Mr. Chairman’s Devious Wife by Brey Mitchylle Chapter 101

Mr. Chairman’s Devious Wife by Brey Mitchylle Chapter 101

Chapter 101 

“I will be staying in my flat and have the DNA on my own time,” Charlotte said. “The Beaumont Family will then start paying for everything that this child needs, and we can arrange visitation rights once I give birth. You cannot-” 

“It seems that there is a misunderstanding, Miss Miles…” 

“Miles- “Charlotte gritted her teeth. In fact, she was indeed Charlotte Miles but was later changed to Lockhart because Eunice wanted it that way. This caused a lot of problems between Eunice Lockhart and her mother, Eulanda. However, Eunice didn’t care. 

“I thought it would be appropriate to still call you Lockhart, knowing that your father tried to poison and kill Eunice and Sofia Lockhart,” Alexander leaned back and gave her an infuriating smirk. “Or did you believe that you still deserve to be called a Lockhart after everything that you did?” 

“My father is innocent.” 

“All people inside the prison will tell you that they are innocent,” Alexander said. 

“My father is different. He was framed. This was Sofia’s way of revenge.” 

“Hmmmm…. Of course,” Alexander said. “Now let us go directly to business as I still have a few things that I need to do.” 

Charlotte frowned. Alexander’s face had turned serious. She never thought that the man would actually act like this around someone who was carrying a Beaumont. 

“That child in your stomach…” Alexander uttered. “Might not be Daniel’s.” 

“I have not slept with anyone aside from- ” 

“I don’t trust you.” 

“Then let’s do a DNA.” 


“The Beaumont Family will not tolerate someone who wants to steal our money. You wanted to do the DNA on your own terms. That is your right. However, the Beaumont Family will not provide you anything unless we do our own DNA test. We will not talk about custody or whatever it is that Miss Miles wanted.” 


Chapter 101 

Charlotte narrowed. She already expected this to happen. “I am still the mother of a Beaumont.” 

“Are you?” Alexander smirked. “As far as I know… you were already in Europe when the child was conceived. My brother was not with you. So… 

“This is Daniel’s child!” Charlotte said. 

However, Alexander got up. 

“Where are you- 


“We are done talking. The next time you try to disturb anyone, I will file a case against you and use it to have full custody of Daniel’s child,” Alexander said without even looking at her. “Trust me… the fight will be very nasty, but it is a fight that I can win.” 

“Was it because of Sofia?” Charlotte suddenly asked. Despite the anger inside her, she managed to calm herself down. “Your wife?” she added. 

However, Alexander did not answer. Instead, he only gave her a knowing look which made her more irritated. 

“Was it because of her? What did she say? Did she tell you that I stole Daniel? I did not do anything like that. Daniel has always liked me. You should know better than to listen to 

“You may leave, Miss Miles. I don’t see any reason for us to continue this useless conversation.” 

Charlotte gritted her teeth. Despite all her expectations, she never expected this man to treat her so coldly. After all, she is still the mother of Daniel’s child. She deserves to be treated with respect. 

“I refuse to- 


“I know that you know about the poison, Miss Miles,” Alexander suddenly interrupted her. 

“W-What?” Charlotte’s face turned ugly. “What are you talking about?” she asked, her brows frowning. 

“I know that you are aware that your father has been slowly poisoning Sofia and her mother. You knew… yet you said nothing,” Alexander’s lips turned upwards into a sly smirk. “You are an accomplice. Have you thought about giving birth in prison?” 



Chapter 101 

“I don’t know what you are talking about!” 

“And you think the jury will believe you?” 

Almost immediately, Charlotte’s face paled. She blinked at him as she tried to understand the meaning behind his words. Would the jury believe him? 

“A starlet that would do everything for fame? A jealous human being who wanted to steal everything from Sofia Lockhart?” Alexander continued. “I mean… my lawyers could make up motives and stories that would leave you dizzy, Miss Miles. I am certain you wouldn’t like to hear any of those 


“No- No one will believe that.” 

“Then why not explain the fact that you are pregnant with Daniel Beaumont’s child?” Alexander lifted an eyebrow. “You can act sweet and innocent, but I can assure you that destroying your life would be as easy as killing a fly. It’s simple. It’s easy. You will either end up in prison or in a cemetery somewhere. Worse… you would end up somewhere as fish food. Isn’t that a little too tragic?” 

