Night of Destiny ( Anastasia Tillman ) Chapter 1248

Night of Destiny ( Anastasia Tillman ) Chapter 1248

My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1248

“Ren shouldn’t be discharged under normal circumstances, but he insisted, and I had no choice. You’re going to take care of him, I know. Just remember that he can’t do any… strenuous exercise.”

Ruka blushed. He’s not talking about the gym. “I see. I understand.” “I don’t want his wound to get torn again, so work with me.”

She pursed her lips and nodded shyly. “I know. I’ll remember that.”

“Alright. No cats for a while too. I’ll take care of it.” Silas checked the whole place and thought the cat had to go too. “Alright. I’ll put Callie in your care.” Ruka nodded.

went into the room and said goodbye to Ren before he left. Only two servants were left working in the house. The world was really quiet too, for some reason.

And it’s almost the new year. She went back into the bedroom. Ren was on the bed looking bored. She asked, “Want me to get you a book?”

“Do you think I’m in a mood to read?” Ren smiled. Ruka blinked. “So what would you like then?”

“I’d like you to spend the night in my room, Ruka,” he requested. Her heart skipped a beat. She quickly said, “No. Dr. Silas said I can’t disturb you. And I don’t want to worsen your wound.”

Ren cocked his eyebrow. What did Silas tell her? “I don’t care. You’re sleeping with me tonight,” he said imperiously.

Fine. He’s hurt. I’ll give in this one time. “Fine. I’ll spend the night here, but you’ll have to finish the soup the servant is making. It has pig liver in it.”

Ren really wanted to say no, but he didn’t. “Fine. I’ll do it.”

That’s a good boy. Food’s important for his healing.

“Oh. Scarlet said your mother’s coming over tomorrow. You’ll have to pretend that you aren’t hurt. Can you do that?”

“Of course. Ren nodded.

Back at the Husson Residence, a servant came back with the thing Charlotte told her to buy. “Don’t forget to take it along with you tomorrow. This is an important thing.”

“But madam, Master Ren is still young. Are you sure you want to give him… this?”

“Hey, I want Ruka to get pregnant as soon as possible.” She chuckled. “Make sure he drinks it, and don’t tell him what it is.”

The servant left after she cleared the table up after dinner. Ruka changed into her pajamas and shyly went into Ren’s bedroom. Even when he was recuperating, Ren would check his email and settle some work on his iPad.

It was already half past ten. She approached Ren and stared straight at him. “Still working? You should get more sleep.”

Ren put the iPad aside. He could smell the nice scent coming from Ruka, and frustration flared in his eyes. She’s inches away from me, but I can’t even have sex with her.

She got into the bed and rolled into his embrace before he could even pull her. Can’t have him exerting himself, and I can’t put any pressure on the wounded side of his shoulder either. Since he could only lie on his side, Ruka rested her head on his other arm, and they held each other in a tight embrace.

The cold coming from outside made her enjoy his warm embrace more. He might smell like disinfectant, but she still loved it.

Ren kissed her head and took in the scent of her hair. Something down there got bigger, and Ruka blushed. She felt it, of course, but Silas told her not to do anything, so she ignored the boner.

“Ruka…” He called out to her, almost like he was complaining. Ren raised her chin and vented a little by kissing her. She was starting to heat up as well. Yeah. I’m gonna lose sleep if he’s in the same bed as I am.

Night of Destiny ( Anastasia Tillman )

Night of Destiny ( Anastasia Tillman )

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 1/1/2024 Native Language: English
"Night of Destiny" is a gripping novel that unfolds the enigmatic journey of Anastasia Tillman. Immersed in a tapestry of mystery and suspense, the narrative navigates the labyrinth of Anastasia's life as she confronts unforeseen challenges and discovers her latent strength. The titular night serves as a crucible, testing her resilience and determination. Fusing elements of drama and intrigue, the novel weaves an intricate tale of self-discovery, love, and destiny. Through vivid prose and dynamic characters, the story explores the transformative power of pivotal moments, leaving readers captivated by Anastasia's compelling odyssey and the profound impact of the Night of Destiny on her life.

Night of Destiny ( Anastasia Tillman )

Night of Destiny ( Anastasia Tillman /Review
Stabbed in the back by her stepsister and her best friend, Anastasia Tillman was robbed of her innocence by a mysterious man one fateful night and was later kicked out from the place she called home. Fast forward five years later, now a successful jewelry designer, Anastasia gets the surprise of her life when a handsome man barges into her life and offers to take her hand in marriage and raise her son for her. This offer may seem like every woman's dream come true, but not for Anastasia! She has the looks, a successful career, an adorable son... so what more does she need? Definitely not a man to mess things up for her, no siree! But what will she do when the man is absolutely taken by the little boy who is a carbon copy of him? Will she accept him and give in to his offer of raising her—oops, their son?


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