Never again by Malgorzata Uchto Chapter 10

The next w dwy went by quile fast, Ethan d item will the dutie Lina although I know the already Chwilindent work in woon’ suck was vayustul She was a remarkable Lunalwalithe shocked to İnmi That Emily didn t attend any training. I think every Luminor INT won should know how to last protect hire That was definitely the first goal i mantud to achieve

Him almost every pack member. They were nice and friendly. We talked and got to know each other better. It wa 50:ll a little weird being called Lumia, but I guessed it would

ret easier with time

Twas still not marked. We had decided to wait until after

Blake’s birthday party. I still needed to talk with Ryan about

The changes in my life.

I heard the unijatisfied pack members were actually

Thinking thattam unqualified for the position of Luna

because of my human status. Weird, because I lewat least

Ehree magnificent Lunas who were human. So I had a lot of

work to do to convince them. Once, I approached Brian

Erying to clear the air but it was futile. He was still angy, and

I didn’t know the reason,

The most disturbing thing was the strange messages |

started receiving on my phone, things like, ‘You’ll pay for this

or Tend you


can use and a l

o t about the


aping him hned te contact Our Mitchell

about that.

The brightest thing was file’s happiness. Hewan

talic about me and Ethan that he som as called me

Wortmy. It wally warmed my heart, but until we made our

relatianship oficial. I was still wary.

“Hey, Boutiful,” Ethan whispered in my car, engulfing me in a hug from behind. Spuria few when he brought me close to his body, making me shiver.

“Mmmm,” i purred. pushing my back against him even Frore, the food I was preparing forgotten. He kissed my

riobe, trailing leather-like kisses down my neck te my shoulder. I grabbed hims and tited my head, giving him

more WESS.

“The foad’s burning,” he said, chuckling when the burning smell hit my nase.

“Shit!” I pushed him away with my hips and tried to

shwe the pasta, but it was too late.

“It’s your fault Miscer, you distracted mel” i said, sending

daggers his way while he took a seat at the dining table, still laughing

“You,” I pointed an accusing finger at him after putting the pan in the sink, making my way over to him. “You made


Oh, that’s

my boyur” I asked with my bundu on my

“Mhm.” He grinned unrepentantly

We’ll see who laughing when i banjou from having ithin” i sid, pointing at my body. Hesteed up imediately.

“You wouldn’t do that,” he responded, taking steps in way. I quickly distancid myselt, stopping behind the table with simirki

“Oh, don’t you know me Hiphaiteased him. He growled and ran aftur me, butlecaped him peeling

Iran through the patio into the woods as fast as ieguld, laughing, making him thate me. I ran for few moments and after not hearing him nearby. I stopped. Looking around the

forest, I saw nothing

Just when I turned to run further, isaw him. He was standing about 10 feet away breathing heavily, a determined

expression on his face, focused on his prej me. My breath

and heartbeat quickened; my arousal spiked. I took two slow

steps back in attempt to run again but he charged at me. I

screamed when he caught me rolling us on the ground. He

pinned my hands with his on both sides of my head, bringing

his bulge to my core growing i mened at the contact.

“You’re MINET” he growled in my neck, making me more


HETE S HEmmabing ipit, haritadhili hpl kain di arched my hack. Of Codplease ik me right now.

An if he was reading my mind, he litad historia and Bere all my clothes o, eving in malu banith him Looking at my nan mat med body, heinted the ar. Augured that we were alone, he quickly tore his own clothes ott I could tell his primal instincti vire lading him. This is going to be rough I thought

“Ethan” i ked to make sure it was still him but was inet with blackeres of his wou A little nervous, luchad him face and he leaned into my hand, purring

“I want you just don’t hurt me,” lind to his wolf, met Anawing what to expect I was nervous but also extrümely


