My Substitute CEO Bride Chapter 1371

My Substitute CEO Bride Chapter 1371

Chapter 1371 

Would they dare be so arrogant if they feared the law? 

Queenie contacted her grandfather as well. 

However, Walter’s only response was, “Miss Winnie here. The 

chairman is in a meeting and will only be available three days later!” 

Hah! \ 

A three-day-long meeting? 

Did Miss Winnie not just apply for time off so that she could return home to get married yesterday? 

Eva drew in a deep breath and narrowed her eyes as she said, “Do you really want our chairperson to come over?” 

Frances sneered. “Do I sound like I’m joking?” 

Eva did not say anything else and merely retrieved her phone so tha 

she could call Hera. She put her on loudspeaker. 

Hera, who was only half awake, asked lazily, “What’s going on, Eva?” 

Eva repeated what the Sinopharm Office had in mind. 

After a brief silence, Hera asked, “Where?” 

“Conference Room 9203, It’s on the ninth floor of the municipal 



That was all Hera said before she hung up the phone. 

A slight smilé appeared on Frances face. From the sounds of it, the chairperson of Southern Heavens Pharmaceuticals was still young and was probably too afraid to say too much because they were intimidated by the Sinopharm Office 

A tense atmosphere settled over the conference room. 

The clerk brought in fresh tea twice. 

20 minutes later. 

Hera and Nash arrived at the municipal building. 

Nash was feeling annoyed. 

He had only managed to cure eight out of the dozen critically ill patients at the hospital. 

Night was falling, and his initial plan had been to leave the hospi once everyone had received treatment. Yet, Hera had called and sa the Sinopharm Office was causing trouble. 

He had no choice but to stabilize the remaining patients’ vitals for the time being so that he could accompany his wife to the municipal building. 

They were just about to enter the elevator when Henderson called him. His voice trembled as he said, “Dr. Calcraft, my father doesn’t have a pulse again…” 

Nash asked impatiently, “Which ward is your father in?” 

“Ward 8 on the third floor!” Henderson immediately replied. 

“The one whose heart got pierced by the steel bar, right? Don’t worry, he won’t die. I’ll fix his heart later. Don’t touch the golden needles on his body!” 

“Alright, alright. Thank you, Dr. Calcraft!” Henderson hurriedly thanked 


Nash realized Hera was staring at him after he hung up the phone. 

“Is there something on my face?” 

Nash gazed at his reflection through his phone. “I don’t think there’s anything.” 

Hera pursed her lips as she said, “Didn’t you say you were all done?” 

Nash had texted her earlier and said he was at the hospital saving 

  • lives. 

When she woke up once more and texted him to ask if he was he immediately replied that he had time on his hands. 

That was why she called and asked him to accompany her to the 

municipal building. 

However, the fact that Nash was still taking calls and saying he would head to the hospital later made it obvious he still had plenty to 


“I’m almost done. It’s just a couple of patients that I can deal with in no time!” Nash said as he grinned. 

“Saving lives is much more important. You shouldn’t have left the 

hospital if you were still busy. I could’ve taken care of things myself!” 

Hera was extremely touched, but she did not want him to put others’ lives at risk just for her sake. 

“Your matters will always take the greatest importance. I’ve already stabilized those patients’ vitals. The Grim Reaper won’t be able to take their lives even if he tried!” Nash said as he wrapped an arm 

around Hera’s slender waist. 

As the elevator arrived on the ninth floor, solemn expressions appeared on the couple’s faces as they strode toward Conference 

Room 203. 

Several guards working for Southern Heaven Pharmaceuticals were 

still stationed at the door. 

The minute they saw Hera, they lowered their heads and called out, 

Hello, Ms. Hera!” 

They had to make sure Hera received all the honor and respect 


Eva, of her own accord, got out of her chair and pulled it over so t 

Hera could have it instead. 

Hera did not bother with any pleasantries. A frosty expression settled 

across her features as she turned to Frances and asked, “So, I heard 

you’re trying to acquire Southern Heaven Pharmaceuticals’ 


Frances was stunned. This woman did not seem the slightest bit 

intimidated by the fact he was from the Sinopharm Office. 

Seth frowned. “Ms. Hera, do you know who you’re speaking to right 


My Substitute CEO Bride

My Substitute CEO Bride

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