Never again by Malgorzata Uchto Chapter 14


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Mua Hàng T THI Him Hàn TH tu lan II HUA HP THI . LHH VIỆU THI THI TH whound in ihan the dicho lude.


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Tumbuhan i hudlandt bare sluyteminja

right, isw Blake, hinterglice on twil display.p Lembing badyang it up lama, making

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W, und wiat din

Thenditootstep in the corridorundhadlik’ body

We lighter Their coundaken

put into the lock

mude ry heart



when the lock dicked and the

doprinde turned i moved my body furtheway Wiherine

back hit the

bound, rabbed the shot and threw it over

W . The dear finally pued, and a man entered the -e, holding a tray filed with food. He wassene, holding

htty. Marnewing my sus, i followed his

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Garning humalyarmed hints and lead TH through hiep . Hay lite men med to eat Hom ” I tried to sound.o .utn. Hun

Eirauch mit Heuneb

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” Ih

m ed, hogy Te bharos, men

but biedt

“kuced his head, intulit hit

  1. 17. I

hope. ”

La Fioul of here

rad na vetrength to put something.” i bed

Aitaw rinies, firully ube and let it go bu! didn’t let my lap. Feate other in silence. i let him in



l ine or

checked the



pacho doarhia the battle

with =

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thich the


my monitorin. Ha muelundua

konweb taken. Plach Erhan find or Not fighting my haustion ere, I pulled oltromy body


the way. Free t



were de Avautuide the darwal meu. What are

they lingabeutti was se contund. Once again, iheard

the lack opening and ched Blake with my body. The im Huy appeared and switched out the plate the table. The Smell of bacon il my nou and i maaned.

The man stiffened and turned y War: “Bu bete


all, you’ll need the truth or what’s coming” he stated and

walked away, leaving me durrbfounded,


my knuchu over Blake’s check in attempt to wake him up.

Onze hened his eyes, siled at him.

“Good morning handsome,” he chuckled in rempo


“Come on, get up and wat breakfast.” I urged him and hedd

wherlaked complaining about not brushing his teeth,


pinahim bin tartulad





mine-in in my hai sekery THE

fahadir damourn On We don with

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murrin do the LTE

FightFiaskud him. He nedided his haviously Dear God help met the prople who capturadus in motpad.” Trad, “in dict, they want to hurus.” He stillede my

, andlitidistry d himinuring that

“Hlube honey. I want you to promise income thing ok i Look hissind tace in my kids and lighting the comped mysel Taking depth bed, When ask you to hidroull do itekt Hy voice was alghtly trembling Teri gathered in his eye andi hugged highing my Om sob He huecedit buck tightly and we just at the üttibracing such other.

The sound of Hoopspprout of the moment.

Goosebumps apped on my skin with the fear of what

would come nest.Quickily told Blike to Hide in the

bathroom, which he did. With an

ratic heart is


bathroom’s lock click while the door to the room apend.

Staying in the middle of the room, I waited.

“Where’s the boy” asked one of two men who entered

the pierwszabanedirekame. They were


Vir don’t need himshu

r l.” Throne who

fund to the Th. Hy heart


den me with

Ewo bestriden, he grabbed my arm Panfully

a d d me out of the numri i followed, trying to not tripove my Our Egiwadi Hicult to be with his speed.

walked through this bull and down the stan. When we reached the ground to looked around, I looked like

puck house that hadbenbandoned

na time

didn’t have time to check it

cause i washarshly pulled

to other room where bg metal doon he opened. I was

thrown inside, making

all to the ground. i landed on my

plomach, using my bunds to catch my

so I would not

my head. Baliind me, the metal doors wire doing, I pulled

myself up to standing, brushed my hair from my face and

looked around. The room had no windows, on dim laktat

the online, one wall with chains attached while the opposite

was filled with torture device. My stomach knotted in lear

and I wanted to swal. This sit; they will use these things on

lwassa focused at the Forture wall that I didn’t resister

the footsteps behind me. I felt a hand gab my hair and

harthly throw me at the wall. I hit my head and fell. I got a

they lotnler

When the heat topudu ta my

. ing i nthock.

hand, itu puan


houTuhat jiranen* damitud

+ you?”

