Never again by Malgorzata Uchto Chapter 6

  1. 6. Future Luna

Mandy’s POV

Seeing that woman at his office door was eye opening

He already had a girlfriend. No matter what, Fil never be

good enough she was stunning, tall and to top it all, a

werewolf That’s not me.

Thankfully, the night was cut short by Peter who was

eager to go home. The reason was evident by their enthusiastic PDA. I was so jealous of them. We drove home in

silence, well except for the moans, groans and kissing

sounds i heard from the backseat: I focused on the road,

trying not to show my sour mood. Great night out, I thought


“Hello?” I sleepily answered my phone that had been

ringing on the nightstand, Let me sleep, people!

“Hello, sleepy head” The happy voice of my brother

made me groan. I turned on my left side, still not opening my

“Let me sleep, Deacon, i had a rough night” |


“Rough night huh? So, this is what they call a hook up

nowadays?” he asked, amused. Oh how close I was to having

that hook up, too. Shaking off the dirty thoughts, I told him

about the previous night, avoiding the Alpha episode.

“I’m glad you’re having fun, have you met Ethan?” he

asked, and I instantly woke up and sat on the bed, a little

nervous. Why was he asking about him?

“Yeah. I did.”

“Why do you sound so nervous, is he treating you well?”

he asked, his voice full of concern.

“I’m not nervous, just sleepy. And he’s nice, don’t

worry” I tried to assure him, “I just don’t see him much,

that’s all.” I added but he didn’t buy it.

“Mandy, what’s going on? I’m worriedi” He pleaded with

me to tell him the truth.

Sighing in defeat, I decided to spill the beans. “Promise

you won’t do anything reckless?” I begged. “He’s my second

chance mate.” I blurted quickly and was met with a

deatening silence. “D, are you there?” I asked, not hearing

“Did he…” he trailed off, not able to finish the question,

“No, he didn’t reject me, but he’s not happy with me, I

guess.” I told him.

“That’s good, that means there is a chance for you. He is

a good guy, cupcake. Give him time, he’ll come around.” he

assured me, but I wasn’t convinced. He had a girlfriend!

“Yeah…” i muttered, “Let’s not talk about it, no one

knows excepl you now.” I hoped he would lewe it alone, and thankfully he did. We talked about my stay there, pro

with Peter’s situation and he told me about Aidan’s training

and Bella’s constant tantrums. That made me laugh, she’s so

like me. After we bid our goodbyes, I showered and dressed

  1. up. Time for grocery shopping. With my shopping list in my bag. I went out to the When I saw Blake coming my way,

my mood instantly changed.

“Hi honey, what brings you here?” I asked, surprised.

Did Almighty’ let him come here?

“I came to play with you are you going somewhere?” he

asked, seeing me standing next to my car.

“Yes, I need to do some shopping” i replied.

“Can I come with you?” he asked pleadingly.

“I don’t know honey, what about your dad?” I was really

not sure it was a good idea. He quickly took out his phone

and called his dad. Great.

“Hi Daddy, can go shopping with Amanda?” he asked,

sounding excited.

“Ok” Blake answered and give me his phone. I looked

at him questioningly. “He wants to talk with you.” he smiled,

unaware of our situation. I took the phone and put it to my


**Yes, Alpha?”

“Are you kidding me? is this your plan to piss me off

i cui himali, ni wanting to bear his hurtiul words. “I simply need to go shopping. Alpha, if you’re commerned

about Blake’s safety, I can ask Peter to join us.” I said, trying

to not show my annoyance in front of Blake.

“Did you just cut me oH7” he said through gritted teeth.

“Yes,” I answered, smiling to let him know I was not

afraid of him. He groaned in frustration, but finally agreed. I celebrated with a victory dance in my mind.

We got in the car and drove to the mall. Luckily, Peter

didn’t object and brought Ben with him. We spent a good

few hours having fun, shopping, laughing and playing around. We ended up eatine pizza and ice cream,

When I finally finished stocking my cabinets, I was tired.

