Love You Enough to Leave You Chapter 148

Chapter 148

“I‘ll leave it to the two of you then. I‘m old now, and I can‘t meddle in the affairs of young people anymore,” Elizabeth said, somewhat grudgingly. “Oz, if you no longer feel the same for Cassie as you did at the beginning, then you shouldn‘t have led her on. Cassie could have gone on to much better things at Erihal. Perhaps she could even have become a world–class pianist after two or three years. The Yard family doesn‘t lack money, but it‘s always good for women to have a profession of their


Oscar stared steadfastly ahead without speaking.

Elizabeth sighed.

“Oz, I‘m truthfully quite disappointed with you. I‘d always believed that you were a man of your word. However, you‘ve gone back and forth between two women, taking pleasure in both of them even as they suffer from your indecisiveness. As a woman, I despise men like you. Of course, I strongly objected to Cassie becoming a third party in your marriage. It‘s too bad that she‘s my only daughter. As much as I disapprove of her, she‘s all I have, and I‘ve got to support her. I can‘t stand by idly and let you hurt her.”

Elizabeth finished off her surprisingly moving speech by gazing up at Oscar defiantly.

Oscar looked away. After pausing for a moment, he met Elizabeth‘s eyes. “Mrs. Yard, I didn‘t think things through since the beginning, so I‘m truly sorry for that. I‘ll definitely deal with Cassie tactfully and deal with her as gently as I can. Even though we may no longer be a couple, I‘d still like to affirm that as long as she needs help, she only has to tell me. I‘ll immediately drop everything to help her to the best that I can. This is my promise to her. You can be sure that I‘ll keep my word.”

Elizabeth‘s resentment towards Oscar had greatly lessened by this point, and her face was no longer as tense as it was.

“Oz, this is the promise you have made, so you can‘t go back on your word for the rest of your life. All I have is Cassie. Even if you don‘t end up together with her, I hope that you‘ll help Cassie retain Yard Group and fend off prying hands. Cassie‘s excellent at playing the piano, but she doesn‘t have much experience in business dealings. I don‘t know if Cassie will be able to manage things,” Elizabeth replied.

Oscar nodded. “Mrs. Yard, I promise that whatever happens between us, I‘ll never let Yard Group fall into the hands of an outsider. This is my solemn promise to you. As long as Cassie asks for help, I‘ll come to her aid.”




Chapter 148

Elizabeth was pleased.

“Oz, it‘s late. Go in and sleep then,” Elizabeth said in a milder tone. “Initially, I thought you should head back, but you‘ve seen for yourself how unwilling Cassie is to let you go. She‘s still weak and prone to emotional agitation. Please take good care of her.”

Oscar hesitated, then nodded slowly.

“You head back first then, Mrs. Yard. Leave Cassie to me,” Oscar said. “Mr. Yard‘s busy with the business these days, and it‘ll be taxing on him to care for Cassie as well. Go back and assure him that I‘ll be here.”

“We‘ll have to trouble you, then. If anything happens to Cassie, be sure to call me. We could have hired a dedicated nurse for her, but she insisted on having you here. I‘m helpless in many matters regarding Cassie. Please bear with her, and I‘ll leave her to you,” Elizabeth instructed before picking up her bag and making her exit.

Oscar stood outside Cassie‘s hospital room. The entire corridor seemed deserted. That block consisted of premium wards, and the decor and facilities available were the best.

Oscar fished out his phone from his pocket and dialed Amelia. She answered almost instantly

“Have you gone home?” Oscar asked.

Amelia‘s voice over the phone was hushed. “I’m at still the hospital. Carter‘s still in the operating room. How‘s Ms. Yard?”

“She has just fallen asleep,” Carter replied.

“Are you in her room?” Amelia asked tentatively.

“No, I‘m sitting on a chair along the corridor,” Carter answered evenly.

“It‘s late. You should go back early and rest. I‘ll be heading back with Tiff in a while,” Amelia said.


Over the phone, the husband and his wife spoke tenderly. The conversation bloomed with an intimacy that had never happened before in their interactions over the years. An air of bashful romance floated over each of them. Neither Oscar nor Amelia was

Chapter 148

Tillany sighed the Iriendshapoles that This sell, al is dining deeper and deepa

She looks radiant and strong, but she‘s just uscared little girl on the inside,

“Wat do you know what you look like now. Tiffany koei, nurizing Amelia,

Amelia, however, looked at Tillany with incomprehension “What do I look likes

“You look like a line fool who‘s fallen head over heels in love, you‘ve been married to

secret, you‘re husband and wife you‘re going to have a child soon!” ‘Tiffany joked.

Amcha lowered her hands, she was still immersed in the sweet foeling after the conversation she had with o ur earlier,

“D:11, don‘t laugh at me,” Amelia said in camest,

Tillany rearranged her face to look serious. “Pabe, calm down. I don‘t want to be a wet blankes either, but I simply can‘t bear to see you get hun Unless Oscar has given you a surety of sorts, you should maintain a clear mind and forbid yourself from getting too close, and don‘t commit yourself so fully to him! If the worst happens, ar least you won‘t have such a hard time picking up the pieces”

Amelia‘s smile dimined somewhal.

12:27 G ME:

Chapter 148

At that, Tiffany felt a twinge of guilt.

“I‘m sorry, Babe. I…”

“Tiff, you‘re right,” Amelia broke in, shaking her head vigorously. “If you hadn‘t reminded me, I‘d still be naively smitten, and leap into his arms without thinking of the possible consequences. I‘m very grateful to you for your reminder.”

