My Substitute CEO Bride Chapter 1206

My Substitute CEO Bride Chapter 1206

Chapter 1206 

Nash’s heart stirred. “How much do you know about the Netherworld 

Holy Sect?” 

Stellar shook his head as he replied, “I don’t know much either, but it’s 

a very sinister organization. The hitman who hurt your father is an up- 

and-coming general your father personally promoted. 

“He holds considerable power and influence in the Northern Territory. 

He hardly ever leaves the place, but it turns out he’s a member of the 

Netherworld Holy Sect.” 

Nash narrowed his eyes at that. “Could he have been groomed by the 

Netherworld Holy Sect since childhood?” 

“That possibility can’t be ruled out. Your father even suspects that 

some of the military leaders in the other three territories mig 

be members of the Netherworld Holy Sect,” Stellar revealed. 

Nash took a deep breath. “Recently, the Divine Strategy Squadro 

approached me. They said I’ll be able to obtain more information 

about the Netherworld Holy Sect if I join them.” 

Nash was not very familiar with official forces like the Divine Strate 

Squadron, nor did he fully trust Hendrix, so he had planned to ask f his father’s opinion. 

“Let me ask the Warden for you,” Stellar replied softly. 

“Has he been very busy?” Nash asked curiously. He wondered why his father always had Stellar pass along his messages. 

Chapter 1206 

“Have you not been following the news about the warzones?” Stellar asked with a smile. 

“I haven’t been paying much attention,” Nash admitted. 

“Your father is currently on the battlefield. Communication from the frontlines can only come through telegrams,” Stellar explained. 

“My dad is on the battlefield, yet you’re still here?” Nash joked with a 


“Military bureaucracy is like a mountain. Your father asked me to guard the base, so I can only stay at the base.” 

“Alright, I have something to attend to. We’ll talk later if I have the 


Nash ended the call, the smile on his face slowly fading. He could not 

tell if his gut was playing tricks on him or not, but something felt off 

about Stellar. 

He took out his phone and searched for news from the wa prominent headline caught his eye: [Warden of the Northern T Philix Xing, leads 200,000 troops to seize Seville Island.] 

“He really went to the front lines.” Nash frowned. As a comman general, should he not be strategizing from behind the scenes ra 

than risking himself in battle? 

Another ten minutes later, Nash received another unfamiliar call. Th 

time, it was from Capiton. 

“Nash, it’s me, Carlos. Why is it so hard to reach you?” 

“Mr. Lexington, 1, was supposed to pick you up, but I can’t leave right now. Please check into the Empire Hotel first.” 


Nash then called Eric to ask him to help settle Carlos. After that, he 

called Hera. She had gone for a prenatal check-up. She even sent Nash a recording of the baby’s heartbeat. Nash was very excited. 

Suddenly, Hera asked, “Did you do it with Melody last night?” 

Nash remained silent for a moment before replying, “I did.” 

“Was she good?” 

“She was alright.” 

“Treat her well. Love her as you love me.” 

“Of course, I’m not a scumbag. I’ll take responsibility for you both.” 

Hera then started cheekily sending Nash some sexy photos, al 

with voice messages of her teasing him coquettishly. She had e 

recorded her heavy breathing. Nash was soon left feeling dry- 

mouthed and burning with desire. 

Hera giggled and said, “Wait for Melody to come back. Have her 

extinguish your fire!” 

Nash replied, “Wifey, you’re getting naughtier.” 

“Do you like it?” Hera asked back naughtily. 

“Of course, I like it. No matter what you’re like, I’ll still like you!” 

At around 11:00 am, Melody finally returned. She bought over ten sets of clothes. Elsabeth, Tina, and Austin were all carrying bags as they 

entered the villa! 

“Melody, you’ve never been this generous to us before. It’s like you wanted to empty out the clothing store!” Elsabeth sat on the couch, tapping her legs and grumbling. 

Melody was a wealthy woman, no doubt. She had spent nearly two million on clothes, pants, and shoes. Elsabeth was jealous. 

Austin had never been this generous when buying gifts for her, but upon further thought, she realized Nash did not hesitate to send Melody 20 billion when she was short of money either. Considering 

this, there was nothing much she could say. 

Tina pulled Elsabeth to leave, saying “Let’s go. They’re in their 

honeymoon phase. Let’s not disturb them!” 

“You guys have been saying that the entire time! Doesn’t if 


My Substitute CEO Bride

My Substitute CEO Bride

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"My Substitute CEO Bride" is a romantic novel that unfolds as a determined protagonist steps into the corporate world, facing unexpected challenges. Amidst professional complexities, a marriage of convenience emerges, weaving a tale of love, ambition, and unforeseen connections.

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