Never again by Malgorzata Uchto Chapter 11

“Shitiit slipped out of my mouth,
They all
had me, confused. I couldn’t believe
could be the one behind this. He hated me
“Do you know him?” Peter asked.
I signed and nodded my head, “He’s mye mata.” For few moments there was a deatening sileno, so I decided to Spuk again. “Idan’t think it’s him. He rejected me because I’m human, not strong or it to be his Luna. There no way he changed his mind.” I explained, “Nothing has changed, I’m still the same. If Charlotte li behind thes, I don’t know why
he would help her.”
I knew I was right, if he had chunged his mind, ha would
have approached me a long time ago. They were still silent.
probably contemplating my statement.
“Maybe” Ben finally started, hesitantly looking at Ethan, “Waybe she’s right, it’s been years and he never approached her again, right?” He looked my way, I nodded in response. “But it doesn’t look good when you think about it dosely.” he pused for a moment. “I mean, is this a coincidence that she’s at Amanda’s ex-mate’s pack? What if she told him about Mandy?” he questioned us.
Hmm, that made me think abain. Maybe she said
Hinginlim, but
on what he tank bout me. He
and full of mum. I don’t think it’s tim behind the note. Na
What if we call him
it was Fete
muidened my eyes this w estion. Do I want to hur him again? Oh, definitely not. But maybe,just maybe he would be some clues, some information. He didn’t have to know i was here. My palms were sweaty Goddamn it, why was this so hard
“Ok, but don’t say anything about me. Auk him about Charlotte.” i said to Eilan. He was already looking at me deciphering my emotions. I bet he saw all of them. The fear af him being behind thi, the hope we were wrong the uneasines at hearing his voice after so long.
“Corn here.” he gestured for me to sit at his lap and I instantly obeyed. Relawng a little, I put my head on his
“You’re sure about this?” he asked worried, tightening his hold around me.
“Mhm,” I answered, nodding my head.
He took a deep breath and let it out in attempt to calm down, then reached for his cell phone frem the deski
looked at him questioningly, he smiled a little and answered.
” Wan Alpha, I have all the other Alpha’s numbers,just in
i madded and he disled the number. He was about to
put it talis
interrupted, “Put lion speaker”
and he did, plong the phone on the dark. My heartbeat increased. We all waited and after a third ring, his voice filled
“Hello, Alpha Jones.”
I stiffened in Ethan’s arms, and he pulled in closer “Hello, Alpha Miller, how are you doing? Ethan asked
“I’m fine, thank you.” came the response. After exchanging the formal questions about Badia stutt, Andrew finally asked the real reason of the call. “We both know you didn’t call for a casual chat, so to what dalawe the
pleasure?” Andrew asked in friendly tone.
Although I didn’t feel anything hearing his voice, no shivers of pleasure or disgust, remembering the pain he gave
me made me a little sad.
‘Well Alpha Miller..Ethan started,
“Just Andrew, we don’t need to be so formal” my
#-mate chimed in happily.
“Ok, Andrew I have a slight problem at my pack, and I think you could help me with it.” Ethan explained.
“Ok, I’ll do my best to help. What is the problem, Ethan?” he sounded really concerned.
“Charlotte Smith.” Ethan stated. Andrew groaned in annoyance at hearing her name. I guess he doesn’t like her
Tmayor that, but stiaital palam ” he vald, irritated. “Oh Goddess, please in the’s not your
Ethal didn’t call for her trick, i s ar…” he started to apologie but Ethan cut himot
No, she’s not my mai,just causing some troubles.”
Andrew sigld in reli- “Good, because i bunned her from my territory, she was threatening my Luna” he
Td shocked, he had. Luna] Who w
he, who was
the ti worthy to lead by his side it hurt a little browsinghe found someone better. Wanthatjalousy är curiosity? Ethan Send my turmoil and huced me Lighter Listing my head.
“She did
kad interested.
Andrew sighed. “Yes, I found her recently and Charlie
will not happy about that she threatened to hurt my Luna and I had to do it, you understand, right?” he sounded so
happy talking about her, so in love. It’s strane to hear that,
“Yes, Ilde, she’s doing the same to my Luna actually.” Ethan kissed my forehead again, “That’s why I’m looking for her.”
