My Billionaire Ex-Husband Chase Me Back Chapter 35

My Billionaire Ex-Husband Chase Me Back Chapter 35

35 Sadness 

After closing the door behind her, Bella felt an inevitable ache in her heart as she walked down the 

empty corridor toward the elevator. She could feel her knees shaking slightly. 

All the emotions he had been holding back for a long time began to torment her. Sadness, anger, and 

disappointment. It made her want to cry, but she held it in again. 

Arriving at the hospital’s main entrance, Bella took out her cell phone to call Sean. Still, before she could dial his number, she heard the sound of a car horn from a particular direction. 

When Bella noticed Sean’s car, she tried to adjust her expression before walking towards it. She didn’t want Sean to know what was going on inside her mind because of what had just happened in the hospital, especially about her father slapping and verbally abusing her. 

Bella feels ashamed to tell Sean about the way her family treats her. How embarrassing! 

35 Sadness 

“Thank you, Sean,” Bella said after she saw him open the car door for her. This man never fails to make her feel like a queen. Even though they haven’t taken their relationship into the more intimate and significant stage so far, their relationship can only be considered as very close friends who ultimately care for each 


Sean smiled at her, but a thin line slowly appeared on his forehead when he saw her red cheek. Hurriedly, he walks toward the driver and settles behind the wheels. 

He didn’t rush to ask Bella. But he waited until she finished putting on her seat belt. When he saw her sit silently, he narrowed his eyes at her. However, Bella averted her gaze and hid her slightly red and swollen 


He silently took a deep breath, sensing something terrible must have happened when she met her family. 

“Is everything alright with your meeting, Bella?” Sean asked calmly, even though he wanted to ask her directly. 

Bella turned to him with a smile, but Sean could see 


35 Sadness 

eyes were slightly red, and her smile looked forced She held back her tears. 

“Hmm, everything is fine. Grandpa is not really sick. He was only pretending.” Bella continues to explain to him about her grandfather’s condition and how he 

orchestrated his illness to trick her into returning to 

this country. 

Sean was shocked but amused at the same time by what the old Donovan did. 

“Sean, I didn’t expect that your family’s hospital could work with my Grandfather to fool me…” a soft chuckle escaped her lips. At the same time, Sean saw a small scar at the corner of her lips. 

He was even more worried and curious. 

As a soldier, Sean was used to seeing wounds, ev they were only minor marks. He could see some had slapped her cheek hard, causing her cheek to red, and her lips were likely hurt. 

Sean can’t help but ask, “Did someone slap you in the hospital?” his tone sounds worried. 

Bella, “…” 

35 Sadness 

She was rendered speechless. After she tries to hide it from him, this man still knows. Gosh! 

However, at this moment, Bella didn’t want to talk about that incident; The hurt when her father beat and humiliated her still lingered in her heart. She turned her gaze out the window to hide his blurry eyes. 

Bella could still hold back her sadness when she talked to her grandfather. But now, she felt like she couldn’t hold it in anymore. 

Tears slowly fell from the corners of her eyes. She started crying silently to express the sadness and disappointment she felt towards her father. 

Sean felt heartbroken to see her shoulders shaking and her sobs audible in the car. 

He said nothing but handed her a clean handkerchief letting her cry as much as she needed. Bella was 

surprised, but she accepted it. She took it and continued her silent crying. 

To let her cry without embarrassment, Sean turned the music radio, set the volume higher than usual, and stepped on the gas. Slowly, the vehicle left the 


< 35 Sadness 


However, not even a minute after the car left the hospital, a hand suddenly landed on his arm. He was surprised to see Bella’s delicate hand. 

Sean glanced at her. He only saw the back of her head. 

“Why? Is the music too loud?” he asked, confused. 

“N-No…The music is fine,” Bella said between her sobs while shaking her head slightly. 

Sean was confused. He focused on the road again while trying to guess what she wanted by touching his 


After a long silence, he finally smiles when he realizes something, “Aah, so, you must hate the song… alright, I will-” 

“Sean, could you choose a radio with happy or upb music, not sad music? Or, I will keep crying if you le me hear sad songs,” she said, then cried again. 

‘Fuck!!’ Sean could only curse inwardly. How could he be so insensitive? Of course, she doesn’t want to cry harder because of the sad music. He immediately 


35 Sadness 

changed the radio channel and searched for another channel that plays happy songs. 

The car drove away without anyone speaking. 

Not long after, they arrived at the Star Hotel, and Sean parked his car directly in the basement. A faint smile appeared on the corner of his lips when he saw Bella sleeping. 

Sean didn’t rush to wake her. He waited patiently while watching how beautiful her face looked when she slept. 

Seeing that she wasn’t crying anymore relieved him, although he wondered who had dared slap her. But he couldn’t force her to tell him about it. He was afraid she’d be sad again. 

Not long after, her long eyelashes trembled. She woke 

“Bella, how do you feel now? Sean asked softly. 

Bella was surprised to find that their car was parked. “Where are we?” she asked, confused. She saw them parked in the basement parking lot, and not far away, there was an elevator. 

35 Sadness 

“Star Hotel,” Sean answered. “Do you want to go up now?” He asked again, ensuring she was okay to get 

out of the car. 

After she nods, Sean immediately exits the car and gently opens the passenger door for Bella. 

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My Billionaire Ex-Husband Chase Me Back

My Billionaire Ex-Husband Chase Me Back

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 4/2/2024 Native Language: English

My Billionaire Ex-Husband Chase Me Back" Arabella Donovan sacrificed her youth solely for her husband. However, he divorced her because she could not bear children for him, causing her great pain. Bella decided to disappear from his life.

My Billionaire Ex-Husband Chase Me Back

Chapter 1: Divorce

May 2018. 1
The sun had just dipped below the horizon as a Maybach sped towards Fort City's business district amid heavy rain.
Surprisingly, the main street seemed less busy as the Maybach quickly approached Platinum Restaurant.
In the passenger row, a woman in her mid-twenties couldn't contain her smile as she read the text message from her husband. How happy she was; this was the first time her husband had asked her to meet at a restaurant to celebrate their wedding anniversary. 2
Immersed with her cell phone, she didn't notice the car had already stopped.
The woman was startled to see the chauffeur opening the car door. Hurriedly, she grabbed her Birkin bag and stepped out. 1
"You can head home. I'll return with my husband," she asked the chauffeur before striding towards the building.
Brimming with happiness, she made her way toward the VIP room. However, the joy she looked forward to quickly became a nightmare when she entered the room.


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