My Substitute CEO Bride Chapter 1205

My Substitute CEO Bride Chapter 1205

Chapter 1205 

Once the floodgates of desire were opened, it was hard to control the overflowing water. 

Looking at Nash’s fiery gaze, Melody frowned. “You’re not getting all excited again, are you?” 

Nash lifted the covers. Melody quickly pressed the towel around her and returned to her room. Nash went to the bathroom to freshen up. Suddenly realizing he did not have fresh clothes, he sent a message to Felicity asking for help to buy two sets of clothes. 

Felicity replied with a crying emoji: [I feel terrible, I don’t want to go out!] 

Nash, puzzled, replied: [What’s wrong?] 

Felicity: [I got rejected by him!] 

Nash sighed. [I think you should give up. Jaxon is determined 

continue on this path, and it’s hard to make him waver.] 

Some time passed, but Felicity did not reply again. 

After putting on her clothes, Melody entered Nash’s room. “I just recalled you don’t have any clothes. I’ll go out and buy two sets no 

Nash nodded. “Thank you!” 

Melody wrinkled her nose and pouted. “Don’t thank me!” 

Nash could not help but smile wryly. Where did that cold and aloof 

lady go? Why was there such a big contrast? She was now pure, 

eager, and a bit cute. 

Melody also felt disgusted by her own change. Blushing, she closed 

the door and went downstairs. 

Her legs felt weak, and walking was somewhat awkward. Melody was making her way to her car when she heard the sound of a car horn. It 

was Austin’s Bentley. 

Elsabeth and Tina were in the back seat whispering to each other. 

Elsabeth leaned into Tina’s ear and asked, “Tina, have you noticed 

that Melody seems to be walking a bit strangely?” 

Tina nodded. “Yeah, it’s a bit strange. Doesn’t she practice martial 

arts? Could she have fallen?” 

Elsabeth rolled her eyes. “Forget it. There’s no use explaining these 

things to a single person like you!” 

Austin suddenly said from the driver’s seat, “What she means is that 

Melody slept with Nash last night!” 

“Mind your own business!” Elsabeth slapped Austin’s shoulder. 

Tina sighed deeply. “Out of the three of us, I’m the most innocent. 

Elsabeth nudged Tina with her elbow. “Why don’t you talk to Melody and see if you can share Nash?” 

“Excuse me? Do you hear what you’re saying? Such wolfish words!” Tina pinched Elsabeth’s leg. She suddenly felt worried for Melody. “I hope Nash loves her as much as his wife.” 

Melody was formerly a billionaire, a powerful woman in the Xanthalos business world. Now, she was sharing another woman’s husband. 

Who would believe such a thing? 

Elsabeth said in a deep voice, “Melody is smart. She must’ve chosen the right path. Maybe only someone like Nash is worthy of her!” 

Last night, the three of them went to a regular haunt to eat. Austin had learned more about Nash from Atlas. Atlas’ exact words were, Even the top superstar, Sienna, and the Jackson family’s beauty, 

Lana, wants to be his woman.” 

Melody reached the car and Elsabeth hurriedly got out to help.” 

Darling, are you alright?” she asked knowingly. 

“I-I accidentally sprained my foot!” Melody explained with a blush. 

Elsabeth could not help but smile at the excuse. She did not want to expose her, though, and just said, “Can you still go to work?” 

“I’m not going to work today. I need to buy two sets of clothes.” Melody shook her head. 

“You’re going to buy clothes despite walking like this? That man is t ruthless!” Tina was somewhat displeased. Although Nash had be kind to her family, he should not have hurt her best friend like this. 

“He has no clothes to wear. He’s still naked now.” Melody’s face turned even redder as she thought of Nash’s embarrassing situation. 

She also found it somewhat amusing. 

“Get in, then. We’ll help you buy them later. You can rest in the car for 

now.” Elsabeth fastened Melody’s seatbelt and then sat in the 

passenger seat. Austin started the car, and they headed off. 


Chapter 1205 

Upstairs, Nash was engaged in a call with Stellar. “Nash, do you know about the Southern Martial Alliance?” 

“Yeah, I do.” 

“This is a big deal. The National Martial Bureau is backing them. Your 

father suspects that they might be related to the Netherworld Holy Sect,” Stellar said solemnly.

My Substitute CEO Bride

My Substitute CEO Bride

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"My Substitute CEO Bride" is a romantic novel that unfolds as a determined protagonist steps into the corporate world, facing unexpected challenges. Amidst professional complexities, a marriage of convenience emerges, weaving a tale of love, ambition, and unforeseen connections.

My Substitute CEO Bride   The master descended from the mountain to fulfill his marriage contract, but was rejected by the eldest young lady. Unexpectedly, the second young lady of the house was willing to substitute for her cousin and marry the husband.. My Substitute CEO Bride Novel review My Substitute CEO Bride" is a romantic novel that revolves around the intriguing dynamics of corporate life and unexpected romance. The story unfolds as a capable yet unconventional woman finds herself thrust into the corporate world, assuming the role of CEO as a substitute. As she navigates the challenges of corporate leadership, she encounters a charismatic and enigmatic counterpart. The narrative explores the complexities of their professional and personal relationship, blending elements of business intrigue with the emotional nuances of romance. The characters grapple with professional expectations, personal growth, and the unpredictable nature of love, making "My Substitute CEO Bride" a captivating journey through the intersections of work and romance, revealing how unexpected circumstances can lead to profound transformations in both the boardroom and matters of the heart.


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