Never again by Malgorzata Uchto Chapter 12


I’m the bush. The on l y at older poche:

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“HL” | Hd hinnainfople Hungaround inchio. Itali a n To

G ebido indrun to the sale om i couldn’t sa i nywe!


our previous seat butik blanket we

scanned the s

oundings and found Ethan thouting orders

ta his w

rior. They were l lacused, ready, and

determined. Il


wolvesady running into the

foresi, emuli. I ran to Ethan

“Mihaare you doingham Hunto the sale oorti!” he

created card

can’t And Blake!” I said with shaly voice, loaking


“H.. s


fort in the fir hinunt liria noul




n gclaw. They Fre

d ditulinu. Fler G run! pattera äri hiding hindi ,

L T ET haTITY. Behind denn e Brochurchil d ,pa indarthini ala

p on i cula ito bila !

PER manchath i rey.prabbing her

thi | Build har ju end e lt the spot What

ardine Hibody with the tr

mith him b in und Wichthalation lalang The kitendo hithroat hard as I could lead time

from the sound om man sutekino checking lo

the de, i mari with thelial p i ching the piece



Theo W

a d file with no of the pack

Looking around, sattad Arie. “Arm” |


k emme

mdste turned around, 1 Hlake with you inexio

bodo law ih I’m sorryi”

um ning nowodu.

had nama :


hal indled the


is www.



Whenland bar at the cheating an ad mering the burbetit, the view w hole Pupil Senghong in o kunan lomma latofdwer

Than hinn en min til i humano, His


m ere, herpe the neck of Hint H ondh. Theiatti


o min late ||

dn’t hurt me ta namuhimi had a niczkilan Tind.

T into the windshill haldinthebloody striknili in

Frry hand. Who did het

pand if anything happened to him. Ethan will mer for me. I will Foreve pall Runningmely minute lipid

and book

diep breaths bacalm down and think

Hy brochar prepared

for this kind of situation, but I


serienced it before. Think Mundy, where would

FOUNachiLdFilooked around and siw

at this moment

The fort!

art. Thund Carl. lupted in red and went intiming

a ei tarha O y hachboudreh


in tight. Heungiten

Short His LIVE you but wait MISLI, Flo hm, han had.

Na don’t want to

I’m G

FHeshool hat.



Bu now.” I

trucco turn


. Halaharli tuhad no

“Latan lalulintu, Doba

that he


a d bus finally nodiad his head.

10, whitell you were not

here it in


h e

to protect you indiren

larun?” i medhim

und hit mosia.

“Good, now I will

looko_tude the fort to check

for more and when tell you to run you’ll run


can che, olt” i pole tahim slowly and calmly to make


htuen binlarnichkarthy

hand, The Fodennithah

  1. ra. THGH

pusbully deppening the band rabba haldito Cry, want de tiu lort and checked, ring nothing to make th

webwiching through:laun about to clear

w hen the mapping Som

luchy Puhh lakrifaida, ielinie Furra b ustand vut the lor.

iltuma tatherm

-aching TEH

N chland build. He did=’i ipak

warnar, Hotellit

ular wall. Helbu tabusound my

mitteil der Su



Wel, wiwit da

herethe Lu

ra in

ili wan?” hino juttuni vaig filem

und, not formy

buttar Bened to take him

“What do you want?” i sked himmily, showing no

fat Alat ihopedi didn’t

Feisty little hurrian,” he smiled, showing his wayyellow

ihu pindhu thuhe run

wird in hoch, dipinged their into the Orow , Laine into hit that. The bood


10 ward

artohet pierdninyumend



b ra, Harunt boditur

in butul, and she was sh o t attackinut d=Lading record herlinally, I could br . Brihadakeasy bilio am Arlown btnje hd legafonofriope e Branchurath

netboard hold ther. The furnitu

Il broke, nduweli

e d on the floor, bond start.


