Never again by Malgorzata Uchto Chapter 13

Mr Ara’ lurral, I told Ethan about my discovery. He

w hesitant in the beginning, but eventually believed me. We searched a room in an attempt to find some hidhin clues she might have let, but it was til. We didn’t find


What if she didnt know anything? Ben asked after

checking her desk. We had tumed the whole mom almost

upside down. “What is wanted to talk to you about

something else like mybe finding her mate?” He

questioned me.

I closed the drawer I was clicking and looked at him,

surprised. Maybe he was right, but something told me that

was not the kasut. If she knew something, we would find it. I

looked at the sweater I had given her, and a little pain hit my heart. Brushing off the negative thoughts, I focused on Ben’s


She was trying to tell me something. H it were her

finding a mate, wouldn’t he have come here to check on her?

He must have felt the pain of the bond breaking. It had been

three days since her funeral. A week after the attack. He

would have come by now, rightOr maybe she had been

rejected, and thats what she wanted to tell me? No.

Definitely not. Her scared and meaningful eyes had told me a

diferent story

“No Ben, I don’t think it was about her mate. Her eyes at

the barbecue are she was afraid of something

And he wolf was so adamant to not enter the sale foon, I

think she knew the traitor. And that’s what she wanted to tell me.” I was confident in my suspicion.

“I think…” I paused unsure if I should say it aloud. “I

think it was the traitor who killed her, not the reque.” They

were shocked. Ethan sat on Aria’s bed, shaking his head in


Ben and Peter widened their eyes in disbelief. I suppose

they hadn’t thought about that possible scenario. No leader

wants to hear about his loyal member’s betrayal

I closed the drawer i was checking and sat at the floor

beside Peter. I explained everything from the supposed mäte

matter and his abseno ta being eliminated by the traitor.

They were silent for a moment, thinking about it.

Finally, Peter pulled himself together and asked the first

question. “If that’s true, why didn’t she tellus in private or

mind link any of us?”

That was a good question. I hadn’t thought about that

before. She was a werewolf she could have done that

without anyone noticing

“Maybe she was threatened?” I asked, unsure. She must

have had a good reason. She was very shy, maybe someone

did something to make her keep her mouth shut.

“Maybe he was buildi’s lose the truth, me the web

withaven’t recebidany

notes, which me

something.” Ethan announced, looking me sady

“Are you Sucesting she was the traitor?” I asked,

dumbfounded at his


I couldn’t believe he said that, it couldn’t be true. It w not her; I knew it. I shook my head in denial. We discussid all the pros and cons for a while, still with no results,

“Ok, we don’t knaw who the traiter was, we have no proof for any of our theories. Let’s keep going and try to inwestigate it further.” Ben endöd our conversation and stood

up, taking Pater with him. I did the same. Offering my hand ta Ethan, he sighed and accepted it. We left her room and

proceeded with our duties


I heard someone calling me, and I turned around to see

Hillary, an Omega who took over Aria’s duties. She was a nice

and friendly woman.

*The Alpha asked for your presence in his office, it’s

urgent.” she informed me seriously. Nodding my head at her,

I instructed my helpers on how to arrange the furniture in

the living room. Double checking everything. I left them alone and went to Ethan’s office. We had to order almost

everything to arrange the living room after the damage

an, Fe, Brian and Colin



ng the oth looking

Sched while Ethan withing in anger, lighting his will

keer Tram shifting On instinct, I hurried over to him and

on his lap and lived him, trying to calm down his woll.

It worked, he embraced me and put his head in the

creak of my neck, inhaling my scent

What happened?” I asked no one in particular.

After hesitating for a moment, Ban handed me a note. Gulping, I took it and read.

“Sorry for your loss, she was beautiful, surrender or

möre peaple will dia. See you soon, Luna!

My heart stopped for a moment. I knew they wanted

me, and I was ready to give myself up, but I was still nervous.

was I really ready to do that?

“Did someone get hurt?” I looked at Ben, hoping nothing had happened to any of our pack members.

“I was knocked out during the patrol and when I

retained consciousness, I found myself in the infirmary.”