“She left my pack two days ago, my Beta escorted her
Personally to the border. I don’t know where she went, I’m
sorry I can’t help” he apologized sincerely. I was glad it was not him. We heard the door opening and closing on the other side of the line and a very sweet but wary female voice
grated Andrew. It was her, his Luna. The ant better than me, than lie wants in his life. I didn’t know what to let hurt,
happiness, relief. I
I’m sorry, Ethan but my Luna just entered and she’s shy. If i et any information about her wheabouts, I’ll
They said their goodbyes and ended the call. We sat
the met talking.just thinking for a while. Ethan still held
me in his arms, he placed kisses on my head from time to
“I believe him.” Peter broke the silence, and we all
turned our heads. He looked up at us and continued. “I medini
the way he talked about his Luna, so lovingly, happy
almost worshipping her, I understand him. I talk about Ben
the wme way. It must be true you can’t fake that” he
explained, taking Ben’s hand in his, smiling at him lovingly. It
was true. Peter was so in love with Ben, maybe Andrew was
“You might be right but I’m still uneasy about him, let’s
kecp him on the list until we’re sure.” Ethan stated and we all
“Tomorrow is Blake’s birthday party, let’s just go to sleep and relax for one day.” Ethan ordered and we stood up and went separate ways. Me and Ethan headed to his apartment, holding hands. Peter and Ben went to start their patrols. My mind was busy, still analyzing everything that
“Happy Birthday, Blaker” i winted and kissed his cheeks repeatedly. The sound of les escaping his lips made my
heart melt. I loved him so much. He hugged and thanked me,
and then just like that he ran away.catching his friends. He
was beaming, enjoying the party. All the invited punts arthed and even more. It was their future Alpha’s birthday party after all I put Blake’s gift on the table and watched him
play Hide and Seek. The party was in full blast. People were
dancing to the music chosen by Peter; meat was grilling and everyone was having fun. I saw Ethan talking to a pair of
older people, trying to convince them of something but it looked like they were being stubborn. I didn’t know what
that was about, but I shrugged it off.
“Hey Luna, are you enjoying yourself?” Aria’s voice interrupted my moment. I smiled and turned around to face her.
“Wowgirl, you look stunningi” I exclaimed, seeing her outfit. She was in a black full sleeved mid-thigh dress and
red heels. Her blonde hair was laose, and she had minimal
make-up on her face. She was gorgeous.
*Thank you,” she answered, blushing but played
confident. Her future mate would be a lucky guy.
Remembering her question, I answered her.
“And yes, I’m enjoying myself, it’s good to see him
that moment te huve his ride, Aris blond my n and we beth Deeld, sering blake ordering en to take him into the
“Well, well Aria, you look breathtaking.” Hrian stated, approaching us at the food table. We were trying to choose
our meals, it all looked delicious.
“Thank you, Brian, It’s actually Mandy’s drea.” Aria answered, blushing, Deus she has a crush on him? smiled at the thought.
*Stillyou look like Goddess in it.” Brian camplimented her, openly flirting. I chuckled and excused myself, not wanting to me the end of it:
I was walking through the crowd, people smiling or bowing their heads at me when I was abruptly pulled into an embrace by strong arms. The sparks appeared and his lips touched my ear whispering “Where do you think you’re going, baby girl?” Ethan pulled me to him and dragged us over the tree nearby, kissing my neck. I suppressed the moan that was trying to escape my lips, not wanting anyone to hear it.
“Just walking around the place, actually looking for you.” I answered, enjoying the moment. Goosebumps appeared everywhere he touched me, he tralled soft kisses over my shoulder, pulling my dress’s strap down in attempt
to have more en and i indianily liked my hand up and
stoppad him,
E ng “The kids are her, and wrontan Bee us” he turned me around, so I was facing him. I could see the longing and lust in his eyes. I was ready to give in,
but I stopped myself knowing we were at the party.
He touched my cheek and brushed a thumber my
Tips.. I involuntarily licked them, the lip al my tongue touched
his thumb and he growled, closing his eyes. I was aroused in
an instant, he opened his eyes and focused on my lips.