he I put Hak behind me and tried to visit

te verbundetected to reach the wings buti


dann picerie E

. I wiced as the

crunching nie

used alafaham to look out

Anicitered in t

herwelding for to run


Hyendiri hit the mandi the pound th

thu. My la buty rhestarted

i n te pi Bundinni mjibwethard lant

Figure holding hair los lothaches and hiked in to might:


c harni him,


Cring to techadh , the ro h it menghanth Bujan. friend with her wering unto the m. Hechwed tomaterniceria

protectinguuT heard the dearunekinendlindup,

din pud All nude them. Ohcete mai

fumed to Ari. Plus hit and conside-l

ed her

buite chokherhelhed her buti na mail

djrowing behind her and shed



Haute Cuickly

turned back to me, Hr


ipoloptic, trying to tell me something I looked atharin confidiom. When the powls get louder the pusled me

incide ih jute room and thut thudour, the utomatic lock

cliked into place. She didn’t come in. S

onds later, i heard

a loud thud at the door and the most pintully Hadhasil

mal did in taking Bad with me.



Hecke with by the through the air. Hy he audienis hit the walondi Hitne pond with ditud. My was builtyhearted ne 12 gr p and in rain, I b elthando lant

figured to

their bus lacht und ihned within

the vicini him,

Crawing to hechakdhe , the romaht mewn right with Blain. Ariander with ham, watercun tatate . Hechwed tow Protecting T heard the diaruntücking and lineup, will dünyl und Ally nude the m. Ona hemtredi tumed la Aru. Pie n ame inside her

but the chokherhed I had her but in romailWe

herd rowling behind her

daihe looked to


nose. Quickly, the turthid back to me, her


ipologetic, trying to tell me thing I looked atharin conlaiom. When the pewis et louder the pushed me

iraide thrufe room and shut the door, the utomatic lock clicked into place. She didn’t come in Sconds later, i heard

a loud thud at the door and the most infully ind hosil


HỊ THAT I Lind H I Email ch


La | Tham THI.

Hi Fi The whitibu

Touhut meldt, dato check on valhe

h andito lan with him

arm. The vi

d utinitely nothilonen ti. Ali, up punca” ilke imemind

one p



i llingen ihmud. Pep

wie lady trying lacus

. Ethn

ne int


mamined but rom

orhalshunt. Ethan idea tonn the IT

busind we

lor the doctorbe


Puddled walked ind bad to minor

introductions and taking


he looked for serious

injuri, Told him rything about my head and rihs. Fortune anothing iruind could phone

That’s the dimol couldn’t wait anymore, inedid

Ehwal about itali c.

“Andlined to check

in, thipata





Mod but qully lidt




eard that he

EF Ett

pakenbundled un to labr’s room




price it want = Eh, Bad Odin, one of the bed

incontri Thunduuhinth WOLF de tamnu .

Thuonut” Ethn puntold


nat pod Holthedrych


ud T10 buty but tradu”

lililoped. Ma TER IS EEN ‘S

dihadhawi Wytartplura, de Ladytromblon bunday dilatantl.

I’m on

sorry baby. She taught brely but the repu ” ibarely had his. My mind shut down. He



Throughry mind hand

up nieru incary sunny

nei rep.Orimally did, k ind. This was not

i n archant dirri t imp Chen ihram,

H ochtend. A.




pun into my larm. Didi antichidheni



Ethumani black couch Hampin

utting up m

osmi lule, who tokupnih

To watanlane,

let the

Aria Arial Ajut the thought of her nummy

Further increased, and I d

id try man. Hearing the

bueping in cine in spred, Ethan woke up, and looks in

  1. wy. Our

net, Hengawal ke slowly took Blake’s


burhaninth= id. “Hey baldai!

and he multi


ati aukin’ bo


Band – i iridobne.buti feddodian.

