My Billionaire Ex-Husband Chase Me Back Chapter 34

My Billionaire Ex-Husband Chase Me Back Chapter 34

34 Finally, She Could Tell Him About 


“This is the right time to tell her grandpa about her son,” Bella thought while she looked at the door to ensure it was closed tightly so no one would overhear what she was about to say. 

“There’s something I want to tell you, Grandpa.” 

“Yes, but let’s move to the seating area. Sitting here for too long makes me feel like I’m really a sick patient,” Old Donovan chuckled. 

Bella agreed and followed her grandfather to the seating area. She was amazed to see him still walking straight despite being in his late seventies. He could for someone in their late sixties if it weren’t for his wrinkled face and white hair. 


Donovan sat on the sofa, staring at Bella. “What do want to tell me?” 

“I want to introduce someone to you, Grandpa,” Bella said while flashing her warm smile, remembering her 

son Dax. 


34 Finally, She Could Tell Him About Dax 

However, just before Bella wanted to continue her sentence, she was stunned to see her grandfather’s dsaddened expression. 

Grandpa, why do you look-” Bella couldn’t finish her ntentence when she saw him interrupt her. 

ouYou already have a new boyfriend?” He asked in 


e waswasn’t against her having a new boyfriend but orried id babout her getting hurt again. And he couldn’t ear the the thought of Bella running away to another 


ella almost ost choked hearing his question. 

Jo. But, havhave a son…” She hurriedly clarified. 

ld Donovan gasgasped in surprise. He sat up straighter ith his eyes shasharp staring at Bella. 

Heaven, you… YouYou have a son!?” His eyes lit up w appiness, but suddeddenly, his expression turned sti Who’s your son’s fath father? Why didn’t you tell me you arried again!?!?” 


h my dear Bella. Hurrvell tell Grandpa. Who is the 

34 Finally, She Could Tell Him About Dax 

lucky guy who marries you?” he asked enthusiastically. 

Bella, “…” 

When Old Donovan saw her not say anything, he continued, “Where’s my great-grandson? Why didn’t you bring him here?” 

Bella becomes anxious upon hearing how loud her Grandpa’s voice is. She quickly gestures to him, urging him to lower his tone. She fears that her uncles and parents outside might overhear their conversation about her son, Dax. 

She is concerned that if they learn about Dax’s situation, her shameless uncle might decide to enter into another business deal with the Sinclair Family again. Hell no! 

“Please lower your voice, Grandpa. Please,” she be Old Donovan nodded immediately. 

“My son’s name is Daxton Donovan,” Bella paused w she saw him smiling happily – it looked like her Grandpa was pleased to hear she had given Dax his las 


“Dax is in the hotel with my nanny. Do you remember Aunty Noora? She used my nanny and now she 


34 Finally, She Could Tell Him About Dax 

become Dax’s Nanny.” She continued when she saw him nod, “I didn’t bring him here because I was afraid he witnessed what happened earlier. And I worry they will bring Dax to Sinclair to make another deal.” 

Old Donovan nodded in agreement, “You’re right. Your uncle and father are truly shameless. They might do that! Well, it’s best not to bring my great-grandson here…” He said in concern and anger with his sons. 

“I know. That’s why today I came alone to find the right time for you guys to meet. And, Grandpa, I think if you live in Lake Villa, that would be more suitable. 

Moreover, I also intend to introduce Dax to Grandpa 


“Perfect, my dear. I will ask Nick to process my discharge from the hospital. I will go straight to the Villa today,” said Old Donovan enthusiastically. He looked around for Nick but didn’t see him, “Where 


At the same time, the wardroom door opened, and Nick entered carrying several bags in his hand. 

“Nick, your Ninja skills are improving,” Old Donovan smiled. I didn’t even know you were leaving the room.” 


< 34 Finally, She Could Tell Him About Dax 

Bella, “…” 

Nick, “…” 

“Old Master, I didn’t want to disturb you chatting with Miss Bella, so I go out to buy your lunch. Sorry…” replied Nick as he placed several bags on the dining 


“Ah, you’re right, Nick. We’re hungry,” Old Donovan said while looking at Nick, “And Nick, please take care of the hospital administration. I want to go out today. We’ll go straight to Lake Villa.” 

Nick was surprised to hear that. He looked at Old Donovan. “Old Master, so fast? Did you say you will be out tomorrow?” Nick asked. 

“I didn’t have any reason to stay here. Bella has already come and will join us at the Villa tomorrow.” 

Nick nods happily, “I will do, master.” He brought something in his hand and walked closer to Bella. “Young Miss, here are ice cubes. You should compress your swollen face.” 

Bella was stunned. She completely forgot about her face. Without saying a word, she received the ice cube 

and comnragged her fane 


34 Finally, She Could Tell Him About Dax 

“Thank you, Nick. You are the best,” Bella smiled sincerely at him. 

Seeing Bella’s face, Old Donovan took another deep breath. “Are they still outside?” he asked, looking at 


“No, they all left after I asked them all to go back. I said you don’t want to see them today…” Nick said before returning to the dining table to set up lunch. 

“You did the right thing, Nick,” praised Old Donovan, always proud of his butler for handling the situation related to his foolish sons. 

Isaac Donovan regarded Nick as a part of his family. He plans to leave all his wealth to Bella and Nick. He has no intention of giving any more money to his other children as they are only interested in accumulating material possessions. 

After lunch with Grandpa and Nick, Bella immediately said goodbye. 

Bella feels bad for Sean for waiting for her for too long. She is also starting to feel tired and wants to sleep – this jetlag is now hitting her, 

However hafore leaving the warned her Crandno not 


34 Finally, She Could Tell Him About Dax 

to tell Old Sinclair about Dax. She intended to say to 

him directly. 

After closing the door behind her, Bella felt an inevitable ache in her heart as she walked down the 

empty corridor toward the elevator. She could feel her knees shaking slightly. 


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My Billionaire Ex-Husband Chase Me Back

My Billionaire Ex-Husband Chase Me Back

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My Billionaire Ex-Husband Chase Me Back" Arabella Donovan sacrificed her youth solely for her husband. However, he divorced her because she could not bear children for him, causing her great pain. Bella decided to disappear from his life.

My Billionaire Ex-Husband Chase Me Back

Chapter 1: Divorce

May 2018. 1
The sun had just dipped below the horizon as a Maybach sped towards Fort City's business district amid heavy rain.
Surprisingly, the main street seemed less busy as the Maybach quickly approached Platinum Restaurant.
In the passenger row, a woman in her mid-twenties couldn't contain her smile as she read the text message from her husband. How happy she was; this was the first time her husband had asked her to meet at a restaurant to celebrate their wedding anniversary. 2
Immersed with her cell phone, she didn't notice the car had already stopped.
The woman was startled to see the chauffeur opening the car door. Hurriedly, she grabbed her Birkin bag and stepped out. 1
"You can head home. I'll return with my husband," she asked the chauffeur before striding towards the building.
Brimming with happiness, she made her way toward the VIP room. However, the joy she looked forward to quickly became a nightmare when she entered the room.


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