My Billionaire Ex-Husband Chase Me Back Chapter 33

My Billionaire Ex-Husband Chase Me Back Chapter 33

33 Chase Her Back! (2) 

3 Chase Her Back!) (2) 

won’t come back until you bringing Bella back to our nily,” said Lewis Sinclair in his cleaclear and deep voice, ough to make Tristan’s face stiffeniffen. 

stan takes another deep, anxiousibus breath. He had ard these words from his grandpa coucountless times fore, and after five years, he never chanhanged. He still deanded Bella become part of their famiamily again. 

‘how’s that possible? 

Veneven though he was eager to chase her her back, to hear heart and mind again, she now had and thnother SeanSean Spencer. The formidable Sean SpeSpencer. 

an shawshe was with were not Sean, he would feel feel nt in his abis ability to win her back. However, with the picture,ture, it would be impossible for him t back unlessless the little boy was his son- 

his h tion to getoBetta Bella back is through the child,hild, if the child isildsis his. 

couldn’t wait wait to find out the child’s DNA NA 

but before they they could do the test, they needed dod le he had alreadycady asked Dylan and Max tox to 

33 Chase Her Back! (2) 

take care of it. 

But now, he has to handle his grandpa first. Tristan fixed his gaze on his Grandfather before responding, “Grandpa, even though I want her to return to our family, it’s impossible right now. She is already with another man.” 2 

Lewis seemed slightly disappointed. He knew it would be selfish of him to wish Bella wouldn’t marry another man and return to their family. Nevertheless, before he dies, he wishes to see Bella bearing his name again. 

“Has she married that man yet?” 

“No, not yet,” Tristan answered firmly. He knew for sure that Bella would never marry Sean. 

A smile flashes across Lewis’s face before he gives Tristan peace of mind. “Brat, where’s your confider Why are you afraid of competing with her boyfrien 

Tristan was speechless hearing his shameless Grandfather. How could he ruin Sean and Bella’s relationship? 

When Lewis saw that Tristan didn’t say anything, he continued, “Bella loves you deeply, but you’re too blind to see it. And you’re willing to divorce her just because 

33 Chase Her Back! (2) 

your parents told you to! Why you didn’t follow your heart and mind!?” ” 

Tristan, “…” 

“And seriously…why are you in such a rush to get her pregnant? She’s still young; there’s no need to rush.” Lewis narrowed his eyes at him. 

Tristan tried to speak, but his grandpa interrupted him, leaving him unable to say anything. He could only listen to his grandpa’s words, which felt like an arrow stabbing his chest. It hurt because what he said right now was all true. 

“If you apologize and pursue her sincerely, she will return to you. Trust me, she will fall for you once again. And don’t worry or be intimidated by her current boyfriend, Brat. He will run away once he knows you are also pursuing her.” 

Tristan, “… 

‘Oh, please, Grandpa. If only you knew who her boyfriend was… You will shocked.’ Tristan could only talk to himself while pretending to agree with what he said. 

“No family can match our highly regarded reputation 

23 Chanel urbank (2) 


cept the SSpencer family if you compete with thethem. 10 is the yooung man in Spencer?” he said whilchile nking, but the answered his own question a secouond er. “Ah… I remember his name, Sean. Ugh, well youyou 1 be in troubleefif Bella’s boyfriend is him.”.” 

stan received another jab from his grandpa. He toolook eep breath silently. 

s impossible for BBElla to know Sean, right? All right, ht, t… Go chase my granddaughter-in-law back.” Old id clair continued his swords, his eyes beaming with th opiness at the thoughtoof Bella returning to their cir 


stan’s expression turnedd sour upon hearing his andfather’s words, whichhhhit the nail in his heart la’s boyfriend was Sean Spencer. 

wis Sinclair frowned when he saw Tristan’s face ty 

at, don’t tell me. Bella’s boyfrienddsis Sean Spencer?” 


stantly, Lewis fell silent. His brows were furrowed as 

e was thinking about something. 

33 Chase Her Back! (2) 

After a while, a faint smile appeared on his face. He Mooked at Tristan, “Brat, you still have a chance…” 

Tristan looked at his grandpa curiously. 

‘Did he know about Bella having a child, too?’ But, he hurriedly dismissed that thought. His grandpa didn’t even know that Bella had arrived in this country. 

“How so!?” Tristan asked. 

Lewis immediately told Tristan about his chances. Instantly, a big smile appeared on Tristan’s face; he agreed with his grandpa. 

“Thank you, grandpa.” Tristan raised his thumb to praise him. 

“Go! And bring Bella back. And… can’t you do something about that woman named Kiels? Why is the media always making a fuss about you and her?” 

Tristan frowned, “I will take care of her. Don’t worry about it, Grandpa…” 

“You have to! Because if Bella finds out about her, she will hate you…” Lewis said. He stood up from his seat and dismissed Tristan. Then, he returned to his library to call his best friend, Isaac Donovan. 

33 Chase Her Back! (2) 

At Promise Hospital. 

“Grandpa, I feel sorry for him-” Bella didn’t know how to continue her sentence. She could only take a deep breath while turning her gaze outside, trying to hide her blurry eyes. 

Old Donovan could see the sadness in Bella’s eyes. He 

feels concerned about her. 

“Bella, look at me,” he asked. When Bella finally looked at him, he said. “You don’t need to feel sorry for Lewis Sinclair. This all started because of a stupid vow we made as teenagers. And, because of our stupidity, we made you suffer. Lewis is already happy with his life at Lake Village.” 

Bella tried to smile at her Grandfather’s words, but somehow, she lost the ability to say anything. 

“If you want to cheer him up, you can visit him. I have my villa next to him. We will live side by side there…” 

Even though Bella hated Tristan and his parents, she never hated or blamed Grandpa Sinclair. Because when she was still married to Tristan, Grandpa Sinclair was 

the only one who was good to her 


33 Chase Her Back! (2) 

Bella’s eyes suddenly shone brightly as she looked at her Grandfather; she nodded in response. She really wanted to meet Grandpa Sinclair. 

“This is the right time to tell her grandpa about her son,” Bella thought while she looked at the door to ensure it was closed tightly so no one would overhear what she was about to say. 

“There’s something I want to tell you, Grandpa.” 


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My Billionaire Ex-Husband Chase Me Back

My Billionaire Ex-Husband Chase Me Back

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My Billionaire Ex-Husband Chase Me Back" Arabella Donovan sacrificed her youth solely for her husband. However, he divorced her because she could not bear children for him, causing her great pain. Bella decided to disappear from his life.

My Billionaire Ex-Husband Chase Me Back

Chapter 1: Divorce

May 2018. 1
The sun had just dipped below the horizon as a Maybach sped towards Fort City's business district amid heavy rain.
Surprisingly, the main street seemed less busy as the Maybach quickly approached Platinum Restaurant.
In the passenger row, a woman in her mid-twenties couldn't contain her smile as she read the text message from her husband. How happy she was; this was the first time her husband had asked her to meet at a restaurant to celebrate their wedding anniversary. 2
Immersed with her cell phone, she didn't notice the car had already stopped.
The woman was startled to see the chauffeur opening the car door. Hurriedly, she grabbed her Birkin bag and stepped out. 1
"You can head home. I'll return with my husband," she asked the chauffeur before striding towards the building.
Brimming with happiness, she made her way toward the VIP room. However, the joy she looked forward to quickly became a nightmare when she entered the room.


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