Ethan leer til hilding me


, lackinut

Toutainted yetud

ine, les bocamen

Siurday”Ethan ini med TH


ranscious fermeday. He told me w

happdate my below in his office. Wynick

caused may

be ruleutatirindilovicou


For the talizmi dn T Ethe’s bedi E

honladid.ikumi but Frobahah too

lath bolyidue thithramihan

Eve urbs lomi Ethan’tochdidatwerk i linylhad, and it

amyllintalah denunchild

hun dans =


diyorum.Shunianily Ethan

Do you want to low that the un thin ked me when my black crevichaarbada

lateup into her ected in the mire. He wa

in a black suit and black shirt only madid. He did

theme and kind the bunch of my head bee Neart. I checked m el in the mirat

n the

I looked good in the back drend black heels, but

Hled tar hela tider

in their

s alu Putinu

t ories, pod thyhedilnih


na Ethias. Helmy and und Hund

  1. it. M


The skin

to him

into the sundund Ty


The Pukabumabbin watchi

coHindispancing the old us hobi

Leihe indikian

. Lituanitimately

Pull me in

s andcontented me walline

Permanduchu jediodalom their mary brat be theerl, a hemli il. Thanklinchei

injury healed propril, mh anwu to his dalis.

Tmi, thank yo”

truthtully. “HT Om Firman, but it

b he.

H ar youThey said you mundhuld.” ild him a neteimynin babi chickm. l was delicious

” Ek

mind to join the coming, but they didn’ten.” He wadimited

Werkendahout th ing of the attack, Some pop mentioned Anas funny mus ikings mph. i didatticon about what happened businewhat

wuuldl.drop vrything and commit immediately to enco

  1. me. This by Packs and this is my life, solided to

djust to these bind of situations without himni.

Altar dinner, v

on went back to their home and I

helped the Omegas dean the tables and kitchen while the

Ewys wint to the living room, wpping their drinks. Bike

rady in bed

Tuy nhill

DHE FEM arhitd.

T ried poli itikastiac For “Tid bonheren d imud betina.” mom bb,61 with Skind

v ahim,

Tpatitudo hohl indd him The houd i ng you tulel pou ought Notrynarinu

u lili.” Chad bin ning to take hot. Then


a t, sushil pulyarthat.”

i n hin with a mens data oli Hoedinte

The held that he

upied within and mortis cauch


ch that, Ervind

confident their love for

ather whe


re be uposhi uchun the

apau douch. That

no Funny and disturbing and

didattich sihich i

s the damunt On:

Wanderio Peter and joined thin, taking the

How ifuch did they drink?” | H

d, raSHEIT


Hepsind him.

it bottle, henc





ad with me, but the



muted by SDY POW and



Ethan ind m


tfighting with mich her.

thair had want to bendly bu Lembad immediately and want to Ethaniya upeln.

Terdad es with the ditch and




  1. el. Tabing lu look at Peter



a Elkabout it. Gaman

There wishing on an in the


buck ta Ethuns primer, I thought about everything the

attack, the bange bottle and treat mot


d . It

modded our heads in agreement is talk about it tam

achta Ethan’s partment. I thought abzit

ything. The

TILST all lan caninected. Halding Ethan by his wist i brought him to the bed, the moment his head hit the plow he was laul. Sighing undressed him and put the blanket over his

body. His share filled the room,

I took his clothes ta the laundry basket in the bathraam

and went to take a shower. Putting the blanket over my body

I looked at sleeping Ethan, his mouth slightly open, the

image of him almost lighting with Ben got me thinking it

didn’t look good, upecially on Arla’s funeral day. I stiffened.

Aria. I thought back to her words on that fateful day.

I need to talk to you about something, anyway.

Her suspicious statement from before the attack

echoed in my mind. Her wary eyes, her wolf’s expression in

the living room: scared and full of sadness. The way she

shook her head ‘na’ with apologetic eyes right before she

shut the door to the sale room. It all hit me in a flash.

Aria knew who the traitor was.

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