My Substitute CEO Bride Chapter 743

My Substitute CEO Bride Chapter 743

Chapter 743 

Eric strolled outside leisurely. 

Atlas packed up his master’s things and trotted out to follow him. 

It was the next day. 

Nash stood in front of the Divine Farmer’s Cauldron in the basement, looking thoughtful. 

Inside the Divine Farmer’s Cauldron, it was flaming red. 

The three medicinal stones rotated slowly under the alchemy process. 

These three medicinal stones contained highly toxic substances. 

Only after they completely turned into a solution would the toxins inside be neutralized due to evaporation. 

It had been a whole night. There were still no signs of melting on the 

medicinal stones. 

What went wrong? 

Nash touched his chin and thought hard. 

After a while, he mobilized the true energy seal and injected it into the Divine Farmer’s Cauldron, slightly raising the temperature of the elixir fire by a few degrees. 

The light cyan flame deepened in color. The flame as thick as a pinky finger widened to the thickness of an index finger. 

The three medicinal stones instantly turned red. 

Cracks appeared on the surface of the stones. 

Soon, the three medicinal stones exploded. 

The whole basement shook. 

“Damn it! Thank goodness I hid quickly!” 

Nash got out from behind the hospital bed next to him. 

He walked to the Divine Farmer’s Cauldron and felt slightly heartbroken looking at the exploded fragments inside. 

Even in ancient times, these stones were rare treasures. They could 

be sold for at least several hundred thousand dollars. 

Forget the medicinal stones that had been blown to bits, it would be 

troublesome if the Golden Onyx Pill could not be refined. 

Nash walked to the table and took out three more medicinal stones. 

The temperature of the elixir fire was sufficient, but the stones 

needed to be melted slowly at a specific temperature. 

Impatience would spoil all the past efforts, so it was better to wait a 

couple more days! 

He cleaned up the debris in the Divine Farmer’s Cauldron and started 

the process again. 

After adjusting the elixir fire and array, Nash clapped his hands. “I’ll take these two days off as a personal break!” 

Nash walked out of the basement. 

He spotted Hera talking and laughing with her parents. 

She saw Nash and immediately ran to him. “Nash… are you done?” 

Nash chuckled and said, “Yes, I have two days off!” 

Then, he greeted Lauren and Harrison, “Good morning, Mom and Dad!” 

The two of them smiled and nodded. Lauren said, “Hera, your dad and 

I are going to the branch company soon, so you can come in later!” 

Hera warned them, “Please take the protection amulet with you. Don’t 

lose it!” 

She was still frightened when she thought about what happened last 


Harrison patted his pocket. “It’s here with me. I won’t lose it!” 

They exchanged a few words, then Lauren and Harrison walked to the garage and drove to the company. 

After the car left the villa, Hera immediately opened her arms shy 

Nash hugged Hera, pressed his lips to Hera’s ear, and whispered, “D you miss me?” 

Hera nodded slightly. “Of course, I missed you… I thought about you 

all the time!” 

Nash lifted her chin and kissed her warm red lips. 

In response, she put her arms around Nash’s neck and closed her 


Maria walked into the yard carrying some groceries. 

She would pass by the farmer’s market on the way to work, so she would pick up some groceries every day. 

Hera saw Maria through her half-closed eyes and immediately 

pushed Nash away while blushing fiercely. 

“Ahem… Keep going, I didn’t see anything!” 

Maria passed by the two of them with a smile. 

The moment Maria passed by, Nash felt an evil presence. 


My Substitute CEO Bride

My Substitute CEO Bride

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"My Substitute CEO Bride" is a romantic novel that unfolds as a determined protagonist steps into the corporate world, facing unexpected challenges. Amidst professional complexities, a marriage of convenience emerges, weaving a tale of love, ambition, and unforeseen connections.

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