Charlie’s satisked viceme

rloh up and

wherdeith me. Her Eyeshow

#mmm.. Teri


nd it butter punch to my w

h eel to the

Cound. I hit muhedin. Pantunti in my hand

I didn’t allow you and updatermediate

The door opened pain and the muni who put meet

walked iri dosing the door, he lackad themd


“Chan her hands up. Charlotte onderstand

painully pulled up by my hulny kanch utomatically went bohsandi due my mals into his shin deeply, trying to

Heshill Ha hind and with another hand he apped

Mahard, the itingnesstonburting

right check. My

eyes scared to water, di blinked the answi would

motory, Once my hands were cuired the main sepped


ind looked at Charlotie. She nodded her head, and

Ipprouched the opposite


lected a whip. wil

leather with a lot of steps with a sharp til metal tips at the

und. I trembled in fear, would he rally we that on me Hy

breathing quickened. I looked at Charlotte with wide tye.

Sering my pression, the laughed, a deep malicious laugh.

Toulon TELHI Wupport

“THILI’T NË K urt you can won’t bibi, but what’s the fun in that you need is yr

make sure you sure with that there the

dhe d hunshy tumheme : Hy back icing hiri denched my hands on the chain and bit my lip.rupting frihe pain when the strike İmdud on my buck. I hissed and the wall. The tine ne

estionspred from aro my side. Another Wow followed the first and humain=yribi. The pain predall

Vermy tuck with ach blow. Thietips paced milin


unds. The pin becim unterendi

shume involuntary tunedown my cheeku loould feel the blood Hing down my buck. The meat strikun hit my

urm, almost reaching



. The pain caused me to but out

Huntil heriotain the power,

handed TH



i n in no


whether thing about haw HET


op talking the can

you shocked

“She’s in stock, probably



ening out”

THE P talk, tell me your planipped in my head, I shook my l

a bout is callapkin pulung out. It want hurd, my p elud o ui, uollet

my body BIĻn g by my chained hands.

Sushe’s out.” Eka man udutuled. Charlott

Instructed him to take me back to my room. The mommy

hands we

nd, my body hitthoot i landed on my


ing or undeched my teeth to hold –

Schim that was abouttolemy -auth. He then meer

his shoulder and cried

back. Thank God, my hurt back

Hanging rumit, i focused on their convention. “What’s his plan with her the men asked intarested. She’s h un

ma’s the benefit havine her head contud.


-, bui har brother

herba Chotienpidimpul. CHIURE Thybne Dragon, bui how Only Ethantran ka nauda’t tell me,


WH Hit me, he month bed and

are mih, puninus Whathay Pinto

“Nice work , the look better than lim. .” Satired. Charlait paiced him, he’s the braith added immediatay. Tutter chake me panpun Godde don’t let them hun lab…

“He’s not important. Let’s become on.” The maniowanie Christie Second

unsatisfied, Charlaine and San Luit the mom, locking the

door Once their lautstepidiuppared.lopend my eyes

The bathroom door slightly opened and blata’sihaty

plended the Mandy, is that you

Tihoney, it’s me. you can come out on”


in houne voice. The door opened wider, and I heard a loud

probably Blake

my back. Hentantly he came

fontand, his eyes focused on my injuries. His fai


from crying his eyes wollen. Ineeded to make he was

alright. “Blike, don’t cry. It’s nothing okay” I tried to assure

him, but his eyes burned glassy again. I reached for his hand

Plus don’t cry Harmi

tutta lielit. butysu

distract his mind to

huru. Heiddhisha

ent. Imini bald him la bun



HYE The m

material main contact with my

thin, hiusi in punand ched the sht u ar hurtint-Bakr nepradhi mamit, but late him to continue

Ah smo ime, ka pain was les inte

n d the cold

Eactually hupid. In the men brought

other tray of food,mot saying or doing anything else hd Bladwich my body in case they decided to lurt him next, but didn’t look our way. Blake ind me some fruit

and bred, but i couldn’t eat much. Wy stomach refused after

awbt. I asked him to eat the rest.

After the meall

e d for Blake come to bed and

we laid there, holding ach other. He asked question about

my injuries, and answered aswagaly

possible. He didn’t

med to know it all. When he finally tellileep, I feucht back

my own sleepintandlad the bad thinking about the

information head.

