Love You Enough to Leave You Chapter 151

Chapter 151,Love You Enough to Leave You

After Tiffany ended the call, Amelia asked, “Was that Shannon?” Tiffany nodded. Then, Amelia remarked, “It seems like those working as an editor are all but night owls. They work tirelessly just to get a book published.” Tiffany stood up and stretched lazily. “Editor is a high-risk profession. They are at a higher risk of sudden cardiac death as they always need to work off-the-clock.” Amelia shook her head in disagreement. She thought Tiffany was exaggerating it. “Babe, go take your shower and then go to bed. It’s late now, and the baby needs some rest.”

Amelia complied as she entered Tiffany’s bedroom and took a new set of pajamas. Then, she took a warm shower in the washroom. It was already half-past-three in the morning after their shower. As it was past their usual bedtime, they found it difficult to fall asleep. Lying on the bed, Tiffany asked, “Babe, I’m not sleepy at all. What now?” Amelia said, “I’m not sleepy as well.” Tiffany turned to face Amelia. “Why don’t we have a chat?” “About what?” “Well, tell me what you think about Oscar. How do you feel about him?” Amelia blinked her eyes, feeling confused. “What do I think about him?”

Tiffany asked cautiously, “Babe, I don’t mean to pry into your personal affairs nor was it my intention to rain on your parade. It’s just that Oscar is indecisive between you and Cassie. If—only if—he chooses Cassie in the end, what are you going to do?” The smile on Amelia’s face gradually faded while her face grew serious as she mulled over Tiffany’s words. Tiffany felt bad bringing up such a heavy topic in the middle of the night. Without waiting for Amelia’s response, she shrugged her shoulders and decided to end the topic. “Babe, I’m feeling tired. Let’s sleep now.”

Amelia flashed her a relieved smile. “Tiff, I’m okay. We can talk about it. Well, I’ve actually thought of the worst that can happen between Oscar and me. Yet, I don’t want to be so pessimistic about our relationship because the future is full of uncertainty. After all, he has indirectly promised me that he will genuinely treat me as his wife.” Tiffany couldn’t help feeling guilty for spoiling the mood. “Babe, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to dishearten you. I hope more than anyone else that you and Oscar can have a happy ending. Trust me! I really wish you, Oscar, and the baby can live happily together.” Amelia found her reaction amusing. “Tiff, I know you’re just concerned about me. We are besties, after all.

How can I not know what’s on your mind?” She paused for a while before she continued, “Tiff, to be honest, I need to thank you for waking me up when I almost lost myself in his sweet words and small favors.” Tiffany hugged her friend while she spoke under her breath, “Babe, I’m sorry. I know you’ve been through a rough time over the years. Actually, I feel complicated seeing you morphed into a stunner, from a carefree little girl. It’s like witnessing an innocent little girl being forced to grow into an adult who has a lot to worry about in life.” Amelia sat up. She called out to stop Tiffany from being sentimental, “Stop! Tiff, you’re treating me like one of your female protagonists. I’ll just let nature take its course.

It’s best if Oscar and I can end up being together. If our relationship breaks up, I still have Sweetheart with me. I suffer no loss at all in sacrificing five years in exchange for my precious baby. If we end up divorcing each other, that means we are not fated to be together.” Tiffany scrutinized Amelia’s expression. “Babe, is that your genuine thought?” Amelia lay down beside Tiffany. Then, she replied, “Of course, that’s my genuine thought. For me, it’s too much to ask for love. As you know, the marriage between Oscar and I is a contract marriage. The two of us come from two totally different worlds; our families have a huge social gap. Hence, our marriage is not going to be easy.

Initially, I thought our marriage would only last for a year. I never thought we would still be together after five years, and we will even be expecting a baby soon. I think it’s already a bonus for me.” Her words made Tiffany’s heart ached. The next moment, she heard Amelia’s low voice, saying, “It’s late now. Let’s sleep.” She nodded and turned off the bedside lamp. As for Amelia, she kept her eyes open, staring into the darkness. After a while, she suddenly let out a sigh. “Babe, are you not asleep yet?” Tiffany asked softly. Amelia murmured, “Almost.” Tiffany sighed after Amelia. Once again, she apologized, “Babe, I’m really sorry. I should’ve thought twice before I ask something.

Don’t take it to heart. You know I didn’t mean to upset you.” Amelia chuckled. “Don’t be silly! We’ve known each other for so many years; no one knows you better than I do. I will really be mad if you keep apologizing.” Feeling relieved, Tiffany broke into a smile. Within five minutes, the two ladies were sound asleep. At ten in the morning, the two of them were awakened by the ringing phone. With her eyes half-open, Tiffany groped for the phone and answered it. An unfamiliar voice of a man was heard over the phone, “Are you still sleeping?” Since the voice didn’t ring a bell with her, Tiffany said harshly, “Mr. whoever-it-is, you’ve got the wrong number.

Just so you know, it’s an offense to disturb a woman trying to get her beauty sleep. That’s it. Goodbye!” With that, she hung up. It was not even a minute after she lay down on the bed when the phone rang again. This time, it was Amelia’s phone that was ringing. Amelia nudged Tiffany and muttered, “Tiff, help me answer the phone. I’m too tired.” Tiffany had always been the grumpy type in the morning. One could imagine how terrible her mood was when her sleep was disturbed twice. She picked up the phone and then gave the person on the line a roasting. “I don’t care whoever you are, but you’d better be calling because you have an emergency. Or else, I will chop you into pieces.