Brian explained, embarrassed, avoiding eye contact.

“Are you hurt?” I asked him concerned, he shook his

head. Good, I didn‘t want another pack member to suffer

because of me. Reading the note again, I felt a little relief. The note proved Aria’s innocence. But the traitor was still on

the loose.

Dar w where should any information about the place or time?” I and determined. This

m eid on

Tou’re not alm al” Ehun wedangly. This had still in my thick. Hii holatightened paintuilly and I hind in pain. Hearing that he immediately a little

“Tm not saying til go but womed to form aplin maybe we can wurprise them and catch themy off guard,” I much , hoping they would not object.

“You have three days to show up at this location,” len handed me another note with the address but it didn’t man much to me. I looked at him questioningly

It’s an abandoned pack house about 90 miles north,

they were attacked by roques about 10 years ago. Noong

survivid, it was a slaughter. Now it’s må man’s land.” He explained, and i modded in understanding

“Ok, so what do we do now?” I was waiting for some

ideas to prevent my v

ice, but they didn’t way anything

Guess my fate was sealed.

“What about the traitor, do you have any idea who that might be?” Colin spoke for the first time. We all thought for a


“What about the older couple from party? They are still hostile towards me.” I suggested, remembering their harshi

words and cold demeanor.

“Brian,” Ethan finally decided to join the conversation.

You will Lake of that matter, You


hen their

side too, they should tell you something he add. dismissing him to dluhis job.

“Hen and Colin, thoroughly check the location, any

information about the place, anyone spotted during this

w ar before, we need to use the remaining time in our

tavo..” They both nodded and left the office, lewing Ethan, me, and Pater. H#turned to Peter.

“You worked with Mandy in IT find everything about

Charlies and Andrew’s whereabouts, we need to make sure

they are not involved in this. We can’t make any mistakes.” Hawkserki. Puterilo nodded and left, not before sending

reh .al resturingsmile:

I was still sitting in Ethan’s lap, hugging him with my

byes closed, inhuling his heavenly went. He put his face into

my hair and kissed my head.

“I’m scared.” He whispered, shocking me.

“Of what?” I asked, trying to look at him but his hald

didn’t let mm.

“Of lasing you.” That broke my heart. I didn’t know what

to say. I cupped his face, brushing my thumbs over his cheeks, waiting for his eyes to open. Once he did, my heart

broke even more. What show was not a powerful and brave

Alpha I saw a broken man, afraid of losing his woman.

“You will not lose me. We have time to prepare a plan.” I

started. With the guys” help, we’ll be good. Dont be afraid,

I’m not planning to have you.” i insured him and sealed in

with the kiss. It was slow and swit. He didn’t heutate to kiss me back. We pour leur love into the kins, assuring

one another that we would not give up on our love

The time was limited, and we tried our best to gather as

much information as we could. At the end of the first day.

Ben and Calin reported about the location. They hadn’t found much, only that it was abandoned which we already knew and there was nothing suspicious about the whole area. A few rogues were spotted but they didn’t seem to be dangerous, they simply used the building to sleep and next day they left. Surrounding pacz didn’t help either, saying

that they hadn’t had any rogut problems in a few years. That

made us wonder if this was just a trap we were supposed to

fall into

Peter also produced nothing. He confirmed that

Charlotte left Andrew’s pack as he had said. She went back to

her brother’s pack and few days later she left to visit her

friend in Europe. Since then, no one had seen her. Andrew

left his pack with a mysterious woman, I guess his Luna and

were currently staying in one of his hotels, far away from our territory. This was getting more and more confusing. Who

wanted to hurt me?

The only matter left was Mr. and Mrs. Barrow. I finally

knew their names, Meryl and John Barrow. Brian informed us

that they

had to pieces, they didn’t talize within

sa history teacher

in elementary school. They are

devoted workers and had a girl reputation in the pack. Nie

ontrar complained about them. Their only flaw was a different opinion about humus joining the pack. This

seemed harmless but Brian had noticed secret phone calls

with someone. They tried to hide every time they received


“Do you know who they might be talking with7 Ethan huffed in anger. The thought of one of his pack members

conspiring against him, right under his nose, made him


“Not sure Alpha, they didn’t tell me anything.” Brian

answered in a trembling voice.

