My Accidental Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 272

My Accidental Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 272

272 “Their” Secret 


Keira knew that Keera carried a secret and so did Jodie 


She furrowed her brows. 

Then she heard Taylor say softly and slowly, “Keera, the reason I wanted to kill you both was simple. I couldn’t let your mother find out that she gave birth to twins that year!” 

Keira was puzzled. “Why? Wasn’t I… wasn’t I supposed to have died and been abandoned at birth? Even if she 

found out, so what?” 

Taylor was stunned by her words, and he burst into laughter. “Is that what they told you? Ha…” 

“They”? Was he referring to Keera’s adoptive parents or someone else? 

Taylor continued. “You weren’t abandoned. You were taken away as soon as you were born. I didn’t have the ability to protect you then, but if I had revealed that you were taken, your mom would have gone back and 



272 “Their” Secret 

searched for you desperately, so I’ve always hidden 

your existence from her! How could I possibly let her risk her life for… someone else’s child?” 

At this point, Taylor glanced at Uncle Olsen. 

Upon hearing this explanation, Keira felt like her head was going to explode. 

Although she had found the murderer, the situation seemed to have gotten even more complicated… 

Taylor continued to speak softly. “Keera, why did you come back? Without you, my life with her would have continued to be peaceful, but you found Keira, and if the truth was revealed, Shirley would surely blame me and leave me! So, the moment you found Keira, I made up my mind to let you both die!” 

A hint of madness flickered in his eyes. “Anyone who dares to disturb me and Shirley must die!” 

Keira, furious, slapped him! 

To conceal the past, had Taylor kidnapped her and Keera? He then threw them into a sunken ship at sea… 

If she hadn’t acted decisively, waking Keera and breaking the window, if Keera hadn’t desperately 



272 “Their” Secret 

dragged her from under the water to the surface, perhaps what the Horton family would be burying today would be two corpses!! 

Although Keera’s appearance was unexpected, she felt very gentle to Keira. 

Even though they had only spent a little time together, Keira had already acknowledged this sister… 

While she was thinking about this, Taylor laughed again. He leaned close to Keira’s ear and whispered, “Also, do you know? The fact that Poppy had switched the two children, I implicitly consented to it because I didn’t want Shirley to raise that man’s child! One of her daughters was taken, the other was switched… and this way, Shirley would have no more affection left for the children, and she would only have eyes for me… 

Keira clenched her fists tightly and stared hard at him upon hearing his words. 

She suddenly picked up the tissues from before and pressed them against Taylor’s face again, enraged, and with tears welling up in her eyes, she smothered him… 

Taylor struggled for air, fighting hard. 



272 “Their” Secret 

But Keira only wanted him to pay with his life! He would pay for her sister’s death and the abuse inflicted on their mother, as well as her own miserable life of the past 22 years!! 

Her eyes were red with rage as she stared at Taylor. 

Her hands were forceful as if to vent all her years of 


She remembered as a child, every time she enviously watched their family of three… 

She not only longed for a normal mother, she had also hoped countless times in her heart that her mother wasn’t Poppy but Mrs. Olsen… 

She had even wished that her father, Taylor, would 

notice her. 

She had dreamed that he would descend like a god when she was wronged, taking her away from Poppy’s 


She remembered before she was sold to human traffickers at the age of four, after being beaten severely by Poppy, she once hid at the door. When she saw Taylor coming home from work, she deliberately 


neared in front of him 


She gently called him “Daddy”… 

But Taylor simply glanced at her indifferently, then told Poppy to keep her from running around. 

Poppy took her back to the basement, where she faced more brutal beatings! It was then that Poppy sold her 

to the traffickers… 

All these years, Poppy was just the wicked executor. 

Taylor was the mastermind! 

Memories of her miserable childhood… 

The body of her sister Keera… 

And the traces of abuse on her mother’s body… 

All of it drove Keira to a blind rage as she pressed down on Taylor, just wanting him to die! 

Taylor, whose mouth and nose were covered, slowly stopped struggling… 

But Keira kept applying pressure. 

Tears slowly filled her eyes… 

The next moment, her wrist was grabbed, and she was pushed aside by Uncle Olsen. He quickly removed the 



Taylor didn’t move. 

Uncle Olsen glanced toward the person beside him, 

who immediately squatted down to start emergency aid on Taylor. 

Keira, however, stared fiercely at Uncle Olsen. 

It seemed that if anyone dared to stop her from taking her revenge, she would kill them too! 

But how could a person like Uncle Olsen be intimidated by her? 

Uncle Olsen only knitted his brow and spoke in a deep voice. “Why are you so agitated? Why are you more fierce than me? Why do you hate him so much?” 

Uncle Olsen was also angry, so his punches landed on flesh with no mercy. 

However, seeing Keira even more crazed, he calmed down instead. 

