My Accidental Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 409

My Accidental Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 409

409 Chapter 408 

Howard was also looking at Keira.” 

He had been unable to find a job for a long time and had been drinking and smoking every day recently. Hence, he looked so haggard it was distressing. 

Ever since he learned that Keera had revived the 

company and even started cooperating with the Olsen and Davis families, he had thought about reconciling with Keera several times. 

Unfortunately, just like his mother, he was stopped by the security guard every time. 

On a few occasions, he had snuck into the 

neighborhood at night, but as he approached Keera’s house, he was suddenly knocked out and thrown 


Fortunately, it wasn’t snowing anymore; otherwise, he could have frozen to death outside. 

But since then, he had realized that Keera must have gotten involved with some influential person, and he would never get to see her. 



409 Chapter 408 

A few days ago, someone sought him out and told him 

that Keera was actually the illegitimate daughter of the Olsen family! 

This revelation had stunned him! 

How could that be possible? 

She was an orphan adopted by the South family. How could she have such a powerful background? 

Yet, the person had given him an address and told him 

to come today to see for himself… 

When he arrived at the entrance of the banquet, a waiter grabbed him and then let him and his mother, who lacked an invitation, in. 

Now, he was finally able to see Keera again… 

The woman in front of him was still standing tall and graceful, her face as beautiful as a flower, making him wish he could slap himself! 

How could he have ever found such a Keera boring and got lured away by others? 

He was simply blind! 

Therefore, when his mother rushed forward, trying to 


409 Chapter 408 

make Keera reconsider, he didn’t stop her; he also 

wanted to remarry Keera! 

But to his surprise, his mother hadn’t even touched a hair on Keera’s head when she was immediately grabbed by bodyguards who came from nowhere. 

Two bodyguards stood in front of Keera, looking 

toward him. 

It seemed that if he dared to make any move, they would act immediately. 

The bodyguards emanated a deadly aura, and they 

were people Howard wouldn’t have dared to even look at in the past… and now they were here protecting 


Howard smiled ingratiatingly. “Keera, it’s me. Would you let me come over and have a proper talk with 


Keira just gave a cold smile, not saying anything. 

Howard’s mother continued. “Keera, you can’t just ignore your mother. I can’t get enough food or clothing living in Cindy’s house. I am your mother, and you have to take care of me!” 

409 Chapter 408. 

Keira replied with just one sentence. “I am divorced. How are you my mother?” 

Howard’s mother suddenly yelled, “Oh, so now that you’ve climbed the social ladder, you want to disown us? We’ll go to Amy, then. I’m Amy’s grandmother, and this is Amy’s father. She has a duty to provide for us!” 

Keira only found Howard’s mother shameless. 

She scoffed. “Amy is only three years old. You want her to provide for you? Sure, why don’t you try to live until she’s eighteen and can be independent!” 

Howard’s mother was shocked. 

She struggled, trying to break free from the bodyguard to give Keera a good scolding, and immediately sa “Keera, don’t go too far! We have come back to giv you a chance! You should be satisfied now! Make th bodyguards let us go so that we can take our seats at the banquet!” 

Then she looked toward Uncle Olsen. “Dear in-law, we’re family!” 

Uncle Olsen was speechless. 

He simply couldn’t bear to watch. 



409 Chapter 408 

He really didn’t know how Keera usually dealt with these two people… 

He lowered his eyes, hiding the anger in his heart. 

The real Keera had died, and he didn’t know what exactly had happened or why Keera had died under the name of Keira, and Keira was living under the 

name of Keera… 

But he knew that these two bastards had bullied his deceased daughter! 

Even the humbled life his daughter once lived was because of them. 

Yet, perversely, they were indeed the grandmother and father of his daughter’s child, and they were going to ruthlessly exploit Amy in the future… 

If that was the case, then they didn’t need to be alive after today! 

A murderous intent began to rise in Uncle Olsen’s 


Howard and his mother, however, failed to read his expression, only thinking that this high and mighty man hadn’t spoken because he might be tacitly 



409 Chapter 408 

approving their actions. 

Howard immediately turned to Keira. “Keera, I know I was wrong. I’ll break up with Cindy and come home with you!” 

