My Substitute CEO Bride Chapter 1375

My Substitute CEO Bride Chapter 1375

Chapter 1375 

He was 42 this year and had only been 18 when he first arrived at Jonford. 

Jonford had been in a state of chaos 20 years ago, and he had slowly made his way upward amidst this chaos. 

If Xeno did not have Theo Skye on his side, the happenings of Jonford would have nothing to do with him. 

“Deputy Chief Garcia… It seems like the men you’ve summoned aren’t very powerful either?” 

Hera slowly got out of her chair. Nash hurried forth to help her get up. He was terrified that his wife, who was two months pregnant, might/ accidentally hurt herself. 

“Hmph… Looks like some things never change. Gangsters will r go against government officials, no matter how powerful they a just made a call to Henderson Zink, the chief inspector of Jonfor Inspection Office. You guys won’t be able to leave today!” 

Despite the pompous statements Frances made, he was feeling somewhat rattled. 

He had never expected Hera to be on better terms with Salvatore than 

he was. 

Luckily, that was not the only trick he had up his sleeve. It was unlikely that Henderson was on Hera’s side as well, right? 

He and Henderson’s wife grew up in the same town. Given that, 

Frances should be treated with utmost respect from Henderson’s side. 

“What’s going on? What are you all doing here? Go away!” 

A dignified-sounding voice rang out from the corridor. 

Salvatore’s men, who were standing at the door, hurriedly scurried away. 

was just as Frances had said. Gangsters would never go against government officials no matter how powerful they were, and they would obey every command given. 

Henderson walked in with a dozen uniformed inspection officers. 

He immediately noticed Nash and Hera. 

Nash had mentioned he had run into some trouble just now. 

It turned out that this was the trouble he had been referring to. 

Of all the people Frances could choose to cross, he had chos cross Nash. 

If it were not for this man, his father might not have regained 


“Henderson, you’re finally here! I was so badly mistreated!” 

Frances opened his mouth and pointed at the gap where his tooth had been as he said, “See? My tooth got knocked out, and my face is swollen from the beating I got. You’ve got to avenge me…” 

Seth hurried forth and whined, “I’ve got gashes on my face!” 

Frances pointed at Nash and said angrily, “It was him… That bastard…” 

“Preposterous. How dare you insult Mr. Calcraft?” 

Henderson slapped Frances so hard that he ended up spinning on the 

spot twice before spitting a couple more teeth from his mouth. 

That slap had had a lot of force packed into it, and it was partly because he was holding a personal grudge. 

Nash may have killed a lot of people, but they were all people who deserved to die. 

As for Nash’s morals, well, there was nothing doubtful about that. Brian had only needed to make one call to him before he immediately headed over to People’s Hospital to help save lives. 

The lives Nash had saved belonged to those who were severely injured and were on the brink of death because there was nothin else the hospital could do. 

As for Hera… Well, she was one of Jonford’s newly minted entrepreneurs who had monopolized the chip production industry had just paid over 80 million dollars in taxes last month. 

He could not, for the life of him, imagine how someone like them could be bothered to bully people from the Sinopharm Office. 

It was probably the men from the Sinopharm Office who were dumb and wanted to bully Hera instead. 

Frances was stunned. 

Seth struggled to catch his breath as he took several steps backward. 


These were the men that Frances had summoned to help him? 

Even an idiot would be able to tell that they were on Hera’s side. 

How had Hera managed to pull that off? 

Frances refused to give up just yet. His eyes bulged as he roared,” Hera Lewis, don’t think that you can do as you please just because you’ve got Salvatore and Henderson on your side…” 

Hera laughed at Frances. “Weren’t you the ones who called them over?” 

Frances scoffed. “So what if you’ve got a lot of power in Jonford? All it’ll take is one call from me before Southern Heaven 

Pharmaceuticals ceases operations!” 

When Seth realized what Frances was doing, he decided to go all out 

too. “The Weaver family of Capiton will also do everything in its power to crush Southern Heaven Pharmaceuticals!” 

Frances had already taken out his phone, and his fingers tremble he began making a phone call. 

He was calling the chief of the Sinopharm Office. 

He wanted to place sanctions on Southern Heaven Pharmaceuticals Seth also took his phone out so that he could video call his family. 

My Substitute CEO Bride

My Substitute CEO Bride

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"My Substitute CEO Bride" is a romantic novel that unfolds as a determined protagonist steps into the corporate world, facing unexpected challenges. Amidst professional complexities, a marriage of convenience emerges, weaving a tale of love, ambition, and unforeseen connections.

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