Never again by Malgorzata Uchto Chapter 9

Hand, Pov

lietaur talk

, Virthing was bor. I was miling all the time, I couldn’t help had never let 10 happy ver thought this would happen to ma m y introduction to the pack, i wanaw allowed to wal l

verywhere. I was on my way to Ethnutia. As passed by the nortainment room, I was stopped by Brian

“Hi Mandy, is it still Handy or thould I say Luna?” He ereeted me, but something in his demeanor changed, he

Hemed a little imitated.

“Hi Hrian, it’s still Mandy” i mwered, smiling. Nothing could change my mood

“So, you lied before, huht he shiped crossing his

as over his chest.

I copied his move, raising my eyebrow. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I answered truthfully,

“So, you’re not looking for a boyfriend, but the Alpha’s announcement says differently” So this is what he’s talking about, does he feel reacted?

“Brien, this is my private matter, and I don’t need to explain anything to you.” I undressed my arms and attempted to leave but he blocked my way

“So, you are aiming for more power. I misjudged you, I

thought you were better than that.” He accused me. takime a

ibaut, dan het neted

Brian, this timy private matter, and I don’t need to

attempted to b

e but he blocked my way.

“Soyou are aiming for more power: I migudped you. I thought you were better than that.” He accused me, taking a

few steps my way. What was his problem?

“Lbien Brian, I didn’t choose him, he warchozen forme and if you have a problem with that, complain to the Moon Goddess.”lanwered, a little angry. When he didn’t say anything more. I passed him by and continued walking My mood had definitely changedit was pissed.

Reaching the ofice door. I was about te kneck when the door opened train the inside by a smiling Ethan. He was

wearing all black with his hair loose. Se vc and all mine

He took my hand and pulled me into his arms, closing the


“Hallo Beautiful,” he bent his head in an attempt to kiss

me and I automatically tilted my head. Standing on my toes.

I met him halfway. When our lips connected in a sweet and

slow kiss, Ethan scooped me up. My hands grabbed the back

of his neck, and my legs circled his waist. He tumed us

around and at me down on his des not breaking the kiss.

He nibbled and licked my lips and when his tongue slipped

inside my mouth i moaned the sparks erupted everywhere

storhed he

re outbreath, hered my

Tinded his forehom mine

Nagring “ised

Ine and he smiled.

“This is how it’s going to be from now on BN

.” He

wered, playing with my hair. Mylep were still around his

“I was talking with Peter, and he offered a double date tonich.” i informed him, taking my legstrom his post.

Hiter the dinner when Ethan announced our Nelationship. Peter demanded a way He dragged in to his and Ben’s apartment to interrogatu m itold him everything. tren about my first mate. He was happy that he spun me around in circles, making me dirry. Ben also hurned me and congratulated me when he got there an hour Leer. That felt nice.

“Tonight, I was planning a bonding time with Blake, wie could plin his birthday party in zo weeks,” Henwered slowly, watching my face fer my reaction.

“That’s perfect, we can be out another time.” I smiled

and I could see the relief in his answering smile. Giving me

quick peck, he stepped away jumped of the desk and

looked up at him. “You’re tac tallri whined pouting my lips.

He chuckled, shaking his head, “No, you’re too small!”

he said, and we both laughed.

We talked about the evening, and he asked, no he

begeed me to bake strawberry muffins. It was amusing to see

die flad Alpha with a puppy dogel Atew minut. Lateri

let him alone and it to my cabin to actually baleiam.

Coming down the stairs. I saw Anandnited her to

cabin. We talked about everything and nothing while she

helped me with the muffing. She told me that almost the

wholi puck in happy about of course, there were at

unsatisfied members and Brian anal that. couldn’t help but feel disappointed with him. I thought we could be friends, he’s a werewold so he should understand the m e


After the last ræt of muffint werdy, we took them to the pack house and placed the thin the dining room. There were about 50 of them, anyone should be ablä tahaves tute. It was almost diner T a nto Ethn’s

apartment with

multimi I prepared for the evening. When



hehejupid with joy. I put the militant

table and took his hand. Together we went to Ethan’s office


her idy to go to dinner.

I don’t want a jumping castla, I’m not a baby.” Blake

protested with his hands on his hips, looking so adorable

We were sitting in their living room, munching on

muffins and planning the party but no matter what we

suggested, he was not interested, saying he’s not a baby.