No one wanted to disrespect an angry Alpha.

“Ethan, please calm down you’re scaring him. This is not helping” I pleaded with him, brushing my hand over his arm. The sparks did the job and after a few moments, he composed himself and he was able to ask calmly.

“Did you notice anything more than the phone calls?”

“Yes Alpha, I spoke with few Omegas, and they informed me that they saw them leaving the pack a few times for a

whole day, and when they came back, they seemed to be

satisfied.He said and handed Ethan a few pictures he took

Wellcheckerihe photos, but I didn’t thing suspicious. Jurila smilinjold couple. “What do you think? i kad Endian, who was deep in hii ikauh. Seconds later, His turned blank. He was mind lining mantan Moments later, he faced us, his expression was now cold,


*Thank you for your mark, Brian you’re di



Cansund, Brian left the office. He did the same with Colin

leaving only the four of us. We stood there, waiting for him to

explain what happened but we heard a knack at the door so mone of us said anything. When the doors opened, none other than Mr. and Mrs. Barrow entered the office. I

exchaneed laoks with Ben and Peter, but they were just as

confused as I was. Guess we needed to wait for Ethan.

“You called us, Alpha?” Mr. Barrow asked, but his eyes

were scrutinizing me. His wife’s gaze sent daggers my way.

Pretending that he didn’t see it, Ethan asked them the

dreaded question.

“Are you so displeased with your Luna that you plan to

get rid of her?” His cold voice sent shivers through my body.

Goosebumps appeared on my arms. I got a little nervous. He

was in full Alpha mode. The couple gulped and exchanged

nervous looks.

“N-no, Alpha.” Mrs. Barrow answered, stuttering almost

in a whisper. I watched their reactions, and they were

nervous. Sweat started to form on their foreheads and they

slightly pale

“Ibrow you don’t acoept her. I know what you think

about her being the Luma of this pack.” Ethan continuid

kime questions in front of him, they weren’t so braveta

say all the insults they had said to me. Thiry denied every

cusation of their hatred towards me. This was totally different behavior. Were they innocent or were they simply good actors

“Are you helping someone hurt my Luna?!” Ethan

roared the question at them. His walif trying to get out, his

eyes turned darker, his fists hit the desk making a little dent.

He was pissed. I made a move to reach him, but Ben stopped

me, bringing me to his side.

“Let him da hijab, we need ans

.” He whispered

into my ear. I nodded a little nervous, what if he killed them!

“We don’t know what you’re talking about, Alpha!” Mr.

Burrow cried, scared shitless. Mrs. Barrow was sobbing

holding her mate’s hand, clearly terrified.

“Maybe you don’t care about my Luna, but you let them

kill Aria, is this how we care for each other Ethan stood up

and walked in front of the desk, facing the couple. His

intimidating aura was radiating so strongly, even Ben and

Peter were slightly trembling beside me.

The couple only shook their heads in denial and

pleaded for Ethan to not hurt them.

Everything happened in the blink of an eye. The man

w pinned to the wall.ant dangling in the air, Ethan wqueend his throat cutting all his a year. Hr. Barokas

u lly trying to pry Ethan’s hand way. His lain EurThing purple. He wascheme. Mrs. Barrow kneeled on the


Floor and started to be ler mandy lor hurmate, Ethan

donated the cams of his free hand and brought them to

themas chast, piercing shallawly into the flesh over his

heart. Mr. Barrow screamed in pain and blood started to flow

staining his shirt. I fraze and brought my hands to my

mouth, holding my scream of horror. This was not what I expected to see. I didn’t know what to do. Help the man er let Ethan continue?

*P-please Alpha, w-we didn’t do anything against L-luna.” Mrs. Barrow’s broken voice filled the room, catching

our attention.

“Please!” she begeed.

“Then what did you do?” Ethan asked through gritted

teeth, not loosening his hold on the man’s throat.

