Never again by Malgorzata Uchto Chapter 7

  1. 7. The training

Mandy’s POV

I was woken up by very loud voice shouting my name at Tamm, Il simply covered my hand with the duvet and tried to hide from approaching letapa, probably coming to interrogate . The door of my bedroom was forcefully opined with a loud hang and the duet was brutally taken

“What the f***? Do you know what time it is complained nitting up and looked at the culprita.

Peter, Ben and Aria were standing in my bedroom,

looking at me pissed

“What the

was that yesterday?” Peter started.

“You think you can avoid that topic hiding in your baid?”

Ben added

“Is that true?” Aria asked, lookingsad. I sighed and

stood up from bed.

“Canl at least brush my teeth?” I asked, crossing my arms in annoyance. They nodded and left the room. I followed them out the door and entered the bathroom. I did

my business and a few moments later I met them in the

living room. They were all sitting on the couch sipping coffee. I took a cup and poured myself one alsa. Sipping, laced them and raised my eyebrow questioningly.

“Well, we need answers!Peter sad. Lookine like he was

about to explode

“I will

this only only

, it’true, it happened a

long time

and I don’t want to talk about it”I answered

Thatly, hoping they would not pry. I was wrong

“Why didn’t you tell me, we’re best friends and you hide

something like that?” Peter stood up and started to pace

round the living room.

“As I said before, I don’t want to talk about it” i rolled my eyes at them and wat in the chair.

“”But it’s a serious matter Mandy, after you left, we were so shocked, and Charlotte laughed saying you lied to get attention. Our Alaha walivid and snapped at her before he

left too.” Ana amplamaadly.

“Lock guys. I don’t really know why revealed that. Il

think it was the tequila, but I don’t want to talk about it

because it makes memories come and I don’t want that,

ok?” i explained.

“Does your brother knowt” Peter asked. He still doesn’t

know my brother, that’s another secret I kept from him.

“Yes, he does, actually we met right after…” I answered

truthlully, remembering that moment.

“Please guys. I’m fine now, it was a long time ago. Don’t

do this to me, let’s just forget it.” I pleaded with them.

“Forget Mandy, this is not something I can simply

forget, finding out your friend was ra…” Ben trailed off, not

ble to finish the Shiman. Why ddido E Now they will pity

me and that’s definitely not what want

“Da Elor

, Bun.” I looked at him then at Arisind

Pete “This is what I want, can you do that?” I asked and they

hesitated for a moment but nodded their head in

“Good,” I sighid and smiled at them. We talked about plans for the day and decided to train in the afternoontu. We spent an hour talking about what happened after illat, andi W pled that no one uid anything more about my revelation and the party continued. “mighty’ aver came

back, making Charlotte pissed and she retreated to her

Blake and I were sitting in our fort, talking about our

favorites and i’m shocked to learn that he doesn’t he

chocolate, who does that

“Not even a chocolate cake7″&bed him, raising my

cyebrows. We were sitting on the ground with our legs

tressed. He shook his head in answer

“But can tell you a secret?” he whispered, smiling at

  1. me.

“Of course, sweetie,” | anwered, intrigued.

“I think my daddy likes you,” he whispered, still smiling happily. Wow, I didn’t expect that, I was shocked. I blinked a



you sure, cu

don’t think it does” i

arred hebtantly. He modded his head vigorously and

“Yes, he doli heard him arguing with the man lady in his office today. And he told her to leave you alone or he will throw away.” has end, taking anather cookie

from the jar.

He defended me. That’s strane, maybe there is a

chance for us. I remembered Deacon swing to give him time

Well, let’s give him the time. Wait, he said ‘man lady’. immediately Aria’s words about her belittling Bakit popped in my head and I needed to know.

“Emmm, Blake” i vid slowly “You know i love you and



er let anything bad happen to you…” he looked at


little nervous. “Can you answer my question truthfully

about that lady?” i cok his hand in mine and squeered,

smiling lightly. He bit his lower lip and hesitantly nodded.