Keira didn’t answer his question but said hoarsely, “He killed people, so he deserves to die!” 

Uncle Olsen thought Keera and Keira were very good classmates and didn’t think much of it. He only 

frowned and said. “I have a thousand ways to kill him. 

11:46 ( 


272 “Their” Secret 

There’s no need for you to do it.” 

After saying this, Uncle Olsen suddenly looked toward the bedroom door. “Moreover, Miss South is the one who’s most entitled to deal with him.” 

Taylor began to breathe. 

He coughed and looked toward Keira. “Why didn’t you 

kill me? Kill me!” 

Keira finally regained her sanity. 

She realized that Taylor had deliberately said those things to her because he didn’t want to live anymore. 

Uncle Olsen had many ways to make life worse than death for him, so he wanted to die by her hand. 

Keira took a deep breath and said nothing. 

Taylor lay sprawled on the ground, his arms and legs outstretched. His whole body seemed to relax as he 

suddenly sneered. “I wanted to teach you one last lesson before I die, but it turns out you don’t even have the courage to kill someone. Keera, you are truly 


After finishing this sentence, he abruptly closed his 

mouth and bit down hard. 



“He’s attempting suicide!” 

The moment Uncle Olsen said this, people around him immediately rushed over, only to find that Taylor had already swallowed the poison hidden between his 


The poison acted quickly; almost immediately upon ingestion, he vomited a mouthful of black blood. 

Taylor turned his head toward the bedroom, extending his hand with a flicker of struggle in his eyes as if trying to grasp at something. “Shirley…” 

The person beside him checked and sighed. “It’s a poison that kills instantly. There’s no saving him.” 

Uncle Olsen then turned toward the bedroom and 

to Keira, “Please ask Miss South if she wants to see 

for the last time…” 

After all, he was a man who had accompanied her for more than twenty years and protected her. 

Jodie might want to send him off. 

Though Keira felt it was unnecessary, it was her 

mother’s choice, so she walked to the door and 




But there was no response from inside the room!! 

Keira was slightly stunned, knocked again, but still no one answered from inside. 

She suddenly realized something! 

That’s right… 

When Taylor kidnapped her and Keera and attempted to murder the two of them, he had accomplices, but their entry into the Olsen home had been too easy, 

faced with no resistance. 

So… where were his accomplices?! 

Uncle Olsen also realized this, and the two of them violently pushed open the bedroom door, rushing in only to find the bedroom empty. Jodie South and Aunt South were gone. 

“Search, the surroundings immediately. Lock down the entire complex!” 

Uncle Olsen ran out and shouted at the people around 


The dying Taylor on the ground suddenly shouted, “It’s them. They’ve taken Shirley! Hurry, save her, save her!!” 



His expression was anxious, clearly not expecting this 


The dying man seemed to regain vigor, sitting up from the ground and pointing next door. “The master bedroom has a secret passage that leads to the house next door. They must’ve taken Shirley there!” 

No sooner had these words fallen than Uncle Olsen was already charging out the door with his men. 

As Keira was about to follow, Taylor suddenly grabbed her pants, “Keera, save Shirley! Please save her!” 

Keira immediately looked at him, grabbing his collar. “Who are they…exactly?!” 

Taylor’s eyes widened, “They are… 

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My Accidental Husband is a Billionaire

My Accidental Husband is a Billionaire

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 3/8/2024 Native Language: English
Keira Olsen got married, but she didn't know that her husband-out-of-the-blue turned out to be the richest man! She's an illegitimate daughter who can't be recognized. She's been clawing and scrambling her way up, struggling to survive since childhood. He's the child of destiny, standing high and mighty.

My Accidental Husband is a Billionaire

The two are worlds apart in status. Everyone was waiting for Keira to be swept out the door, but all they got was a post from the richest man on his social media account: "My dear wife, can we not divorce?" Everyone was confused.  

Chapter 1 - The Husband From Heaven

  "You're already married! Why are you here to register again?! "Don't you realize it's a crime to be a bigamist?" … Keira Olsen, startled, stepped out of the courthouse, holding a just-printed marriage certificate. The man who had accompanied her here to register looked at the stunning woman and lamented, "Miss Olsen, you're already married. Why did you hire me for a sham wedding?" After saying that the deposit was non-refundable, he left in a hurry. Keira bit her lip, still reeling from the shock. She'd never even had a boyfriend. How could she possibly be married?! She lowered her head to look at the printout in her hands. In the certificate photo, the girl appeared a bit constrained with a forced smile. The mole on the corner of her eye proved that it was indeed her. As for the man... He had heavy features and a prominent nose. His thin lips curved into a faint smile as he stared into the camera lens intently as if they were piercing through the paper. His mystery and commanding presence couldn't be concealed, even in a black-and-white photo. She then looked at his name: Lewis Horton. She was certain she never met this man! What on earth was going on?!


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