“So, tell us what you want, and we’ll range it.” Ethan

Finally said. He looked deleated and exhausted after one

pool party with bothecus and play hide and


multi and ormand i want Uncle

let me ridit on his wall” He udirmly standing in fronto

we can do that. Tanked, non

about Bain

but the rest would




Blake smiled and hugend me waying thank you. He wat on the floor and played the movie we had chosen to watch. Ethan took my hand and kissed it. We changed positions to get more comfortable while watching the movie and I ended

up stuck to Ethan like a glue with him over my shoulder caressing my arm. The sparks felt good, his body heat warming me, and I released a little moan

“Baby girl stop making that sound orl won’t be able to control mysell” Ethan wheredinte my var kiying it

sending shivers down my spine. Another little moan let my

lips. My hand went to this thigh, yqucering it. He growled

silently and I turned my head to him, our noses touching, his

dark green eyes turned darker with lust, his breathing heavy.

We brushed our lips together.

“I don’t want you to control yourselt” I whispered into

his lips and looked into his eyes. He put his hand over mine

on his thigh. Oh God, I wanted him so bad.

1 squeezed my thighs together in an attempt to hide my

arousal, but he already smelled it. He slid my hand up and I touched his hard d”k through his pants, slightly squeezing.

Hemhut hy

ihned his hipnore. i bilm

**. How could we forget about Blakel Ethan quickly

took my hand from his bulge and put the pillow on his

crutch to hide

from Blake. I cried at that, and

munewid his eyes at me.

“Sure honey,” i answered, and litood up and took phe fram the table, luckily, I didn’t notice us. Coming back with the muffin he continuid watching the movie, still with his back to us

“You’ll pay for that.” Ethan uttered into my ear, and I

tumed my head, umirking alleredelase to his car.

“If it means me, you and your bedroom later, I’m in.” | whispered back and bit his earlobe, making him growl silently. I quickly distanced myself a little and united innocently at him. He was still breathing hewily, the pillow

hiding his arousal

“We were supposed to take it slow,” he whispered for

Bak to nothuar

“I want you and I can’t wait anymore.” I whispered back

His eyes widened in shock then he smirked at me and

nodded in agreement,

We tried to not do anything during the mavle, but our hands went automatically to our thighs and we both were rolling circles with our thumbs. I couldn’t wait for the movie

to end

“Mandy can you read me a story?” H e asked then mut him to his d er anhour of the movie and my and

Ethan’ sain W ert knowing what would happi HL. Blake was quite tires quickly took a bath, put his

ps on and want to his roam, aking me to company him.

“Are you sure your eyes are already closing asked hoping he would let me pusly but no, he nodded his head

and agreed

**Little Adventure’ plo.” he requested. I found the book and started ruding. It was a story about a little boy who was lost in the woods and had to find his way back home. After 30 minutes little snarstapped me from reading. I looked at Blake to see him sound asleep. Putting the book at his nighistand i lussed his forehead and left his


Oh my God I’m so excited but the living room was

ernpty. I checked the bathroom, but it was also empty, so I

went to Ethan’s bedroom to check but he wasn’t there either, where did he poll turned around and hit a wall.

strong arms caught me, and the sparks appeared. Ethan.

How come I didn’t sense him?

“Already leaving, baby girl?” He asked huskily and I Squealed when he threw me over his shoulder and went to

his bedroom

“Eager much?” I gizgled.

Hacked the door with his and locked. He

oppheralong wines and we thon on the bed making me hung, Deeling. He was breathing heavily. looking at me liftedelf up ono my elbows and tilted


“What’s wrong?” I asked, a little worried he didn’t want

me, but I was quickly reassured when he took of this shirt and threw it behind him, showing the gorgeous tattoos on

his muscular body. Looking at his abs, I was already drooling

He took of his shoes and quickly did the same. My Heart

was beating last.

“You’re sure about this?” Hanked, crawling to me like a

predator. “Say no and I’ll stop.”

Topened my mouth, but my voice was stuck so I simply nodded. He smirked and kissed my marking spot, making me moan, wetting my panties more.

“I need to hear it,” he said between kisses trailing up to

my jaw. Wy heartbeat quickened and I put my hands on his

hard chest. He stopped and looked at me, waiting.

“I want you, Ethan.” I whispered and he took my lips in a

passionate and possessive kiss. His tongue slipped into my

mouth, and we fought for dominance, but he quickly wom,

and I let my hands explore his body, while he did the same. I

touched his abs and was going lower to his belt, but he

stopped me and took both my hands, pinning them above

my head,

breakin our kiss and leave me breathlet. Had hali

hend ta hold mine and the night and went to my lab


suring it lightly. Moaning. I arched my back

He kissed my warlobe and whispered, “You’re wearing too many clothes,” Freeing my hands witore my shirt in one

move, leaving me in only my black lace bra. He kissed the

toay of my breats and tookana n


into his mouth and

suck it hard through the fabrici moaned, arching my back again to give him better access. He quickly reached behind me, unclipping, and dixarding my bra. My breasts bounced tree, and he took my other n****e in his mouth.caressing the

other with his hand. My hands were tugging at his hair to bring him closer. He played with my breasts, sucking, kissing, biting and rolling my n ens. I was moaning his name and he growled. My punities were soaked with my arousal. When

he was done with my breasts, he started to trail wet kisses to

my stomach, his hands brushing my sides leading down to my pants. He kneeled between my legs, his tongue licking

my ravel.