“Please Alpha, let him go and I’ll tell you!” Mrs. Barrow

answered, sobbing

Ethan waited a few seconds, deciding his next move,

and finally let the man go. He fell to the floor with a loud

thud, coughing and gasping for air. The blood from his

Wound stained the floor. Mrs. Barrow crawled to her mate

and hugged him in relief. Ethan stood over them with his

claws still out, waiting for answers.

“Weed Alpha Simmons to let us join his pack.

Harrow a

n d in a horse voce, i didn’t expect that I

lanced at Ben, and he had the same confused expran on

Ethan stood there unaffected. “And you expect me to believe that?” he scoffed.

The couple nervously asked him to call Alpha Simmons to confirm their words. Which was exactly what we did. To

our surprise, he confirmed it. They had been talking about it

for two weeks. Knowing that Ethan and Alpha Simmons were

business rivals, they wanted to keep it secret untill

Everything was finalized. Their new home was prepared,

work organized for both of them, and the last thing was

asking Ethan for approval of the change, which they had

planned to do tomorrow.

“I don’t know what to say. I know that a simple apology will not suffice for my actions, although I’m sincerely sorry for the pain caused you, Mr. Barrow.” Ethan apologized,

ashamed. As an Alpha, he was supposed to protect his pack,

not hurt them.

“Tunderstand Alpha, if it was my mate, I would probably

do the same.” As Barrow replies How I’d like to ask for Permission to leave the pack ground tonight.” Hr. Harro

took a steps forward and when I reached Exhun, I put my

hand at his back. He shivered but didn’t turn around of way anything. “Ethan, are you alright?” I whispered.

Fara iwwseconds, he was silent. Finally, he took adap breath and shaking his head he answered, “No,” Without even lange my way, he walked out of the office

What just happenedł i stood staring at the closed daor

he just left through. I felt dejected. Was he mad at me!

turned to Ben for answers.

He just smiled at me sadly and engulfed me in a hug.

“Give him time, he needs to be alone right now.Suddenly

we heard a sad howl from the woods. I knew it was him. I felt

tears gather in my eyes. Ben noticed it also.

“It’s not your fault, he’ll do anything for you.” He stroked my head to comfort me, bringing me to his chest. I

felt awful, it was all my fault. A few tears left my eyes and !

quickly wiped them away.

“He just hurt an innocent pack member; he must feel like a shitty Alpha. Give him time.” He explained and I

nodded. Alter i calmed down, we let the office, I went

straight to Blake’s room. He was sound asleep, holding a

pillow to his chest. That made me lealaltil balandi smiled. I took a quicia thaw and putting on one of Ethan’ı t-shirts with shorts, crawled into bed beside Blazer Hunting his small badly to mine, il kissed his far had and closed my

Give him time. But the problem was, we didn’t have

much time left. With that thought I fell asleep.

I was holding the lifeless body of Blake. A huge hale in

his chest was bleeding, his heartripped out, laying inches way. I was holding him tight to my body, screaming and trying my heart out. We were somewhere in the woods,

wolves fighting around us. I heard heavy footsteps

approaching me, with blurred visions Ethan, huffing in

anger. His ended are timed on me

“it’s all your fault” he roared ind

guttural voice.

“Nol” i ishook my head sobbing, holding Blake’s body

“You killed him, bitch!” Ethan’s voice became downright

murderous. He took a predatory step toward me and I

“Mandy?” A tiny weak voice caught my attention,

looking down i saw Blake, his green eyes dull, blood coming

out from his mouth. I cupped his check and smiled at hirri.

“It’s your fault!” he whispered before closing his eyes.

Shaking my head. I tried to wake him up but he was not

movi. Sniffing. I looked up just in time to the Ethan’s law plunging into my chest…

I wake up drenched in sweat, asping for air, my hands

wutomatically went to my chant feeling my erratic heart. : was just a nightmare. Sund, I looked to the left. Blake wat pencefully sleeping beside me with his mouth slightly open, snoring. I let out a relieved breath.

