Mr. Chairman’s Devious Wife by Brey Mitchylle Chapter 100

Mr. Chairman’s Devious Wife by Brey Mitchylle Chapter 100

Chapter 100 

Chapter 100 

“I want to talk to Mr. Beaumont….” Charlotte glared at the maid who was standing outside her door. “Call him. I want you to call him now!” 

“Miss Charlotte, Mr. Beaumont is busy with- ” 

“It is six in the morning. He should have the time to talk to me. I need 


“Miss Charlotte, a pregnant woman should not strain herself too much. Please get back inside. It is cold out here.” 

Cold? Charlotte gritted her teeth. She had been staying inside this room because these damn maids are insisting that it was cold outside! 

me ho 

“You cannot keep She walked back inside the room and grabbed the things that she had packed in advance. She expected the maids to stop her, but this time, the maid simply opened the door wider, holding it out for her. She paused. “You-” 

“Mr. Beaumont said that the moment you leave the door, you will not be welcomed back inside the Beaumont Mansion,” the maid calmly said. 

“I am carrying the child of- 

“Mr. Beaumont said that he will have his very own soon.” 

“…” What kind of answer was this? 


“And the DNA has yet to confirm anything.” Right now, they have yet to do the test as the doctor told her that they needed to wait for a few more weeks to make sure that her pregnancy is healthy. She was here waiting because of that very reason. 

However, her conversation with Teresa kept on repeating inside her head. 

Alexander Beaumont might just be playing her all along. He is not trying to protect the blood of the Beaumont Family. Instead, he was trying to trick her into staying in this place to protect his wife! 

“Tsk!” Charlotte hesitated. Then she slowly composed herself. The fact that the maid did not stop her might mean that Alexander already knew that this was going to happen and even told the maid what to say to her. She let out a chuckle. 

No matter what, she was still carrying the blood of the Beaumont Family 



Chapter 100 

inside her stomach. Struggling won’t change this fact. “Do you really think you can threaten me?” she chuckled. “I cannot support this child without the Beaumont Family’s help.” She said. “Tell him, I will be waiting in his office.” 

Then Charlotte dragged her suitcase out of the room and then out of the Beaumont Mansion. 

Pregnancy is not going to stop her. She chose to have this child and was fully ready to support- 

“I apologize, but it seems that Miss Johnson is busy. She told us that if you wanted to meet, you should set up an appointment.” The female voice who answered her phone call interrupted her stupor. 

“What did you just do you know who I am?” Charlotte asked. 


“Yes, Miss. I can perfectly see your name on the phone. As I said- 

“Then, you should know that Alice is my agent. I don’t need to schedule 


“I apologize, but it seems that Miss Alice’s messages and emails might have ended up in your spam. Two weeks ago, Miss Alice already ended the contract between you two. If you want to know more details, please proceed to your agency as they handle everything and—“ 

“What did you just- “Charlotte could not believe what she was hearing. After leaving the Beaumont Mansion, she immediately called her agent, but her call ended up in voicemail. So, she called Alice’s business phone, and Alice’s secretary was quick to answer her call. “You said our contract was canceled?” she sneered. “Do you understand what you are talking about?” she hissed. “Alice will pay me for breaching the contract!” 

“Ah…. Please pick up the check in Aresan’s building. We already prepared it for you.” 

” 52 

‘They are willing to pay her for breaching the contract? Where did Alice get the money? “You- 


“If there is nothing else, then… I needed to end this call. I still need to finish a few things for Miss Johnson.” 

Before Charlotte could say another word, the call already ended. 




Chapter 100 

What just happened? 

She stared at her phone, her expression unreadable. Then she dialed Harper- her PA’s number. 

To her surprise, Harper’s phone was unreachable too. 

“What is going on here?” 

Disbelief flashed in her eyes as she continued calling people that she knew, but almost all of them seemed to have blocked her or even changed their phone numbers. 

A shiver ran down her spine as she dialed the last contact on her phone book. Just like the others, she wasn’t able to get through! 

Her hand tightened around her phone. She had the urge to throw it into the wall. Sadly, she was currently inside the car. “Take me to this address…” she handed the address to the driver that she hired. It did not take too long for her to arrive at her flat. The moment she walked in, she quickly realized that the flat had not been cleaned for weeks. 

Almost immediately, her anger erupted. 

For a few minutes, the sounds of glass hitting the wall and various things breaking echoed inside the flat. 


“It should be Alexander Beaumont…” Karina said with certainty in her voice. “He must have done something to change it. Even Adam was certain of it.” 

Sofia pursed her lips. She continued reading the documents in her hand. Despite all this, one thing remained clear- she needed to work. Especially now. 