When he reached the waistband of my pants, he looked

at me, his eyes full of lust and love, asking for permission.

Breathing hard, i begred, “Please don’t stop,” I wanted him

so bad. He unbuttoned my pants and slowly slid them down my legs, they landed somewhere on the floor. My panties were soaking wet, he probably saw my arousal. He lowered

This head to mpy a bb the back of putting mylepover his shoulders. He took a snill of my wat und growled in approval.

“You will divine,” he said in a dep volo. Ha ripped my

puntis oftland finally lidied my aching p**”

Oh God, Ethan!”Ixnamed at the station. His tongue went to my clit and sucked it hard. I threw my head back moaning hands in his hair while we ate my pa y’ukea starved man lied my hips, but he put one hand at my

stomach, holding me down. Ethan started to suck on my clit a little harder and telt my orgasm approachine I feltene

fingerenter me and I screamed again. He moved

slightly in

and out, still licking and sucking my clit. When he added

another finger, my lees karted to shake, he was hitting my

4-pot with everythrust and with one last hit I reached my climax, my eyes rolled at the back of my head and I arched my back, screaming


I was breathing hard, my chest rising and falling, still in a bliss after my intense orgasm. The bed dipped and I

opened my eyes to see Ethan all naked approaching me, his

face covered in myjuice, Smiling I looked down to see his

huge thick and hard d’L. I gulped at his size.

“You ready baby?” he asked and sed me hard. I could taste myself on his tongue. I moaned into his mouth in

confirmation, and I felt the tip of his d**k at my entrance. I

satisfaction, filling me up, stopping when he was fully in to glemmebadust. Thewling was amazing, he telt amazing inside me. He left my lips and kissed my neck while he slowly ban moving inside me. I was a morning mess, I put my hands an his ass te bring him closer.

You’re so f***g light,” he grained into my neck and started to increase speed. I moved my hips, meeting his thrusts, squating has cheeks

“Ethan, harderl” i urged between my maans, and he

obeyed. Hb thrust became harder, making my breats bounce with his every thrust. Soon, I felt another orgasm coming and he felt it too, sa hed me even harder. Our

bodies were sweating with a few more thrusts, I came again

all over his dk, Scratching his back with my nails, probably

leaving marks. He didn’t stop.chasing his own release, he

increased his speed. Davouring my lips, he slipped his hand between our bodies and played with my clit.

“One more time baby, c m for me one more time,” he

whispered belore he kissed me again. Soon i felt my third

orgasm was near, and after another lew long thrusts i did

what I was told, screaming his name. He lollowed me to

thrusts later with a groan when he reached his peak, and I

felt his warm seed filling my core and leaking out onto the

heets. He collapsed on me, breathing hard and held him in

my arms, Certime down from our highs, he slowly pulled out and laid next to me. I put my head on his chest with my hand

over his stomach. He tucked me securely into his side with

his right am.

“That was amazing.” he said between breaths. Line

my forehead. His heart was still beating fast, just like mine.

“Mhm,” was all i could say. I was exhausted but satisfied, oh dear God I wanted more. He chucklad.

“We need to get clean, come on,” he said and took my hand from his stomach. Sitting up, he put me on his lap and

standing up with my boneless body in his arms, he walked us

to the bathroom.

I woke up feeling a warm body cuddling me from behind. Ethan’s arm held me close to him. The memories

from last night invaded my mind and i smiled. We madelove

in his bed, in the shower, just to do it again in bed. It was

perfect. I felt him move behind me, his morning erection

pressing against my butt. Thinking about how he felt inside me, I got horny again and pressed my butt to his hard d *k, making him groan

“As much as I want to have another round with you, we

need to get up. Blake will wake up soon.” Ethan’s deep and husky voice filled my ears. His voice is so sexy. But he was

right: akcan’t see me like this, it’s too soon, I took Etki’s hand of me and up, nervous and him, he was looking

intensely but after ng my worried to heat up too, running his hand through my hair, fingit.

What’s mong baby?” he asked, conorned.

“Bilake, he can’t seem like this.” I answered and pointed my ting my clothing. I was wearing only Ethan’s t-shirt. His eyes followed my finger and he smirked mischievously at me

“I don’t see anything wrong with it,” he said and Wissed

my jaw heading to my lips. I was tempted to continue, but

quicy sobered up. I got out of bed and put my hands on my

hips. It was a bad move; I was sore, and every sudden move

was painfull hissed a little although it was a good pain..

