Love You Enough to Leave You Chapter 150

Chapter 150

Amelia gave Tiffany a nudge, signaling her to stop talking nonsense.

Gary noticed her subtle act. “Is it okay if I call you by Amelia?” he asked smilingly.

Out of courtesy, Amelia nodded in agreement.

Having noticed Gary‘s change of attitude, Tiffany grew wary of him. She pretended to ask casually, “Gary, it seems like you‘re interested in Amelia?”

To her surprise, Gary openly admitted it. “Well, Amelia is my type. Her beauty and near–perfect figure can drive any man crazy. Too bad she already has a boyfriend, or I would definitely chase her. Oh, poor me! I‘m left with a broken heart before I even get a taste of love!”

The way he spoke with disarming frankness made both Tiffany and Amelia let their guard down.

Amelia handed Gary a glass of water as a gesture of goodwill. She then apologized, “Gary, I‘m sorry for being harsh just now. Here, have some water.”

Exaggeratedly, Gary exclaimed, “What an honor to have a beautiful lady pouring me a glass of water! I will drink it without any hesitation, even if it’s poison.”

The man‘s exaggeration made both the ladies titter.

Tiffany pretended to be mad while she said, “Gary, you‘re unfair! I was the one who livened up the atmosphere with you, but you never took your eyes off Amelia all the while. Am I not beautiful?”

Hearing that, Gary quickly explained, “You‘re beautiful as well, but the two of you are different. You‘re the girl–next–door type, while Amelia is like the popular girl in school. She‘s like an opium poppy–attractive and deadly. She might not have the most beautiful facial features, but every man is naturally attracted to her. That‘s why she can put all women standing next to her in the shade.”

At that point, with a sheepish smile, Gary rubbed the back of his head. “I‘m a crude man, and I‘m not good at giving flowery and fancy compliments, but you get what I mean.”

Tiffany took a bite of her pasta. As if enlightened by Gary‘s words, she said cheekily, “Ah, no wonder! So, Amelia is the reason a beautiful lady like me can‘t find a husband.

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Chapter 150

However, she‘s the best friend ever. I‘ve no choice but to live without a husband then. Oh, Amelia, I‘ve sacrificed so much for you!”

Amelia glanced at Tiffany while shaking her head in amusement. “Tiff.”

The latter gave a shrug of her shoulder and said smilingly, “I‘m just joking. But I mean it when I say you‘re the best friend ever.”

Gary could tell that the two were as thick as thieves. With a smile, he commented, “The two of you are really close together, unlike those women I‘ve met before. On the surface, they seem to be close to each other. Yet, a little misunderstanding could turn them into enemies.”

Hearing that, Tiffany held her head high in pride. “Well, Amelia and I are more than friends! We are more like a family, or rather, closer than a family. Back then, we could only count on ourselves, building our careers from scratch. We‘ve been through a lot together, and we won‘t let anything come between us. I suppose those women you mentioned earlier never truly regarded each other as friends, which explains why their friendship would turn sour over a little misunderstanding.”


Gary couldn‘t agree more. “I suppose you‘re right. I‘ve indeed learned something from you today.”

Almost an hour had passed when they finished their supper. Within that one hour, the three had become good friends. They had had a wonderful time since all of them were outgoing and talkative. When they bade each other goodbye, Tiffany suggested, “Gary, why don‘t I introduce you to a friend of mine? She‘s a beautiful lady though not as preity and sexy as Amelia. I can arrange a blind date for you. What do you think?”

Gary agreed enthusiastically. “Sure, let‘s arrange a day when my schedule is less hectic Well. I‘m rather careless and insensitive. Sometimes, I might not have realized it if I accidentally oflend a lady or if she‘s mad at me. You‘d better tell your friend about this when you introduce me to her.”

Playfully, Tiffany retorted, “Gary, don‘t you beliule yourself! You‘re a sincere and straightforward man, and you have a considerate side. Not only are you good looking, rather, you also own properties and cars. It‘s normal for my friend to have her eyes on a man like you. I‘m just afraid you will not be interested in her.”

“You‘re flattering me! Normally, beautiful ladies like you guys won‘t be interested in a crude man like me.”

“Oh, Gary, stop being humble! I hope you won‘t make excuses and chicken out after I

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Chapter 150

have the blind date arranged for you,” Tiffany teased.

Amused, Gary gave a hearty smile. He then took a glance at his watch and realized it was already two in the morning.

“Ladies, it‘s getting late now. Let me drive you guys home,” he offered.

Tiffany rejected his offer politely. “That‘s very kind of you, but we drove here. We can go home on our own.”

“Well then. Drive safe! Call me if there‘s anything; I‘ll be at your beck and call,” said Gary with almost overwhelming friendliness.

Both Tiffany and Amelia got into their car after they parted with Gary. The latter reclined in the passenger seat as soon as she fastened her seatbelt.

Seeing that, Tiffany asked worriedly, “Babe, you‘re tired?”

Amelia nodded. “A little.” It had been a long and awful day, for she needed to deal with the misunderstanding with Oscar. After all the emotional rollercoaster, it was impressive how she could stay up until now.