“Never,” he browled and withom quick move he entered ine with a groan increaned and threw my haud

back, rolling my ye. Oh God that was something different

He did not let me to adjust,just started to more, his thirusts

rough, hard and long causing me pain and pleasure. The

perfect min, it felt ertraordinary: galped for breath and put

my hands on his biceps, steading myself and braced my friet

on his thighs. He sucked and bit my neck, ramming into me Mercilessly I felt my lower abdomen tighten with my building orgam. He quickened his thrusts and few seconds later I carne, screarning as loud as I could. I was seeing stars, my vision a blur. i was still in a daze when he pulled out and


with one wilmave, hepe natry

, con

that the releas powerful mar, i couldn’t help but

remi Hi hold on my hips at Eghter, bringing my sa clasam tu him, my handa dug into the ground squeezing the land lawes, my check saatching on the twie, my heart palpitating the sound at our flesh slapping together Tillud the air. His hand want to my thrust and with a little

quere, he brought me up to his body, his other hand want to my clit, rubbing circles, his dathruiting even harder.

“Who’s the boss, Pute?” ke groaned into my w specchius, my condom was close “Tell madhe ordered, thrusting mard ruthlessly



“you” istuttered, “You’re the bots” i answered

between pasps, feeling it di


“Who?” He bit my shoulder and with that I came


ing “Alpha!!” while he reared my hartie, his

naleze making the forest shake.

“Are you ok? Ethen asked, sounding concerned while

We laid on the ground sweaty, naked and covered in leave

“Uhm,” was al I could say, still in a daze. His hold

Hightened around my body

“Are you hurti” He sounded uneasy turned in his

ëmbrace and faced him.

“l’in fine.” I sent him my tired but satisfied smile,

brushine my thumb over his cheek. His eves scanned my


with him and w

hack to my cabin to the the show,

Yound to come with me.” Echand merveily when I was brushing my wet hair. I stopped my movemerits. Seeing his misus lace.

What’s wroner i asked, coming doser Heonly closed his eyes and shook his head. I was nirvaus, is it blake?

“We need to move it.” ha stated, taking my hand. We walked out of the cabin, heading to the pack house.iran as fast as my little lip could 90trying to match his speed,

We entered the infirmary few maments later seeing Ben, Peter, and James, one of the patrol guards waiting anxiously in the hall.

“How is he?” Ethan asked warned, “How did it happen

he added firmly, demanding answer. I didn’t know what

was going on, why we were here is someone hurt?

“He’s injured, but nothing serious, “Ben reported, “lew Cuts on his chest and abdomen, the doctor said he’ll be fine

in few hours,” he added but the others still looked

concerned, “We don’t know how it happened, but he said it

Was a skilled rogue.” He continued looking at the floor.


something more. Hen contemplated for a moment but finally Highed, tring Ethan a piece of paper

cause of this,” he answered, showing Ethan note covered in blood, I tried to the contents of it, but he quickly let go of my hand and took tew steps away followed him; my curianty baked in. Looking over him, tried to see who was written on it but he pushed in why “It’s not your business,” he growlid angrily.

That got my interest. It was definitely sömüthing i needed to know

“Showine order und answers from them!” |

ordered, painting at the wys. He turned his head and starod af me, unsure of whether to show me ar net

Just f**a show met” I stretched out my hand, waiting for him to give me the paper, my bossy moves in display. He took few deep breaths, closed his eyes, and handed me the paper. With a groan. I snatched the paper from his hand and walked away to read it. Angry but satisfied, I sat at one of the chairs in walling room and read

the paper. The contents made me gasp.


“You have something of mine, I’ll came for it soon.”


My breath caught in my throat, and I gulped, who is this and what does it mean?


Iluaked Fun wan

i niwan His face ratiunles, his hands la liste canned the room, len had the name a pesan, Feier lacked pile, staring att ha and James wasting the intaway, his hand in his hair Nobody sald anything

“Can someone implain this to me? I asked, waving the note in my hand. Silence

“Not here, we’ll talk in my offion.” Ethan fully andwered. Hetked to Jaines and asked for update, then we lett. What is going on here?

“Do you suspect someone?” Han asked nervously.

We were in Ethan’s office. Ethan sat in his chair. Ben and Peter on the couch, and was sitting on the desk. Ethan sheok his head. We all sighed and started to think, nobody

Said a word in few minutes.

“Ok” I jumped off the desk and stood beside it to face them ait. “We need to analyze this calmly and thoroughly.” I looked at everyone, getting their attention. “The note is addressed to Ethan saying he took something.” I paused and

they all nodded. “Have you received any notes before?” |

asked Ethan.