I’ll let you know what a terrible mistake you’ve made in disturbing my sleep. Now shoot!” For a long time, she received no response as if the person on the line was frightened. Tiffany then took a look at the screen. The number seemed familiar, yet she didn’t think too much since it was an anonymous caller. Growing impatient, she raised her voice as she asked, “Who the hell are you? I only slept at three in the morning, and I’m tired. If you got the wrong number, end the call, will you?” Gary hesitated for a second before he spoke, “Tiffany, I’m Gary, Gary Laird. We met yesterday. Do you still remember?” Instantly, Tiffany was wide awake. She said with a hint of uncertainty, “Gary?” “Yes, it’s me.

Do you recognize me?” Tiffany hopped out of bed and found Gary’s name card from her purse. It turned out that the number of the caller matched with the ones on the name card. At that instant, she couldn’t help feeling sorry for her harsh attitude. “Oh, Gary, I’m really sorry. It was late when we got home yesterday, and we didn’t get to save your number. Amelia is still sleeping, so I answered her phone for her. I’m sorry, I’m usually a little grumpy in the morning. I hope I didn’t scare you or did I?” “No. Well, your morning grumpiness is indeed one of a kind.” Tiffany could feel her cheeks burning. “I’m sorry about that.” She quickly switched the topic. “So, why are you calling early in the morning?”

“Didn’t you say yesterday that you wanted to visit my security firm to choose your own bodyguards? I’m free today, and I can introduce them to you.” “Gary, you’re sure a man of action! I’ll go wake Amelia up now. See you in two hours!” “You guys can take your time and have breakfast before you come. I’ll be at the firm for the day. You can come wherever you want.” After a short pause, he added, “Let Amelia sleep if she’s tired. There’s no rush.” To some extent, Gary was a rather insensitive person. He was not even curious about the pregnant Amelia living with her bestie instead of her husband.

Meanwhile, Tiffany was slightly bewildered. She felt that Gary’s concern for Amelia had exceeded the norm. Not to mention, they had only met once. She started to worry if Gary had fallen in love with Amelia at first sight. Like what Gary said yesterday, Amelia was indeed a woman full of tremendous charisma. Most women would stay away from her because of jealousy. In contrast, men would easily be attracted by her charisma and soon fall for her. Tiffany shook her head to get rid of the undesirable thoughts. Then, she made her way to the bed and gently pushed Amelia to wake her up.

“Babe, it’s time to wake up now,” she said softly. Amelia stirred and slowly opened her eyes. She looked alluring in her half-asleep state while lazily stretching like a cute kitten. Tiffany felt her heart flutter. “Wake up now! Oh, Amelia, you have no idea how sexy you look right now. If there was a man in the room, he would’ve lost control of himself.” Amelia glanced sideways at her and asked, “What’s the time now?” Tiffany answered, “It’s almost ten. Gary called just now. He asked us to go to his security firm to choose your bodyguards. We’ll go in the afternoon if you’re free because I need to work on my script tonight when we come back.”

Amelia nodded in response. The two of them then washed up and prepared themselves. Tiffany grabbed two dresses from her wardrobe and handed the pale yellow one to Amelia. “Babe, I bought this for you a couple of days ago. Try it on.” Amelia held the dress in front of her body and then went to get changed. Tiffany looked at her from head to toe when she came out of the fitting room in the dress. Finally, with a snap of her fingers, she commented, “Wow! Babe, no wonder a man would say you’re addictive and deadly like an opium poppy. That’s the highest form of flattery! Your charisma can easily drive a man crazy. If I were a man, I would definitely fall head over heels in love with you.”

Amelia was amused at her exaggerating manner. “You’re talking nonsense again.” Then, she urged, “Now hurry and go get changed. We’ll grab something on our way there.” “There’s no hurry. Gary’s security firm will be open the whole day. We can go there a bit later.” “Oh, Tiff, he has called us personally. It’s impolite to keep him waiting. Go get changed now.” Tiffany pouted, yet she complied eventually. Soon, the two drove to a restaurant nearby and had their breakfast there. After that, they headed straight to Gary’s security firm. The name of Gary’s security firm—Gary’s Security Firm was clear-cut, which suited perfectly with the style of its owner. It was located on the eighty-ninth floor of a building in the city center.

Being a medium-sized company with more than two hundred employees, it was considered one of the largest security firms in the city. Both Amelia and Tiffany never thought the hardy and rugged-looking Gary would own such a large company. It really resonated with the saying that one should never judge a book by its cover! Tiffany uttered, “Gary already owns such a huge company at the age of thirty-one. Yet he doesn’t even look or dress like an elite.” Amelia nodded in agreement. “Tiff, we should give him a call and tell him we have arrived.”

The call got through in no time, and Gary’s voice was heard, “Hello.” “Gary, are you at the office now? Amelia and I have arrived.” “Where are you? I’ll go down and pick you up.” “We’re in front of your office. You can come out and meet us.” “Alright. I’ll be there in a moment.” Amelia and Tiffany’s arrival had caught all the male employees’ attention. Initially, they intended to act undemonstrative and reserved in front of the ladies. Yet, it was not long before they showed their true colors, rushing up to the ladies. A tall and young-looking man beat the others to it as he asked, “Ladies, are you looking for someone?” Tiffany looked up at him and said, “We’re looking for your boss.”

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