“But we still can make out a little,” he said and claimed my lips in a hungry and domineering kiss. I pushed my body against his and moaned at the contact, parting my lips, and letting his tongue to slip into my mouth. He held me close, not leaving any space to even allow air flow freely between
I cuppad his face, his long hair brushing my hands and cheeks creating a perfect curtain to hide our faces from the world. Squeezing my waist, he pushed his hips forward and I felt his excitement on my belly. My knees started shaking. If it weren’t for his firm grip. I would have definitely collapsed.
We were so into our make out session that we didn’t hear the
voices around us.
“Daddy, where are you?” Blake’s voice nearby pulled us out of our world, gasping for air. We just stood there, holding each other, trying to calm down.
“I’ll be right back, buddy.” Ethan finally found the
courage to answer, leaking at me one last time. He wall
way. Leaving melonging for his touch. He turned, his eyes
saying ‘we’re not over’ and ismiled, biting my lip.
“Ethan I screamed, coming hard after another round of incredible sex with my unsatiable Alpha. He
followed right after me, screaming my name in satisfaction
for the entire pack to hear. Alter some time, I had gotten
used to the knowledge that some might hear us. I simply brushed it off. It was the werewolf’s lifestyle, they were all
used to that, so should I
“Ilove you.” I said between gips, holding onto his arms for dear lite
He stiffened and looked at me, making sure he heard
me right. We had been together for almost one and half
months, and we had not old the words. But I’m sure he tried
many times. To be honest, I had known for a very long tim
but after Andrew I was too afraid to feel that way, not to
mention to say it out loud. But right here, right now it suited
the moment. He needed to know
“What did you say?” he asked, still fully inside me,
gasping for air
I smiled and caressed his stubbled cheek. “I love you,
He grinned from ear to ear, eyes full of love, happiness
radiating from him.
Hear that, I love you to
much!” he said hemint and
Litted to show my Face with hisses, making me
was happy tremely happy. My Deeles turned tamen
anortelt him slovily warting tonove his hips…
”I think this calls for a celebration,” he whispered, kissing my neck. My hands caressed his back, his movie with slow and gentle, making love to me. It felt so good. Our moves coordinated, both worshiping each other, pouring all our love in our movements.
“I love you, Amanda Anderson,” he whispered brushing
his lips with mine
“I love you, Ethan Jones.” I whispered back, my lower
abdernen tightened with my approaching climax He sensed
the change in my body and sped up his thrusts, intertwining our hands above my head, our eyes locked. With two more
thrusts we reached our peaks together, moaning each other’s
Harties. It was different, more intimate and i laved it.
“So how did your conversation go?” Ethan asked me, sitting down at the dining table in my cabin.
After our morning filled with making love, we ate our breakfast in bed, talking about what’s next. I told him that I needed to call my boss to inform him about my decision
while Ethan had to attend a meeting to discuss the
threatening nates.
“Wellat the beginning he
en interested in
Hanng me out and put the call.” Tuduring him cup al
coties. Ethan made an apologetic tacu bul
e d for me to
joined him
the table.
“About an hour later, he called me back and was that
willing to talk. It was long and difficult conversation but in the end he agreed.” I plained, amiling at the end. He took my hand, returning my smile.
“Something tells me there’s more.” he raised his
eyebrow and tilted his head, I bit my lip and nodded.
“He agreed to let me 80, but not to shorten my notice.” I
squared his hand, waiting for the dreaded question.
He sighed. “How long
wain’t sure how he would
take it.
“Six months.” I whispered but he heard me.
“Six months? And how do you expect us to live through
that?” he raised his voke and stood up.pacing around the
living room and murmuring something to himself. Sighing. I walked to him and hugged him from behind.
“You didn’t let me finish.”
“So, there’s more? ****great.” he scoffed and pulled
away from me.
Men, sometimes they are worse than kids.
“Will you please stopjumping into conclusions and
actually hear me out?” This time I raised my voice He
tappadod turned around.
Sit.” Tordered. pointing at the couch, and like
scolded bud he did what he was told. God is he really wor57
Peuting at me, he crossed his arm and waited, I took a deup breath and continued.
la bound to the company for next six months, but it’s not necessary for me to come back.” I explained, and he smiled in satisfaction.