“No, this is the first one.” he answered leaning back in

his chair, I nodded.

“So, this is something you did recently, any ideas?” They


– I


. LL





Marble about the contract warned?” Fleuk urcertairy, lаgking aнгihан.

“I don’t think Paul would do that.” Exhan replied

Tlooked between the stone walling for Explanation. He was first to talk

ulau Paul Smoru is our business mal, we compte in our Lase preluct, we got the client, he lust,” he plained, it could be mette forhivullend the one was worth


“Buchewswira mönth ago, he wouldn’t wait that lang” Ethan out in “So, what is the newest thing you did?”. briked’ hirn again

He only looked at me imiling sadly. Oh, I know the answer already. “Besides accepting you? Nothing”

Benand Peter snapped their heads to me, realizing the situation. But to me it didn’t make se Nabody ism e Oh well, maybe that psycho ex fling of my bes, but she doesn’t know where I am

Ipinched the bridge of my nose.

“I dont think it’s abaut me. Ive been here for a month,

and you areunced our relationship only to the pack members. We are not official to the rest of the world. So, unless you have a traitor, nobody knows.” i explained to all



Wanabout the unit

pak members and

Why are you looking at me, you should know tham bertiar” id d hended his head in anire.

“Ok, not painganywhere, we have more questions that wers.” Ethan stood up from his chuir and encued me in a riscuring hug Ireland immediately.

“Well huy to wait for their next move, where this is heading. I just hope no one else gets hurt.” he ended our Corsation and listed forehead, Go to Blake, Fllcheck

the infimury and come back soon.” I smiled at hinh and Wartout, noi begre pving him to kiss.

Reaching Ethan’s apartment, i was last in my thoughta, Erying to figure out what was really eingon. Mihen lopened the door, the sound of How Does a Mamänt Leat Forever”

from “Beauty and the Beast Willed my ears. I chuckled.

mariembering Biake’s insistence when he said, ‘I’m not a buby: Once I reached the living room, I found Blake lightly mimoring on the couch Smiling I scooped him up and took

him to his room. Placing him in bed, i laid bende him,

hugeing him. I kissed his forehead and f

aslep inhaling his




e ry deur haud in

Ne ullen birthday partyten un


t o hili.

lly conchan to let them



in with

at Amy,thall

inted to do trele pmud of my helped to organi thomas’ worlangschidul beuse it was total thes. This pack definitely needed woman’s teach Viechen.

w more natës trom our my rarious antiny” and Ethan double the security, thy not knowing into the naty w

ter. My rage mepes were vil the same but one day! for something that made to think

He’s min. yaudamid bitch.

The wis rahat Charlottenled me to i was not yan’s

wlingtar.washinding me those me . But how did she ind my phone number and why Right now she was not the priorly, we had bio problems to solve

Blake’s birthday party was in two days, everything was

ready, ind i even get a surprise for him. He lowes wachine

the wolves light, solarranged a fight for him. I hoped he

would like it.

“Hi Mandy.” a familiar voice interrupted my work, i

looked up from my reading and saw Brian in the library’s

daonway looking apologetic. He scratched the back of his

neck and looked down.

“How can I help you, Brian?” I asked warily. He had been

acting strange lately.


that you’re

h e ld you and ter mot India Myrt for long i thought…” herinhisha auhin Koeruya you would be melanho explained and his

pleiding look said it all. He was in de pert o love. S inglclosed the book I was reading and finem

Siis ük, I understand but we can’t fight the mat bond, Once you have it you’ll understand.” ismiled at him, and he visibly relaxed at my words Siniling back, he thanked me, and we sat down Lalking about the dull training without me. A least that’s one thing I could fin. We spentagne

Together and iwi grateful to have a friend back Allerhe

Bereed with my plinstar Habe’s party, we went separate was a our room. I felt satisfied that I achieved one al

that was not on my lise.

“Blake, don’t wiggle or we’ll end up in the laba!” || Scolded him. He couldn’t sit still, he was so dicited.