Somüne is trying to use me to gain power that Devon

can provide. He is close to the wentwulf’s council almasi

One of them. I know they allered him the position, but he

W p

ihe, dhilap


Hd by




tlessly and


usly alimin inihain to himpact Hui who

We’re maat? Who wtupidly think

by hurting

the wards chatt nudio me that in na

He women. Wat m



Churmate dobrid harder the working together, or she wants to the rem a tar cualiam in’

the-dlitwal.contusin Sighing. I tried to us, but machine buch o r from wymien.

Taking dp bruths. I slowlyitated to move ullyilted my bdyur,dicanding myturn sihirl With


10mediticulty, ilanly walked to the wall with the dose

and bathroom doorsandchacked me in the


Mkurwames, but I didn’t feithered to fix it. since

any attempt to miss m

e d more pain. Hy shift was

pale, ays dullianna my upper body and noticed red

marks on my sides.

Slowly I turned around, takingatiwdepbreath

gathered the course to look at the damage Turning

head lit, iuw it all. My night hand went to cover my mouth,

muffilling the gas that encaped my mouth. I closed my yes

at the view. Sobbine silently. I Let all the pain out. Opening

Hurtdul The

H, BIOLINE places, I looked at the need yours with nad bud. Ek would be due tength. İL Limitinhohim sinchi wwwyurken he

Losting at the culme mit went to the mom Don and me, i sin

bumbung brul, with robnih, being out then the outsi

Ed i hud d ing Layang ruled, clumped in the middle site fortalurites were done. I clocykel, trying to hrushchenmaries, but w ith their İmuchis rewunded in my hairerinding the site to un retrable moments in my life. The pan, my TE being the tostup but they didn’t listen. Vy Thing anly burning them one more Browthing slowly, I openi

my eyes and looked at my reaction an,

Tou urted that you’ll survive the led to



wiping my

ha dadwent to the

buthnoor to take a home the moment the ritu hitty

Woundi, Ihsan butlleth warm


Looking down, I saw the

liquid flowing to the drain. For


wouldindure ta thousand time mare. Carefully. I

duined my body and Cümned th

erealder. Standing

under the water, made a decision. No matter what I would

medyad Hariaplaa


Ethan. My uit.

Thremannt ihr verturehp


this time it

w o

r th whipping Charlie tolinio cut the front of my body while bed. He cut myke, stomach and chest. Sill, noe oujh for Her: She demanded him to brand it, with a hotroke bumed the word ‘n on my hips and mother o n FT back. It was painumad namin any whilha

pressed the rodio

m ih. Almost intim hom the indescribable pain, idandherto de huurwer and she did.

She offered my body to San and his friend, and they

obly. Taking me back to my room, they took my body

harshly ind hurriedly, cung

more pl. Wyb

flowed freely om my ey. My head was showed up into

the matte


my screams and one could hear it

Riaching their own orgasms, they reared in batisfaction while cried once again knowing that history had repeated La fel dirty, broken and definitely unworthy of Ethan. I

let them to do it again. I failed i felt the singing station

the di pwy pulled out, leaving his sed to flow rely from

charhinust watched

hut, whe

n cherheach

in blh Shed with her intende 7 Harithin could not but you did

” wie wired, pigu. luu hap dpt that all didn’t hear anything that

h ad here. I did my b io C Ti pun

the bathroom dones ,

The had and nety prom han suike the room dached the thiruthmen tichtly be my body

Stiline ihr bemylii Ety by Wide

it, butch buplapening the dar made me jumpit

Closing my eyes, i totherman La violam, Ladly, but he didn’t happen. A loudy rourilad E-bir,

A mun ūnce hat

standing in the doorway breathing heavily landed on me. He growled angrily. I benchid


mighter. Hunned the morn and when

Eyes landed at the man who had just pedim, he let out a

ferocious grow and lore the tunapari Tuking Charlotte

indscream inur


‘s di

, mingtarine, sted


that meer vatbaar. Once i blinki Hiihen mere him in till dia

b ethithurgh Telular bolyhi. Wordhalthily comband furious buyKON Caught my leon

kdminth wicking my u.

Watching him uppunching Charlotte this predator Spi, i bitmyip dalad tarihind. He grippadher hair And pulled her up to hti Lacest whimpered at the tough touch. Ereuthing heavily intolerance he asked. “What E ye dine habe? The wind it made me more


  1. ed. Il neverthought I would storhear him again. There

hed, itunding in front of me holding Charlotte in his prie

Caring and torturing her at the

time. The man that


my world, the man who came to make 20W


the man who muidente. There

the one


to ..

Andre Mar

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