Love’s Cunning Ruse ( Mr.Kieran And Julie ) Chapter 110

Love’s Cunning Ruse ( Mr.Kieran And Julie ) Chapter 110

Chapter 110 

Actually, it seemed a bit intentional for Julie to bring up Kieran’s son at this point 

Julie and Kieran had been at each other’s throats for a long time, but during this time, both had tacitly avoided this topic. Kieran would return to Noblewood Retreat every night, but Julie never saw any trace of Kieran’s son there. It was as if his son had never set foot in Noblewood Retreat. 

Of course, Julie didn’t know that before she moved in, the entire Noblewood Retreat had been thoroughly cleaned up. 

Bringing up Kieran’s son at this moment wasn’t exactly a wise move. Kieran’s son was a painful reminder of their past. 

But she brought it up anyway. 

Kieran was distracted Julie seized the opportunity to snatch his phone from his hands and quickly got up. 


She still didn’t know Kieran’s phone password, so even though she had the phone, she couldn’t achieve her goal. 

“Delete the photo, including the backup!” She commanded sternly 

Kieran took back his phone, apparently forgetting the topic of his son. He cast a contemplative gaze at Julie Whats in it for me if I delete it?” 

Julie was livid. “It’s my photo! It’s wrong for you to keep it, and now you want benefits?” 

She sat next to him, firmly stating, “Mr. Hernandez, self respect is a nice thing to have!” 

“You’re a nice thing to have too 

This meant that he thought she was worth having as well. But Julie responded without hesitation, “You’re not worthy!” 

Kierans eyes dimmed. He felt he could write a book titled, “What to do with a stubborn ex wife?” 

Julie thought Kieran’s expression was a bit too intense. She was afraid he’d lose his temper, so she just stared at him in silence. 

When the room fell into silence, he finally spoke with a hint of interest. If you want me to delete all the photos, I can 

“So?” It was clear Kieran was trying to make her ask what his conditions were 

The man leaned against the headboard, looking at her invitingly. “Come here” 

‘Forget it, if you don’t want to delete it, then don’t!” Julie felt she couldn’t control his actions and thoughts. Rather than stubbornly arguing with him about deleting the photo, it was better to avoid trouble. After all, she was planning to move out tomorrow. 

Just as Julie was thinking this, he suddenly gave her the phone. The password is the room number from our first stay at the Starlight Haven Hotel” 

Julie’s hand trembled slightly as she held the phone Room number? That was just too much. 

She casually threw the phone back at him, absentmindedly replying, “I dont remember” 

He shoved the phone back into her hands, kindly reminding her, “7401. Don’t forget next time.” 

She didn’t want to remember that number, but the truth was. Julie remembered it very clearly. This time she didn’t pretend, she took the phone and opened the gallery Kieran hadn’t lied. The photo of her was really there. 

There were only two photos in Kieran’s gallery. One was their marriage certificate, and the other was the photo Julie desperately wanted to delete. 

Without hesitation, she deleted the photo she wanted to delete, but her finger paused on the photo of their marriage certificate. She didn’t hesitate for too long, and without Kieran’s approval, she quickly swiped her finger and deleted it along with the other photo. 

Then she gave the phone back to Kieran. She glanced at Kieran. “You should delete all the other backups as well! I didn’t keep any naked photos of you, 

so this isn’t fair to me.” 

“Do you want me to take off my robe so you can take a picture now?” The man took the phone and unlocked it 

Julie completely ignored Kieran’s question, got up, and walked towards the door. “I guess I’m sharing a bed with Ivan tonight!” 

“Hold on!” Kierans voice suddenly came from behind Julie. 

Despite the years that had passed, Julie couldn’t change her nature. She stopped in her tracks 

“Shouldnt you explain? The other photo on my phone is also gone.” 

“Oh, I accidentally deleted it.” Julie’s response was nonchalant and natural 

Kieran squinted his eyes, looking quite dangerous. He slowly approached Julie, repeating her words, “Accidentally?” 

His slightly ding tone made Julie a bit nervous, but she straightened her back, looking him in the eye. “Mr. Hernandez, we’ve been divorced for almost six years, but you still have our marriage certificate on your phone. If someone sees it, it could cause misunderstandings.” 

“So?” The corner of the man’s mouth curled up, he raised an eyebrow at her. 

Julie decided to fight back. “So, what exactly do you mean by keeping the photo?” 

“To remind myself that I was once a married man. Attorney Abraham, do you have a problem with that?” 

The name “Attorney Abraham gave Julie the creeps. Because she had noticed a pattern, Kieran called her “Joyce” when he was joking wife” when he was drunk, but “Attorney Abraham when he was angry… Julie could do was firmly say, ‘I deleted it. What are you going to do about it?” 