The boy’s really wore me out, so I decided to lay down for a

little nap

Aloud banging on my cabin’s door woke me up. I

checked the time on my phone and saw four missed calls

from an unknown number. The banging got louder,

“I’m coming” i shouted and got up from bed, ready to

murder the culprit. “What?” I shouted, opening the door still

half asleep.

“Why are you not answering my calls?” ‘Almighty’ asked,

clearly pissed off. I was stunned. What was he doing here!

“Well, I was sleeping what brings the Almighty Alpha to

the commoner?” I asked, irritated. I turned around and headed to the kitchen for a glass of juice. i left the door open

the muld mter if he really wanted to heard the door

so he could enter if he really wanted to. I heard the door

close, wow he came in.

“called you a few times, you didn’t answer.” he

sounded almost concerned.


“And I was worried.” he mumbled but I still heard him.

Was he serious? Still holding an empty glass, I laughed. Oh,

dear God, what a joke. He waited with his arms crossed,

irritated at my outburst. If I wasn’t laughing, I would

definitely drool at the sight.

“Oh, you’re not joking?” I asked seriously. He only gave me a sterri look. I sighed, “Listen, you don’t need to be worried about me. Despite my height, I’m a big girl so…” || turned to the fridge and poured myself an orange juice,

“About yesterday…” he started,

I turned around quickly, almost spilling my drink. “No,

please do not mention it, it was a mistake so let’s forget

about it.” I said, looking at his chest. I didn’t want to see his

face while he agreed with me.

“But you liked it.” he stated in a low deep voice, closing

the distance between us. His intoxicating scent invaded my

nose, and my core awoke. First, he rejected me and now this.

Is he also bipolar?

“So did you,” I answered, looking at his lips, licking mine automatically. Why is he doing this to me?

“Yes” he whispered, leaning his head down, his eyes on

my lips. Did he want me too? I put my hands on his chest in

an attempt to push him away, but he circled his arms around

my waist and brought me closer. The sparks appeared, he

was so wärm, my heartbeat quickened, and I bit my lower lip

in anticipation to repeat last night. As quickly as the thought

came to my mind, I pushed him away with all my strength.

“But you already have a Luna!” i shouted at him. His

eyes widened with surprise, so I continued. “Please show me

just a little bit of respect and end this now. I won’t stand in

your way. I’ve suffered enough and I definitely don’t need

another heartbreak.” My voice was shaking at the end and

my eyes filled with tears.

He stood frozen, staring at me as if he didn’t know what

to say. “L.L..” he stuttered, and I turned my back to him.

“Just please leave, please!” I begged, my voice totally broken, and the tears flowed down my face. I still felt his

presence for a moment, but he finally obeyed and left.

The next day I was surprisingly invited to a bonfire

party, and I agreed. I asked Aria to accompany me, she

looked like she needed some friends. When she agreed, i

invited her to my place so that we could get ready together

and chat. It was a good distraction; the Alpha was almost

forgotten for the day.

“Can I borrow this?” she asked, showing me my baby

blue cashmere off one shoulder Sweater. I smiled in

approval. Good choice.

*Try it on and here, put this on too” i instructed, giving

her a pair of high-waisted black jeans. She accepted them

and went to the bathroom to change. I decided to wear the

Same sweater but in beige and light blue ripped skinny jeans

with white simple sneakers. I put my hair in a messy bun at

the top of my head, and applied mascara. It’s a bonfire, not a

fashion runway.

“What do you think?” Aria asked shyly, coming out from

the bathroom. Wow

***** perfect” Terclaimed. She looked beautiful with

her high ponytail, light makeup and blue sneakers. She

smiled in response. “it definitely looks better on you, keep it

all.” I said, putting my phone in the back pocket of my jeans.

She shook her head in disagreement. “They’re too

expensive, I can’t accept it.”

