Love You Enough to Leave You Chapter 154

“Sure,” Amelia and Tiffany said in unison. The six of them moved to another venue. Riley, Howard, and Xander had also changed into their training uniform. “Riley and Howard, shoot,” Gary commanded. “Roger.” Standing on two sides with a gun in their hand, Riley and Howard read themselves. Within ten seconds, the loud bang of a gun being fired sounded. Riley and Howard had both shot bullseye on their target. Amelia and Tiffany clapped and cheered enthusiastically on the side. As they were shooting indoors, they had a lot less space to perform. “

Howard, Xander. MMA sparring. Keep in mind—you must display everything you know. I’m asking for the best of your abilities,” Gary urged. Howard and Xander nodded and answered sternly, “Gary, rest assured. There isn’t a single mission that we didn’t give our best for. Besides, Ms. Winters is an important friend of yours. We’ll risk our lives from her to protect her. Gary nodded. “Good that you’re both aware.” He turned to Amelia and said, “Amelia, what do you think of the three of them?”

“They’re impressive,” Amelia replied. “Their skills are remarkable. However, I’m normally a homebody. Hiring a bodyguard is only a preventative measure. To hire three at eleven seems like a waste of talent for them. Why don’t I pick just one?” Gary thought about it and agreed. “Of course. It’s your decision.” Amelia smiled. “I’m a woman. Having a man follow me around is a little inconvenient. Besides, my husband would be suspicious as well. Therefore, I’ll pick Riley. Howard and Xander are talents. They should be where they are most needed. For three of them to protect me alone sounds like too much of a waste of their potential.” Gary turned to look at Riley and said, “Riley, Amelia will be your employer from now onward. Remember our company’s objective—Give the right protection, at the right time, for every side.” “Yes,” Riley answered seriously.

Tiffany clapped her hands and said, “Gary, you don’t have to make the atmosphere so tense. Relax. You made us sound as if we’re ferocious shrews when we’re actually nice people. Let’s not make Riley misunderstand us.” Everyone laughed. Riley took a glance at Tiffany, her hostility lessening as well. “So, can we sign the contract yet?” Amelia questioned. “Of course,” Gary answered. “Riley, Howard, Xander, you’re dismissed for now.” The three of them silently from their heads and turned around to leave. Amelia, Tiffany, let’s go to my office,” Gary suggested. The two women waved and followed after him. Entering the office, Gary instructed his secretary to deliver two cups of coffee and a glass of warm milk. Tiffany sat on the couch and said unreservedly, “Gary, there are truly many talented people in your company.” Gary waved a hand in response, candidly saying, “

They’re all a bunch of uneducated punks who are only skilled in fighting. How could they be compared to you? You’re both university graduates—educated. After all, you are a best-selling author. The people I admire most in my life are the novelists who can write over ten thousand, even a hundred thousand of words. I will never know how their brains are capable of piecing together so much eloquent words.” Tiffany was nonplussed. “You make the novelists sound as if they’re divine. ” “Isn’t that so? Their brains are vastly different from that of ordinary people. We ordinary people only think about what to eat three times a day, whereas you novelists think about plotlines day and night. I even wonder if you get lost in the fictional world sometimes and forget which is reality.”

Tiffany waved her hand in the air. “When you put it that way, I’ll have to redress on behalf of the other freelance writers. We may be writing novels, but we also pay attention to reality. The materials of all novels are derived from reality. When we’re done with one novel, we’ll usually take a break for a period of time. We’ll go backpacking, hiking, and if we’re mad enough, we may even explore the deep mountains alone. They actually do a lot more than what people think, for writing depends on a large part of experiencing life. Otherwise, novelists wouldn’t gain the reputation of being crazy in real life.

.Their way of thinking has long surpassed the point where ordinary people cannot understand. However, I’ve yet to reach that point. That’s why I only consider myself a novelist, not an author.” Amelia chuckled. “Tiff, if your readers were to hear you, they’ll be sorely disappointed. The best-selling author that they’re fans of regards herself as a third-rate novelist. Are you indirectly saying that they have poor taste?” Tiffany laughed. A short while later, Gary brought out the contract. “Amelia, take a look. If there’s nothing wrong with it, you may sign here.” Amelia read through it before handing it to Tiffany for a second opinion. The latter read and said, “Babe, it’s all right. You can sign. ” Amelia signed her name on the papers and pressed her thumbprint on them. Gary then took over the contract and did the same as she did. “This contract will be sent to the legal department to be notarized,” he reported. “There will be no fine no matter which party violates the contract.

This will better protect both parties.” Amelia nodded. Tiffany made a thumbs-up gesture and said, “Splendid! Gary, it’s no wonder your company is acclaimed. Based on how much you value your clients alone, it would be unthinkable if it wasn’t.” Gary’s tanned skin flushed slightly. Right as he was about to say something, Amelia’s phone rang. She whipped out her phone and saw Carter’s name flashing on the display. She smiled apologetically at Gary and said, “Sorry, I have to take this. I’ll be right back. She then moved to the corner and answered the phone. Carter’s slightly weakened voice sounded from her phone. “Amelia,” he called out. “Carter, are you up?” “And it is. I was too impulsive yesterday. Did I scare you?