He opened his mouth, about to say something, but i cui
him or “But sometimes I might be needed to came for few
He was silent for a minute, thinking about it. “Ok, I can
live with that.” he finally answered, and i relaxed. Saying
2oodbye to my previous life would be hard but nothine lasts
Tuat in his lap and hugeed him, inhaling his magnificent
scent. He did the same. “So how was your meetinet | asked.
still not moving. He leaned against the couch backrest,
putting his chin on the top of my head.
“Still no clue who’s behind this, we need more
information.” he said sighing and we didn’t say anything
after that,just enjoying our embrace for some time before dinner preparation.
When can I see your wolf?” I asked suddenly
remembering I haven’t sehr Ethan’s wolf at all. Lonly
countered him tono during our hot and primals
in the
Horst. My God, just thinking about it want a repet
Stopping cheeping the vegetables for our dinner Ethan
turned and smiled “Are you so eager to
my wolf formar
rathar ride him?” smirking at his double meaning, he
wrapped his arms around me and pulled me to his body
gasped and smacked his chest “Pervert.” I answered in lake indignation. The thought of riding him was so appealing. “Well, both are very interesting and I’m agreeing to both…” I teased, he smirked mischievously and lowered his head to nibble on my ear, “But at this moment I want to see your wolf form.” I quickly stepped his advances, “Can you show me your wolf form, please?” i batted my eyelashes at him,
putting on my best innocent smile.
He narrowed his eyes at my game, “You little minx.Ok
but let’s finish here first, and then we can go to the lake,” he
answered and kissed my forehead. I was so excited. We got
back to our previous tasks and continued cooking, eager to
be done.
“Ok, are you ready?” Ethan asked, taking off his clothes. I nodded and observed his every move. I was excited, I wanted so badly to touch his fur. He slowly pulled off his t-shirt, not taking his eyes off of me. Oh, now he was teasing
His body was manent, the intuited him. He wamy lay, Imouldn’t help but be around
self-control and he’llpaurhe on you in an inwant.” Ethan warned, unripping his parts. He’s right, I can’t shift so many not survive that encounter. I nodded and turned my gazet
Hearing the sound of bona anapping, I looked back at Ethan. He’s posture got bigger and black fur started to cover his body. His limbs transformed into monstrous paws, face tumed into a shout. In seconds, where Ethan once stood was a magnificent big black wolfstanding proudly on four legs. head held high
I couldn’t feel my face, I was smiling like an idiot, looking at him in awe. “You’re magnificent.” I whispered, he
tilted his head and howled to the sky in appreciation. I didn’t
move from my spot, hesitating to approach him. It was our first meeting and I needed to be careful.
“Can I touch you?” I asked hesitantly. He looked at me
and nodded his head. That gave me courage. I took slow
steps his way, looking in his black eyes. Stopping at a safe distance, I slowly raised my hand and held it in front of him, waiting for his move. He took one step, and his nose touched
the inside of my hand, sniffing He was so big that I barely reached his threat. I stroked his shout heading to his ear and
Scratched the skin, he had to lower his head for that. His fur
was so volt, his skin toimihat i want
him, 1o|
aske, dhe modded sain I put my hands wound his neck and put my into his furished in contentment, and he
You’re so wirt and soft and so beautiful.” i told him.
He growled, putting his head on my shoulder. We stood there for a moment, just hupping He let me ta stroke his fur and scratch behind his ears and belly. His tail waered in happiness. He laid down on the grass and gestured for me to climb on his back.
“Do you want me to ride on you?” I needed to be sure ! was reading his moves correctly. He medded and so I did. I adjusted my body on his back and held tightly the furat his neck, his body warming mine: “Isn’t too tight?” I asked, squeezing his tur to confirm my grip wasn’t hurting him and he shook his head no.
He slowly stood up, my heart palpitating with both
excitement and nervousness. He barked, I guess to warn me
to get ready. He walked in the forest direction slowly
increasing his speed. My grip tightened and my legs squeezed his sides. I lowered my body flat against his back
for security. The wind slowly hitting my face when he took off was now whipping my hair around at almost full speed. I
squealed and closed my cyes. I felt his muscles moving
below my body. Seconds later, I opened my eyes and
scanned the surroundings, he passed trees with ease moving
hot and precision. The aim was unbelievable la
Telt like lying. It was not my first line riding on woll’s buck,
but with my imate the experience wine pliinable. Hi
barked again and seconds later he jumped over a log. making me scream. He let out a wolfish laugh andi laughed with him. We ran like that fortw minutes. Eventually he
slowly changed his fun to walk and weheaded back. Ha
stopped at our spot, and lowered his body to the ground for
me. I slid down from his back, the moment my feet touched the ground, my shaky legs made me fall at my butt, ouch.