Julie’s fearless attitude drew Kieran’s interest. He squinted his eyes. “Compensation, I guess.” 

“What do you mean?” Julie frowned. 

He said, “Since it’s gone, let’s take another one” 

Take another one? That was a marriage certificate! How do you take that? Julie looked at Kieran in confusion. 

Kieran dialed Karl’s number on his phone. “Sort things out at the city hall tomorrow. She deleted the photo of our marriage certificate. I’ll take her to get a 

new one 

Before Kieran could finish, Julie snatched his phone, saying to Karl on the other end, Mr. Hernandez had one too many Karl, don’t buy his bull. Could you do me a solid and bring my wallet to the office tomorrow? Thanks.” 

With that, Julie hung up quickly Then she looked up to see the man opposite her smiling. This smile sent Julie’s heart racing Whenever this man looked at her with that grin, it was always a sign that something bad was about to go down. 

She quickly handed the phone back to him, saying somewhat quiltily. Its just a photo. I’ll make it up to you! 

With that, Julie pulled up her Instagram, went into her private album that only she could see, and showed Kieran a photo. “Here you go!” 

As much as she hated to admit it, this photo had always been in her private album. She had resolved countless times to delete it. She even deleted all the photos she had of Kieran, including the ones she secretly took of him when she was infatuated with him. She deleted all these photos when they 


However, she never managed to delete this photo. In the end, she comforted herself with a lame excuse, she kept the photo as a reminder not to make the same mistake twice. She wanted to remember the past that had brought her utter despair. 

When Kieran saw that Julie still had the photo, he was even more shaken than her. He pulled up his Instagram, handed the phone to Julie and said, “How did you set up this private album? Help me set one up and upload this photo. That way, I won’t hold it against you? 

After saying that, he handed the phone back to Julie. 

To avoid getting entangled with him over this, Julie did as Kieran asked. She uploaded the photo for him and set to private “Done” 

Just as Kieran was about to look at the photo, Julie said, I’ll go to the office tomorrow to get my wallet from Karl Ill bring the contract and we can terminate it in person!” 

He asked, “You’re that eager to cut ties with me 

“Absolutely! I cant wait! Julie completely ignored Kieran, whose face had darkened. 

He gave Julie a deep look, then turned and walked to his bedroom. 

Watching his cold back, Julie felt the room temperature seemed to drop a few degrees. She had a hunch that if she continued to provoke him like this. she would face his retaliation one day. 

The man radiating a strong masculine aura had already gotten into bed and pulled up the covers. Julie looked at the man lying in bed without a shred of guilt, her eyes flickering “Aren’t you going to put up that wall between us?” 

Without that wall, what was the difference between this and sleeping in the same room? 

The man who had been facing away from Julie suddenly turned around. His deep eyes stared at her more intensely and said, “If you let me into your bed, I’ll put up the wall, deal?” 

Julie swallowed hard and managed to say, ‘Goodnight.” 

With that, she climbed into her own bed, pulling up the covers. Suddenly, the lights in both rooms went out. Julie, startled, Immediately sat up in the darkness, her annoyed voice echoed, “What the hell are you doing?”

Love’s Cunning Ruse ( Mr.Kieran And Julie )

Love’s Cunning Ruse ( Mr.Kieran And Julie )

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Love's Cunning Ruse ( Mr.Kieran And Julie )" Romance Novel  is the central theme, and the story revolves around the romantic relationship between the main characters. These novels delve into the emotional lives of the characters, exploring their feelings, desires, and vulnerabilities. Mr.Kieran And Julie Romance novels come in a wide range of subgenres, including contemporary romance, historical romance, paranormal romance, erotic romance, and more. These subgenres can have unique settings, time periods, or elements like supernatural creatures.

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This is a tale of childhood sweethearts, where a young man embarked on a relentless pursuit of his beloved ex-wife, Julie. With cunning strategies and clever moves, Mr. Kieran left no stone unturned in his quest for her heart. Julie couldn't help but marvel at the sheer craftiness of Mr. Kieran's tactics. They were the most cunning she had ever witnessed. Let's delve into the captivating moments that unfolded: In the midst of a drunken escapade, he insisted that Julie address him as "Bro Kieran." Little did she know, it was all an act, a playful ruse to capture her attention. On another occasion, he boldly declared, "If you're determined to leave, I won't stop you." True to his word, he refrained from intervening, knowing full well that come morning, Julie would find herself unable to part from his embrace.... Love's Cunning Ruse  


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