. “Did she hurt you?” I was nervous, please say no please

wyno but he nedded his head embarassed and lowered his

Eyes. I closed mine and took lew deep breaths, trying not to show how pissed I was but he www it and quickly added, “Please don’t tell my dad, she will punish mel” he finished, almost crying. I quickly hugeed him and put him on my lap, kissing his head. What a bitch she is ta hurt a childi

“Shhh it is ok honey, I’m here and I will not tell your

Shihli itinuak hory, I’m here and will not tell your

daddy.builmed to know adly what she did ou can trust me.” ipleaded for answers, rocking him in my upheld him tightly, wishing desperately that could protect him.. Seconds later, he told me rything

Rathat was the best description of what i was feeling-She– slapped him for bumping intoler. I’m gonna punch her, I don’t care about the consequences

We speriall afternoon togather and even broke the rule and entered the pack house. I neded to make wre Blake wa safe. The house is bigand modern buildidn’t pary much attention to it so welded traight to his father’s apartment on the alpha’s floar. Approaching the doon, we uw Charlotte leaving the Alpha’s suite, looking a little misy. Did they devitated guess he doesn’t me

much & Blake thinks

“Hello Amanda,” she said with a mischievous smile on

her ugly face

“He’s already sted, so you are mát needed,” she added

proudly, fiuing her messy hair. Bitch. I’m not gonna give her

the winning satisfaction.

“Well, that’s great but I’m here just to excort Blake.” i anwered, unaffected at her hurtful words. I squeezed

Bilal’s hand reassuringly and looked at him, he was afraid af

her. That reminded me of our conversation before and my

mood instantly changed. I sent him inside the suite after

kissing his chegoodbye, waiting for the sound of the

doors locking and then ford the bitch.

“1 know what you did.” I jud coldly, “Wadi don’t care

who you be, you hurt him again, you will face the

consequences, bitch.” i wid, angur vident in my volce. She just laughed,

“And what are you gonna do? You’re just a damaged.

weak, pathetic little human.” She asked superiorly, wirking.

My blood boiled with anger, but I suppressed it and held my head high, “Just watch me.” Ichallenged her and we spod there for a moment, not taking our eyes alleach other.

She was the first to back away with a shart. I watched her

retreating back until she was gone.

I never thought that attempting the training would be

So exciting. Don’t get me wrong, my brother’s training is also

exciting but way more brutal. We were at the training field

with the warriors. Ben was very strict and devoted to his

task, but the guys didn’t complain. I even tried a few new

moves with Aria. It was her first training ever, so I needed to

be careful with her, but with Peter as our insiructor it all

went smoothly. I wore a simple outfit that was comfortable

and flexible. I lent one to Aria because she didn’t have any

appropriate training clothes. She was wearing black and blue

leggings with a matching vest. I opted for the same style but in gray and pink. Ben’s training felt more like fun, but we

we lening a lot Swety and out of breath, we took a little

break to drink water just when Colin, Meven, Brian, and Paul

approached us, wearing just their training shorts.

“Hi girls, have you decided to join ustSteven asked

“Yeah, they definitely couldn’t resist our charm and swy

bodies.” Brian added with a smirk and sent me a flirtatious

wink. Ieegked at that, and Aria blushed.

“Definitely, who would say NO ta that?” I pointed al their sweaty chests and turned to Aria, “Right Aria, they are

just too sexy to not drool!” She blushed even more but nodded in agreement. That just made me laugh and they all

joined. Ben and Peter were nearby laughing with the other

warriors. We talked about joining tomorrow’s training and Brian was openly flirting with me. It was funny,

So will you hang out with me sometime?” he asked a

little nervously.

“Why are you hitting on me?” I asked, smirking. He

smiled at that.

*Maybe. what if lam? he crossed his arms at his chest

flaunting his huge muscles.

T’m sorry to disappoint you, but I’m not looking for a hookup or a boyfriend.” I answered truthfully and the guys

booed at his failure.

“Not funny guys, you are the worst supporters ever!”

scolded them and the immediately apoloeized to Brian. He

just smiled at me and winked when Den announod the

break was over. They all joined the group and continued

training. Me and the obviously embarrassed Aria ended our Session and sat at the grass observing the guys and I took the opportunity to learn more about her.

She revealed to me that she was very shy with guys and still waiting for her mate. She was 20 years old but still

mateless. I knew werewolves could meet their mate at 18

and shift for the first time. Some are lucky, some need to

wait a little longer. But she’s not giving up.

