My Substitute CEO Bride Chapter 745

My Substitute CEO Bride Chapter 745

Chapter 745 

A martial artist would feel hunger no matter what level their practice 

was, but his body would never be worn down by hunger. 

“Do you only know how to make pasta?” Nash suddenly asked. 

“Of course not… I can make scrambled eggs and bacon too!” Heral 

said quickly. 

“Silly baby!” 

Nash chuckled. 

Hera had made pasta for him twice, so he asked out of curiosity. 

It seemed that she only made food that was simple and convenient. 

Hera stared at Nash pitifully and asked, “If I say I can’t cook, will you 

dislike me?” 


Pouting, Nash hesitated to speak. 

Hera started panicking. “I can learn it. I can pick up new things really fast. Tomorrow, I’ll learn how to make home-cooked food with Maria!” 

Her mother had always been the one cooking, and she learned to make bolognese pasta from a short video tutorial after living alone. 

Laughing, Nash said, “It doesn’t matter. I can cook. I’ll let you try my cooking when I have time!” 


How lucky she was to be able to eat food cooked by her man! 

From now on, she could brag to her friends that her man could cook! 

“I know how to make pasta…” Nash grinned. 

“Tsk… I thought you knew how to cook good food, but it turns out you’re just like me!” 

Hera rolled her eyes at Nash. 

At Royal Bay Villa 14, 12 women were standing in the living room. 

Their age ranged from 20 to 30. 

They each had a good temperament and an outstanding appearance, 

which could rival some B-list celebrities. 

“Is he really the young sir from the Kennedys in Capiton?” 

“Could his identity be fake seeing as he’s living in a place like this?” 

“Oh my god, I can’t even imagine serving a young sir from one of the families in Capiton!” 

“I heard that the young sir of the Kennedys is still an innocent puppy!” 

“Hehe, I like innocent puppies the most. Just watch and see how I’ll 

win him over!” 

The group of beautiful women were chatting to each other. 

Just then, the door to the room on the second floor opened. 

Atlas, dressed in an expensive suit, stepped out. 

His handsome face instantly attracted the attention of these women. 

“Ahhh… He’s so handsome!” 

“He’s really a little puppy!” 

“I want to warm his bed!” 

“Can you women be more reserved?” 

A slightly more mature-looking woman glanced at them. 

The women immediately put away their thoughts and straightened up. 

Atlas walked down, took a casual glance, and then looked at the butler standing at the door. “Just this few?” 

The butler was in his 50s and was provided for free by the Royal Bay Housekeeping Service Department. Looking at Mr. Kennedy’s 

dissatisfied look, he said helplessly, “We can only recruit this many qualified ones for the time being.” 

The villas in Royal Bay were all equipped with domestic helpers, and they all came free of charge. However, the young sir seemed to not like older helpers, so he asked the butler to help recruit a few young maids and paid all the expenses himself. 

“Mr. Kennedy, are you dissatisfied with us all?” a woman who looked 

quiet and well-behaved asked in a lonesome tone. 

“My master has the final say regarding this. The person you have to serve is my master, not me,” Atlas said calmly while sitting on the sofa with his legs crossed. 


“Your… Your master?” 

My Substitute CEO Bride

My Substitute CEO Bride

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"My Substitute CEO Bride" is a romantic novel that unfolds as a determined protagonist steps into the corporate world, facing unexpected challenges. Amidst professional complexities, a marriage of convenience emerges, weaving a tale of love, ambition, and unforeseen connections.

My Substitute CEO Bride   The master descended from the mountain to fulfill his marriage contract, but was rejected by the eldest young lady. Unexpectedly, the second young lady of the house was willing to substitute for her cousin and marry the husband.. My Substitute CEO Bride Novel review My Substitute CEO Bride" is a romantic novel that revolves around the intriguing dynamics of corporate life and unexpected romance. The story unfolds as a capable yet unconventional woman finds herself thrust into the corporate world, assuming the role of CEO as a substitute. As she navigates the challenges of corporate leadership, she encounters a charismatic and enigmatic counterpart. The narrative explores the complexities of their professional and personal relationship, blending elements of business intrigue with the emotional nuances of romance. The characters grapple with professional expectations, personal growth, and the unpredictable nature of love, making "My Substitute CEO Bride" a captivating journey through the intersections of work and romance, revealing how unexpected circumstances can lead to profound transformations in both the boardroom and matters of the heart.


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