My Substitute CEO Bride Chapter 1374

My Substitute CEO Bride Chapter 1374

Chapter 1374 

Salvatore had become much flashier than he used to be. 

He was wearing both gold and silver-colored jewelry, a Rolex Submariner Green Dial worth over 300 grand, and was decked from head-to-toe in designer clothing. A Cuban cigar dangled from his lips as he strutted forward confidently, looking as cocky as could be. 

He wanted to be lowkey, but his powers would not allow that. 

Control over Jonford’s underground forces was divided into two. 

Xeno controlled 60% of them, while he controlled the remaining 40%. 

The businesses under his name had expanded from just a freight company to various entertainment companies including karaoke joints, hotels, ice rinks, and cybercafes. 

His assets were worth well over a hundred billion dollars, and the number of men under his command had increased from its initial several hundred to nearly one thousand. 

There were only three parties left in Jonford that he did not dare offend-Hera, the government officials, and Xeno. 

How could he be lowkey when he had that much power? 

“It’s me!” 

Hera spoke calmly as she gazed at Salvatore. 

She rarely was in contact with Salvatore, since most of her dealings. 

were done with Xeno. 

Salvatore had always wanted to butter her up, but she found Xeno 

more pleasant. 

H-Hera Lewis! 

Salvatore jumped, nearly throwing his back out as he did so. 

She was the most famous Lady Demon in Jonford. Even Xeno obeyed her every command. 

Nash added, “And me!” 

Salvatore shuddered violently as he turned to look at Nash. 

What the hell… It was Nash! 

The Lady Demon’s man, Nash Calcraft. 

Hera had managed to become the woman she was today bec she had the support of her terrifying husband. 

That was the man who had taken out the Green Bamboo Associa and he was the reason why the Elite Families of Jonford bowed do 

to Hera. 

Moreover, Nash was also how he had attained the position he held today. 

“You’ve finally arrived, Salvatore. These are the people who beat me up just now!” 

Frances clasped his hands behind his back as he strode toward Salvatore, gazing frostily at Hera and her man as he did so. 

Salvatore slapped Frances across the face. 

“Salvatore, you…” 

Fránces was stunned. 

Seth and the other three men from the Sinopharm Office were 

stunned too. 

Salvatore slapped Frances again. 

Fucking hell! 

Frances dragged Salvatore into the mess he had gotten himself into? Why had Nash not beaten Frances to death yet? 

“M-Mr. Nash, Ms. Hera… I’m sorry, I didn’t know it was you!’ 

Salvatore stuttered, his body trembling as his legs shook violently. He looked like he was about to fall to his legs at any moment. 

All of Salvatore’s men, who were gathered at the door, lowered heads as well. 

They were not embarrassed by him. 

After all, Salvatore would display Hera’s picture during their daily morning meetings and tell them there were three parties they coul not afford to offend in Jonford. “Hera Lewis, the government officials, and Xeno Hun!” 

Then, he would add, “Why am I mentioning Hera’s name first? Well, it’s because she’s even more powerful than the government is. Even Governor Jade Townsend and Chief Henderson Zink bow down to 


As time passed, Salvatore’s men soon committed Hera’s name and 

face to memory. She was someone they could not afford to cross. 

“Mr. Nash? Ms. Hera? Salvatore, have you gone mad? You’re one of the most influential underground leaders!” 

Frances still had no idea what was happening and merely thought Salvatore had lost his mind.- 

“Shut up if you don’t want to die. I’ll kill you if you make another sound!” 

Salvatore glared at Frances. 

Immediately, it was evident how he managed to hold so much control over the underground forces. 

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My Substitute CEO Bride

My Substitute CEO Bride

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"My Substitute CEO Bride" is a romantic novel that unfolds as a determined protagonist steps into the corporate world, facing unexpected challenges. Amidst professional complexities, a marriage of convenience emerges, weaving a tale of love, ambition, and unforeseen connections.

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