Never again by Malgorzata Uchto Chapter 15

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We disculled the police including everyone von Peter. He might be Ben’s m uar lendy’s friend has to Fathe kap ets now. The only anetrust . We
discussing the notes, black, Arial death, Mandy’s museu and the spiked whiskey was all dulinitely conducted, bull who would want to do illor HT Why would they w Mandy
“imyou nalepit all to you seernow. Hen” i und
fimmy: Toute to Peter, but you’re my best friend and I
Trude you the most.” Hinodded his head in understanding
We were taking about the plan for temanow whenoma
our warrior mind linked
“Res spotted at the like Brian get hurt
We both stood up and rushed out of my office. My heart
was betingerräticalls, my wolf was gitated, trying to come
out. My aut tald me something was one When W
The Cu
hether in
and they
that brien mind lin
d in mittarhols, but by
se chuck the borders and reportituired round and
Who Ban who want to wake up brice.
7h alrighet” i hedhim
o ud
“The cut will
he l m reträbout hished, Is bedink repla, pencemed
El tonhandoustningin hinho sighthoph y s. Elimin imushi
landud on me dhewe, hinhowedbartelt
contused, mas card of met
*L-luu asutties, and my heropped. We the lin
nd his angerin my head.
“Theyttant L-un and B-Blik’ he whispered
One hin wards existered in my head, ilostalliny strength and let my wolfemerge. He let out a ferociou
crowl, causing everyone to flinch and law their heads in
submission. Hinanraped and one voice should orders
Every warrior raced way to check the woods, trackers trying
to find any icent or footprints. Once I finally composed
self. I took control of my body mabnam wolf subsidi
tarted. “Wency rucheter him imid ly HH
dard lakad at pantalla himin
“wwwarallischen . Habably drunbat had matte Bacheck
t h e attacked me nupovinom, a wip-id- they had no Hone. Ithani luchtbuck heildarhrah hd Hd.
Teorya nstable protect the “HE and with tearyl Hadded mye, my wala stuck in my throat
Ithanbim od nedito w
ants vort him to
the integy. His head nunda tobe chez ed. They
Fremmtiler.i doned mye and took
Es calm mpwll down. Clenching lists at mywidhis, I tried to Ehink clearly. My heari plummeted, and myo ch knotted
in tear Mytho bublashvan druppand we still
didn’t know who took them. I felt a hand myhaulder,
en concerned
We’ll find them. Hered me but hva betrayed
Dunkelhoun th
u ipped
Top door, het hy dimulai E
mynas I walked in and on the couch. Putting my face in my Hanes I did my hart darwin mainile.myati Erg: Taru dan teki, tiling on my thigh, my body shering from loud t o howling in my head in depair. İmpar un sitting in hea , saryo the parts from rien ne vingt ans. They couldn’t find anything that could lead u. Elak and Wandplocation. Noclur, the tostarint they foundeded
at the border and then nothing like they winnihed into this
i had to put up on the touch and face the sittian. I
P aperyn W them.”
Pod Sarike, hiling hinihinkenndi
v in T witter to
kecepaint ”
To jhuldidan obras dar tui. Perspeloped betwee keupbudint fininh Thi
Tunden korter you are her heilendard it’s
“I did the Hathawan
“id, et shed
of nyimbon. They buih radded tharladu in
What do we do
arached, lasting between
thanden van forintosion.Ilon-sily didnt know
htutto do.