After coming back to Ethan’s apartment, I asked Blake

to komply me to the lake. It was a pood place to think

And I had a lot to think about Charlotte, the notes, and the

birthday party. I hoped nothing would interrupt Blake’s big

Hut its difficult, I want to touch the water,” he puted unsatisfied, making me liuch

“Oh but let mesteady the boat ini,” I rowed us a little

closer to the shore and at the paddl#in the lake until it

touched the bottom.

“Ok, now you can do whatever you want.” i said smiling

He immediately bent over and started to play with water

Eiggling as he hit the surface with his fist, splashing water

everywhere. He did it again more forcefully and before long

our clothes were wet.

“Ok Mister that’s enough for today, we need to change

our clothes now.” I said painting at his outfit, he was totally

drenched, drops were falling onto his face from his wet hair

He was happy that made me feel good and I forgot about all

the problems.

We rowed to the shore and after settling the boat on the sand we went back to the pack house, laughing and joking.

While Blake was napping. I decided to see Ethan.

“What’s going on?” I asked confused after entering Ethan’s office. Ben and Peter were with him talking agitated. They looked shocked seeing me and tried to distract me from the topic

“Here’s the Luna, what great job did you do today baby girl?” Peter stood up and asked bringing me to the couch.

“I think I made amends with Brian and we’re all good

and Peter

melur my work buti




y look, it was obvious they were mind

Tinkine. At the end, Ben ded his in approvala something Ethan sid. Seeing this, I immediately stood up. frustrated

“What are you not talling me?” I questioned with my hands on my hips. They were silent for a moment bluri Ethan decided to talk

I was dumbfoundeid at hearing his statement. Met Huw

I turned my eyes at him questioningly and after few seconds he save me the latest note.

Handover Amanda or he’ll dia”

The unarny was direct. What is the goal and what is the


“Whe is he?” I asked, subconsciously knowing the

answer. Please say to

“Ill do it.” I immediately offered witheut a second

thought, he was just a kid who I loved dearly. I would

sacrifice myself for him.

“NOI” Ethan roared in denial, making the guys submit. But not me, I was his equal. He stood up from his chair, his

wolf surfacing for a second before Ethan suppressed him. He

Prabbed my hand and ruled me harshly to him. Ha at me

abery hand and pullin me turshly la him. He same dewan hk lap, his hold tight and hisna n t my ch. Inhaling my wint. I put my handathisma attempt to cmlim down. A mements later, he reliud alle

“No you’re not sorting SHEFI protect both of you.” he stated, His head sull in the creck at my neck.len

Ind Peter windm.

“Listen tomarrow is Blake’s birthday party and we have to make sure nothing will happen during the Hlebration” i lecked at Ben, he hadaudenalon. Why is headilna flash. I understood. I pulled myself out from

Echan’s umbraon

“You are not cinceling the party!” I screamed, standing in the middle of the office. They can’t do that to him, I

would be devastated

*Baby girl, it’s for safety.” Peter tried to Nidon with me.

butlenly shook my head. No.

“Mandy think about it, he might be in daneur, we don’t know wha’ behind this and we need to make sure Blake and

you are safe,” Ethan pleaded.

il needed to make the realize the situation, we en

move the party somewhere more private, closer to pack

house. Remembering my messages, I realized maybe it was her behind it all

“It’s Charlotte.” I said making the look at me

dumbfounded. Siehine I told them about the messages.

“It’s Charlotte.” I said making them look at me

dumbfounded. Sighing I told them about the messages.

They were pissed I didn’t tell them.

“I thought it was related to my boss’s situation I’m

helping him with, but after the word ‘damaged ‘I started to

think and I’m pretty sure it’s her.” I explained. Ethan was

shaking his head.

“It can’t be her. She’s staying at her ex-boyfriend’s pack

right now in another state. It’s impossible.” Ethan answered.

“Then who would want to take Amanda? She was

nagging you to accept her as your Luna, maybe someone

told her about Mandy being your mate7 Peter asked,

believing my theory. Ethan was still shaking his head in


“Who’s her ex-boyfriend, maybe we could ask him about

it?Ben offered a solution and we all waited for Ethan’s

answer. But his what he said was something I didn’t expect

to hear in million years.

“Andrew Miller.”


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