Charlotte’s pupils shook. Alexander’s tone was too calm; it felt like he was talking about business instead of talking about destroying her life! She met his cold gaze. 

Despite the smile on Daniel’s face, Charlotte could sense something suffocating from the man. It was a thick pressure that threatened to devour her at any time. 

For the first time, Charlotte did not know what else to say. The script that she had practiced earlier disappeared into thin air. The arguments that she had created in her mind as she walked inside the building evaporated as if they were never there in the first place. 

She shivered inwardly. 

Alexander only continued smiling. “You are not going to harm Sofia,” Alexander said. “This is not a request. It is an order.” 

“You” she wanted to say more words, but her lips literally started trembling; she had to bite them to calm them down. 

“You wouldn’t actually want the poison inside your stomach… right, Miss Miles?” 



Chapter 101 

“You-You are threatening… Are you threatening me?” she asked, her voice quivering. 

“I am warning you,” Alexander said. “Threatening someone is a waste of time.” 

“You cannot do this. Sofia is 


“You will not bother or even think about bothering Sofia. Once you do… that child in your stomach is going to suffer with you,” Alexander smiled. “If you think I am bluffing, then why not try it?” 

Charlotte bit her lower lip. Try it? Try what? She wasn’t even thinking of doing anything! 

Seeing her reaction, Alexander smiled. “Then… call my secretary once you are ready to do the DNA,” Alexander said before he left the room without looking back at Charlotte. 

The moment he left, Charlotte held the table and used it to support herself. 

“Miss… she will be taking you out of the building,” Josef said as he pointed at the guard. Once Charlotte left the room, Josef immediately went to Alexander’s office. He then started preparing coffee for his boss. 

“Something is bothering you?” Alexander asked. He was standing near the floor-to-ceiling walls, staring at the cityscape outside the building. 

“Isn’t it too cruel?” Josef asked. 

“What is?” 

Josef pursed his lips. He stared at Alexander’s back before he added. “Making her think that it was young master Daniel’s son?” 

“What was cruel about it?” Alexander asked without looking at him. 

“If she realized that it was not Daniel’s child, she might… she might do something to harm the Madam.” Josef decided to change the topic instead. He always knew that 

Alexander was cruel, and talking about his reasoning would only make his head hurt. So, he focused on what could happen in the future instead. “She might start blaming the Madam for everything that happened in her life.” 

“Wrong,” Alexander accepted the coffee that Josef handed. Then he 



Chapter 101 

turned his attention towards the cityscape. “Charlotte is not that smart.” 

“I— I apologize but I don’t understand.” 

“She is not patient either.” 

Josef frowned. 

“She wouldn’t wait around until the DNA is done.” 


“It’s a trap.” Alexander smiled before he took a sip of his coffee. 

“A trap… “Josef said. 

“Remember this, Josef…” Alexander said. “A cornered rat will always fight back. Charlotte will soon start fighting back.” 

“Wouldn’t that put the Madam in danger?” Josef asked. Right now, he was even more confused. The first person that Charlotte will go after would be Sofia. So… what is Alexander talking about? 

However, instead of answering him, Alexander only smiled and said. “Good coffee…” 

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Mr. Chairman’s Devious Wife by Brey Mitchylle

Mr. Chairman’s Devious Wife by Brey Mitchylle

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Mr. Chairman’s Devious Wife by Brey Mitchylle Mr. Chairman’s Devious Wife by Brey Mitchylle” Betrayed by both her boyfriend and sister, Sofia Lockhart’s world collapses. With her mother’s life on the line, a deceitful boyfriend eyeing her wealth, and a sister determined to bring ruin, Sofia finds herself reluctantly thrown into an unforeseen alliance with Alexander Beaumont, the mysterious chairman of the Beaumont Empire. Mr. Chairman's Devious Wife by Brey Mitchylle
  To Alexander Beaumont, tying the knot with Sofia Lockhart seems like a straightforward business move, a deal on paper. One side wants revenge, and the other aims to steer clear of love. The idea of spending endless nights together isn’t in the playbook, and neither is getting swept up in her, A Marriage of Convenience Sofia’s lips trembled before she clasped the pictures in her hand. The menu before her seemed to blur, the words dancing on the paper like elusive shadows. The soft hum of conversation inside the hushed ambiance of the Japanese restaurant enveloped Sofia like a cocoon. For a few minutes, the room felt almost suffocating. Mr. Chairman's Devious Wife by Brey Mitchylle


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