“You have no say in this, it’s settled.” I stated firmly,

“Now, let’s go, time for the party!” I took her hand and

draged her out. She whispered a shy thank you and we

went to the party

The bonfire was huge. People were sitting on the grass

and wooden lops talking, laughing some even openly

making out. Wolves. No shame. I spotted Peter and Ben near

the coolers with brverages, there were at least 20. I drapped Aria with me. There were four other well-built men with

them, talking and drinking beers. Peter noticed me and

smiled, enveloping me in a bone crushing hug and I hugged

him back

“You made it baby girl and you brought Aria with you.”

he said while smiling at Aria, I guess she was not very social. I

answered with a nod.

“Hi Aria, you want something to drink?” Ben offered and

she smiled, saying a coke would be fine. He went to the

cooler and took out a coke and a beer.

“There you go girls” he said, giving coke to Aria and

beer to me.

“Thanks, that’s exactly what I need.” | winked at him

and opened the bottle. Taking a few sips of the cold liquid, 1

sighed in contentment. They introduced me to the guys who

tumed out to be warriors. Paul had blond hair and blue eyes;

Colin had black hair and gray eyes: Brian had auburn hair

and green eyes; and Steven had a shaved head with brown

eyes. They were all flirty but decent. Our group of eight sat down on the grass and talked about everything and nothing.

It was nice.

“Oh no, the queen bitch is coming.” Colin announced,

looking behind me. I tumed around and was shocked to see

the stunning brunette from yesterday, wearing a very revealing red top and short black shorts showing all her

curves with red stilettos, her hair put in a high ponytail and perfectly put on makeup. Everyone in our group groaned in

annoyance, but all i saw was her fingers curled around my

mate’s bicep. Not wanting to see the rest, I turned my head

back. All the guy’s, Aria included, had a disgusted look on

their faces and started to whisper.

“I heard she finally convinced him to make her hus


“It’s arrangement between the packs.”

“He’s not that stupid!”

“They’ve got a past together. Both are mateless, there’s

nothing wrong with that.”

“She’ll be the worst Lunal”

“Spoiled brat, look what she’s wearing, it’s a bonfire.”

“She doesn’t like Blake.” That came from Aria, and I

Snapped my head to look at her.

“What did you say?” I asked, wanting more information.

She leaned her head forward in an attempt to whisper and

we all did the same.

“She doesn’t like Blake she wants our Alpha but not his

son. She said it’s better to send him to start his training with

another pack so they could be alone. Sometimes I saw her

scolding him for little things and he cried. She even pushed

him once!” she said quietly, making my blood boil.

I was enraged. If she touches him, i’ll kill her. My

breathing became harsh, and they all noticed. I closed my

eyes and asked, “Did she hit him?”

“I haven’t seen it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she did.”

making my knuckles tum white and my killing mode kicked

  1. in. Til



kill heri” i whisper-yelled and started to stand

up but Ben’s hand stopped me, shaking his head mouthing

NOI looked at him, anger evident in my eyes, my face red.

“Mandy calm down, she won’t do anything to him. Ethan will never allow it to happen.” Ben tried to pacify me.

“Baby girl, I know you’re angry but she’s an alpha’s

daughter. This might cause problems for us if you hurt her!”

Peter chimed in. The others looked at me confused.

“If she touches him, I will not hesitate to punch her. Da

you agree with that?” I asked Ben and he nodded in agreement. That made me a little calmer, but a few

moments later I smelled his scent mixed with something

overly sweet. I groaned inwardly, knowing they were behind

“Oh, look at that. Aria you look nice with the fake

Devan’s clothes, but they suit you.” an annoying and high-pitched voice scoffed. I knew it was her. Aria lowered her head, embarrassed and the voice continued, “Oh look babe your pathetic, desperate and definitely ugly fan from last night is here. Ohhh, he didn’t want you sweetie, well I’m not surprised, you’re not good enough.” She insulted me and

Aria and I was fed up. I stood up and faced her.

Hello future Luna, I’m Amanda but you don’t give a

F**k about that, right?” I scoiled and hard pasps behind me

but her shocked face was priceless.

“First lesson sweetie, as Luna you shouldn’t behave like

that your pack is your family – you should take care of them

not belittle them.” I deadpanned, crossing my arms. “Second

lesson, treat people with respect and they will respect you.”

