Night of Destiny ( Anastasia Tillman ) Chapter 2468

Night of Destiny ( Anastasia Tillman ) Chapter 2468

Ezekiel glanced at her with a smile before entering his room. Compared to his presidential suite, this room was small and somewhat crude. Yet, the interesting girl next door made up for everything.

As Harmony entered her room, Sera was already looking for her. The instant Sera saw her, the woman bombarded her with questions, asking, “Where did you go? It’s already so late!” Then, she noticed the bread in Harmony’s hand and continued in admonishment, “Didn’t I tell you to eat less? The evening gown for tomorrow is XS! You probably won’t fit into it after eating that.”

“If I can’t wear it, then I won’t go!” Harmony replied. After all, she hadn’t planned on attending the red carpet event anyway.

“No! You have to go. This is a rare opportunity. You are not allowed to let this golden opportunity slip your fingers,” Sera insisted sternly.

“Guess who’s living next door to us?”


“The man who found my gemstone back in Dansbury. He’s staying next door. Isn’t this such a coincidence?” Harmony started gossiping immediately.

Sera became excited. “What? It’s him! Isn’t he very wealthy? Why is he staying here?”

“Yeah! I can’t make sense of it either. He looks wealthy! Plus, the hotel we’re in now only costs a few hundred bucks a night.”

It was an ordinary hotel. It was so ordinary that the man didn’t fit in at all.

“Could he have fallen on hard times?” Sera speculated and was already thinking, as a talent scout, that this person might be a great find. Maybe she could sign him and turn him into a superstar one day.

“Harmony, let’s have a chat with him.”

“Ah! No way. I don’t want to.” Harmony’s first thought was to refuse. She didn’t know what was wrong with her because her heart would race whenever she laid her eyes on this man. She had seen countless handsome men and worked with them over the years, so she genuinely found her reaction utterly baffling.

“Come on! Accompany me. I want to see if I can sign him on. With his looks and physique, it’s a waste if he’s not in showbiz.” After that, Sera tugged her along, fully ready to start persuading him.

“Sera… Isn’t this inappropriate? What if he doesn’t want to be disturbed?” Harmony tried to advise Sera to think things through.

Unfortunately, Sera was determined to get her hands on someone with such outstanding looks. She opened the door and stepped out Harmony had no choice but to watch Sera pull off yet another sales pitch.

Sera didn’t falter as she had a great deal of experience and encountered several people in her line of work. She stood at the door and knocked. Harmony’s heartstrings tightened with each knock as she thought in despair, Sera was going to make a fool of herself.

That man would never agree to something like this.

The moment the door swung open, Sera had never been more certain of her decision to make him a star. Although she had met far too many people to count in her lifetime, she was determined to convince this man to enter show business.

He was too perfect and too handsome. His looks surpassed every male artist she had ever seen. His demeanor was impeccable as well. Plus, he had a natural aristocratic aura that wasn’t faked. It was innate.

When he stepped into a room, he exuded a distinct aura of regal nobility.

“Hi, Sir. I’m from the room next door. Can we have a chat?”

Ezekiel looked at Sera as he rested his hands on the door frame while peeking a glance at the neighboring room. He soon caught sight of Harmony’s half-exposed head. When she noticed him looking, she quickly retreated into her shell like a terrified turtle.

Then, Harmony heard a deep and magnetic voice say, “Sure.”

“Can I come into your room?”

“It’s more convenient if I go to yours,” Ezekiel replied.

“Thank you for giving me this opportunity. Please come in,” Sera said enthusiastically before opening her own door and inviting him in.

Harmony sat awkwardly on the couch. She did not expect him to actually play along with Sera.

Sera led him in. His tall figure made the hotel room even more cramped. Sera gestured for him to sit on the couch, forcing Harmony to scoot aside in order to make some space for him.

Sera then sat on the edge of the bed and said, “Sir, let me introduce you. This is my artist, Harmony Mayo. I believe you two have met before.”

Ezekiel smiled and nodded. “Yes. We have.”

Harmony also smiled slightly. “Hello.”

“What’s your last name, Sir? Can we get to know each other?” Sera asked.

Night of Destiny ( Anastasia Tillman )

Night of Destiny ( Anastasia Tillman )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 1/1/2024 Native Language: English
"Night of Destiny" is a gripping novel that unfolds the enigmatic journey of Anastasia Tillman. Immersed in a tapestry of mystery and suspense, the narrative navigates the labyrinth of Anastasia's life as she confronts unforeseen challenges and discovers her latent strength. The titular night serves as a crucible, testing her resilience and determination. Fusing elements of drama and intrigue, the novel weaves an intricate tale of self-discovery, love, and destiny. Through vivid prose and dynamic characters, the story explores the transformative power of pivotal moments, leaving readers captivated by Anastasia's compelling odyssey and the profound impact of the Night of Destiny on her life.

Night of Destiny ( Anastasia Tillman )

Night of Destiny ( Anastasia Tillman /Review
Stabbed in the back by her stepsister and her best friend, Anastasia Tillman was robbed of her innocence by a mysterious man one fateful night and was later kicked out from the place she called home. Fast forward five years later, now a successful jewelry designer, Anastasia gets the surprise of her life when a handsome man barges into her life and offers to take her hand in marriage and raise her son for her. This offer may seem like every woman's dream come true, but not for Anastasia! She has the looks, a successful career, an adorable son... so what more does she need? Definitely not a man to mess things up for her, no siree! But what will she do when the man is absolutely taken by the little boy who is a carbon copy of him? Will she accept him and give in to his offer of raising her—oops, their son?


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