The sound of bones breaking got my attention,

Senaling the time to train in wolf form. I’m always excited

about that part. At Deacon’s pack, I always loved to watch.

He allowed me to attend it to teach me the basics of how to

protect myself if needed. I watched mesmerized at the guys

whiörleht now stood proudly at their four legs barking.

howling, and playfully snapping at each other. They were all.

Various different colors. I recognized Peter. His auburn fur

was beautiful, next to him stood a bigger, light brown wolf

emitting his domineering aura, definitely Ben. We watched in

astonishment as they fought biting, kicking, pinning down

and pretending to rip the enemies’ throats out.

“What color is your wolf?” I asked Aria. She was looking at the fighting pair closest to us.

“Sandy blonde, she is small but agile.” she answered


Cansee her sometime” i

nally interested. She

nodded her head and we continued watching

-Jealous that you don’t have a wolf, hum-an7″ The irritating voich of a smug bitch came from behind us, making me instantly annoyed. Ignoring her, I just continued watching the fights.

“What, no response, you should respect a future Luna of the pack you’re staying with.” She vid loudly for everyone to hear. They all stapped and looked our way. Ben growled

at her in wamine, but she didn’t flinch. I stood up and Aria

did the same. I faced her Charlotte, unaffected. Aria stood

behind me. She was wearing a tight black top and leggings Was she here ta train? With that perfect makeup. I didn’t

think so.

“You’re not Luna yet, I don’t see a mark on your neck.

And no, I’m not jealous. Just enjeying the view.” I crossed my

arms at my chest

“It will happen soon, 19 you better watch your mouthi

little girl. Ethan will do everythinglask, maybe you won’t stay here for long.” she threatened. coming closer with her hands on hips

“Are you sure about that? He doesn’t seem too fond of

you.” Her face got red with anger at my words.

“If you want a fight then so be it, I’ll show you your

place!” she shouted. So that was her plan, she just wanted

mal to make the first move. Smart.

luckily in his shanti. There w

i ll in wall lorm..

Oh nothint Charlotte wins to spar with me, to

d.” I said, noepting to play her game. She went to the Center, preparing herself

“Are you sure Mandy?” Ben asked, worried. I just


” you really sure, she’s an alpha’s daughter, she is strong and you are…” it with a this time.

“Human I kraw, don’t worry about me.” I smiled at her but she didn’t seem convinced. I started walking with Ben to

the center

“Mandy, she’s stronger than you. I know you have trained with your brother but this is different.” he pointed at Charlotte who was wearing a victariaus smile already. Wait


You don’t know my brother, you have no idea what he

taught me.” I think his brutal training will come in handy

now. Standing in front of Charlotte, Ben explained the rules, no shifting, no fatal blows, no killing. We both nodded at

him, and he left us alone.

“Ready, bitch?” she asked, smirking,

“Hit me with your best shot.” I answered and took my

stance. She copied my action and I waited for her first

Her first punch landed on my left check and sent me to


Hended, she’s strong but I needed to know more

before I chose my title. I had a few asps and growis, but i

focused on my task. Standing up, I met her satisfied from Wait for victory bitch. I stured for her to continue, She obliged with another punch that hit my right side and then a

Lick on my m.

A few more punches and I had everything I needed to know. She’s not a fighter, only relying on her alpha’s blood, She could be a great fighter with training.

“I think you have enough, Mandy!” Peter shouted. knowing what I’m doing

“You’re right.” I shouted back, Charlotte smiled in


“My turn,” I said, making her confused. I used that

opportunity and landed three punches to her ribs, stomach;

andjaw. She stumbled a little and i punched her ribs again.

She landed another one to my face, but I dodged it and tilt

her ribs again. I put a lot of effort into this fight. We

exchanged punches and kicks for a little while. She definitely

wasn’t just sparring: she really was trying to beat the shit out of me. Suddenly she grabbed me by the throat, squeezing hard and kicked the back of my knees, making me fall to the ground with a loud thud.

She straddled my stomach and whispered close to my ear, “When I’m done with you, I’ll go to Blake and teach him a

lesson.” That was all I needed to snap. I punched her throat

and she choked, loosening her grip, instantly i landed

another punch to her stomach and pushed her away. She fell

to the ground, and I pinned her down and threw bloy after

blow at her stupid face.

