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Love You Enough to Leave You Chapter 153

Chapter 153 Choosing Bodyguards 3
“It’s me. Hiring a bodyguard is also a last-minute plan,” Amelia said, her tone slightly distant and perfunctory. She was naturally guarded against strangers and tended to give off an aloof vibe. Only after truly getting to know her would they find out her real personality was actually rather adorable. Gary Laird was in the business of security services. Though he looked intimidating on the outside, he had a keen eye for details. It was pretty apparent to him that Amelia was deliberately distancing herself from him. “I’m guessing your husband’s family should be quite well-off?” Gary held back on his admiration of him.

He and Amelia weren’t close enough yet. Besides, she was also a married woman. If he were to express his true feelings from her for her, he was afraid they would n’t even be able to be friends then. Amelia smiled faintly. “I suppose it’s not bad. At the very least, there’s no need to worry about my next meal.” Tiffany chimed in, “Gary, is it necessary to check on our backgrounds when choosing a bodyguard?” Gary chuckled. “Please don’t misunderstand. I wasn’t checking on your backgrounds per se. It’s just that ordinary families wouldn’t usually hire a bodyguard nor have the means to do so. Since you’re looking to hire one, I assumed your family must be rather well-off. Amelia’s husband is likely either a businessman or a government official. Only people with power would deem this amount of money insignificant. To ordinary families, it is almost equivalent to daylight robbery.”

Tiffany made a thumbs-up gesture and praised, “You’re indeed an accomplished businessman. Your insight is superb.” “This is merely a basic evaluation. Moreover, your dressing style alone says a lot about you. You exude an aura that ordinary people don’t usually have. It only takes one glance to tell the difference,” I explained. A flash of admiration flickered in Tiffany’s gaze. She could sense that the man before her wasn’t as intimidating as he seemed. Perhaps in certain aspects of life, he could be aggressive. But when it came to working, he was very detailed and prudent. It was no wonder his security firm was renowned. It wouldn’t have been possible without an equally capable owner. As the famous quote went—Do not judge a book by its cover. Gary continued, “Are you encountering any difficulties, Amelia? Although we’ve only met twice and are merely acquaintances, I’m a man who values ​​friendship. As long as I’ve acknowledged someone, I’ d give my all to that person should they require my help.”

“It isn’t that serious. My husband’s side of the family is prominent in the business industry. Tiff was just concerned that there would be people who’d be blinded by greed. That’s why we thought of hiring a couple of bodyguards as a safety measure. After all, I’m heavily pregnant. I can’t afford to get into any accidents.” Gary nodded. “I will pick three suitable candidates based on your criteria. If you’re satisfied with them, then we can sign the contract.” Tiffany’s fingers of hers were tapping a rhythm on the table. “Gary, you said not to talk about payment, but we’re not freeloaders either. What is the market rate for bodyguards? We’ll pay the same price as what every other customer does. We may be easy-going folks, but if you’re insincere, then we can forget about this cooperation.” “Tiffany, I must say, I’ve never met a woman like you. People who try to get close to me are more or less hoping to gain some advantage for themselves. You, on the other hand, are so insistent for me not to offer you a discount.” I have laughed. “It seems I made a good judgment in friends indeed. Rest assured. The price will be reasonable.”

Lifting her glass in the air, Tiffany said, “Then I’ll thank you on behalf of Amelia.” Gary took a glimpse of Amelia. The latter raised her glass from her as well and said, “Here’s to you, Gary.” The trio clinked their glasses against one another, toasting with water instead of alcohol. Soon after, their food arrived. There were a total of seven dishes, a soup, and a specially brewed broth for pregnancy. The sheer amount of food laid out on the table resembled a delicious buffet spread. Gary pointed at the broth he specifically requested the chef to make and said, “Amelia, I told the chef to prepare this. It’s very beneficial for the baby. You have to drink more of it. Your arms and legs are way too thin. If it weren’t for your bulging belly, nobody would believe you’re carrying a baby.” Gary’s earnest tone sounded more like a loving husband. The women found it odd. Tiffany hastily interrupted,

“You’re such a considerate man, Gary. It’s a total contrast from your appearance. Whoever gets to be your wife will be living in bliss. Amelia, drink more of the broth. Gary’s so kind to you. You mustn’t let him down.” Amelia merely resigned, maintaining her neutral stance. With Tiffany leading most of the chats during the meal, Gary’s chatters gradually lessened. When they left the restaurant and got in the car, Gary asked, “Amelia, Tiffany, how was the meal?” Amelia smiled and smiled. “It was delectable. It wasn’t too greasy and was suitable for my palate. The soup was thick and creamy. I’ve lived here for so many years and have never discovered this hidden treasure.” Tiffany couldn’t help but compliment, “The food was indeed out-of-this-world. We just had breakfast at half-past ten and weren’t hungry at first. However, the food in the restaurant was simply too mouth-watering.

One bite and you’ll be addicted to it. I’m now so bloated from it.” Gary chuckled. “I’m glad to hear that. If you guys would like to dine there in the future, simply mention my name and you’ ll be able to dine free of charge.” “You’re a generous man, but as I said earlier, we’re not freeloaders,” Tiffany said. Gary merely smiled in response. When they returned to the company, Gary led Amelia and Tiffany to his office. He picked up the telephone and dialed a number. “Queenie, tell Howard, Riley, and Xander to come in.” Without waiting for a reply, he put down the receiver. There was a knocking on the door in less than a minute. “Come in,” Gary called out. When the door pushed open, two men and a woman entered the room. Both men were tall and lean with relatively good looks, wearing short-sleeved T-shirts. Although they looked thin, their arms were rather muscular.