Trying to stand up I heard bones smapping. “Nie landing.” he sniggered.
“Ha ha ha very funny, Mister.” I scolded. Finally steading
myself, I faced him. He was fully dressed, smiling at me. I
reciprocated the smile. “That was amazing, thank you!” I said hugeing his torso.
“Anytime baby” he offered and kissed my nose. “What
do you say about a barbecue to celebrate you staying?” he
Sugested, and I nodded. It was a good idea. Recently we
hadn’t received any new threats so maybe Charlotte gave up.
Holding hands, we went back to my cabin.
The smell of grilled steaks filled my nose. I was starving
When Ethan proposed the barbecue, everybody agreed and
helped in preparation. He sent a mind link to everyone
informing them about the event. A lot of people came and
Home even broughe delicious food with them. Of course,
still didn’t win the heart of
members, but still have
time. We were sitting on a blank
the pachhouse
leaning his back against a tree, with me between
his les resting my back on his chest. Blake was next to us,
munciing some cookies. Aria and Brian occupied the other blanket. We were waiting for Ben and Peter to finish their patrol duties in an hour to join us.
“Aria, can we hang out tomorrow, I’d like to see your
wolf finally.” I asked pleading, we haven’t had a girl’s time for a very long time.
“Sure, I need to talk to you about something anyway.”
She smiled back at me but there was something different in
her eyes, she was wary. Was she hiding something? Not
wanting to create any awkwardness, I nodded my head in
response and we continued talking casually. Brian talked
with Ethan about the new training techniques they’re
learning. Aria and I chose to talk with Blake about his party
and he told us about the gifts, fun, ride, he was so excited
that I had to stop him to take a breath. He was talking so fast. An hour later, Ben and Peter joined us. They ate at least
four steaks each.
“My God, I know you’re all werewolves but I’m glad I don’t have to cook for you!” I stated, looking shocked at their plates. I could never eat that much.
“We’re after our patrols, so we need food to regain our
We all laughed at him. The barbecue was a um brylar, i
talked to some people about my Luna ceremony, which
would be held in two weeks and on that day, Ethan will
couple Fihan was talking with at Blake’s party and decided
be introduce myself. They are one of the groups who were
unsatisfied about me being a human
“Hello, I don’t think we have been introduced yet.” I
smiled at them, “I’m Amanda Anderson, Ethan’s mate.” i
extended my hand for a handshake, but they looked
uninterested and a little irritated at my approach. Hrom the
tough ane. Kll’em with kindness’ tactic. I took my hand
back and tried again.
“May I at least know why you’re so hostile towards me? I haven’t done anything wrong, have 1?” the man whispered
something to the woman’s ear, and she smirked. I waited.
keeping my friendly smile on my face.
The man finally opened his mouth. “Well, you might
have fooled our Alpha, but we’ll not fall for your tricks. You’re
mot fit for the Luna position. You’re a mere human, without a
strong she-wolf as our Luna, this pack will fall in no time,” he scoffed. Wow that was harsh, but I had already heard that
You’re in constant need of protection, the sooner you
realize that the better. Do us all a huge favor and reject him,
You’re in constant need of protection, the sooner you
realize that the better. Do us all a huge favor and reject him,
we’ll be fine without you,” he almost growled at the end, his
wife was still smirking at me.
It was time to change my tactic. I narrowed my eyes at them. “Listen, I don’t give a shit about your insults, but *****g remember who you’re talking to. I’m going to be the
Luna of this pack and you will not tell me what to do.” I said
coldly, seeing the shock evident on their faces. “I will not
reject him, and suggesting that to me is the same as offending your Alpha, which is punishable. If you’re not satisfied with his decisions, you’re free to change packs.”
They gulped at my words, and a hint of fear appeared in their
eyes. I didn’t move, waiting for them to respond.
The woman blinked few times and was about to open
her mouth, but we were interrupted by loud, menacing
growls in the distance. My ears registered someone shouting
one terrifying word:


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