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Love You Enough to Leave You Chapter 146

Chapter 146

“Pabe, can you please have some self–respect. Don‘t immcoiately rush over just because of a single word from that man. You‘re a human, not a dog he rears, so you have your dignity. It is cither you grow a spine, or I‘m going to tie you up

Upon hearing this, Amelia burst out laughing, “I know you care about me. Tit. I promise you I‘ll protect myself. I love Oscar Clinton, but my sanity is still intact. Love isn‘t everything to me, so I‘ll stay sensible. Don‘t worry, okay?” she coaxed.

However, Tiffany obviously didn‘t believe her.

“Your Sensible? You‘ll only stay sensible when pigs fly!”

Amelia was torn between laughter and indignation. This is great… she‘s comparing me to a pig!

“Alright, let‘s not squabble anymore, Tiff. I‘m going up for a while, but I‘ll be back very soon.”

All at once, Tiffany shot daggers at her. She was so livid that she was on the verge of bursting a blood vessel.

“You‘re simply hopeless! I‘ve said so much, yet you‘re still adarnant to go up and look for Oscar Clinton! What if he deliberately acts all lovey–dovey with Cassie Yard in front of you? You‘re now with a child, so even the slightest emotional distress might cause a miscarriage. Are you aware of that?” Tiffany lectured her.

“He‘s not such a person,” Amelia countered as she shook her head.

At this, Tiffany swallowed her riposte. “I‘ll go with you,” she concurred.

Unexpectedly, Amelia shook her head. “I can manage it, Tiff. Just wait for me here, okay? I‘ll be back in no time,” she asserted.

“I‘ll give you half an hour. If you don‘t return within half an hour, I‘ll go and look for you upstairs.”


Then, Amelia went up by herself and found Oscar at the stairwell he mentioned.

A flash of surprise flittered across her eyes when she saw the cigarette butis scaliered

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Chapter 146

at his feet and smelled the choking stench of cigarette smoke lingering in the air.

While she had seen him smoke before, he never smoked as much as he did today, always stopping just after a few pulss.

Her heart instantly clenched, and she was gripped by the urge to weep. Oscar Clinton, is Cassic Yard really that important to you that you uncharacteristically smoked so many cigarelles in the hospital? she wondered.

Her emotions were in a chaotic mess.

My husband is in such a sorry state because of another woman. Meanwhile, I‘ve been looking forward to his love endlessly. Yet, I always remain standing on the periphery like a stranger.

When Oscar spotted her, he immediately snubbed out the cigarette in his hand. Then, he took her hand and went downstairs, away from the choking cigarette smoke.

As Amelia stood on the stairs, Oscar pulled her into his embrace without even giving her the chance to ask him what had happened.

Ratted, Amelia then struggled for a bit.

“Stay still and let me hug you for a while,” Oscar implored softly.

All at once, Amelia went still. Slowly lifting her hands that were encircled around his waist, she then patted his back lightly.

“What happened?” she asked in a whisper.

However, the only response she received was Oscar hugging her all the tighter.

As Amelia patted his back like a loving mother, she murmured, “I‘m here.”

In the next moment, Oscar buried his head into her neck, licking and biting lightly. His breathing became increasingly heavier as well. Instantly, shock swamped Amelia. She was afraid that he would truly lose control and do something indecent here.

Although we‘re in the stairwell, and people seldom use the stairs, it doesn‘t mean that nobody is around. And if someone so happened to glimpse such a passionate scene on the downstairs, it will be the end of me.

While Oscar‘s breathing grew all the heavier, Amelia still kept her wits about her.

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Chapter 146

“We‘re in the hospital here, so please restraint yourself, Mr. Clinton,” she reminded with the final shred of sanity she had left.

In the end, Oscar took a final nip of her before he finally rested his head against her shoulder and panted heavily.

Both of them were rather worked up, and Amelia could even sense moisture gathering between her thighs. In a flash, her face flushed bright red, rendering her as beautiful as a blooming flower.

As Oscar buried his head in her shoulder, he muttered in a hoarse and alluring voice, “Honey, how I wish to devour you right this instance!”

At his remark, the blush on Amelia‘s face deepened, and she appeared as beautiful as a picture.

Oscar tightened his hold and hugged her tighter.

“Honey, I love the feeling of having you in my arms,” Oscar confessed.

Nestling in his embrace, Amelia questioned softly, “What happened, Mr. Clinton? Why did you smoke so many cigarettes?”

“It‘s just some insignificant troubles. Everything will be settled soon,” Oscar deflected without answering the question.

Wriggling out of his embrace, Amelia lifted her eyes and looked at him solemnly, just like a virtuous and loving wife. “I‘m here with you. No matter what the problems are, I‘ll lend you my ears.”

Something deep within Oscar softened when he heard that. It‘s truly difficult for me to not notice her!

He lifted his hand and caressed her cheek. “Cassie was wheeled into the operating room again. The doctor said that she might not be able to get pregnant anymore,” he confessed in a low voice.

Shocked, Amelia blurted, “What happened? Didn‘t you say that she‘ll be fine as long as she has sufficient care?”

“Something happened just now, so…”

Nevertheless, Amelia didn‘t get all nosy and inquire further. Instead, she merely murmured thoughtfully, “If you‘re sad, Mr. Clinton, you can cry. It‘s not wrong for a


man to cry. Plus, I won‘t make fun of you.” While I‘ll be distressed, I can‘t bear to see you suffer:

Amused, Oscar burst into laughter.

At the sound of his chortles, Amelia looked at him strangely.

Oscar, on the other hand, responded by lifting a hand and tapping her on the nose. “Aren‘t you jealous when I‘m intimate with another woman right in front of your eyes?” he queried.

At this, a glimmer of anguish flickered in her eyes, but she quickly concealed it in the next moment.

