Love You Enough to Leave You Chapter 145

Chapter 145

After Elizabeth left, Robert pointed at the sofa at the side. “Do have a seat, and let‘s


Thus, Oscar sat down.

Likewise, Robert sat down on the sofa as well. After a moment‘s silence, he asked, “Oscar, was the baby Cassie Yard just miscarried really yours?”

Oscar nodded honestly in response.

All at once, Robert‘s expression darkened. “Is Amelia aware of this?”

Again, Oscar nodded.

At this moment, Robert‘s expression had changed drastically, and his hands slowly clenched into fists.

“Oscar, I‘d always thought that you‘re a sensible person, who doesn‘t have any vices common to those rich heirs. While you do patronize places like nightclubs and bars, I thought you knew your limits. However, never had I thought that you‘d also learned to enjoy the pleasures of the flesh.”

Upon hearing this admonish, Oscar hung his head.

With a grim face, Robert solemnly said, “Oscar, I know you grew up with Cassie, and you once swore to take only her as your wife. However, your relationship with her has long since been irrevocably broken five years ago.” Then, he continued, “You have Amelia now, and she‘s going to give birth in two months. How could you be so foolish to get entangled with that woman again? How could you beurav Amelia like this? Having an aflair, especially when your wise is pregnant, is something only the most despicable man does. Never in my life had I ever thought that you‘d do that. Frankly speaking, I‘m very disappointed with you.”

Throughout it all, Oscar was surprisingly silent, his expression grave.

In the next moment, Robert heaved a sigh. Raking a hand through his hair, he lamented, “Oscar, Oscar… It‘s not that I want to lecture you, but you‘re simply too reckless. How could you do such a thing? “I really like Amelia. Yes, she doesn‘t ha prominent family background, but she has a sincere heart. Cassic is far beneath her in this. I thought you‘d cherish her, but you did such a foolish thing instead. Ah, 1 don‘t even know what to say anymore.”

Chapter 145

Oscar then clasped his hands. “I‘ll settle this matter, Mr. Lancester,” he promised.

At this, Robert sighed. I‘m an outsider, afier all, so I don‘t have the right to speak further on this matter. But I really like Amelia and regard her as my own daughter. Having been around the block myself, I can tell that she‘s the one who suits him most. She‘s sensible, graceful, charming, beautiful, and has a sense of propriety. Only such a woman is worthy of Oscar.As for Cassie Yard, her beauty is overshadowed by her pettiness. Plus, she‘s been pampered since young, so it‘s probably not quite possible for her to be wholly considerate.

“I really don‘t want to reproach you, Oscar, but you shouldn‘t have done something so hurtful to Amelia. She is a nice girl. If you don‘t appreciate her, you‘ll regret it one day.”

Unbeknownst to Oscar, Robert‘s warning was a prophecy that would actually come to pass. After he had gotten divorced from Amelia, it was torturous for him to live in the apartment that was filled with memories of her, and he could only use work to numb his longing for her.

Of course, this turn of events would only transpire in the future, so it would all be in retrospect later.

Subsequently, Robert stood up. Walking over to him, he lifted a hand and patted him on the shoulder. “Alright, I‘ll end my urade here. Please cherish Amelia, and remember that she‘s your wife. As for Cassie, she‘s really not for you.”

Oscar merely nodded in acknowledgment of his advice.

“I‘ll go out first and leave the room to you and Elizabeth. She‘s also a ruthless character, so be careful and make sure that she doesn‘t hurt Amelia,” Robert reminded.

Oscar nodded once more.

After Robert had left, Elizabeth promptly came in.

“You‘re not leaving anymore, are you, Oscar?” she demanded.

In reply, Oscar got to his feet and murmured, “I‘ve got something to handle at the office, so please excuse me, Mrs. Yard. I‘ll leave Cassie in your capable hands here.”

Upon hearing this, Elizabeth‘s face became as dark as charcoal. “Stop right there!” she roared.

In the next moment, Oscar shifted his gaze to her, his imposing gaze giving off a

Chapter 145

sense of oppression.

At his gaze, Elizabeth unconsciously gulped before imploring, “I beg you, Oscar. Cassie‘s condition now is largely because of you. Are you really that cruel to abandon her at this time? Even if you want to cut off all ties with her, shouldn‘t you be doing so only when she has recovered?”

