Love’s Cunning Ruse ( Mr.Kieran And Julie ) Chapter 109

Love’s Cunning Ruse ( Mr.Kieran And Julie ) Chapter 109

Chapter 109 

“Is it vanilla flavored?” Kieran turned to look at Julie. “Let me have another taste! 

He just wanted to eat her cake, didn’t he? Julie scooped a spoonful and quickly popped it into her mouth. Then she remembered that Kieran hadn’t had dinner either. The cake was bought with Kieran’s money. With this thought, Jule scooped another spoonful and offered it to Kieran 

He enjoyed the bite After savoring it, he seemed to have an idea and told her. It’s honey flavored.” 

“Is your taste off? Julie seriously took a spoonful and tasted it again. 

Suddenly, Kieran swerved the car and pulled over. Julie was still looking at Kieran. “It’s really vanilla…” 

Before she could finish, Kieran suddenly leaned in. Only when his cold lips touched her soft red ones did Julie react. She held the cake in her hand, stunned. He gently licked her lips and then let go of her chin. 

Holding the steering wheel with one hand, Kieran gently wiped the corner of her lips with the other, smiling at Julie. “It’s honey flavored, no doubt.” 

Only then did Julie realize that he was talking about the flavor of her lipstick… She felt her cheeks heat up rapidly. Kieran, next to her, had already started the car again. 

Julie put the cake on her lap and rolled down the window 

After the cool wind from outside blew in, she finally calmed down. When the blush on her face gradually faded, she seriously looked at him “Last time This is the last time I forgive you for kissing me unexpectedly. I’ll go house hunting tomorrow. You and Mr. Kennedy were college classmates. Please tell 



Julie’s words were abruptly cut off by his rejection. After two seconds of silence, Julie pulled out her phone, opened WhatsApp, found Mr. Kennedy’s account, and sent a message. 

However, Kieran’s phone in his pocket rang. It was the notification sound he set up for Julie. 

Julie was all focused on her phone and didn’t notice that Kieran’s phone was also ringing. As Julie was sending a message, suddenly, music came from 

the side 

‘Let me pluck your heart out! Try to melt it slowly” See if I’m still flawless in your heart! Whether you still care about me, still love me hopelessly.. 

These were the lyrics of Midnight Woods. The rock music was blasting in the car 

Julie was startled and dropped the cake on her evening gown. In fact, when the music started, Kieran was also startled. All the music downloaded in this car was classical music and symphonies. This song. Midnight Woods, was downloaded by Dylan a few days ago. 

That day, Dylan invited him for dinner, so they went out in this Spyker CB. At that time, Dylan said with a smug face, “Kerry, I recently found a song that suits you perfectly 

Kieran started the car and just gave Dylan a cold glance. 

Dylan asked excitedly, “Arent you curious about what song it is? The lyrics perfectly match your inner state, so it’s perfect for you to sing to Attorney Abraham, Want to hear it?” 

So, Dylan downloaded the song into the car’s music library. Kieran only listened to a line and then turned it off. He completely forgot about this. 

When the song suddenly played in the car, not only was Julie dumbfounded, but Kieran was also startled. Julie didn’t know how expensive her gown was. She angrily turned to Kieran and yelled, “Are you crazy! Now my dress is all dirty, and Im not paying for it!” 

“Did I ask you to pay?” Kieran had already calmed down. 

Julie thought it was good, as long as he didn’t ask her to pay. But as soon as she let out a sigh of relief, she heard him say, “Sleeping with me is fine. Paying me is too boring” 

Julie was so angry that her face turned red. “Kieran, how come I never noticed before that you’re such a shameless person?” 

“Because the shameless person used to be you. I didn’t have a chance to show it.” 

Julie was speechless because what Kieran said was true. She was the one who was desperate to pursue him. 

Back then, Julie was thinking about how to strip him naked every day at home. As long as she had the slightest chance, she would pounce on him, and Kieran didn’t even have time to dodgel Actually, Julie was the first one to be shameless… 

Julie simply closed her mouth. She glanced at her phone and found that Mr. Kennedy hadn’t replied yet. She simply put her phone away and kept quiet all 

the way 

When they got home, Ivan was already asleep. The poor boy was sleeping on the couch. Noah was quietly watching him, 

Why did you let him fall asleep on the couch?” Kieran frowned, looking at Noah unhappily. 

Before Noah could speak, Julie had already put down the cake and walked over to Ivan. She bent down to pick Ivan up and take him upstairs, but she suddenly realized that she was still wearing her evening gown, and it was inconvenient to move. 

Just as she was hesitating, Kieran had already picked up Ivan and looked at Julie “Go up and open the door for me” 

This time, Julie cooperated and went upstairs, reminding Kieran as she walked. ‘Be quiet, don’t wake him up. In the future, before you pick him up and hes asleep, tell him so he won’t be scared..” 

