Love from My Dominant Boss Chapter 68

“Is there still a need for pretense in front of me, Anna? Before you get acquainted with Yuval Lambert, you were very enthusiastic in bed with me. But now that you’ve got another man, you’re starting to resist, huh?”

Michael’s voice was cold, and the desire in his eyes had long since vanished without a trace. At that moment, I couldn’t discern any emotion from his eyes as he stared at me.

At his repeated mentions of Yuval, the wrath within me skyrocketed. What the hell is wrong with him? How has Yuval offended him? Besides, nothing happened between me and Yuval, so he has no right to disparage me like that!

“Michael Shaw, let me tell you this. My relationship with Yuval isn’t as filthy as you think. We’re dating with the goal of marriage, unlike my friends-with-benefits relationship with you!”

I looked at him in derision while glowering indignantly.

Regardless of whether I have any feelings for Yuval, the fact remains that we’re dating for marriage and not for pleasures of the flesh! Plus, he’s really a gentleman. It’s almost a month since we got acquainted, but he has never crossed any lines with me.

“Oh, you’re defending him now, huh? Anna, don’t you forget that you’re still my woman for half a year starting today!”

Men had always been possessive creatures, especially when two men were fighting for the same woman. They would never back down as their domineering nature reared its head.

Despite my ire, I had no retort since I indeed agreed to his stipulation earlier.

At my silence, he threw me a look before he again started stimulating me. However, my arousal had largely dissipated after our row just now, and I didn’t feel much anymore despite his roaming hands then as my mood had been wholly ruined.

This time, he was no longer as patient as before. He merely did some foreplay perfunctorily and went straight to intercourse.

“Stop it, Michael! Stop!”

Placing my hands against his chest, I wanted to push him away, but he simply pinned me like a massive boulder and refused to move.

Conversely, my resistance had him going increasingly wilder.

And so, I was forced to endure his frenzied thrusts. No matter how painful it was for me, he didn’t slow down the slightest bit. At that moment, I finally realized that I was only a tool for him to satiate his desires.

Despite having known each other for such a long time, he had no feelings for me. The only reason he sought me out was nothing more than to satisfy his physical urges.

About half an hour later, he was finally done.

“Are you done with me? If so, I’m leaving.”

Enduring the pain at the juncture of my thighs, I sat up and straightening my clothes. Right then, I didn’t want to see him for even a second longer.

“Are you in such a hurry to leave because you want to go and meet Yuval Lambert?”

Michael remained sprawled on the bed without stopping me, but the words out of his mouth enraged me once again.

He had been bringing up Yuval time and again ever since we met today, irritating me greatly. Damn it, what has my relationship with Yuval got to do with him? Why the hell is he harping on it?

“That’s none of your business. I won’t forget our deal.”

Not wanting to argue with him anymore, I stood up after saying that coldly.

I wanted to leave after putting on my clothes, but the buttons on my shirt had been ripped off, causing my shirt to gape open.

Thus, I had no way of leaving when I was barely decent. Recalling Michael’s frenzy back then, I grew all the more incensed, and I even wondered whether he did it intentionally.

“Aren’t you in a hurry to leave? Why are you not leaving?”

Sitting up, Michael stared at me with a smirk, his eyes gleaming triumphantly.

“Do you think I can leave like this? Michael Shaw, was it deliberate on your part? How am I supposed to leave when my shirt is now barely in one piece?”

I plopped onto the edge of the bed. Irritation inundated me as I looked at the missing buttons on my shirt that could barely cover me up.

“Who would be able to have so much self-control when inflamed with passion? Just take the initiative to strip next time, then I won’t be doing any damage to your clothes.”

Instead of getting angered by my censure, Michael wore a smile on his face.

“Ugh! Why are you smiling? How am I supposed to leave in such a state?”

As I shot daggers at him, I was seized by the urge to strangle him. He was so rough with me earlier, yet it’s as though he has forgotten all about it now! How utterly capricious!

“Don’t leave, then.” Getting out of bed, Michael slipped on his shirt gracefully. Then, he turned to me. “I’m hungry, so go and cook something.”

“What did you just say? Cook? Why should I cook for you?”

I rolled my eyes at him and remained seated on the bed without twitching a muscle.

Why should I now cook for him when he wrecked me just now? Am I that cheap that I’ll still fall over myself to please him?

“You can choose not to do so, but you won’t be having any dinner either. You won’t be able to leave today, anyway.”

When he said that, he had already dressed. He then left the bedroom without a backward glance, leaving me in the room alone.

I waited for a long time, but he never came back.

Don’t tell me he’s really planning to starve me? At that thought, apprehension gripped me. I was so livid at John this noon that I hadn’t even had lunch. Thus, I’m going to expire if I skip dinner as well!

At that moment, I stole a peek at his dressing room. Then, I got to my feet. After a furtive glance at the door to ascertain that he hadn’t yet returned, I sneaked into the dressing room.

I initially thought that it was merely a tiny space, but I then realized that it was enormous after stepping foot in it. In fact, it was even more spacious than the bedroom.

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