“A little. You fainted right before me and didn’t come out of the operating room for a long time,” she admitted. “I was worried something would happen to you because of me. If that happens, I’d feel extremely guilty.” Carter’s crazed side of her had truly scared her. If the old Carter had half the courage he had then, perhaps their ending would’ve been different. Carter’s mood seemed to have brightened on the other side, his tone sounding lively as he asked, “Amelia, are you worried about me?” “We’re friends. Of course, I’ll worry about you. I’ m not an emotionless person who would do nothing when you fall in front of me. Carter, please don’t think of me as cold-blooded. Regardless if it’s the past, present, or the future, whether we remain friends or not, I will never wish for you to be hurt,” she said frankly. Ella it was silent on the phone for a moment before Amelia heard a low sigh from him.

“I’m sorry, Amelia,” Carter apologized. “I don’t blame you. I only hope you’ll stop being this impulsive in the future. Health is priceless. If you lose it, no amount of money will let you live.” “Esta bien.” I have kept silent once again. “Amelia, will you come to visit me in the hospital? Don’t overthink it. I merely want to see you and make sure you’re safe. That way, I’ll be able to recover in peace.” Amelia hesitated. “Is that not?” I have questioned. sighing, Amelia answered, “Carter, I have matters to handle right now. I might not be able to leave any time soon. I’ll drop by the hospital in the afternoon, is that okay?”

“Amelia, can’t you come over right now?” Carter deliberately made himself sound weak. Amelia began to sense a slight headache coming. She raised a hand to rub at her forehead and said, “Carter, I’m busy right now. Rest well. Tiffany and I will visit you when we’re free.” “Esta bien.” Carter’s voice evidently turned downcast. “If you’re free in the afternoon, come visit me in the hospital. I miss you.” Amelia felt highly pressured. The way Carter rendered her helpless was truly terrifying. “Carter, someone’s calling for me. I have to go. If I’m free in the afternoon, I’ll go visit you.” As soon as she said her piece of her, she hung up without even saying goodbye. She kept her phone and said to Gary, “It’s a friend.” Tiffany turned toward her. “Sump?” Amelia nodded. Tiffany frowned, lowering her voice as she muttered, “What a pest.” Gary looked between the two women and could tell something was amiss. “Is there anything you need my help with?” I have asked. Amelia shook her head and smiled. “It’s nothing.

I have a friend who’s hospitalized and said everyone’s gone to visit him except us. He thinks we’re not being great friends.” Gary smiled, not having much to comment. “Gary, I still have something on. Tiffany and I will be going first. You may let Riley come over whenever she’s free. I’ll send my address to you in a bit. When she eats, tell her to give me a call,” Amelia instructed. Gary stood up to send them off. “I’ I’ll let her go over tomorrow. Don’t worry. She she’ll only protect you in the dark. She wo n’t interfere with your daily life. Amelia nodded. “Gary, I’ll transfer the commission back to your account. Send me your account number later,” Tiffany said. “Esta bien.” Gary pulled the door open for them.

“I’ll walk you two downstairs. If there’s anything you need my help with, call me. We’re all friends. As long as it’s within my capabilities, I’ll definitely lend a hand.” “Thank you, Gary.” Amelia smiled. “If there’s anything we need help with, we certainly won’t stand on ceremony.” Gary walked the two of them downstairs and only left after watching them leave in the car. As soon as he entered his office, a flexible figure jumped out. He turned around and saw that it was Riley. He frowned and said, “Riley, what are you doing in my office? Gary was rather oblivious when it came to love. If it were a woman he had no feelings for, no matter how much they tried to drop hints, he’d never pick up. Therefore, he had no clue that Riley actually had feelings for him.

Riley raised her chin, looking slightly aggrieved. Being watched by her that way, goosebumps immediately rose all over her skin. He returned to his chair and said, “Don’t look at me like that. I have goosebumps all over.” Her gaze from her became increasingly indignant. However, she knew that other than being outstanding at work, the man she loved was a brick short of a load everywhere else. Even if she were to continue being ambiguous with him, he would never be able to figure out her intentions. After hesitating for a while, she asked coyly, “Gary, are those two women earlier really your friends?”

“What’s wrong with you today, Riley?” Gary glanced at her strangely. “You’re being really weird. Of course, they’re my friends. Did you come all the way here simply to ask me that?” She clenched and unclenched her hands, mustering up a little courage before she asked, “Both Amelia and Tiffany seem to be your type. Are you perhaps attracted to one of them?” Without much thought, he replied, “Riley, when it’s time for work, work. Since when are you so concerned about my private matters?” “Both Amelia and Tiffany seem to be your type. Are you perhaps attracted to one of them?”

Without much thought, he replied, “Riley, when it’s time for work, work. Since when are you so concerned about my private matters?” “Both Amelia and Tiffany seem to be your type. Are you perhaps attracted to one of them?” Without much thought, he replied, “Riley, when it’s time for work, work. Since when are you so concerned about my private matters?” I’ve always been concerned! You’re the one who never took it to heart.

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