As for the woman, she stood at approximately 168cm. Her features were delicate and pretty—her dimples especially eye-catching whenever she smiled. It made her feel approachable. “Gary,” all three of them greeted respectfully. Gary winced slightly. He pointed at Amelia and Tiffany and said, “They are the clients—both with the last name Winters. If they’re satisfied with the three of you, you’ll work under them from today onward. You are all here to get to know one another.” They were surprised because Gary hardly attended clients personally. That was the job of the company’s manager. After all, the security firm was merely one of Gary’s many businesses of his. He wouldn’t have turned up unless the employer was of VIP status. Ignoring the bewildered expressions on the trio, Gary continued, “Amelia, Tiffany, let me introduce you.

They are Howard Powell, Riley Hope, and Xander Erikson.” Amelia stretched out a hand and said, “My name is Amelia Winters. Item’ It’s nice to meet all of you.” Howard and Xander both stretched out their hands at the same time. They felt rather flattered as she was a beautiful woman. “Ms. Winters, nice to meet you.” On the other side, the woman named Riley Hope was seemingly sizing up Amelia with a guarded look in her gaze. She questioned, “Ms. Winters, don’t mind asking me, what’s your relationship with Gary? He typically never personally receives a client, unless they are his close friends of him or of VIP status. ” Amelia could clearly sense the blatant hostility from the young lady. She could more or less guess why that was so. “I’m married. Your boss and I are ordinary friends,” she clarified. It was then that Riley noticed Amelia’s bulging stomach of hers. Her face flushed in shame. She had only been focused on Amelia’s face earlier. As she had worked with Gary for several years, she knew what sort of woman he was naturally attracted to—a pretty face, voluptuous body but never skimpily dressed—all of which fitted Amelia.

That was why she behaved rather defensively. But when she realized Amelia was pregnant, she gradually let her down her walls. Riley clutched onto Amelia’s hand enthusiastically and said, “So, you’re Gary’s friend. I rarely see him bring a female friend to the company. You must be a very important friend to him.” Amelia shook her head on the inside. s hand enthusiastically and said, “So, you’re Gary’s friend. I rarely see him bring a female friend to the company. You must be a very important friend to him.” Amelia shook her head on the inside. s hand enthusiastically and said, “So, you’re Gary’s friend. I rarely see him bring a female friend to the company. You must be a very important friend to him.” Amelia shook her head on the inside. She’s indeed a young lady who wears her emotions on her face. With her delicate looks of her, who will believe she’s a bodyguard? Gary coughed twice to interrupt. “Riley, don’t be cheeky. When you’re at the company, you ought to behave austerely.

Otherwise, who will want to employ you?” Riley stuck out her tongue childishly. The next second, her face de ella changed as if she could perform magic and turned stern. She said in a serious tone, “I’m sorry. I forgot my manners earlier.” Gary waved a hand at her. “You won’t be excused the next time. You’re one of the company’s employees. Every action of yours reflects our professionalism. Should you behave inappropriately and leave a bad impression on the client, then our company might as well shut down our business.” With her gaze unchanging, Riley replied seriously,

“I’m sorry, Gary. There won’t be a next time.” Tiffany could no longer stand to watch. “Gary, we’re not outsiders. There’ s no need for you to be this strict with the young lady,” she interrupted. “Aren’t you afraid she’ll cry if you read her this way?” “Young? She’s already twenty-five, ”Gary said, shaking his head. Tiffany chuckled. “I knew it! She she’s a millennial. You could tell she’s a girl in her youth based on her appearance of her alone. I can’t help but feel old.” Looking at Tiffany, Riley felt saved once again. After all, Tiffany was another attractive woman. Although she did n’t give off the alluring vibe, her shapely figure and good looks of her were relatively close to Gary’s taste of her. “Gary, may I know which one is the client?” Riley asked. “Or are the both of them hiring?” “Amelia is your employer. That is if she’s satisfied with the three of you.

We may sign the contract on the spot,” Gary said. After hesitating a little, he turned to Amelia and said, “Amelia, even though they look like pretty faces and aren’t sculpted like bodybuilders, they are skilled in martial arts. Riley is proficient in kickboxing, close combat, and shooting. Howard is proficient in reconnaissance, shooting, and mixed martial arts. As for Xander, he’s proficient in his protection skills, shooting, and close combat. They’ve learned almost every type of martial art in the world. These three are the ones I’m most proud of. They have all undergone professional training and will certainly make good bodyguards for you.” Amelia and Tiffany exchanged glances for a while, their gazes filled with doubt.

“If they’re that extraordinary, isn’t it a pity for them to be my bodyguards?” Amelia asked. “Even if I don’t assign them to you, they’ ll have to go on other missions regardless. But since they’re so outstanding, their prices are slightly higher on the chart too. Of course, I trust that you’ll be able to afford them. I know it’s hard to believe me without proof. How about witnessing it for yourself? Gary suggested. Amelia was feeling eager. After all, it was her first time witnessing someone fire a gun. Even though she was a woman, shooting was one of her interests.

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