Never again by Malgorzata Uchto Chapter 8



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terrified to

continut she had a b

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Thingstand her ground. It=


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she is

diferent fro- Emily, more condent and mataraid

challenge. She makes me Speless ud that’s omething

And kerlips, oh Goddeu herliin


llering and

dictive. Hemembering our make outssion in my club’s

office made me hard in an instant. Her body’s reaction when

I touched her, the parlecl.

‘i tried te man you’ry wolsad, making menghard

But my head at the desk.

nudd, but handdyrum

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Hidrzani dodate

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. why didntheloneline what thinking about, he continue.

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m’a cced. The Hoon Godden waren in mysteriu

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to the train


This point anticed. He

Charlotte ighting with muda. Hewldandiwrn

to the trainingnud Godimplere dont ki her bin pain

Tran to the faldnerous that Mandy wsping to

hurt but when approached the Coldwus met with a very


. Mandhachalpinud to the round and

witpunching herhanphatedly she looked so pssed that no one dared to stop her. Charlie probably und something to her. The view made me proud, my baby van bing. mere human, knows how to fght. I walked closer to watch

the end of this fight but then l ambrid the Charlie is:


tomto her. She

hududlar that the ot Campung p little muitos


breathing turd, boating




da thibbar 476-.

tandbola va ce filled

“T u mya. She


anal forn and ilgirdatler

hthat I hurt sok myt-ciri tramite lot and Pation, She look composed bothers, thoai


u ghed her into my

am the put her hands round my neck and dided her

round my way. Feeling the park



walked us to the living room and sat on her couch, still

haldinherin mam.

T’m sorry, baby.” I said, paling my head on her shoulder and ched


whedda’t know it’a, pomy

  1. wt.

od she wenthe b

of my life.” ihn my head

. W.


hapes, le satte difficultihipat


Blake, w



the pack but the




Wong Shu did and


hiari. I found any on the turup

bu they

my misy, iluaed on my chand my dutes, and i

I thought I would put a stondence mat. And the

you bared into my life I looked at her, she was focused vel



” im

se back




uni waichard



d , hinta

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like to fulanish.

clay tabuh


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Wedding TigheadI

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Oh make you’ulf contortiblatants cold beer in

third Eyou want,

be quick” she said



lan ili k

oletis the butchen und


beropening the bottle iwersmiling

heading to the bathroom


lathe in hindi

smiled back

her and she went inside the bathroom.

and was impied to join her Tlalmour mate, now my wolf

Hotlight HD, Vuthuluth’

Ting T ichelahut le pidi

the picture the line’. E THE Handen: hHh

h Birgimdoaromadsha Katiline hair colombud tunithe iep.draud in p leihin eri bileck whethurtel shown Housepped

hiiht H m




Your phone


ine and to look at the

“Oh, and who want the acced, walking to the bride

“Deacon Hundenan.” she stifteed and locked at me.

dering kertruir oumen, İsche rakt

“How do you know him?” Hearing my antywnie, she

Lawti -hubad pudine, am decurious

inddelt head, wherler

Hey traiter the disteatteri

h umidita att han in this



Deon at the houTL Yoner


he talking about her h o m . wat d an bulan pechu. Cupc” thoughe. She pudet d he harm thoughts

You uld it out loud”

, “Buty, leclit me


“HonFirumbled and the sighei, her face burned ud.

Femier the bound the game playedste

bd sadly just did, matinswing where this wild

“And the last… you knowl” he whispered, and it

angry remebering that. My molt powled in my head, di

Barted breathing heavily: Does


e something to do

‘ wart brun

ile it

i n or him, I would’there now, when Com e

randud.Silholdend the played with ourting until

Shomahihinte hetohalla and the Loiration they , how he bought back to He with him’help.vidid ampthing but then

a nd


E lwoldhaesisted on the detail en boulhe nationchphhis Bata, which am Haloandunbihungth dated, but the wred me

at DH. Stwas

Identity hidden,pokon prerutions

the best target to get to him, walkingteah, ly ng way from

hii pick


about her work and how she ot the

Co position, that made me proud. She actioned everything through her hard mürk. And i called her a gold digter va


* Is there anything else you want to krowi” she sked

she find

er vary. There is one thing that maqed at

do thashew nyang laraq


w herbroke, but wrived, I didn’t anyone Deacon found out before come here. It’u un intent

seriously and land butir find out who th


  1. is.

Wenpin allatieman piting to know each other

hludharnah kitchen preparing undwiche whe


hunt, wached lat she was funny.mand

E A mesi had to stopullor ripping her

dat o

ndtavahing her body right on the spotwen

our kisses tumed stem

, but whad decided to take

things slow. We both had an insect, and need to

build our trust

100 you

to introduce you to my pacated,

thinking about how we name our relationship

“As your Lunghe sounded surprised and willened in




cudding on her couch. I looked at her

worried face and many kind through her hair


pled each other it’s your rightful title. We don’t

you that ” ipuloi her w cela, ” Hmother kins. Time


n d med herpessivh. ping her on the couch with my body Sheed but Kind me back grabbin her tal caso.ILH my body with multheria wulan teruthbert

duriul turned mot H yudhat 11kud helai lpingfarentrance and stop me in. The sparks exploded with our bo d ine tasting right hande ploring her body, she mourned and did the Uimh. My d– pintulhard in pants. Herhands

followed my moves and slid down tomctrest getting lower

to my abileh her lips and railed hat basses from kerjaw to

blingslightly mond louder, pulling her handson my ass and brought our hipstop ther. My hard d *k mat her wet p**”, making proan. Her grip tipktened on my is, and we started dry humping. She met my everythrust,

moaning my name and it was music to my ears. I wanted to

Ett rid of our clothes and -kher property, bulvesd we would take it slow. I slightly bit her marking spot and almost

came when she screamed my name in excitement.