Jule was talking as she went upstairs and Kieran followed her, carrying Ivan. 

Noah looked at this warm scene with a touch of emotion in his eyes. He quickly took out his phone and captured the moment, then sent the photo to his wife at home 

Julie helped Kieran open Ivan’s door, then quickly spread out the quilt. Kieran put Ivan on the bed. Julie carefully tucked him in and then quietly left the room with Kieran. After leaving the kid’s room, Julie gave Kieran the cold shoulder and headed straight downstairs. She stuck the cake in the fridge and then retreated to her own room. 

Once she shut her door, worry still nagged at her, so she bolted before she allowed herself to feel safe enough to grab her bathrobe and head to the bathroom. 

But when she emerged from her shower, she found Kieran perched on her bed, as though he’d been waiting for quite a while.. 

Julie glanced at the door, then at Kieran, clutching her bathrobe tighter. “How’d you get in?” 

She’d checked that door thoroughly. If it was locked from the inside, there was no way to open it from the outside. But Kieran…. 

He pulled a small remote from his bathrobe pocket and pressed a button. The wall that separated their rooms miraculously started to lower. With the 

wall gone, she could clearly see into Kieran’s room. Turned out he didn’t come in through the door, he’d literally removed the wall,” 

Julie’s heart jumped into her throat. Looking at Kieran, her face was the picture of despair! She didn’t argue anymore, but stood by her bathroom door, asking him, “Why are you here?” 

“Got something to show you.” Kieran motioned towards her. 

Julie stayed put. She said haughtily, “Not interested” 

“It’s your nude photo. You sure you don’t want to see?” Kieran waved his phone, a mocking smile playing on his lips. 

Julie glared at him furiously. 

Kieran started slowly, “September, eight years ago, Paradise Cove”…” 

Before Kieran could finish his sentence, Julie lunged at him, trying to snatch the phone from his hand. 

Eight years ago in September, Julie and Kieran had just gotten married. Daphne excitedly asked Julie where she and Kieran planned to honeymoon, but Kieran never mentioned anything 

Julie’s parents had just passed away at that time. She was consumed by grief and was in no mood to think about honeymoons. She thought Kieran married her out of obligation, so it was unlikely he’d want to honeymoon with her. 

However, the morning after Daphne brought up the honeymoon, Kieran woke her up at 5 am, saying he was taking her to Paradise Cove for their honeymoon. Julie obviously didn’t believe him. She wanted to sleep in, so she refused to get up. 

Since Julie had a habit of sleeping naked, Kieran took a nude photo of her to threaten her to get up. Later, Julie found out that the honeymoon at Paradise Cove was real. She forced Kieran to delete the photo, and she saw him do it. 

But now, when she heard Paradise Cove, Julie threw herself at Kieran. She tried to take his phone while lying on top of him, but Kieran deliberately held the phone above his head. 

So, Julie lunged upwards, complaining, ‘Didn’t you delete the photo back then? Did you keep a backup?” 

“Yeah, I’ve got lots of backups. I’ll send you a copy later,” Kieran answered seriously, infuriating Julie even more. 

“Delete it now! Why have you kept it all these years?” 

“I like to use the photo as a sleep aid.” Kieran’s expression was dead serious. 

Julie imagined him looking at the photo before he slept. She angrily said to Kieran, “You… you’re such a pervert! Does your son know what a bad person you are?”

Love’s Cunning Ruse ( Mr.Kieran And Julie )

Love’s Cunning Ruse ( Mr.Kieran And Julie )

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Love's Cunning Ruse ( Mr.Kieran And Julie )" Romance Novel  is the central theme, and the story revolves around the romantic relationship between the main characters. These novels delve into the emotional lives of the characters, exploring their feelings, desires, and vulnerabilities. Mr.Kieran And Julie Romance novels come in a wide range of subgenres, including contemporary romance, historical romance, paranormal romance, erotic romance, and more. These subgenres can have unique settings, time periods, or elements like supernatural creatures.

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This is a tale of childhood sweethearts, where a young man embarked on a relentless pursuit of his beloved ex-wife, Julie. With cunning strategies and clever moves, Mr. Kieran left no stone unturned in his quest for her heart. Julie couldn't help but marvel at the sheer craftiness of Mr. Kieran's tactics. They were the most cunning she had ever witnessed. Let's delve into the captivating moments that unfolded: In the midst of a drunken escapade, he insisted that Julie address him as "Bro Kieran." Little did she know, it was all an act, a playful ruse to capture her attention. On another occasion, he boldly declared, "If you're determined to leave, I won't stop you." True to his word, he refrained from intervening, knowing full well that come morning, Julie would find herself unable to part from his embrace.... Love's Cunning Ruse  


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