Nonetheless, Oscar said nothing.

Elizabeth couldn‘t quite figure out his thoughts at this moment, so she tactfully appealed, “Oscar, Cassie didn‘t do anything wrong, so please stay, won‘t you? I beg you. I don‘t care whatever happens between the two of you later, but she‘s still in the operating room now, so I don‘t want anything to happen to her. I promise not to interfere in the relationship between the two of you after she has recovered.”

After mulling it over for a while, Oscar finally nodded.

Having obtained his acquiescence, Elizabeth breathed a sigh of relief and blurted, “Thank you, Oscar!”

“Mrs. Yard, I can wait until Cassie has fully recovered, but I do think that I need to redefine my relationship with her,” Oscar stated.

At this, Elizabeth‘s expression stiffened.

But in the end, she heaved a sigh and replied, “I don‘t want to interfere too much in your relationship with her, but I hope you‘ll have a care with her feelings.”

“I‘ll do my best.” Oscar nodded.

The two of them then left the director‘s office and resumed their posts before the operating room.

They waited outside the operating room for about two and a half hours before the light above the operating room finally went off.

As a group of doctors walked out wearily while removing their masks, Elizabeth immediately rushed over. “How‘s my daughter, doctor?”

At this question, the doctor in the lead grew incensed. “Mrs. Yard, if you‘re truly concerned about your daughter, you should ensure that she remains calm. She‘d just suffered a miscarriage, so if her emotions were to fluctuate so greatly, there‘ll be a long–term effect on her health even after she recovers. If you don‘t do your part, we doctors won‘t be able to save her even if we were Hippocrates.”


Chapter 145

Upon hearing this, Elizabeth became exceedingly desolate.

“How‘s my daughter, doctor?”

“She‘s out of the woods now, but she is rather emotional. Please be mentally prepared that it‘ll probably be difficult for her to get pregnant again, even after she fully recovers in the future”

In the blink of an eye, Elizabeth‘s expression turned all the more agonized.

“The patient will be wheeled back to the ward later. We still have other patients to attend to, so please excuse us,” the doctor in the lead uttered.



After the doctors left, Elizabeth‘s knees went weak, and she almost dropped to the ground.

After she‘d calmed down for a bit, she whirled around and started raining blows on Oscar. “Are you happy now, Oscar Clinton? Are you happy now that Cassie is in such a state? She can‘t have children anymore, and there‘ll also be a long–term effect on her health! If you‘re really a man, you should take responsibility toward her!”

Oscar‘s gaze became extremely conflicted upon hearing this.

When he remained silent, Elizabeth blew her top. Raising her hand, she slapped him right across the face. “Do you even have a heart, Oscar Clinton? Wasn‘t it you who claimed that you love Cassie? Why are you not bothered now that she‘s in such a condition?”

However, Oscar kept his gaze fixed beyond Elizabeth. “Cassie is being wheeled out, Mrs. Yard,” he remarked in a voice that was so calm that it bordered on indifference.

Elizabeth instantly spun around and trotted over.


“Please lower your voice, madam. The patient is still in a coma, so don‘t wake her up,” the nurse, who was wheeling Cassie, hastily chided.

At that, Elizabeth swiftly zipped her mouth.

Cassie was then wheeled into the ward, and Oscar went in as well.

After the nurse put Cassie on an IV drip, she left the ward. Meanwhile, Elizabeth‘s heart clenched as she gazed at Cassie, who was on the hospital bed with an oxygen


Chapter 145

mask and looking as white as a sheet. Although she condemned Cassie, she was still her daughter at the end of the day, so she was most affected when something truly happened to her.

With red–rimmed eyes, she questioned sorrowfully, “Oscar, do you truly feel nothing at all now that Cassie is in such a state?”

As Oscar stared at Cassie on the hospital bed with a conflicted gaze, a myriad of emotions assailed him. Despite his apathetic demeanor, she was still someone whom he had once loved deeply, so it wasn‘t possible for him to truly feel nothing at all unless he were truly heartless.

“I never wished that she‘d end up in such a condition, Mrs. Yard. But do you think I can still pretend as though nothing had ever changed and continue to be with her after so many things had happened?” he asked in return.

At this, Elizabeth was left with no retort.