Tiffany said softly, “Get some rest. We‘ll arrive home in about half an hour.”

Amelia shook her head. “It‘s already past the usual time when I go to bed. I can‘t really sleep right now.”

After a short pause, she asked, “Tiff, why are we suddenly making friends with Gary?”

“You‘re seven months pregnant now, and your due date is approaching. We should take precautions against any accident. Hence, I was thinking of hiring two bodyguards from his security service firm to protect you.”

Hearing that, Amelia let out a chuckle. “Apart from taking a walk outside, I spend most of my time at home. Is there a need to hire bodyguards?”

“Well, there is no harm in taking precaution. You are married into the Clinton family, and you‘re pregnant with Oscar‘s baby. I‘m sure many of them from the Clinton family wouldn‘t hope to see the safe delivery of the baby. So, it‘s better to be careful.”

Her words warmed Amelia‘s heart. At the same time, Amelia was amused by Tiffany‘s suspicious mind.

She spoke up, “Tiff, I suppose you‘ve read too many drama novels that you‘re

Chapter 150

overthinking. Not every prominent lamily is full of conspiracy as in the novels. Even if they don‘t wisti for me to give birth to Owen‘s first grandchild, they can‘t possibly dirty their hands and make me lose my baby, cam they?“.

Tillany pursed her lips. “I can‘t tell for the others, but it won‘t surprise me il Cassie and her mother are planning to cause you to suuller a miscarriage. You know, these TWO women are crazy.”

One must admit that Tillany, a best selling author‘, was shrewd. In fact, her bold guess was close to the truth

Amelia fell into silence at her words,

Tillany continued to persuade her, “Babe, Irust me. Although Mrs. Yard looks graceful, that woman will lose her mind when anything happens to her daughter, not to mention that Cassie now sullered a miscarriage. Knowing her daughter‘s possessiveness for Oscar, she will probably largel your baby. Ilence, it‘s better we take precautions. Actually, I have long been thinking of hiring bodyguards for you. After meeting Cary today, I think we might as well visit his security firm. If it‘s reliable, we

can hire two bodyguards to protect you until your delivery.”

Amelia seemed to be deep in thought

Five minutes later, she nodded her agreement.

With a smug smile, Tillany said, “Babe, I knew you would agree!”

Their car pulled up at the neighborhood half an hour later. Tillany threw herselt onto the sofa as soon as they entered the house,

Just then, her editor called. Having no choice, she let out a grumble and answered the call. “Oh, my dear Shannon, it‘s almost three in the morning now. Don‘t you need to sleep?”

Shannon asked over the phone, “Are you done with your script? I‘ve been waiting for the past few days. Do you want me to go to your house and watch you write your SCRIP?” There was a threatening undertone in her voice.

Instantly, Tiffany begged for mercy, “Oh, Shannon, our beautiful editor, I would really appreciate it if you can give me some time. Ii‘s not even long after I gave you the complete manuscript for the new book. One day, I will probably strangle myself if you keep pressing me like this.”

Growing agitated, Shannon bellowed, “You know your new book is going to be

Chapter 150

published soon, huh? But you dare give me an ambiguous ending for your story? That‘s the worst ending ever! Many of your previous books ended with a bad ending. The office has received tons of calls from your readers who were unhappy about it. They demand a happy ending this time. But look what you wrote! In the end, both the main characters‘ whereabouts are unknown? Are you kidding me? I can already tell the readers‘ reaction when they read the ending. I don‘t want my office to be bombarded by the readers‘ complaints and criticisms this time. If this happens again,

I will make public your number and let you deal with them.”

Tiffany cheekily explained, “Shannon, isn‘t it nice to have an ambiguous ending? It will leave the readers some room for their imaginations. Besides, with an ambiguous ending, only can I better explain the main characters‘ whereabouts and their endings in my next novel.”

Shannon immediately grasped the point. “You mean you‘re going to write a sequel?”

Tiffany answered, “Yes, I plan to do so. The male protagonist and female protagonist separated because of a misunderstanding. One of them left for Anglandur while the other went to live in a small village in Chanaea. Don‘t you worry, Shannon. As the author, I will give them a happy ending.”

“You‘re playing with fire. Your readers will definitely give you an earful when they read the ending”

“Well, the intensity of their anger will materialize into their anticipation for the sequel.”

In the end, Shannon‘s attitude softened. “I‘m afraid they will hunt you down before the sequel even gets published.”

With a cheeky grin, Tiffany said, “They won‘t. I have confidence in my readers.”

“As long as you know what you‘re doing. I‘m hanging up now.”

“Wait!” Tiffany halted her. “Why are you still up in the middle of the night?” she asked.

“I‘m going through the scripts, and I didn‘t realize it‘s that late already.”

“Why are you even working so hard? Your boss won‘t increase your salary anyway. You will age faster if you stay up late, especially for women after twenty–five.”

“Don‘t curse me! Ugh… It‘s all your fault! Your story is too intriguing, and that‘s why I stay up reading it until now. Fortunately, I don‘t need to work tomorrow, or I would

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