Night of Destiny ( Anastasia Tillman ) Chapter 2469

Night of Destiny ( Anastasia Tillman ) Chapter 2469

“I’m Ezekiel Weiss,” he said, casually introducing himself.

“Mr. Weiss, may I ask about your current occupation?” Sera felt a subtle triumph. The negotiation seemed to be going well.

Ezekiel glanced at Harmony beside him and, on a whim, said, “I’m currently unemployed. Just wandering around.”

Harmony turned to him in surprise. “You’re unemployed?”

“Yeah, I’m jobless.” Ezekiel nodded.

“Mr. Weiss, here’s the thing. I believe you possess exceptional qualities in various aspects. If you’re interested, you can become my artist. I’ll be willing to sign you at a generous price,” Sera proposed bluntly.

“Sorry, I don’t plan on becoming an artist.” Ezekiel declined politely.

Sera was momentarily taken aback, not expecting this handsome man to reject the offer. However, she discerned a nuance- Ezekiel’s gaze occasionally shifted toward Harmony. Could this gorgeous guy be interested in her artist?

Sera’s sharp and incisive gaze seemed to penetrate through the layers of the situation. Even though this young man might be currently without a job, he had to hail from a wealthy background. His custom-tailored suit and high- end watch were far from ordinary. He appeared here despite affording a seven-star presidential suite in his home country. Sera had instantly seen through the essence of the situation.

It seemed Ezekiel wasn’t here because he was down and out, but he was here to pursue Harmony!

Even though Sera was certain that was the case, she remained composed. “Well, that’s a shame. No worries, I’m not interested in forcing someone to do my bidding. Harmony and I will attend Fashion Week tomorrow. Then, we’ll be returning to Dansbury the day after tomorrow.”

Ezekiel raised an eyebrow in interest. “You’re leaving the day after tomorrow?”

Sera remarked lightly, “Yes, most likely.”

At that juncture, Sera was interrupted by a call from Harmony’s assistant. She deliberately picked up the call and answered with feigned irritation, exclaiming, “Hello… What? Our artist’s red carpet participation has been canceled? How can you people be so incompetent? You can’t even arrange a spot for us. What kind of operation are you running?”

Sera glared at her phone in anger before turning to Ezekiel. “Mr. Weiss, do you perhaps have the means to ensure Harmony graces the red carpet at Fashion Week?”

The puzzled Harmony widened her beautiful eyes, wondering what Sera was up to. Why was she seeking his help?

Ezekiel didn’t even hesitate as he answered, “I can make it happen.”

“That’s great! Thank you so much!” Sera exclaimed with enthusiasm. “I’ll be leaving Harmony in your care tomorrow. Please be her plus one on the red carpet.”

Ezekiel nodded. Even though he knew Sera was using him, he didn’t see the need to expose and refuse her. Instead, he anticipated tomorrow to be an intriguing day.

“Well, we won’t take up any more of your time, Mr. Weiss,” Sera said while swinging the door open. Ezekiel stood up, nodded, and made his exit.

Once he left, Harmony seized the opportunity to inquire, “Sera, what was all that about?”

Sera grasped her arm, a gleam of delight in her eyes. “Look, Mr. Weiss is no ordinary man. Although he claims to be unemployed, he has to be some rich young master with power and influence. Our red carpet event tomorrow is as good as secured with him by our side. We won’t have to depend on others anymore.”

“How can you be so sure he’s wealthy?” Harmony questioned sharply.

“I could tell the minute I saw his attire,” Sera replied, a hint of pride in her voice.

“We barely know him. Isn’t it inappropriate to burden him like this?” Harmony was still hesitant.

“We need to make the most of every resource if we want to achieve success in this industry. If there are connections we can use, we should never let it slip away. Forget about who he is or how well we know him. The only thing that matters is whether he is of use to us,” Sera asserted. Then, she inquired, “Nothing happened when you met him last time, right?”

Harmony’s mind whirred, recalling those two unexpected kisses. She hastily denied it. “No… nothing happened.”

Although Harmony’s answer made it seem as though the two were strangers, Sera was no fool. Instead, she was astute enough to understand that Ezekiel’s appearance here was undoubtedly linked to Harmony.

Night of Destiny ( Anastasia Tillman )

Night of Destiny ( Anastasia Tillman )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 1/1/2024 Native Language: English
"Night of Destiny" is a gripping novel that unfolds the enigmatic journey of Anastasia Tillman. Immersed in a tapestry of mystery and suspense, the narrative navigates the labyrinth of Anastasia's life as she confronts unforeseen challenges and discovers her latent strength. The titular night serves as a crucible, testing her resilience and determination. Fusing elements of drama and intrigue, the novel weaves an intricate tale of self-discovery, love, and destiny. Through vivid prose and dynamic characters, the story explores the transformative power of pivotal moments, leaving readers captivated by Anastasia's compelling odyssey and the profound impact of the Night of Destiny on her life.

Night of Destiny ( Anastasia Tillman )

Night of Destiny ( Anastasia Tillman /Review
Stabbed in the back by her stepsister and her best friend, Anastasia Tillman was robbed of her innocence by a mysterious man one fateful night and was later kicked out from the place she called home. Fast forward five years later, now a successful jewelry designer, Anastasia gets the surprise of her life when a handsome man barges into her life and offers to take her hand in marriage and raise her son for her. This offer may seem like every woman's dream come true, but not for Anastasia! She has the looks, a successful career, an adorable son... so what more does she need? Definitely not a man to mess things up for her, no siree! But what will she do when the man is absolutely taken by the little boy who is a carbon copy of him? Will she accept him and give in to his offer of raising her—oops, their son?


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