My Substitute CEO Bride Chapter 1370

My Substitute CEO Bride Chapter 1370

Chapter 1370 

Eva did not even glance at the contract. She simply said, “In the 

absence of the chairperson, I’m the acting chairperson and have the authority to handle any company matters.” 

Sydney and Queenie became nervous when they heard this. Was Eva 

going to be pressured into accepting their proposal? 

The two women clenched their fists tightly, their eyes reddening as 

tears welled up in them. They looked like could burst into tears at any 

moment. For the past two months, they had sacrificed almost 

everything for Southern Heaven Pharmaceuticals. 

Were they going to hand everything over just as the company had launched its first three products now? 

“I knew Eva wasn’t a good person. Ms. Lewis shouldn’t have trusted 

her,” Derek spat out the words coldly 

Yasmin glared at Derek. “Can you stop talking nonsense? Eva is not 

like that!” 

Derek snorted. “Isn’t it obvious? She’s already admitted that she has 

the power to make decisions!” He pursed his lips and fell silent. 

Frances smirked and said, “A wise man knows when to yield. Actually, handing over the prescriptions would be beneficial to you. You should understand the principle of ‘innocent until proven guilty; to suspect is 

to betray’. 

“Since you have the power to make decisions, Miss Eva, why don’t you 

sign the contract?” 

Eva reached out and took the contract. 

“Eva…” Sydney’s voice trembled. 

She admired Eva’s work ethic, but she could not understand why Eva would bow down to the Sinopharm Office. 

Eva picked up the contract and tore it into pieces while staring at Frances coldly. “You should’ve just come to Southern Heaven 

Pharmaceuticals to steal our prescriptions. Why bother with these hypocritical excuses? 

“I’ve worked at the Great Eastern Tower for three years and have met 

mány important figures, even some shameless ones. But I’ve never 

met anyone as shameless as you! You’ve taken shamelessness to 

the extreme!” 

“You… You…” 

Frances’ eyes widened before he glared at Eva fiercely. What was she 

doing? How dare she tear up the contract and insult him? Where did 

she get the courage from? 

“Eva… You scared us!” Queenie cried grievously. 

Sydney pursed her lips before bursting into tears of laughter. 

Derek smirked. “I knew it. How could anyone following Ms. Lewis 

possibly be two-faced?” 

Suddenly, there was the loud slamming of fists against the table as 

Frances roared furiously, “This is outrageous… Outrageous!” 

Several bodyguards immediately rushed into the room. 

“I’ll call your chairperson right now and demand she come see me immédiately. Otherwise, none of you will be able to leave!” Frances roared again. 

Eva chuckled. “You’re not even going to pretend anymore? Just going straight for the robbery?” 

“You’re insolent! The ancient Drakonjan formulas belong to the nation by default. What is this robbery you speak of?” sneered the man 

beside Frances, who was none other than Seth Weaver, the head of a 

pharmaceutical family in Capiton. 

Three of Southern Heaven Pharmaceuticals’ products were already up in the market. Although there was not a huge response yet, their 

effectiveness spoke for itself. With word-of-mouth spreading, it would 

not be long before they made waves in the medical community. 

Hence, Seth joined forces with his former classmate, Frances, to 

out the prescriptions from Southern Heaven Pharmaceuticals. If 

soft approach did not work, they would resort to hard tactics. 

Eva smiled faintly. “This is City Hall, you know?” 

Frances sneered, “Frankly, I’ve been friends with the governor of 

Jonford for over a decade. Setting aside everything else, even with his 

authority, he isn’t even worthy of polishing my shoes!” 

Seth smirked confidently. The governor would abstain from getting 

involved in this matter. He had already made an excuse and left for a 

business trip yesterday morning. 

Since Sydney could not reach the governor, she sent a message to 

her grandfather. 

Grant quickly responded: [The Sinopharm Office is an official 

organization of Capiton. I’m helpless in this matter. How about this? I’ll send a top-notch lawyer over. If that doesn’t work, we’ll resort to legal means.] 

A top-notch lawyer? What good would that do? 

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My Substitute CEO Bride

My Substitute CEO Bride

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