“Mr. Clinton, I‘m not the wife you truly want, right? Thus, I don‘t have a legitimate reason to get jealous even if I want to do so,” she asserted begrudgingly.

Upon hearing her reply, Oscar‘s heart abruptly twisted in agony.


Pinching her cheek, he lamented in a gentle voice, “You always have a way of hitting me right where it hurts. So, how can I possibly bear to see you sad?”

But you‘ve always been making me sad, Amelia thought.

“Amelia, I won‘t allow anything to happen to you and the baby in your belly,” Oscar muttered, seemingly avowing it as he stroked her hair softly.

For a moment, Amelia was at a loss. She wanted to lift her head to look at him, but he pushed her head down.

“What do you mean by that, Mr. Clinton?” she questioned.

A burning fire started blazing within Oscar. I‘m willing to protect this woman with my life! Although I‘m not very certain whether we can be together forever until death do us part. But, at this very moment, I truly want to hold this woman, who‘s seemingly strong yet fragile at times in my embrace. I won‘t allow anyone to hurt her.

“I‘ll protect you, silly girl. You only need to be good,” Oscar explained.

At this, Amelia curled her lips. “I’ve always been very good, Mr. Clinton. Rather, you seem to be the one who‘s always been bad.

Oscar then chuckled lowly, and all the gloom brought about by Cassie earlier miraculously vanished in a puff of smoke.


Well, this is exactly her talent. When I‘m with her, my mood will take a turn for the better miraculously.

“Woman, you‘re getting increasingly impudent now. You even dare to counter my words?” Oscar demanded with feigned anger.

The corners of Amelia‘s lips lifted, and she whispered, “Mr. Clinton, do you like this? Or do you actually prefer a beauty who feigns aloofness?”

All at once, Oscar cracked up, his deep laughter of delight echoing in the air.

“You‘ve truly got a way with words…”

Likewise, Amelia‘s lips turned up, and her mood inexorably improved as well.


As she interacted with him peacefully, she suddenly felt that being with this man was the most calming moment in the world. It felt as though everything in the world was well,

“Are you feeling better now, Mr. Clinton?” Then, she commented smilingly, “I was shocked when I saw the cigarette butts littering the ground earlier, and I thought you wanted to burn this hospital down, Mr. Clinton! Fortunately, that wasn‘t the case.”

Oscar was totally speechless. This woman before me has poked fun of me, but strangely enough, I feel very much at ease. And this is something I‘ve never felt when I‘m with Cassie.

Stroking her soft hair, he admitted softly, “With you here, my mood has taken a turn for the better.”

At that, Amelia chuckled lowly and sassed, “I didn‘t know that I‘m a barrel of laughs.”

The two of them then joked for a while before Amelia steered the conversation back to business.

“How‘s Ms. Yard now, Mr. Clinton? I noticed that you were in a rather foul mood earlier.”

At the mention of this, the smile on Oscar‘s face faded slightly.

“Why are you so concerned about her? Aren‘t you jealous?” Oscar deliberately asked.

In turn, Amelia slapped his hand with a touch of haughtiness. “Don‘t think so highly of me, Mr. Clinton. I‘m not being concerned about her. Rather, I‘m sneaking behind enemy lines. After all, knowing one‘s enemy will help win the battle. By doing so, I


can advance gutsily and drive all enemy away even if some Ms. Lordon or Ms. Ziegler appears in the future, not to mention Ms. Yard.”

Oscar again dissolved into laughter at her words,

“You‘re very glib now,” he drawled.

“Don‘t you like this, Mr. Clinton?” Amelia questioned impishiy as she blinked her eyes.

At this time, the indulgence in Oscar‘s eyes was all visible.

He lifted a hand and tapped her on the nose. “Didn‘t you just provoke me a while ago, deliberately getting close to Carter Scott to piss me off?” he bantered

Amelia rubbed her nose before taking a step back. “Was there a need for me to get close to Carter if you hadn‘t been all lovey–dovey with your beloved?” she shot back.

In reality, Oscar wasn‘t really looking to pursue the matter. After all, I was caught red handed hugging Cassie in the elevator, so if one were to pursue the matter, the right to do so seems to belong to Amelia instead.

“Didn‘t you say you were going to Tiffany‘s house? Why did you suddenly end up being with Carter Scott instead? He has just undergone an operation, but he could already get out of bed and contact you?” he mused.

Sighing, Amelia told him all about how Carter came to look for her. Then, she lamented softly, “He passed out after we‘d returned to the hospital, and he‘s still in the operating room now. Truthfully speaking, I feel rather guilty. Because of a minor misunderstanding, I cut off all contact with him five years ago. If I hadn‘t contacted him five years later, perhaps all that wouldn‘t have happened.”

Throughout it all, Oscar‘s brows were creased, making it evident that he disliked having his woman being all concerned about another man.

“Do you still have feelings for him?” Oscar mutered in a voice tinged with jealousy.

Amused, Amelia was caught between laughter and exasperation. In a trice, the sorrow that welled within her earlier vanished into thin air,

“If I have feelings for him, I wouldn‘t have talked about my relationship with him so openly,” she stated honestly.

It‘s all because we‘re innocent that I‘m not afraid of being misunderstood.



Pulling her into his arms, Oscar admitted to his jealousy for the first time. “Honey, men are jealous creatures. I abhor seeing you being so close with him. Every time I see you with him, a stabbing pain assaults this part of me,” he confessed. As he said that, he pointed at his heart.

At this, a bolt of astonishment lanced through Amelia. This is the first time he has ever told me that he‘s jealous! Doesn‘t this prove that he actually cares about me?

A wealth of warmth suffused Amelia. Her eyes stung, and tears almost escaped them.

Thus, she dipped her head to conceal how she truly felt.

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