If I were to put myself in his shoes, perhaps I couldn‘t bring myself to get back together with her either. After all, no one hopes that the person closest to him would one day set him up. Nonetheless, understanding it was one thing, but comprehension was something else altogether.

“Oscar, Cassie has never done anything too grievous. Even if she harbored the intent to have Amelia Winters suffer a miscarriage, she never put it into action. It‘s no different from someone having the intention to kill yet never having committed the crime. “Can you then deem the person guilty? Someone has to first commit a crime to be deemed guilty. Don‘t you think you‘re being rather unfair to Cassie to pass judgment on her when she has never done it?” Elizabeth argued with warped logic.

At her twisted words, Oscar‘s fury morphed into incredulous laughter.

“Do you mean that I‘m supposed to wait until the child in Amelia‘s stomach is gone before putting on a show of finding out the culprit to punish her, Mrs. Yard?”

“You have misunderstood me, Oscar. I‘m just trying to say that while Cassie had once harbored such an ill–thought, she didn‘t act on it, did she? She‘d just suffered a miscarriage, so she‘ll definitely feel perturbed and resentful when she sees that another woman will be having your child soon,” Elizabeth countered. To justify that, she then asserted, “The doctor has also said that she has postpartum depression after the miscarriage, and it might truly turn into depression if she doesn‘t receive sufficient care. To that end, I beseech you not to abandon her at a time like this. Otherwise, she might truly suffer a mental breakdown. She isn‘t wicked beyond forgiveness, so you can‘t suddenly shove her into hell, no?”


Chapter 145

Oscar remained silent, seemingly deep in thought. His expression was grim.

When Elizabeth saw that he wasn‘t agreeing, she continued persuading him, urging, “Think about it, Oscar. Can you really sever all ties with her when there are so many wonderful memories between the two of you! You‘re a decent man, else Cassie won‘t be so obsessed about her love for you. So, will you please not give up on her so easily?”

At long last, Oscar spoke in a slightly hoarse voice. “Mrs. Yard, I think even if Cassie and I aren‘t lovers in the future, I‘ll still love her like my own sister.”

Upon hearing this, Elizabeth let out a sigh.

“Oscar, Cassie never wanted you to be her brother. You should really talk to her when she has recovered. It‘ll be difficult for her to get pregnant again in the future, and this is a fatal blow to a woman. If you don‘t want her, her life will be entirely ruined.”

Heirs are a priority among the wealthy, and there‘s always a biased preference for a male child over a female. Else, who‘s going to inherit the family business? It‘s undeniable that Cassie has only herself to blame for her condition today, but…

Oscar‘s hands gradually clenched into fists, his emotions a turbulent mess. Then, he declared, “I‘m going out for a cigarette, Mrs. Yard. I need to calm down for a bit, so just phone me when Cassie wakes up.”

After saying that, he spun on his heels and left.

He went to the stairwell and leaned his tall body against the handrail. Taking out a cigarette, he then lit it and placed it into his mouth. As he took a puff of it, a cloud of smoke materialized and lingered in the air.

Amidst the smoke, his gaze turned increasingly profound, rendering his thought wholly unfathomable.

About five minutes later, he took out of his cell phone and made a phone call. When the other end had picked up, he murmured in a low and hoarse voice, “Are you still in the hospital, Amelia?”

On the other end, Amelia noticeably froze for a while the moment she heard his unnatural voice. “What‘s wrong, Mr. Clinton?” she inquired hesitatingly.

“Come up and keep me company, Amelia” After conveying his location, Oscar hung up the phone. Meanwhile, Amelia was at a loss when she heard the disconnect tone on the other end. Nonetheless, worry dominated since she still loved him despite the


Chapter 145

conflict they had not long ago.

Beside her, Tiffany promptly demanded, “What happened?”

“Oscar sounds a bit off, so I‘m going up to look for him,” Amelia answered in concern.

However, Tiffany grasped her hand and retorted, “What problem could he have other than Cassie Yard? Your husband is all twisted up because of another woman, yet you‘re still going to offer him comfort? If that happened to me, I would already be merciful if I don‘t give them hell!”

At this, Amelia patted her hand. But in the end, she still insisted, “I really should go up and take a look. He wouldn‘t have shown me such a weak side of him unless something has happened.”

Tiffany truly couldn‘t help but raise a white flag, truly defeated by the woman in front of her

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