My Substitute CEO Bride Chapter 1376

My Substitute CEO Bride Chapter 1376

Chapter 1376 

At the Sinopharm Office in Capiton, Wystan Sloan was hosting the Lord of Henley, Isaac Sloan. 

Wystan was a branch family member of the Sloans and ranked above Isaac in the family hierarchy. 

However, Isaac was a pompous man and disregarded everyone from the branch families. The main family members were the only people he thought of as family. 

After all, his hard work was the reason the Sloan family had achieved the status it holds today. 

In fact, Wystan had only managed to join the Sinopharm Office and become chief because he was the Lord of Henley. 

Wystan might rank higher in the family hierarchy, but the way he treated Isaac made it seem like he actually ranked lower. His hands trembled slightly as he poured Isaac a cup of tea, and he smiled flatteringly. 

“I looked into Southern Heaven Pharmaceuticals, which you brought up the other day. The three products they have do indeed show effects extremely quickly. Rumors that it only takes a day for effects 

to show are true. 

“If we become a distributor of Southern Heaven Pharmaceuticals’ 

products, we’d be raking in the gold!” 

Isaac merely glanced at Wystan before saying, “I’m not here because 

of this!” 

Chapter 1376 


He had never doubted the power of the medicinal recipes Nash 


Besides, Isadora had already made her way over to Jonford. There 

was no doubt the deal would be sealed. 

Stunned, Wystan tugged his lips upward into a forced smile as he said, “Well, you aren’t here just to have some tea with me, are you?” 

Isaac picked up his cup and blew at the rising steam before saying calmly, “I’m here to ask you for a favor. If you pull this off, I’ll have your family included in the main Sloan family branch!” 

That caught Wystan’s attention. “We’re family here. Tell me what you need help with. I’ll get it done!” 

The Lord of Henley, otherwise known as Lord Isaac of the Nine 

States, had created a whole new family tree after making it big. 

That was the main branch of the Sloan family tree. 

If you were part of the Sloan family tree’s main branch, you and your 

descendants would never have to worry about feeding or clothing yourself ever again. You would also be showered with all sorts of luxuries others could only dream of. 

It was everything that the branch family members ever dreamed of. 

Six years ago, the Blackburn branch of the Sloan family had been made part of the main family branch. 

Now, they had become one of Blackburn’s most elite families, with a 

net worth of over 200 billion dollars. 

Chapter 1376 


There were nine elite families in Blackburn, but none of them dared 

show the Sloans any disrespect. 

The reason for that was none other than because they had the 

support of the Lord of Henley. 

Isaac took a small sip of tea before saying, “Southern Heaven 

Pharmaceuticals will be setting up a branch office in Capiton 

sometime in the future. Help them get things prepared in advance, 

including the land, workers, imported machines…” 

Wystan was once again stunned. “Wow… Forgive me for asking, but how are you and Southern Heaven Pharmaceuticals connected?” 

Isaac frowned slightly as he asked, “Is that something you should be asking about?” 

Startled, Wystan hurriedly added, “This will require a lot of money. My 

family has some savings on hand, but it totals up to less than 200 

million dollars!” 

“I’ll allocate 200 billion dollars to you!” 

Isaac said calmly as if he were talking about the weather. 


Wystan drew in a sharp intake of breath. 

200 billion dollars… 

That was the sum of 100 of the Capiton branch of the Sloan family. 

Isaac put his teacup down and said, “If Hera ever asks, tell her it was Isadora’s doing!” 

Chapter 1376 

Wystan nodded. “Got it!” 

Isaac glanced at Wystan as he said, “It’s about time Capiton also 

acknowledged the power of the Sloan clan!” 

Wystan felt his heart skip a beat. 

The Lord of Henley no longer referred to the Sloans as a family but as 

a clan instead. 

This legendary businessman had used 25 years to transform a small, 

unheard-of family into a name so powerful it could be referred to as a ‘ 


Just then, Wystan’s phone began ringing. 

It was from the deputy chief. 

He initially planned to decline the call, but Isaac said calmly, “I’ve already said everything I came to tell you. You should go about your 


Wystan thus picked up the phone. 

The deputy chief’s angry shouts could immediately be heard coming from the other end of the line. “Chief, I want to place sanctions on Southern Heaven Pharmaceuticals! don’t want them making a single 


Wystan was so startled that he dropped his phone onto the ground. 

As he hurriedly bent down to pick it up, he snuck a glance at Isaac, who had a wooden look on his face. He could not figure out what emotion he was feeling. 

Chapter 1376 

Nevertheless, Wynstan gritted his teeth together as he asked, “Do you 

know what the hell you’re saying?” 

Frances answered, “Yes, of course, I do. I said that I want to place sanctions on Southern Heaven Pharmaceuticals. They’ve really gone 

too far…” 

Wystan sneered, “You’ll no longer be a member of the Sinopharm 

Office starting today. I’ll have the Inspection Office launch an 

investigation against you!” 

He hung up the phone after saying that. 

Three years of working with Frances had allowed him to gain insight into the sort of person he was. 

He was an arrogant and domineering bully. 

My Substitute CEO Bride

My Substitute CEO Bride

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