“Be serious, we need to do it right, he’s 5 years old, what will he think about me?” I asked, a little angry. Sighing, he

rin hands through his hair.

“Ok, I’ll ask Aria te bring you some clothes while you

shower, but he’ll notice something’s up.” he answered,

smirking. What was he talking about? But I nodded my head

and went to the bathroom.Önce I was inside, I checked my

reflection. Yep, my hair was a mess, but my eyes were full of

life and happiness, lips swollen and a huge hickey on my

neck, the shirt i wore covered me…..

Wait, hickey? i blinked a few times to adjust to the view.

Oh my God,


e ahlbepahwhicky. I took my


and scanned my body. Oh my God.

Tehni”inced his name using and hard


the other side

You noticed he che, amused

“It’s really hard not to your big mouth marked me on several parts of my bodyI scolded him, looking at the dim , they were mostly on my breavis and his but the huse one on my neck would be hard to cover. I’ll have in hide it with concealer and my hair.

“Thad ta murk you somehow,” he smugly admitted, and


After a quick and refreshing shower, I brushed my teeth and went back to the bedroom to ve clothes pulan the bed

for me. It was my brieflone shoulder sweater I wore at

the bonfire and set of underwear, luckily my pants from

yesterday were intact. I dressed in seconds and was ready to

face Blake

Walking in the living room saw Ethan sitting on the

couch with Blake, all dressed up. Blake was wearing black

jeans and a gray hoodie with gray sneakers, while Ethan was in dark blue ripped fitted jeam and black tight t-shirt with

black sneakers. Half of his hair was in a bun, and his stubble

was trimmed. He must have used a different bathroom.

“Mandyyy!” Blake screamed my name in excitement and

ran to hug me. I hugged him back.

“Hi hanty, exly for babait” lasked him,


To bayed, did you sleep with my dadi h cibudly, and I widened my eyes Ethan, who suppre i s auch. I blinkedal times and looked back at the umuling Bukit

“Yeah, he let me sleep in his bed,” I answered heutantly

“Geod, now we can all live together!” he answered and

boak my hand, draging me to the door. I was shocked and speechless but followed him. Ethan did the same, chuckling

and vall wint for breakfast holding hands. il put my hair an the left side to hide the hickey Ethan e me

When we entered the dining room, weryone was looking at us. Is Crian’s annoyed lace and quickly averted

my gate and looked at Peter, who was smirking at me. Ben

had the sum face. God, they all knew. I’m not shy or

embarrassed, but I didn’t want them to say anything in front

of Blake. We sat at the table and the food was served. I

spotted Aria who was looking at my hickey, smiling and I

fixed my hair

“So, Mandy… I heard you had a great night.” Peter said, looking at me meaningfully.

“Yes, I did, thanks for asking.” i ceared my throat and

answered, trying to sound narmal.

“Well, we heard a few venteno,” Benchimed in. What

is he talking about? I was instantly nervous.

“Ethan harder, Oh My God I’m going to c’m!” he

whispered, and my peol wider. Did they hear w But

how Ethans bedroom is soundprool

“The floor is not soundprooland live right under Ellians apartment.” Hen aplained and blushed, knowing they dit all. I tookalec. at Ethan, and he was line like he won the lottery, not helping pointed w Blake with my trenta let them know he was listening so they shut up but hearing bilake’s question made me choke on my food

and they allaghed.

“So did you make me a brother last night?” he asked bluntly, eating his breakfast

I didn’t know what to say, I was flabbergasted. Ethan

Win busy suppressing the laugh, not even trying to answer.

“Well…” I tried to say something anything but my mind

was blank.

–This is not the time to talk about that, Blake.” Finally,

Ethan decided to help me. I let out a relieved breath and

Blake simply added and continued ta eat like nothing


After we finished breakfast, I was happy to finally go to

my cabin, but Ethan had other plans. He took me with him to his office to introduce me with my “Luna’s duties’ he said

but the moment, he closed the door his lips crashed onto

mine, hungrily devouring them. We ended up banging on his

desk before he actually told me my duties..

“So, what about Blake’s question?” he asked, holding


“So, what about Blake’s question?” he asked, holding

me close on his lap. I sighed; he doesn‘t know. I sadly looked at him not saying anything, when he registered my mood, he

cupped my face in hands, he was worried.

“What’s wrong baby?” he asked, concerned. I let out a

shaky breath and answered.

“I can’t give you pups.” I stated and watched his

reaction, his eyebrows were knitted in confusion.

“It’s not that I don’t want to, I just can’t, I’m infertile.” |

whispered, closing my eyes. Please don’t reject me.

i heard him sigh and to my surprise, he hugged me

tightly, kissing my head.

“It’s ok. We don’t need to have kids.” he answered, and

it made me smile, he still wants me. My happy ever after is


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