My Substitute CEO Bride Chapter 744

My Substitute CEO Bride Chapter 744

Chapter 744 

Nash frowned slightly. 

He opened his Third Eye and looked at Maria, only to see a black and red mist surrounding her body. 

He thought, ‘Is this the Ghoul Evil?’ 

Nash recalled in his mind that when he was 13 years old, his master 

brought him to kill a thousand-year-old ghoul. 

The afflicted person was surrounded by an evil presence. 

The Ghoul Evil resided in the body of a living person and grew by absorbing the person’s breath flow. When it grew to a certain level, the ghoul could take back the Ghoul Evil to increase its own strength. 

Hera noticed Nash was frowning while staring at Maria. She asked in confusion, “What’s wrong with Maria?” 

Smiling, Nash said, “Nothing. Let’s go back inside. Oh, please make me some pasta!” 

Hera arched her eyebrows and nodded. “Sure, I’ll make you my best 


The two returned to the living room. 

Meanwhile, Maria was busy in the kitchen. 

When Hera was walking to the kitchen, Nash said, “Hera, please ask 

Maria to come out.” 


Hera responded without looking back. 

After a while, Maria came out and asked anxiously, “Mr. Calcraft, are you looking for me…” 

After working here for so long, Mr. Calcraft had never looked for her. 

She was worried that she would lose her job now that he suddenly 

wanted to see her. 

Nash pointed to the sofa and said with a slight smile, “Maria, please 

have a seat.” 


Maria shook her head. “I’m fine with just standing. Mr. Calcraft, 

please just say it if there’s anything on your mind!” 

“We’ll talk after you sit down. You’re my elder, so I’ll treat you as one. When juniors talk to their elders, why should the elders stand while the juniors sit?” 

Maria was moved by Nash’s heart-warming words. She sat on the 

sofa but still felt uneasy in her heart. 

Nash saw that Maria was nervous and said in a gentle tone, “Maria, 

don’t be nervous. I just have a few questions to ask you.” 

Maria raised her head happily. “What do you want to ask Mr. Calcraft?” 

Looking solemn, he asked, “Where did you go last night?” 

During the day yesterday, he did not notice any Ghoul Evil on Maria. 

It was only possible that she became afflicted last night. 

Being invaded by Ghoul Evil would lead to frailty and bad luck. 

She would die once her breath flow was completely absorbed. 

“Yesterday was the anniversary of my husband’s death. I went to light a candle for him,” Maria answered truthfully. 

“Where’s the cemetery your husband is buried in?” Nash continued to 


“De’anne Cemetery!” 

“Alright, I understand. Go and do your work.” 

Nash said in a distracted manner. 

Both ghouls and the undead were a type of Shadow Corpse, which 

were the most difficult to refine among the Shadow Corpses. 

It was necessary to collect seven spirit essences over 49 days in order to refine a ghoul. 

A Shadow Corpse was born by sucking in corpse breath. After a period of time, it could give birth to spirit essence and a slight mental consciousness. These spirit essences could absorb Celestial Spiritual Energy and Cosmic Essence to practice independently. 

There were many ways to cultivate ghouls. Not only could they absorb Celestial Spiritual Energy and Cosmic Essence, but they could also absorb breath flow and corpse breath. That would help them grow very quickly. 

With the appearance of Six Fingers and a ghoul in Jonford, even an outsider would know it was Peter Sontag behind it. 

Nash bit his right index finger to draw some blood before drawing a rune on his left palm. He then shoved his palm to Maria’s back. 

An invisible spell shook away the ghoul from Maria’s body. 

Maria suddenly felt a lot more relaxed all over. Stretching her neck, she said to herself, “Why do I feel so much better?” 

It was pr 

probably because Mr. Calcraft had shown his concern for her. Everything would be better when he was in a good mood! 

At this time, Hera came out with the hot bolognese pasta and some chowder. “My dear, it’s time to eat!” 

Nash came to the dining table with a smile. He had not eaten. anything at all. He was so hungry that he picked up his cutlery and 

started to wolf down the food. 

Hera sat on the chair across from him, resting her chin on her hands. 

She said with a smile, “You must be hungry. Help yourself.” 

Nash said vaguely, “I’ve been too busy to eat.” 

Hera pouted and said, “You still have to eat. What if your body is 


Nash took a sip of hot chowder before saying with a smile, “I’m 

healthy as a horse. I’ll be fine even if I don’t eat for ten days!” 

My Substitute CEO Bride

My Substitute CEO Bride

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"My Substitute CEO Bride" is a romantic novel that unfolds as a determined protagonist steps into the corporate world, facing unexpected challenges. Amidst professional complexities, a marriage of convenience emerges, weaving a tale of love, ambition, and unforeseen connections.

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