HITU:11170 tu. W thathajthi GT (STIH Horaimre semtlet them huri ” PET
marty flat, but it dhe
a midury pain with all
Hiph, and
mother she willekerchild try
I didn’t want to inspired
oblaki in pain, huri. Hy
Pleau Moncada, don’t let therri lar hurt, pleure protect them frayed in my head
“itetne lit İnform everyone to stop nching and double thes, mbront will try to sindanother
upulturned to be hemodie, mind linked my
to the warm
“Do.” Hainted
“If the potangöre trying to cross the border capture
that and sed them to the dungeon. Fil interro thum m ed.” i idited in a hard voice. They both noddedd Llu Eiros. Alons, i contemplated what to do nedt. Should i
. Millind haar’
Tutha’s hit
rrudhomhshkalbu Tird to
ribing to help butabituation
w h en it was pupwa na minime all that Can er Tun with him for inter ly
ind with my plan Wiikaelinchan, i took the pharetra te duard starckor Decom’ nettiler. Taking the deep breath, trade the coll,
Hori.. He d hartha and ring
Hot knowing how to il praty, i simply stated. “Wy nad Handy are
Twited Dicon’cuibunt but the line w ini hudhu breathing but no words are said. I didn’t
“I’m coming He finally replied, and the call was culo! Putting the pho-adormidased my eyes and not ry head on the desk liniame the prestha would have
inaw hour and to let him in
Eslaud, I fellepalmot immediately
I wake uploaloudandane vream in the corridor. Checking the time. it was duit. The sound of footsteps
IT Cod La idin
hand to thoa
e: The locatid.thaniel Est. Ha Bria ired to calm him downbut it dinthip
Why th ntal T fb . pradan bilancity cuning kunithe midle. Ofte punch and it would pliin
We didn’t w wwdhuppan; dont who is holding it .” e imuthu, Ben und Peter Wen la
contund, that ddatkow who
Samane watching your and you dida’t think to interment that” Hinwerda Filled with veci mádi Balandit papiralization
Conned to him and calmly and
Ye Peter, 1
at her brother.” Peter wides creen Decon uid
the told me everything about you’very
met under
the circumstance. I-D
on Hondenan
d a’s
brother.” he ended his hand to Peter wohntly to
| Carutrum in humaines boito!
sat. H. Duis internetobom, and an und
We have no plac Want who took them, hu w aspects, but they chan” , Berline chated.
Whe did you mupectI’m Demine Peberts by the way him Beta” Denk
Q r print mart. moddad my hand
W hicked into the hand Mardin-mate.” Pirand. They
t urned their heads to him,
Charlatusmith and Andrew Wille” Berinformed
Andrew Milleras indiphande Mi Deden kadar gily. They both added their head. He turned to
Domini, mind linking homething to him, which made
Dominic ned his head and walkout of the
We all lakad at Dracon confused, what did he kno
that we didn’t Seeing our previons, he explained
Heinaru inruikeupx;hehen
od Hindari indihim
in my hand get Ben hohed the ITHI
punon hat.
“Eupt Hemindre
ihop not
W ingenion internetu
e called him when Charent to his pack –dhe said that shathwand his Lure and heated that from hin territory.” Barsplanaddirvuoly
Weethod icushrough the phant, twee told he’s out with A Lua staying in örhof hiu hotelu far wway” ictimairi. Deacon dosud hittyet and inad laudly
Hehang Lura, coording to your information my
u p Boad to tho.” he said, and that
dropped to my stomach. I gulped and noticed behandelen
“Goddex did he trickus Perasted no one in
Gall him hain.” D
en d
anded and gubbed
Lly havbu
n din tur Originale
hard tarhu
nd ind
call waited for monta pick up
n EHLECH Other
“This is
a Lul
i hele youth
“Huila Par ish Alpha Ethur Jones, lan trying to reach Alshawther, this is important laukurically but firmly
im Ley Alpha Jone but he’s not than the 140 lads, he’s our dealing with very importante private mutter” He stredy. Descongestureilermo
“Can you il me when tw
ined to speak to him
urgently. Huromin to help me with my problem. I tried
to conuing him
“Tinionty takes that but he said to not interrupi him,
WH’s on a recue mission.”
Arraun mission Weal widened curry
in upri,
tad teritorial
had loudly
about H
und blur bathe in being
HTH puck
hadh F
“Shirld in hominibul Alhamdhihin , iting on the inside. Ha w ere hands and cared.
The tagabout TIF pret
“What’linmal i
red my HIT motion. He used but
able to co the an
“Yu Tyon, but hech
and now
by Blin.”
Not able to controlisalongitut the cliendi lat out or instance, punched the desid it braba in half
the pap e r huit moment,
Demificarile the office and stepped, kasing
“Do you know him Doon asbed, loobin am
untazed. Hutting in anger at the betrayal. l nodded my head. I
turmed to len wordlessly, he already knew what to do. He
took Feter with him and went for the culpnt. Enraged, I
lartid to paround the hou. My wolfready to kill him
first second, he entered the door
Who is het Deacon stood up from his chair and out his
Whindwabiulit bulu
elp of his
Hortunatim YooTo
. Hewan datin hil olak,
Hell i nadded my handed to pullm
mind set him down on the chemiconhadban
w ongan
what’s wrong phat they didn’t tell me why I’m hirektnked Himbing Hewan dam od actor. Carine mythrow, I told him to markmimi’n cun Hestarted with a simple and quants
about his family
and dulles. He answered them all
with naheutation or mu
l though
mantien h
eal name. That pot Deacon and me curious and
he mind links hie tonik bcut.
