My Substitute CEO Bride Chapter 1372

My Substitute CEO Bride Chapter 1372

Chapter 1372 

“Oh? Aren’t I speaking to Deputy Chief Garcia of the Sinopharm Office?” 

Hera gave Seth a calm look. 

She had already found out who Frances was when she was scheduling emails to be sent to the Sinopharm Office. 

She also knew who Seth, the man speaking to her, was. 

He was from one of Capiton’s second-tier elite families, which was Cranked behind the Mare family. 

This was information Eva had provided her with after she took over Southern Heaven Pharmaceuticals. 

“If you already know that he’s the deputy chief of the Sinopharm Office, how dare you treat him with such disrespect? 

“Is this the sort of manners that an entrepreneur is supposed to have?” 

Seth narrowed his eyes as he spoke condescendingly. 

“How dare you lecture me about manners?” 

“You’re the ones who invited Southern Heaven Pharmaceuticals for a \\meeting, but despite being the invitee, you have not displayed any of 

the respect that I deserve. 

“You’ve been glued to your chairs ever since I entered the room. 

Those who don’t know better would think that you’re interrogating a 

criminal suspect! 

“Also, who cares if he’s the deputy chief? Given the way you’re acting, I wouldn’t treat him with any more respect even if he were the chief!” 

Hera leaned back into her chair and gave them all indignant glares. 

Seth sneered. “You’ve got a smart mouth. Is this how your parents taught you to do business?” 

Hera’s eyebrows furrowed themselves together slightly. “Is this how your parents taught you to treat others?” 

Then, she added, “Not knowing how to do business is normal. However, not knowing how to treat others with respect is abnormal!” 

Seth’s face turned red from anger. “Bastard… You bastard…” 

Nash raised an eyebrow before he turned to Derek. “Rip his mouth from his face, Derek!” 

“Sure thing…” 

Derek’s temper had already been flaring up. 

If not for the fact he was worried Hera and Eva would dock his pay, would have already thrown hands. 

Now that Nash had given him the order, he raced over without hesitation. He first slapped Seth in the face twice before he hooked 

his fingers against Seth’s lips and began tugging sideways. 

“Ouch… Murder… Help!” 

Seth let out a blood-curdling scream 

The men from the Sinopharm Office jumped to their feet in fright. 

Frances roared, “How dare you? Stop! Stop right now…”. 

Derek paid them no attention. A cold glint appeared in his eyes as he abruptly began using even more force, causing two long gashes to appear on both sides of Seth’s lips. 

Seth covered his face with his hands as he stuttered, a furious look appearing in his eyes. 

Frances pointed at Derek and roared, “Y-You’re done for! You’ll be thrown into jail for deliberately injuring someone!” 

As he spoke, he grabbed his phone and began dialing the Inspection Office’s number. 

Seth used one hand to cover his face and the other to tug on Franc shirt as he groaned. “Get the prescriptions first…” 

It would be difficult for them to get their hands on the prescription the inspectors were watching. 

Frances returned to his senses and stared at Hera as he said, “I 

believe Ms. Sonders made herself clear when she spoke to you on the phone, Ms. Hera. 

“Southern Heaven Pharmaceuticals’ prescriptions are all 

prescriptions from ancient Drakonia Handing them over will only bring you good outcomes!” 

“I won’t do it!” Hera said without hesitation. 

“You have two choices. Either you sell these prescriptions to us at a 

price of two billion for one, or you get to take a 5% cut of our net earnings!” Francés was also beginning to understand he would never get his hands on the prescriptions if he were too nice. 

“Do you not understand English? I already told you I won’t do it. You can bring your men from the Sinopharm Office to fight me at Southern Heaven Pharmaceuticals, though!” Hera said as she got out of the chair. 

“Meeting adjourned. Let’s go!” 


“Did I say you could go?” 

Frances sneered as eight bodyguards immediately moved to stand in front of the exit. 

Hera narrowed her eyes. “My husband is very fierce. I would ad you to get out of the way before he loses his temper.” 

Frances looked at Nash. “Are you her husband?” 

Nash smiled slightly. “How can I help you?” 

“Your wife said you’re very fierce. I’m interested in witnessing tha 


My Substitute CEO Bride

My Substitute CEO Bride

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"My Substitute CEO Bride" is a romantic novel that unfolds as a determined protagonist steps into the corporate world, facing unexpected challenges. Amidst professional complexities, a marriage of convenience emerges, weaving a tale of love, ambition, and unforeseen connections.

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