“That Mr. Beaumont is scary…” Karina said. “Here… Here are the things that you need to know before the trial starts. For now, this is going to be a waiting game. The fact that Lawrence is already in prison without having any chance of bailing is already a win for us. However, this is just the start of the fight.” Karina gave her a worried look. “It will be a long and arduous one.” 

“I know,” Sofia smiled. This time, she didn’t hide the confidence in her 



Chapter 100 voice. 

“You look especially beautiful today,” Karina narrowed her eyes at her. 

“Don’t tell me…’ 


“What?” Sofia blinked. 

“You are pregnant?” 

“What?” Sofia did not expect that question. “What are you talking about?” 

“Oh, so this was just because Lawrence was caught… hmmm…. Alright. Alright. Don’t mind then. Let’s continue. Read it, and you can ask me anything that you don’t understand.” Karina calmly changed the topic. 

For a while, Sofia just stared at the papers without even attempting to read them. 

“Alright, let’s start with the specifics. All of Lawrence’s people have been kicked out of the mansion. His son- Min- has submitted his resignation. It seems that Lawrence set up some emergency funds for his bastard in case something like this happens. He is on his way out of the country, and we are doing our best to prevent him from leaving, but it might be futile as he is clean. He doesn’t have a case against him. A good citizen. Moreover…” Karina started talking about the actions that they have taken so far and their future actions against Lawrence and his 



“This is the final assessment of the project in SEA,” Josef said as he pla a stack of reports on Alexander’s table. “We are convinced that Koh Samui ticks all the boxes. Pristine beaches, diverse marine life, and relatively undeveloped compared to Phuket.” 

“And the sustainability?” Alexander started reading the reports. 

“We are already having some preliminary discussions about potential partnerships with their local government.” 

“Hmmm…” Alexander continued reading the reports. However, before he could finish them, a commotion echoed outside of his office. “What is that?” he asked. 

Josef immediately checked and came back in just a few seconds. “It seems 



Chapter 100 

that we have a small breach in security. But there is no need to worry. They will take care of everything.” 

Alexander lifted an eyebrow as he stared at Josef. “Was it that woman?” he asked. Earlier today, he was informed that Charlotte already left the mansion. He knew that she would eventually come to his office and already told Josef to tighten their security. 

Josef nodded in response. 

“Bring her to the board room,” Alexander said. How could he still let this woman try to harm Sofia? He knew that if he didn’t take care of Charlotte now, she would once again start bothering his wife. And Alexander would never allow that to happen. 

“Mr. Beaumont…” Charlotte immediately got up when she saw him. 

“Take a seat, Miss Charlotte…” Alexander said. This was not the first time that he met this woman in this very same board room. How shameless can this woman be? 

“I believe your people already informed you that I left the mansion?” Charlotte calmly said. 

“I am aware.” 

Charlotte sneered. The thing that she hated the most about people who were born with money was the fact that they looked down on people like her! People who did their best to achieve their dreams! People who worked so hard for their money! 

“Then let me tell you my terms…” Charlotte started. 

“Terms?” Alexander raised an eyebrow. “What terms?” 

Even the usually calm Josef was unable to believe Charlotte’s audacity. 

A/N: Hello. Author here. This novel is about to end. Don’t worry about revenge. It will come in the next 2 – 3 chapters. Thank you for reading! 



Mr. Chairman’s Devious Wife by Brey Mitchylle

Mr. Chairman’s Devious Wife by Brey Mitchylle

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 3/1/2024 Native Language: English
Mr. Chairman’s Devious Wife by Brey Mitchylle Mr. Chairman’s Devious Wife by Brey Mitchylle” Betrayed by both her boyfriend and sister, Sofia Lockhart’s world collapses. With her mother’s life on the line, a deceitful boyfriend eyeing her wealth, and a sister determined to bring ruin, Sofia finds herself reluctantly thrown into an unforeseen alliance with Alexander Beaumont, the mysterious chairman of the Beaumont Empire. Mr. Chairman's Devious Wife by Brey Mitchylle
  To Alexander Beaumont, tying the knot with Sofia Lockhart seems like a straightforward business move, a deal on paper. One side wants revenge, and the other aims to steer clear of love. The idea of spending endless nights together isn’t in the playbook, and neither is getting swept up in her, A Marriage of Convenience Sofia’s lips trembled before she clasped the pictures in her hand. The menu before her seemed to blur, the words dancing on the paper like elusive shadows. The soft hum of conversation inside the hushed ambiance of the Japanese restaurant enveloped Sofia like a cocoon. For a few minutes, the room felt almost suffocating. Mr. Chairman's Devious Wife by Brey Mitchylle


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