“Why did you change your name, Neill he asked him,
placing his albums on his thighs and leaning forward, tistice
Inches way from Brian.
He widened his
ing this real name but
Thaimade his quanhim turther
hurt time Horgumimundarding than thapu. Haar a nd dirti io thi paint.
und, but his hands were clenched in it
ULdon’t know youre talking about, I KHI LÀM THỦ T HI THU H TH Thu H I I I I I II II II” HLVH
1 him
ton but buudal
dow hb
“Hou’re lyi
h inmadathi acting in nacionali, Micr pinned him upali holding him by him. the purt. Brian war shocked id tried to remehimul trom Nico’s hold but wit h Him lurred purple. and happed . Thashing around, he tried to kick Nice buoni pundli ta is stomach made him ntap. Hinnya started to roll in the back of hishedand that made Nice
him. He eilanthose couching and he touched
his throat, braching hewly Suddenly, ba did something
une paid that made us all focus on him intently. He
laughed. He threw his head back and laughed maniacally.
“You think i’ll tell you anything! he
, mending me
devicus smiek, his eyes full of
usement. “I did all my
woth perfectly,
t h is time to play with you took” ullstill laughing Norded uportul punch to hintaa, making hel p tuk and the well with the impact.
The of bone brakinu ha roem, Enthin
Hrian to the dungindchin him with her. They quickly wakihim out of the site. Die epaimed at his b anal!
a inumi chorand astaka loudly.
” we now who the traiter lung – intered the silenci shock mydlin disbelief this time he new terything we planned he was playing with Lii. And now Nadyand flake in a marchandu
“Held Arin.” Petualasadh Mandy w right, it wasn’t a meta was Bryn
“Now that we know why behind the kidnapping it’s time to form a plan and wairch for where they might be Deacon stated the sets. He was right. I stood up and start working
“Nico and Ben,
sonra information from Brian, he
Committed crime and will be punisheditor his actions.” ||
addressed them and they nodded.
“Peter, pel Calin and start training of manos. They
need to be rady when we find the location.”
Yes Alpha,” he said and want out.
Itunud ta Deconto ask for his help but he buat me to
111 hp
no tindih buatkan end to
advanced tech They need to brylar
dihabawi Handy-ihy will roihah
him, but with them
help w
ould put them all in
I didn’t know how the line tootmi but it w ülrad i ng when we finihed with or dated plan. Without the location, trything ll hypothetical. Suddenly I noticed bacon’ push ed, booming broken and sad while my woltented to act stranu. HE EDT cated and howladims pain but didn’t saying anything. It was not painthat was making him react. I looked at Decor a sensing my question, he nodded his
“My wolf feels it too she’uin päin.” whispered sadly.!
close my eyes at the realization. What was the doing to her
What about Ba
was terrified, but my wall assured me it
only Mandy in plin. A Little relieved, I waited for him to
stop. It took crily
w more minutes until he ruid
Topened my eyes and Dracon did the war.
“As much as I don’t want to talk about it, you need to
know she’s a fighter. She’s suffered somethineway much
The hint you trhu winihinta
brain contor, was the
They did homendoan things to the
dint lehet prach datinhar.” i upahiu Honda,
h id they “Thapichoked with nedded his head
it with out, it tooknem is rack the buionic I did my wifmake him with them.” he und derby thedrGaddet, why you that happeni
The nut bunad Nico i-formed us at what they were able to Brian belore te pared out. It wil mal
Trudh but alku we had some dues now. Iepanni, hi
ping them in an ibundoned pack house culte far
www.but didnt know the location or didn’t want to share
Le with thi. He checked the localiza
abundoned purku
in 100-mile radlus. We found at kat twenty, the closed
was the locitoni mentioned in the
Si scouts to check all of them, thanks to Deaton
we had more people to help us. Unfortunately, it would take
some time
to every location, but the only thing we
but this time
me intent, which made me and
Deacon fear for her. Will she survive whatever they are doing to her Not being able to hold it all inside. I went to my room
and let out my ander punching, kicking, and breaking
everything that stood in my way. This time her last
about an hour.
I was about to break another chair when I noticed a
bige sweater falling from the seat. It was her, I fell on my
knees and picked it up. Bringing it to my face, lichaled her sweet aroma and hugged it to my chest. Tears gathered in
my eyes, and I let them falu.
“Please hold on baby, I will trd you, I promise!” i said
out loud, sabbing. Letting myself to be weak for a moment.
**Please Moon Goddess, let me have them back safe and
yound!” I prayed and clutching her sweater, I broke down

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