*Ethan, shop” she said, and I could one her

nerousness. I stopped and looked at her in confusion. Her

eyes were full of lust, longing and… worry!

120 myndu mythuri, THEM har lige tid.

Eyüb ta İntiharu lipsud brushing thumb the w ill had behoude E, it is not the far benedety.

tel.” i siated suihuilly She e d but then lurramid her pebron she was thinbangtaulahine:

“Euthe confident and you wrotect her, eunhee chinks you really are together, and thir anan.” she trailed off and patnud, vorinthng musikan



hawhutt” |

Worted now, what didih.

bitch dei

“I wiw heriting your wie looking quite messy and the told me that you juvhad “she vid hesitantly,

admitting she broke one of the rules, I laughedalt.


“Ttarted her face tumedder “but


home. Hun tartibasuh



rthing but you do

Indup be. The authhohhe

THI TI TI Har: | HI HI EITH THE EITH THE HET | bokih handhawa husly hn mind


indy wil, stuly:” She has b


-Thon whylenthed the Houston

Albesty” That Got Me 11ton hurting my


bera qustioning laki andate epland.


*This time myit to all, but I think you

know that last afraid of Charlotte.” This is something

didn’t aspect, Will Chalisa brch and thinen böhighly of


here, but she’s never been naar Blake, I never


“When You LYn she’never been near Wat.. She

– Wettbezi pahendid p

him. She LED

What the did you wr1″ lydied in ph, buti – Hat didather,

w hen her. Sheduint line… hold my hand

“Thathtchabudolpu, b y wula End, mai laially support himni, she needed

Whos Charlotten’ Ir

token through the mind

“SH lithribor in her

light, pha”

Ethat Mandy’s concerned or pulled

out of my

“I know what you’re thinking bullied mene till you be w aldoi he: When we ought today, she said

something that made me up and i just couldn’t hold it in

any longer.” I heged h

ighly. “You did the right thing you

protected him”ihaldkiring the top otherhead. Westood Ehere holding inch other for a minutes, naturing anything She was the first to tap away from our embracm,

So, what now

she iked hesitantly:

I’ll deal with Charlie later, new need to see Blake and

talk to him. It’s almost dinner time at packhouse. Maybe she

would agree to join me..


Tow” limidad truse my humber

Smithiritt herbei buik dhe mbrouch

an my

herco SEE Hwd put har lite



inthek, olvad. Ciddi hem


Do you WERË Te la intelic you to my P

d d my head lightly brushing my liputahu .

“Lİ..” then , behalved the #Hact i had onh: 1 dont know all they Hot mashi finally found her voiclad m a n kabadat har Shw e d probably the di me mjehudher inflicted the inities in hr.

11 your question.

p h orust with th.” I ploded. I needed to know least thin. She hastantly

your #w-Tate

Uphar saflinched but wondi

He nodded her head. She probably LIt unworthy

“He said i’m not fit to b

unu” she said sotily.


did he

flakad. Tinteded to know what

wandeling with

* That I’m wak, pathetic and just human.” She turned

her head away, not looking at me, “But that wasn’t the wenst part,” she added, and was curious what he said that

made her this way.

“He vidi was his best f**k, nothing more just a good

  1. 17.


her sed the whole that bestim


et minuta.” — d. turn u dobrt think he squealed and

der is the



Winted their halindur turto irL. I

t o my pip Mandy hand and

in Osatisdou, thenüs ilgredyadih


it, when she w

nd.ltook ment. Everyone w


c onuced. helmily na onu batihat vai


stood up and chedm

” H

e ryant,” started, “As you all know, WE

currently basting

our puck.” I looked at Vardy. She

shiepishly atm. “Handandenon, our seonid Bela’s bestend but what you don’t wow” i lockin

withe H, wing their interes al continued “Shin my

second chynemate and your luture Luna” iheard som

pasps, whistles and oh my Goddess’ that made me smile,

but also a low disapproving oansthuit made me angry. I

hii t

uri at i denne


from the

minn Drakud Mondy I

istes: uhe bus. and

” Lwuld you


Handy umile tuck at her.

M andy. We’re trendi Ind don’t

-H And pleu


a b

ormal. jaa! put it on the tableWC mint

Sheik, baking the bouirom Ana’s hands and putting it

plain!” Pear Sad

Baby girl you have lot to

had und speichlach.

ULAR while Benutnant to us,

nazehed at hinace

-Later handsome, now it’s just call” Mandy arsend

smiling at him, and wallebeyed. I took a quick look at

Elak#and motke hin smiling to happiness evident in his

I did the right thing Accepting her as the best decrion

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