My Substitute CEO Bride Chapter 1367

My Substitute CEO Bride Chapter 1367

Chapter 1367 

“I’m dizzy. Did I make this trip for nothing?” Skadi said dejectedly. 

“Find a room and rest for now. You can go see Hera once she wakes 


Nash had already booked all the rooms on this floor of the Jonford 

Grand Hotel. 

Skadi nodded, then stared at Nash and asked, “Nash, who exactly did 

you provoke? These people seem more terrifying than any enemy 

we’ve encountered before!” 

The level of destruction they brought implied they held no regard for 

Drakonian law. Such enemies were the most fearsome. 

Nash sighed. “It’ll bring no good for you to know too much.” With that, 

he turned around and started making his way to Melody’s room 

Skadi pursed her lips in response. “How secretive. Fine, keep yo 


Melody had sold her villa online and was now browsing new villa 

districts when the doorbell rang. She opened the door and asked with 

concern, “How’s Hera? Is she alright?” 

“She’s fine. She’s already asleep. What are you up to?” Nash entered 

the room. 

“I’m looking at villas. We lost Royal Bay, so we need to find a new home.” 

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Melody pulled Nash to the window and pushed him down into a chair. 

“Take a look at this district called Gladwell. It’s developed by 

Northway Real Estate. They’ve got riverside villas. You can book one 

in ten days!” 

Nash browsed through the site with the mouse. Gladwell was 10.5 

kilometers north of Baroque’s headquarters and 12 kilometers south 

of Jonford City Center. 

Just a kilometer outside the villa area was a subway station. It took 

only about 30 minutes by subway from the villa area to Southern 

Heaven Pharmaceuticals. 

“It’s quite nice. The location and surrounding facilities are excellent, 

and the river view is beautiful” 

“I think it’s much prettier than Royal Bay,” Nash commented sincerely. 

Melody chuckled. “Of course. The villas there are divided into th 

levels in terms of pricing-one billion, 1.5 billion, and two billion. 

villas at the foot of the mountain are priced the same as the mo 

expensive villas in Royal Bay!” 

“Which company does Northway Real Estate belong to?” 

Worried that the villas would be snatched up by property speculators, Nash decided to take action first. With his current reputation in the business world, buying a few villas in advance should not be a problem, right? 

“Northway Real Estate is a subsidiary of Eastjon Group… And Eastjon Group is a part of Yelzog’s business empire,” Melody’s voice lowered somewhat in the last sentence. She knew about Nash’s strained 

relationship with Yelzog. 

“It just had to be his, huh? Couldn’t it have been someone else’s?” Nash was utterly speechless. Although Yelzog would probably show him some courtesy, he did not want to ask Yelzog for anything. 

Melody smiled and said, “Then we’ll wait for the opening day and try our luck. If we can buy one, great; if not, we’ll look elsewhere. After all, 

there are many riverside villas downstream in Majon.” 

Nash nodded. “That’s all we can do.” 

Just then, Brian called Nash. 

“Grandmaster, do you have a moment?” 

“Yes, what’s up?” 

“Yesterday, there was a collapse at Royal Bay. There are several 

critically injured patients here who are beyond our capabilities 

like to ask for your help,” Brian said, his voice hoarse and we 

had not slept since last night. 

“Alright, I’ll come take a look.” 

After hanging up the phone, Nash briefly informed Melody before 

rushing to the hospital. 

The residents of Royal Bay were either wealthy or influential. Helping 

them would help Hera gain more connections. 

At the Blancos’ residence, which was situated in Silverton in the 

province of Eastjon, Yelzog and his family of eight were having their 

meal. There were four servants just attending to the dining alone. 

The dining room was comparable to the living room of an ordinary 

villa, with huge floor-to-ceiling windows offering a panoramic view of Eastjon. Eastjon was not only the name of the provincial capital but 

also the name of a river. 

Velzog’s father, Ishmael, frowned as he said, “There’s something fishy 

about the collapse at Royal Bay.” 

My Substitute CEO Bride

My Substitute CEO Bride

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"My Substitute CEO Bride" is a romantic novel that unfolds as a determined protagonist steps into the corporate world, facing unexpected challenges. Amidst professional complexities, a marriage of convenience emerges, weaving a tale of love, ambition, and unforeseen connections.

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