Dear God, what was that? I checked the time, it was 5 am.Climbing out the bed, I want to the kitchen for al l water. The cold liquid caressed my dry throat. I looked around the apartment, it was silent, like no one was living

there. Condemned about Ethan I went to his bedroom, but it

wa data and the bed was cold. Henever came back. Not

thinking for a second, I put on my oversized cardigan and

went to his office

A few feet away, I saw the door slightly ajar. The dimi

light confirmed that someone w

inside. Slowly

approuched the door and opened it carefully: Ethen was

sitting in his chair, head resting on the chair back his eyes

were closed. On the table, I saw a halfempty bottle of

whiskey. The glass in his hand was empty.

Tcarefully tiptöed to him and took the glass from his

hand, the movement made himni snap his eyes at me.

“Hey, it’s morning and you didn’t sleep in your bed.” I

cupped his cheek and he leaned into my touch, savoring the

Tmn sunny. H

eded time lül,” he apologized.

Placing a kiss on this forehead, lcd

him to go to bed

for few hours afbep Heobeyed. We went to his bedroom,

halding each other. I helped him to undress, he looked so

absentmindid. Ono his head hit the pillow, he fell asleep.

When I was about to the room, he suddenly spoke,

“Fromise me you’ll never leave me” his voice sounded

almost braku

“I promise. I love you, Ethan.” lansered truthfully.

With that, i his room.

I couldn’t sleep at all. Every time I closed my eyes, the view of Blake’s lifeless body invaded my mind, soll showed,

dressed myself up and went to Ethan’s office. The bluod

stin were still visible on the floor where Mr. Barrow had

been lying. I shrugged off all the negative thoughts and losi

myself in work. I checked the bills te pay, requests for

admission to our pack and even the personal data of our

current members. One caught my eye. No reason to leave

the previous puck. All family members with unblernished

opinion, high rank with no complaints. Why move so far if

your future is so prominent There must be something they

were hiding. I decided to ask Ethan when he woke up.

Who are you, Neil Tyson

I didn’t know how the time flew so fast trying so hard to

figure out the next step and who the mysterious Neil is, I

pouch. llett all the paperwork and turned to him

What’s the matter honay?”

He Sentman irritated look his pebrows knitted in a

framn. “You haven’t played with me for three days. He

stated, huffing suppressed my laugh at his accusation. He

lachiude adorable.

“I’m sorry Blake,” la polegired, “Lately we have had

Sameinues to solve, and I simply wanted to help.”

explained but his expression didn’t change. He mumbled

something to himself and opened his mouth in an attempt

Tööbject, but the office door opened again, and Ben, Peter,

and Brancë in.

“Where is Ethan?” Bu asked confused at not steing his

Alpha but me

“He was up all night, so I let him sleep longer.” I smiled a

little, hoping he would get my message. He nodded his head

and sat in the chair on the opposite side of the deskt. We

talked about the pack’s needs and problems to solve. An

hour later, Blake was imitated and bored, so I suggested we

stroll over to the lake, and he agreed, smiling like a Cheshire

cat. His smile was contagious, and I automatically smiled


linformed Ben that Ethan would discuss the more

stopped us and

to come along. We agreed.

Reaching the lake shore, we sat down on the grass and

njayed the peace. Blake was running around picking up

stanes to throw into the lake. Brian and were watching him,

“What will you do tomorrow?” Brian’s question caught

me all guard. Honestly, I didn’t know what to do and I told

him that

“I don’t know who is trying to get me, we ran out of all the options, so I guess…i trailed off sighing. I honestly didn’t know. “I guess I have no other option but…” I didn’t

finish my sentence because Blake’s terrified scream

resounded in the air

Immediately, I jumped up and ran in the direction of his scream. Scared about his safety. I didn’t pay attention to my Surroundings. I was so facused that I didn’t feel the little

prick on my neck. Suddenly, my sight became

Limbs felt like jellä, and I fell to the ground. Laying on my

back, I saw a silhouette approaching from afar. Voice

muffled, hands gesturing hurriedly. I felt myself being lifted

  1. up. The last thing I heard before I lost consciousness was the

satisfied laugh of my captor

“Tell the boss we’ve got her.”

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