Tiffany grew uneasy.

“Babe, are you OK?” she asked nervously.

Amelia shook her head again. “Why wouldn‘t I be OK? Everyone can tell that Oscar and I are merely actors that got overly immersed in playing our roles. Perhaps I got a little too greedy along the way and started wanting more than I should have expected. But what isn‘t destined to be mine will be taken away from me eventually. I‘ll just go with the flow. What‘s mine will be mine, and I‘ll let go if it isn‘t meant to be. There‘s no point in forcing things.”

Tiffany began to panic.

“Babe, are you really OK?”

Amelia looked sober. “Tiff, I‘m not that fragile. I‘ve always understood the nature of our relationship and my place in Oscar‘s heart. I won‘t force things to go my way or expect them to. Let‘s go, or the Scotts may be worried.”

Tiffany pursed her lips and replied, “What could they possibly be worried about? I don‘t think they even want to see us. If it wasn‘t for Carter, they‘d probably have gotten rid of us by now.”

Gravely, Amelia remarked, “Don‘t think too badly of the Scotts. Their attitude has improved considerably over these four or five years. Besides, I‘m not asking for much. All I want is the safe delivery of my baby and an uneventful marriage with Oscar. I haven‘t been too concerned about what others may think of me.”

Tiffany raised her eyebrows. “Babe, you‘re pretty generous. I wouldn‘t be able to think of them so kindly if I were in your position.”

“Is that considered kindness? I just don‘t really want to be hurt by people I have no attachment to. If I started to care about them, I‘d surely be on the losing end,” Amelia said with an air of enlightenment.

Tiffany surrendered. “Fine, Babe. I respect your decision. If you have chosen not to

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Chapter 148

get involved, then I shan‘t either. Don‘t expect me to be polite to the Scotts, though. That‘s the best I can do to keep myself from rushing over and beating them up. I get all fired up whenever I think about how they humiliated us in the past.”

“They‘re nothing to us now,” Amelia soothed. “All right. Calm down. Don‘t be angry. You‘re going to get wrinkles soon from all that frowning.”

Tiffany couldn’t help but break into a smile.

Finally, Amelia felt her tensed muscles relax.

Carter‘s operation lasted until 1 a.m. in the morning. At last, the light over the door of the operating room shut off and doctors streamed out, their faces etched with fatigue.

Faye darted forward and clung onto one of the doctor‘s arms. “Dr. Freeman, how‘s my son?”

Dr. Freeman glanced at her, then replied curtly, “The patient is currently out of danger. But as his family members, do monitor his situation and keep an eye on him. If he isn‘t careful, even our best surgical skills won‘t be able to save him.”

Tearfully, Faye exclaimed, “We can‘t thank you enough, doctor. When Carter recovers, I‘ll surely prepare a good present for all of you to express my gratitude for saving my son‘s life!”

Dr. Freeman‘s expression softened upon hearing that. “Mrs. Scott, you‘re too kind. We only performed our professional duty, so please don‘t feel obligated to repay us.”

“I must do that! You saved Carter,” Faye insisted.

After exchanging a few more pleasantries, Dr. Freeman finally excused himself and left with the other doctors in tow.

When Carter was brought back to the room by a few nurses, Faye turned to Amelia. “Amelia, we‘ve really troubled you today. It‘s really late. why don‘t you head home first to rest? You must be mindful of the baby in your belly. Don‘t stay up too late.”

Upon hearing this, Tiffany sulked. She was evidently displeased.

What was the point of saying all this now when all things had already been done? Tiffany fumed. Her words simply reeked of hypocrisy to her.

However, Tiffany‘s original loathing for the Scotts might also have played a part in


12:28 G L

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Chapter 148

tainting anything that Faye said or did.

Amelia remained gracious. “All right, I‘ll be off with Tist first, then. Can I trouble you to give me a call when Carter wakes up? Tiff and I will come over to visit him whenever we‘re free.”

Faye nodded. “It‘s so sweet of you to care for him. I‘ll definitely call you the moment Carter wakes up.”

Without waiting for Amelia to respond, Tiffany hauled her away.

After they left, Jennifer approached Faye, asking, “Mrs. Scott, did you agree to Carter and Amelia‘s relationship?”

Faye clutched Jennifer‘s hand. “Jennifer, don‘t misunderstand. Carter‘s very obstinate. Since he‘s set his heart on Amelia, any objection from me may send him spiraling. Let‘s see how things take their course. Based on what I‘ve been observing, I don‘t think things will work out between Carter and Amelia. You‘re the wife I want for my son, Jennifer.”

The look in Jennifer‘s eyes was unfathomable. She‘d waited on Carter with the utmost patience and perseverance. Amelia‘s insincere concern was nothing compared to what Jennifer had sacrificed. However, even Faye was now clearly on Amelia‘s side.

Who do they take me for? I‘m just a fool doing all this for nothing! Jennifer seethed.

Jennifer hailed from a wealthy, distinguished family. Pampered since young, she received only the best and was treated as such. No one had ever humiliated her in this way before.

“Mrs. Scoll, are you planning to treat me as a spare tyre?” Jennifer asked candidly.

Faye was indignant. “Jennifer, I know that you‘ve suffered all this while. But you‘ve witnessed Carter‘s situation yourself. I have no choice but to treat Amelia well, or Carter will use his illness to kick up a fuss. I can‘t let his condition deteriorate. He‘s all I have. I can‘t afford to let anything happen to him.”

Jennifer‘s expression

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