’re at his house to boot. Most importantly, there are two housekeepers at his house! So, they’ll definitely hear us if we truly do the deed!

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