“Touch him and i’ll **** kill you!” I shouted, punching her repeatedly, my knuckles hurting and bleeding while she

Laid there delenveless. Far too soon, wrong arm Circled my

waist and pulled me away from her. The sparks told me who

it was, but I was so angry at his movement I didn’t enjoy the feeling. I wasn’t finished with that bitch.

“Let go of me, I’m not done!” I shouted, trying to reach

hier. Ben was helping her to stand up, which she failed. Still

enraged, I thrashed in Ethan’s hold, trying to free myself but he only tightened his grip and whispered to my ear, “That’s

enough baby, you won. Don’t let her get to you.” His lips

lightly touching my ear made me shiver, but the rage was

stronger, and I just wanted to finish her.

Seeing my eagerness to continue the fight, he turned

me around and threw me over his shoulder and started

walking away. I punched his back repeatedly in an attempt to make him put me down, but he was unfazed. I gasped at the stinging feeling on my buttcheek. Did he just spank me?

“Calm down or I’ll spank you again.” he said seriously,

and I punched him more,

“You don’t know what she said, if you were in my shoes,

you would kill her in a…” Another spank landed on my butt,

and I shut up. It was exciting pain and pleasure mixed

together. What was wrong with me?

“I think you enjoy being punked, baby.” Again, he said baby is he accepting me or khe mocking mell couldn’t tell sol just sighed in defeat and stopped strueeling

He walked with me thrown over his shoulder until we hit my cabin. He went straight to my kitchen and put me down at the countertop, so I was at his height. He looked

into my eyes with adoration and concern while reaching for

my hands. I hissed in pain at the contact, and he looked

down at my bleeding knuckleu.

“We need to clean it or it’ll get infected.” he lightly

brushed his thumb over my fingers and went to fetch the

first aid kit, leaving me alone, longing for his touch. The

sparks were wonderfully taking the paint way

Afew seconds later, he was back with the bou. He put it

beside me and started to clean my wounds. The stinging

sensation was less painful when he held my hand. I checked

him out while he did it. He was wearing a black tight t-shirt

and dark blue washed jeans, half of his hair in a bum and the

stubble had grown a little more. It made him look more

appealing. God, he was sexy as hell I bit my lower lip and

tried to shut my thighs in an attempt to hide my arousal, but

he was standing between them, so it was futile. He took a

sniff and growled

If you don’t want me to take you right here on this

countertop. you better stop.” He said huskily in a low voice

and it made me more wet. That’s his

ect on me, I can’t

control my bady:

He put the cotton pidaside and looked into my His were filled with lust and writing. My heartbeat increased and i licked my dry lips. He lifted his hand and brushed his thumb over my jaw leaning forward and I automatically did the same, closing my eyes, I anticipated the kiss. My hand went to the back of his neck and i gripped his hair, our lips almost touching. He hesitated, probably contemplating if it was the right thing to do. I touched my lips to hit and whispered his name in need. He growled again and kissed me passionately, pouring all his wanting into the kiss. I kissed him back. His tongue slipped into my mouth and

explored the territory.

Moaning. I wrapped my legs around his waist and put

my other hand on his chest, slowly sliding it down to his ab.

He put his free hand at the small of my back and pulled me

closer. Our bodies collided; tongues tangled in a sensual

dance. Sparks erupted, and my panties got soaked. We

Lissed like there was no tomorrow, like we had been

separated for ages. I took the hem of his shirt and started

lifting it up. He separated our lips just long enough to take it

offand threw it at the floor. His tattooed muscles on display.

I ran my hands over his chest down to his abs and the

waistband of his pants. He took my lips again, making me


moan more. I slipped my hand inside his pants and touched

his hard, thick dk. I moved my hand back and forth,

meeting his thrusts, and he moaned in approval. He released

my lips and trailed kisses from my jaw to my neck while

Fave him a hand job. I moaned even louder when he bit my

sensitive spot.

“Baby, stop,” he said, breathing hard. He stopped my

hand and joined our foreheads together. He took my hand

out of his pants and intertwined our fingers, giving me a

quick peck at my lips. He looked into my eyes.

“We need to talk.”

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