She blinked at me. I guess no one ever talked to her this way,

“And third lesson, don’t f**k with me, I might be human, but

I know how to punch.” I said, the challenge evident in my


“Babe she offended me, punish her!” she turned to

“Almighty’ almost crying searching for his help but he only

stood there, hands in his pockets, smiling proudly at my


“Ohhh do you need your babe to fight for you?” I put my hand on my chest in a dramatic gesture. “That’s pathetic,

what do you say babe?” I scoffed and turned my head to

“Almighty with a fake pleading face. He just smirked at më

and turned to the drama queeri.

“Charlotte, this is my pack and my guest, if you can’t

behave, leave.” I was shocked that he supported me. He

sounded so serious, at least he sees that she’s a bitch. She

faked an apolagntic face and turned to Aria, ‘T’m sorry Aria it

was very low of me, will you forgive me?” she apologized,

and Aria nodded in acceptance. God, give her an Oscar for

her performance! But she didn’t apologize to me.

“Can we join you guys?” she immediately changed her

attitude and they all rudded their heads. We sat down,

making space for “Almighty’ and his bitch, I mean girlfriend.

Unfortunately, they decided to sit between me and Ben,

sol was on the right side of my mate, our crossed knees

almost touching

“Let’s play a game” Charlotte suggested after a few

Seconds of silence. We all agreed with nods or ok’s.

**Never have lever’ what do you thirik?” It was a little

teenager game but what the hell, we all know the rules, 50

we simply agreed. Colin brought a bottle of tequila and ten

shot glasses and filled them to the brim.

Charlotte started. “Never have I ever got punched.” and

we all took our shots. Wait for it Charlotte, wait for it…

“Never have I ever got arrested…disobeyed my alpha’s

command… got stabbed…almost died…shouted at my

boss..went to Bali.”

“Are you trying to make me drunk?” I asked them. Me

and Peter did a lot of shots together and separately, but I

think I only skipped one or two shots, Aria took only onë.

“Ok, some of us are living their life, let’s continue” it

was Peter’s turn

“Never have ever had a wet dream about my boss.” he

said, smirking mischievously at me but I didn’t take my shot,

making him surprised

“Seriously, never?” he asked.

“Nope, sorry to disappoint you, babel” I answered.

“But why, he is handsome although he’s gay but still…”

Charlotte asked, confused. Peter, Ben, and I all laughed.

Everyone was looking at us, waiting for an explanation,

“Aren’t you working together?” “Almighty” asked,


“We do, according to the notice he’s mine for the next

three days.” I laughed so hard I was crying.

“I don’t understand, mine?” Charlotte said, looking

between us.

“Oh, maybe I’ll explain,” Peter said, composing himself.

“Well, I’m an IT project manager and I present my

team’s projects to my boss asking for financial support and

he gives it to our clo for approval and that’s Mandy” he said,


“So, she’s your Boss’s assistanti” Charlotte shouted out


“No, she’s the boss of my boss. She’s the Ció actually.”

he said, irritated at her stupidity.

“What?” they all exclaimed in surprise.

“Oh Goddess, Mandy. I’m sorry!” Peter said

apologetically. We had agreed to keep it a secret that I’m his

bass but what the hell.

“You are his boss?” Aria asked, shocked, “Almighty

looked at me with pride but hid it immediately. I just


“Wow, a sexy little thing turned out to be a boss, how

exciting.” Brian said, winking at me, “Maybe you can boss me

around in the bedroom,” he said sexily but I only rolled my

eyes in annoyance and Almighty’ growled in anger. Peter

immediately saw my pleading eyes to change the subject

and we continued our game.

“Got slapped…ran away pregnant…sold

myselfformoney…been raped…. Through all of them i didn’t

pick up my shot because I didn’t do it, but Charlotte’s last

statement made me hesitant. Drink it or not? It is my darkest

secret, f**k it, he’ll never pick me so let’s cut this short. I took

the shot and drank it, then stood, leaving all of them

stunned. “Almighty’ sat there frozen so I simply said, “Thank

you for tonight, see you guys later,” I waved and went home.

No one wants to talk about being raped.

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