Keira found it laughable. 

Victoria then said, “Keera, they are Amy’s father and grandmother, after all. You…! 

“Shut up!” 

Victoria’s words were not yet finished when James and Charles jumped up, angrily staring at her. 

Victoria immediately became aggrieved, and with a pitiful expression, she said, “I… I was just thinking th in Crera, people encourage reconciliation rather tha separation. There’s a saying, ‘It is better to demolish ten temples than to destroy one marriage. So I…” 

“That’s for others. Does this man deserve that 


James frowned and rebuked 

How could they let that happen when Keera had finally stopped doing stupid things for love? 



409 Chapter 408. 

Victoria dared not speak further, lest her intent become too obvious and be discovered…. 

Joseph’s daughter, however, let out a cold laugh. “Keera, Howard has merely made a mistake that any man could make. Why did he cheat on you? You should look for reasons within yourself. Are you not good enough? Is that why you couldn’t keep your husband?” 

Keira didn’t say anything. 

Howard then knelt on the ground. “Keera, I’ve realized my mistake. Please forgive me! Can’t we go back to being the happy family of three we once were? I promise, if we remarry, I’ll take good care of you and Amy…” 

Listening to these words, a faint light flickered in 

Keira’s eyes. 

“Sister, can you hear this? 

“This scumbag has admitted his faults. 

“If it were you, would you forgive him?” 

At the thought, Keira began to laugh, a sense of relief washing over her. 


409 Chapter 408 

Keera wouldn’t. 

She had never been infatuated with him. She had only 

married him to use that useless facade to deceive the 

South family, in hopes of gaining her freedom. 

Keira said, “Get lost!” 

At these words, Uncle Olsen waved his hand, and bodyguards stepped forward, grabbing hold of Howard 

and his mother. 

The two of them suddenly shouted. 

“Keera, if you throw us out, who are you planning to 


“Guys, listen! Keera is second-hand goods I’ve been with. I’m such trash; do you really want to pick up what I’ve discarded?” 

Howard was like a madman, completely disregarding the setting. 

He knew that the moment Keera remarried, he would lose all opportunities. 

He was playing the scoundrel now and would later coax Amy. He believed he still had a chance! 



400 Chapter 408 

Joseph’s daughter also sneered with a swollen face. “Keera, I think you should give him another chance. Remarry him! After all, besides Howard, no one else would marry you!!” 

Almost immediately after these words were uttered, a voice suddenly came from the entrance. “Who says no one would marry Miss Olsen?!” 

With that, the Horton family’s betrothal gifts finally 

made their entrance!! 


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My Accidental Husband is a Billionaire

My Accidental Husband is a Billionaire

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 3/8/2024 Native Language: English
Keira Olsen got married, but she didn't know that her husband-out-of-the-blue turned out to be the richest man! She's an illegitimate daughter who can't be recognized. She's been clawing and scrambling her way up, struggling to survive since childhood. He's the child of destiny, standing high and mighty.

My Accidental Husband is a Billionaire

The two are worlds apart in status. Everyone was waiting for Keira to be swept out the door, but all they got was a post from the richest man on his social media account: "My dear wife, can we not divorce?" Everyone was confused.  

Chapter 1 - The Husband From Heaven

  "You're already married! Why are you here to register again?! "Don't you realize it's a crime to be a bigamist?" … Keira Olsen, startled, stepped out of the courthouse, holding a just-printed marriage certificate. The man who had accompanied her here to register looked at the stunning woman and lamented, "Miss Olsen, you're already married. Why did you hire me for a sham wedding?" After saying that the deposit was non-refundable, he left in a hurry. Keira bit her lip, still reeling from the shock. She'd never even had a boyfriend. How could she possibly be married?! She lowered her head to look at the printout in her hands. In the certificate photo, the girl appeared a bit constrained with a forced smile. The mole on the corner of her eye proved that it was indeed her. As for the man... He had heavy features and a prominent nose. His thin lips curved into a faint smile as he stared into the camera lens intently as if they were piercing through the paper. His mystery and commanding presence couldn't be concealed, even in a black-and-white photo. She then looked at his name: Lewis Horton. She was certain she never met this man! What on earth was going on?!


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